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Author: Philip Ingram MBE

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The Chatting With Ingram podcasts take global issues and chat them through with industry and thought leaders bringing unique insights to business, to security and cyber security issues, to legal issues, privacy and business, to the issues of the day.The series focuses on security, defence, cyber, intelligence, business, terrorism, spies, current affairs and just fun chats with great people hosted by Philip Ingram MBE.
37 Episodes
In this episode Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with Justin Crump the CEO of the Intelligence Company Sibylline. In this PODCAST we put the world to rights and give a detailed understanding of the global threat landscape. Sibylline ( is a leading strategic risk consultancy delivering timely, accurate, relevant and actionable intelligence; tailored to increase organizational resilience and decision advantage.
The second of my chats with John Cammegh QC from 36 Crime as today we look at the links between Serious and Organised Crime and Terror - examining some of the successes the UKs National Crime Agency have had and noting a failure or two! And generally put the world to rights.Warning, no bacon was consumed in the production of this PODCAST.In previous years John gained vast experience in international practice. He acted as lead counsel for the former rebel leader Augustine Gbao on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Special Court of Sierra Leone (2004–09). Uniquely, this case was the first in international legal history to try the use of child soldiers, forced marriage/sexual slavery and the abduction of UN peacekeeping forces, each of which Gbao alone was acquitted.Having been barred by the Bangladeshi government from acting as lead counsel in situ for several defendants tried for genocide at the international Crimes Tribunal in Dhaka, John advised local defence teams remotely 2011-14 until the eventual conviction and execution of all but one of the defendants.
In this episode, Philip Ingram MBE chats with John Cammegh QC from 36 Group chambers.  He is a criminal defence practitioner and we chat about international law at one point John highlights how the UK undermined the authority of the ICC.In previous years John gained vast experience in international practice. He acted as lead counsel for the former rebel leader Augustine Gbao on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Special Court of Sierra Leone (2004–09). Uniquely, this case was the first in international legal history to try the use of child soldiers, forced marriage/sexual slavery and the abduction of UN peacekeeping forces, each of which Gbao alone was acquitted.Having been barred by the Bangladeshi government from acting as lead counsel in situ for several defendants tried for genocide at the international Crimes Tribunal in Dhaka, John advised local defence teams remotely 2011-14 until the eventual conviction and execution of all but one of the defendants.
In Episode 19 Philip Ingram MBE gets to chat with Tracy Edwards MBE. In 1989 she skippered the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race, becoming the first woman to receive the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy and was awarded an MBE honour. She has written two books about her experiences.Tracy founded The Maiden Factor . org (  having recovered and restored her her beloved yacht Maiden with some help from HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan.Maiden’s mission now is supporting and working with community programmes all over the world which empower and enable girls into educationPlease listen to her amazing story, for my security listeners Tracy spent some time woking with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and Jim Gamble.She is an inspiration to all, with some great insights to surviving lockdown.Please support her fantastic charity by donating here: via the CrowFunding page here: Double Dare - she needs some brave men to join the crew at times! Listen and find out!
In Episode 17, Philip Ingram MBE chats with the legendary FC and Dr Jess from Cygenta looking at developing cyber threats, how the pandemic has changed things and the importance of education.  This is one episode where listeners Will actually learn something! 
In Episode 16, Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with Kenny Long a super recogniser with Digital Barriers.  Kenny is chatting from self isolation in his caravan so he can safely work in hospitals helping with confidence building thermal camera installations. Kenny, a former a Super Recogniser with the MET Police gives his informed perspective on automated facial recognition and how it is a valuable tool for super recognisers. Warning - you might actually learn something.
Episode 15 of Chatting with Ingram has Philip Ingram MBE talking to James Gilding the Managing Director, Cleaning and Environmental Services, Mitie Group Plc.He and his team are leading with much of the support including Security support to the New Dragons Heart Hospital part of the Nightingale, Field Hospital series, at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.In this PODCADST we pull out some of the lessons learned and find out why MITIE was perfect for the job in hand.
