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SamTrans' Director of Real Estate and Property Development, Brian Fitzpatrick, offers insight into the District's land use over the years along with Caltrain's new transit-oriented development policy (or as we loving call it, "Tod") and what it means for the agency's future. 
SamTrans Director of Bus Maintenance Dave Harbour explains what it takes to be a SamTrans bus. We talk about buying new buses and retiring the old, Wi-Fi implementation, the future of SamTrans' electrified fleet and what it takes to keep over 300 buses in working order.
We continue our conversation about Caltrain's maintenance operations and future improvements coming with electrification from a high level perspective with Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Bouchard.
Get the scoop on Caltrain’s day-to-day maintenance operations. With electrified service on the horizon and the ever-present challenges of an aging fleet, this month's episode offers insight into the behind-the-scenes work that keeps our trains moving, the state of the railroad and the exciting future ahead with new electric trains.
SamTrans Director of Planning, Christy Wegener, talks about the agency's recently launched Express Bus Route FCX operating between Foster City and San Francisco. We dive into the US-101 Express Bus Feasibility Study, what we're learning about the new route and travel patterns, as well as the future of express bus service in San Mateo County.
SamTrans Board Director Peter Ratto talks about the impact of Measure W, a voter-approved San Mateo County 1/2 cent transportation sales tax that passed in November, 2018 and went into effect July 1, 2019.
We kick off this series with a focus on rail safety and infrastructure. Rob Scarpino, Caltrain's Deputy Director of Rail Infrastructure, talks about the agency's efforts to improve its crossings to keep people safe. Nancy Sheehan of California's Operation Lifesaver closes the hour with a conversation around rail safety awareness. Join us for some Wheel Talk!
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