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In this episode, Antony Johnston gives us the lowdown on how to organise your writing life! No matter what kind of author you are, Antony's advice could get you focused and meeting every deadline. 
Get inspired with this episode of Authors' Matters - poet Salena Godden tells us about her roots in the DIY punk scene of the 1990s, how she learnt to reject the starving poet cliché and shares the secret to her creative productivity. 
In this episode of Authors' Matters, writer and full-time GP Gavin Francis tells us how he manages to write alongside his busy medical career. Plus we take a deep dive into a writer’s relationship with their physical body – how being active is often the best boost for your brain and how it benefits your creativity to get out from behind your desk.
In episode 3, BAFTA and International Emmy Award-winning writer Helen Blakeman tells us how she got established, why she's drawn to telling the stories of those who aren’t always heard, and she shares some top tips on how to improve your writing skills.
In episode 2, writer and editor Daniel Hahn tells us how he got into translating books, how to carve out a career in languages, and how essential translation is in making books accessible to readers. 
Authors' Matters is back for its second season! In this first episode, our host Caroline Sanderson talks to award-winning author and journalist Anita Sethi about finding her own voice and claiming her space, in terms of identity and as a writer, in her memoir I Belong Here.
In this episode of Authors' Matters, we chat to Karl Nova, Hip Hop artist, poet and winner of the 2020 ALCS-sponsored Ruth Rendell Award for Services to Literacy. He tells us about how he discovered his love for poetry, how he's still working to encourage young people to get into poetry during lockdown, and what it means to him to win the Ruth Rendell Award.We also speak to Sarah Baxter from the Society of Authors (SoA) about the organisation's grants for writers, including details of how to apply and the eligibility criteria.And finally, Owen Atkinson, Chief Executive of ALCS, has some great news about the March 2021 ALCS distribution.
In the new episode of Authors' Matters, we talk to novelist and Royal Literary Fund (RLF) fellow Sanjida O’Connell about how the RLF has supported authors for over 200 years, and how it continues to provide those in need with hardship grants and pensions in the 21st century. We also chat with Robert Taylor, Director of Writers Digital Payments (WDP), about how this not-for-profit organisation ensures TV and online writers receive fair remuneration for views on on-demand platforms like BBC iPlayer.And we hear from Jessica Atkinson from the Communications team with news of the next ALCS distribution.
In the final Authors’ Matters episode of 2020, Paul Farrelly, Advocacy consultant at ALCS, talks to James Urquhart, Senior Manager for Libraries and Literature at the Arts Council England (ACE). They discuss the ways in which ACE has supported writers across the UK during the pandemic, as well as details of how to apply for the current programmes they have available for creators.We take a trip down memory lane with Tony Bradman, ALCS Chair, as he looks back at his current tenure, including ALCS milestones and how the organisation has reacted to the pandemic.Plus, Alice Donovan, Communications Executive at ALCS, gives members a heads up on upcoming deadlines and an exciting announcement about the Annual ALCS Awards.
In this episode of Authors' Matters, we celebrate National Poetry Day (1 Oct) by chatting to contemporary poets, Adam Horovitz and Nikita Gill. They discuss how they earn their livings in one of the most challenging genres in which to pursue a writing profession.We also chat to Owen Atkinson, ALCS Chief Executive about the latest ALCS distribution.
In our second remotely-recorded episode, Anthony McGowan, winner of the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal, and Wendy Riley, winner of the ALCS Tom-Gallon Trust Award, join us to talk about how winning these respective ALCS-sponsored awards means to them.Alison Baxter, Head of Communications at ALCS, tells us why sponsoring prizes is an important part of ALCS’ work with writers. We also hear about some upcoming deadlines for ALCS members.
Coming to you from lockdown, we talk with books publicist, Georgina Moore (@PublicityBooks) and author Pragya Agarwal (@DrPragyaAgarwal) about their tips for writers when it comes to promotion, social media and taking care of yourself at this strange time.Luke Alcott, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Advisor at ALCS, tells us how ALCS has been campaigning for writers and freelancers since the beginning of lockdown.And Alice Donovan, Communications Executive at ALCS, updates members on the current status of the ALCS AGM and has some good news for textbook writers.
In this episode of Authors' Matters, we chat with Sara Collins, author of The Confessions of Frannie Langton, which won the Costa Book Awards First Novel Prize in 2019. She speaks about immersing herself in the writing process, the power of reading and how she got into writing after working as a lawyer for 17 years.Barbara Hayes, Deputy Chief Executive of ALCS, updates us on how ALCS has been advocating for authors' rights around the globe and how writers can get involved with the campaigns.And Alison Baxter, Head of Communications, reminds ALCS members about the upcoming ALCS Distribution, with details on what to look out for if you receive a payment.
In this episode of Authors' Matters, we talk to novelist and essayist Priya Basil, one of around 30,000 ALCS members who live and work outside the UK.It's also awards season at ALCS and to celebrate we'll be hearing from Michaela Morgan, one of the judges of this year's ALCS Educational Writers' Award, and Tom Palmer, winner of the 2019 Ruth Rendell Award for outstanding contribution to literacy. We also chat with Jonathan Douglas, Chief Executive of the National Literacy Trust the organisation behind the Ruth Rendell Award, about why advancing literacy in the UK is more vital than ever.We'll also be bringing you news of the ALCS AGM, held this year in Newcastle upon Tyne, along with the result of the recent Board elections.
In this episode of Authors' Matters, we chat with Wendy Cope, renowned contemporary poet, about how important emotional, as well as financial, support is and how the internet isn’t always the best place for poets.Tony Bradman, children’s author and ALCS Chair, joins us to encourage members to vote in the 2019 ALCS Board election and we catch up with Dr Jim Parker, PLR International Co-Ordinator, at the 13th PLR International conference where he tells us about what’s been happening in PLR schemes around the world.John Dougherty, children’s author and poet, tells us what copyright means to him and finally Alice Donovan, Communications Executive at ALCS, gives us a rundown of all the top figures from the latest ALCS Distribution.
On the inaugural podcast, we talk to Paul Powell, comedy scriptwriter and former ALCS Board member, about why writing jokes for a living can be, but isn’t always a barrel of laughs.We talk to Lisa Appignanesi, writer and chair of the Royal Society of Literature, about that organisation’s recent research into the working conditions writers need in order to thrive.Alison Baxter, Head of Communications at ALCS, also joins us with news of the next distribution of royalties. And finally Joanne Harris, bestselling author of books like Chocolat and most recently The Strawberry Thief, tells us what copyright means to her.
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Chip Colquhoun

Great variety of subjects and food for thought. Looking forward to the next!

Oct 28th
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