In episode 14 Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with Hugo Rosemont - Director Security and Resilience with ADS.  We look back at this years Security and Policing conference and expo at Farnborough and look at how ADS are helping their members through the pandemic period.  We also discuss what priorities there are for security within the Government at the moment.
In Episode 13, Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with Tom Sykes who is a freelance news cameraman with the BBC and ITV amongst others, he is a self employed video production professional and has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He also runs solo16 who provide high quality affordable live streaming services as well as corporate, promotional and event video production. In this episode he gives tips as to how to improve and professionalise your use of video conferencing, so important during the current pandemic.Link to Tom's cameraman site - to Tom's company site - on Virtual Events - toTom's video tips - Some other good video articles are here
In Episode 12 Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with Flavia Kenyon a Barrister with 36 Commercial about the Integrity of Content: Fighting Disinformation, Deepfakes, and a Deadly Virus.Flavia was born in Romania, educated at Oxford University and called to the bar in 2005. Flavia specialises in International litigation, Commercial and Insolvency, Commercial Crime, Fraud, Regulatory, Cyber litigation, Cyber Fraud, Espionage, and Human Rights.Flavia is the first British barrister fluent in Romanian. She provides general legal assistance to the Romanian Embassy and has become the 'go-to' lawyer amongst the Romanian diaspora. She is a media commentator on legal issues involving Romanians, and has appeared on national and international media.Read Flania's paper here:
In Episode 11, Philip Ingram MBE is chatting with John Campbell SC of the London Based 36 Commercial about Privacy Law and Data.John is a highly regarded silk in South Africa, specialising in large commercial trials, competition proceedings, Judicial Review and actions and injunctions for defamation and privacy.He has extensive experience in these fields and has also written for academic journals – both in South Africa and internationally – in most of them.In the last few years, he has acted for a large European bank in Competition Tribunal proceedings arising from the alleged fixing of currency exchange rates of emerging markets in New York; for an international commodities trading company in lifting a freezing order over a consignment of cobalt from the DRC; for South African Breweries in an arbitration dispute under Uncitral rules arising from a contract for the delivery of its product which necessitated a close knowledge of the logistics business; and in a Judicial Review arising from the award of a tender worth approximately half a billion rands per year.His breadth of experience equips him to act across wide ranging commercial fields from banking and contract law to civil fraud, judicial review and negligence, and in commercial injunctions.John has appeared in courts at all levels both in South Africa and the United Kingdom, including the South African Constitutional Court and the United Kingdom Supreme Court, as well as in arbitrations.To contact John please go via his clarks on:Telephone: 020 7421 8051Email:
In Episode 10 Philip Ingram MBE is talking to Lisa Short, she is in the top 100 B2B Thought Leaders in the World to follow in 2020.  Recognised as a visionary and transformational strategist whose 30 plus years of experience, combined with lifelong learning has enabled delivery of quantum leap change in global ageing, Industry 4.0, education, social impact, women’s empowerment and business leadership. Her ethos is that “big challenges require big solutions” and don’t be afraid of achieving them. She is an Ambassador of Change for Frontier Technology, Education, Business & Social Impact, Women's Leadership.
Philip Ingram MBE talks to Sinead King, a leading employment barrister with the London based 36 Group. COVID-19 is forcing a lot of businesses to shut down sites and change the way they do business.  There is a lot of confusion about how the furlough scheme intersects with the law governing business reorganisation and redundancy. This is a PODCAST which aims to clear up the confusion.  We talk about Reorganisation, redundancy and the job retention scheme: the business perspective in the current COVID-19 environment.And we end with a NETFLIX recommendation for good violent escapism!If you need to contact Sinead for further advice she can be contacted through her clerks at 36 Commercial.Email: +44 (0)20 7421 8051Web:
In this episode of the WithIngram, PODCAST series Philip Ingram MBE chats with Andy Jaquith from QOMPLX.Andy is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and General Manager, Cyber at QOMPLX. He is a cyber-security and risk executive with proven ability to safeguard business information assets without limiting growth or flexibility. Experienced in startups, with two successful exits, and well as in global Fortune 100 environments, he has managed a broad spectrum of technology risk areas, including: enterprise risk management, vulnerability management, Sarbanes-Oxley and audit assurance, regulatory affairs, controls monitoring, operational risk, reporting, analytics, data science, and security strategy. Persuasive writer, presenter and communicator with customers, staff and to the board. He literally wrote the book on security metrics, used by a generation of risk professionals to connect security to the corner office. Competencies include:Executive managementPositioning, vision and strategyEnterprise risk managementSecurity risk measurementSystems design and executionLine 1/2 risk measurementExploratory data analysisData scienceCloud securityHe is a well-known contributor to the field. “Security Metrics: Replacing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt” is used as a college textbook; reviewers praised it as “one of the best written security books ever.” 
