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Lindsey looks into where the sphere really is. And will she ever get to talk to Gerri?
Respected scientists come to different conclusions about the sphere’s behavior and origin. Today, more scientists weigh in with their own theories and questions. Lindsey begins exploring another shocking twist.
As the attention surrounding the "Betz Sphere" continues to grow, so do the theories behind its origin and the number of investigations. The family even claims a famous scientist insisted on sleeping in the same room as the ball. People Gerri confided in tell tales of seemingly sinister behavior by some of the investigators.
Gerri Betz was known in Jacksonville as a strong community leader and entrepreneur who happened to live in a beautiful castle with her husband and kids and the family dog. When a metal sphere lands on her property and disrupts that life, she talks to reporters about it for many weeks — but suddenly stops. Who is Gerri Betz? Can she be trusted?
In 1974 a metal sphere was discovered on a prominent family’s property in Jacksonville, Florida. What at first was a mere curiosity soon seemed more otherworldly as, witnesses say, it rolled around on its own. A media frenzy erupted as the ball sparked interest from the Navy and nationally renowned scientists. The obsession with the mysterious ball ultimately silenced the family.
Odd Ball Trailer

Odd Ball Trailer


Odd Ball is a story about a UFO investigation, a mansion in the woods and how one shiny object sent a Jacksonville, Florida family into hiding. Each week host Lindsey Kilbride dives deeper into the 1974 mystery of the “Betz sphere.”
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Michca Nagy

Went into this wondering how they can make loads of episodes on just this ball, but it actually turned out to be really good and interesting. Love the work and can't wait for more episodes!

Jan 15th

Gigi Hanna

This podcast is very repetitive and a waste of time.

Jan 13th

Michael Brines

Right on! I saw the sphere on Ancient Aliens and have been wanting more info. Thanks for putting some of it together. You are Awesome!

Dec 30th


ahem...stainless steel isnt magnetic

Oct 31st
Reply (1)

John Rotondo

Great listen!

Oct 23rd

Milos Millworks

Loved the first episode!!! Keep it up!!!

Oct 15th
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