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First Prez Senior Pastor Dan Chun delivers his first sermon for 2021, a "state of the church" address. As we move further away from the tumultuous 2020 and into the new year, how are we Christians supposed to interact with people who seem to be more and more at odds with each other?
We're kicking of the new year with a short sermon series called "Knowing Your Why." Here in part 2, First Prez Assistant Pastor Steve Peich digs deeper into what it looks like to have a life with purpose.
It's the first Sunday of 2021. We say goodbye (more like good riddance) to 2020. As we look forward, the new year is a good time to reset, recalibrate, and refocus. First Prez Associate Pastor Tim Shaw helps with the first sermon of 2021.
Just because Christmas the holiday has come and gone doesn't mean the meaning of Christmas goes away. What Jesus brings is everlasting.
Love Came Down 122320

Love Came Down 122320


Merry Christmas from First Prez Church of Honolulu! Senior Pastor Dan Chun tells us what happened when Jesus was born.
2020 has been anything but certain. How do we deal with uncertainty during Christmas and into 2021? First Prez Senior Pastor Dan Chun preaches on this 4th Sunday of Advent.
It's the 3rd Sunday of Advent. First Prez Senior Pastor Dan Chun dispels some myths about the Magi in the Christmas story.
Something More 120620

Something More 120620


It's the second Sunday of Advent. First Prez Assistant Pastor Steve Peich reintroduces us to Zechariah and Elizabeth. Hear their story and see what more is in store for you.
It's the Christmas season! This is the first Sunday of Advent. In today's sermon, First Prez Young Adult Ministry director Jeff Page encourages us to survey our lives and make room for Jesus. He includes the story of two kids for whom no one made room and how they survived.
There are a lot of things that change for the better in your life when you put God first. Today we hear about what happened to the people in the early church in Macedonia and how that applies to us today.
First Prez Associate Pastor Tim Shaw explores generosity and encouragement through the actions of an often overlooked person in the Bible.
The title of the sermon says it all. Pastor Steve Peich offers an excellent biblical example of how we should model our behavior with others.
Fresh Wind 110120

Fresh Wind 110120


Exciting things are happening at FPC. The golf course has closed. We're at the midway point of the Raise The Sails campaign. And the Holy Spirit is doing some work at our church.
The Path 102520

The Path 102520


We conclude the sermon series on the core values of First Prez. Executive Director Chris Pan wraps it up with quips, quotes, and great advice for your journey on your path.
Our sermon series on the Core Values of First Prez continues. Today, it's all about Thoughtfulness. What does it mean to be thoughtful? Pastor Dan answers that question and more.
Today Pastor Steve Peich takes a deeper dive into one of the Core Values of First Prez-Service.
One of the core values of First Prez is Service. Listen to hear how serving others can be part of a balanced life as a follower of Christ.
Leggo My Ego 092720

Leggo My Ego 092720


Humility is one of the core values at First Prez. Why is humility so important? Click and listen.
Deep Truth 092020

Deep Truth 092020


The sermon series on the Core Values of First Prez continues. FPC Assistant Pastor, Steve Peich, teaches the value of being authentic, open, and honest.
We often reduce persons and people to a one-dimensional version of themselves. Pastor Tim Shaw calls this a "single story." Hear why this is risky business.
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