Philip Ingram MBE in episode 7 of the WithIngram PODCASTS talks to Ian Thornton-Trump the CISO with CJAX Ltd. We talk COVID-19, Cyber threat, technology and sorting the world out.Ian Thornton-Trump, CD, is an ITIL certified IT professional with 25 years of experience in IT security and information technology.From 1989 to 1992, Ian served with the Canadian Forces (CF), Military Intelligence Branch; in 2002, he joined the CF Military Police Reserves and retired as a Public Affairs Officer in 2013. After a year with the RCMP as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Ian worked as a cyber security analyst/consultant for multi-national insurance, banking and regional health care. His most memorable role was being a project manager, specializing in cyber security for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Today, as Chief Information Security Officer for Cyjax, Ian has deep experience with the threats facing small, medium and enterprise businesses.His research and experience have made him a sought-after cyber security consultant specializing in cyber threat intelligence programs for small, medium and enterprise organizations. In his spare time, he teaches cyber security and IT business courses for CompTIA as part of their global faculty and is the lead architect for Cyber Titan, Canada’s efforts to develop the next generation of cyber professionals.
In Episode 6 Philip Ingram MBE takes a look at the whole COVID-19 Pandemic worry by asking; What is a virus?, What is COVID-19 and where did it come from? How dangerous is it? How have the government planned their response? Why is our response different to others? Philip Ingram MBE a former senior Military Intelligence officer and specialist in CBRNE. He grew up in a family immersed in disease identification and control as his late father, Brian, ran a laboratory at the local hospital and his biomedical science journals were Philip's youthful reading.If you want to read the article this PODCAST is based on please copy this address to your browser:
Episode 5 of this seasons WithIngram PODCAST series sees Philip Ingram MBE chatting with Paul Dodds, the county manager for UK and Ireland with the forward thinking technology provider Genetec.  Paul is also the winner of the City Security Magazine Article of the Year. Genetec have just moved their UK office from Reading to a very plush setting at the heart of the City of London this was a great opportunity to get some real insight into the priorities of a leading technology manufacturer and to understand what is influencing the security industry and wider market.  This folks is (as always) a good one, but a challenge - see if you can find the obvious edit ;-). 
Philip Ingram MBE in this Episode 4 of Season 2 of the With Ingram PODCAST series talks to the wonderful Ellie Hurst from Advent IM. We berate the infosec community, look at skill set shortages, discuss C suite engagement with security and highlight the importance of communications. Whilst no bacon was harmed in the making of the PODCAST, Roy Cooper from Professional Security Magazine, did provide a bacon roll as I had missed them when I first got to his event. Well done Roy and the team.
Series 2 Episode 3 touching on the difficult area of getting people with the right technical skills for the security industry.  Who better to chat to than a specialist recruiter and expert in getting people with the right technical skills, Dr Sanjeev Mehta who is the CEO-Sush Talent.  Dr Mehta will be participating in a panel discussion at The Security Event at the NEC which is on from 28-30 April 2020.
Philip Ingram MBE chats with Vasco Amador the CEO of Global Intelligence Insight about  ISIS and Al Qaeda and what is happening with them across the globe in this latest WithIngram Podcast. We look at how they communicate, how does he access information on them and where does he get it, what should we be concerned about and so much more.
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