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Audio plays of original musicals, stories, and adaptations of classic stories for all ages
5 Episodes
The Underground Mouse

The Underground Mouse


"The Underground Mouse"  is an original story about a young girl, Daisy Whistlewhite, who spies a little mouse playing in the discarded papers at the Underground station in London.  Soon all the waiting passengers begin watching the mouse, too.  As the train approaches the station, everyone worries the mouse will not survive.  For a short time all the strangers waiting for the station unite and become friends as they cheer for the little mouse.
Every number in Dodge City has a value, or so it seemed.  When Crazy Eight and his gang arrive and steal some of Seven's sheep, Zero volunteers to join One and his posse.  One explains that it doesn't matter if Zero joins or not.  Insulted and hurt, Zero leaves Dodge.  Zero's absence creates chaos and more problems than you can count.  One realizes the town really needs Zero, so he goes out to find her and bring her back to Dodge.Copyright ©2019 by Winking Kat Books.  Book and Lyrics by P. Haines-Ainsworth; Music by Terence Alaric LevittCast: Jennifer Makenas, Adrian Cerrato, Arwen Dewey, Tristan Carruthers, Danny Miller, Patricia Haines-Ainsworth
Balfour and The Magic Hat

Balfour and The Magic Hat


Balfour and The Magic Hat is an original musical for ages 3 and up.  Balfour wants to see the world and go on a journey.  His Grandmother makes a special hat for him to wear.  It's special because he can twist it, button it, or pull it into all kinds of different shapes.  On his journey, Balfour travels to a small island.  The people on the island live in three different groups on three different parts of the island. The people in each group are afraid to talk anyone from another group.  They know someone belongs to a different group because each group wear a special kind of hat.  Innocently, Balfour changes his magic hat to fit the weather and surroundings on the different parts of the island he visits.  As he travels across the island the shape of his magic hat coincidentally matches the hats belonging to the different groups.  Because his hat looks like theirs, the island people aren't afraid to talk with him and he makes friends with people from each group.  As he talks with his new friends on the island, Balfour finds they all have a lot in common in spite of the strange ideas they have about the people who don't belong to their group.  He finally gets his new friends to meet and talk with each other.  The meeting is not going well, when suddenly something happens to Balfour's magic hat that makes the islanders come together to help Balfour. Book and lyrics by P. Haines-Ainsworth with music by Terence Alaric Levitt.  Copyright ©2019 Winking Kat Books.  More information and fun behind the scenes moments on
Charles Perrault wrote "Puss 'n Boots" and versions of several other very famous fairy tales, but who was he?  And why did he title his book, "Tales of Mother Goose"?  In this brief overview of his life and stories, we talk about the times he lived in and how he turned old folktales into the famous stories we know today.
Audio play.  Original musical for young audiences by P. Haines-Ainsworth and Terence Alaric Levitt.  Based on the classic story by Charles Perrault.  "Puss 'n Boots" is set in France.  Philippe, the youngest son of a wealthy farmer, inherits only two things from his father - an envelope with five silver coins and a tabby cat named, Puss.  Little does Philippe know that Puss is much more valuable than he seems. Puss sets out to make Philippe wealthier and happier than the boy's wildest dreams, but the cat will have to use all his cleverness to succeed.  (Cast includes: Adrian Cerrato as Philippe; Laura McFarlane as Puss; David Bailey as Msr Pompeux, the lawyer, and Olivier, the ogre; Jennifer Makenas as Princess Anne; Ellen Dessler Smith as the mayor and Theo, the ogre's servant; Tristan Carruthers as the tailor and Georges, the ogre's servant; and Patricia Haines-Ainsworth as Queen Claudia).  For fun details about this recording and the cast, visit:
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