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Regular live mixes of House, Tech House and anything with a dance-floor groove by DJ Digital Manipulation.
91 Episodes
Another mixtape, another collection of absolutely banging House tunes. Let's go!
There is so much good House music around right now, I decided to do a bonus mix for May. Enjoy!
And May brings us some absolute bangers! Let's go deep with some Tech, Tech House, House and Piano House. Basically all the good shit.
This mix brings together some of my favourite tracks released in April 2021. Some proper belters in here! Turn it on, turn it up and have a little dance!
This mix is made up of some of the tracks I've been playing on my livestreams in the last few weeks; most are upfront bangers but I've snuck in a couple of forgotten gems too to spice it up a bit. Enjoy!
2021 has already seen some cracking House and Tech House tracks released; this mix is a selection of my favourites. Enjoy!
Some of the dirtiest tracks in my library. This mix is pure filth!
After a bit of a hiatus due to Christmas, New Year and the world going to hell in a handcart, I'm back with a fresh mix of the freshest House tracks. Get your week and your year started off right!
I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a bloody awful year in many ways but there has been some kick-ass House music this year; this is my retrospective of some of the best tracks from this year.
After a week off while I sorted out my new computer, my mixes are back! This week we have some fresh House and UKG with a few forgotten gems thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!
This week, I had the pleasure of finding a whole bunch of Garage and Speed Garage tracks I'd not heard before so I bought all of them and mixed them up here. You know what to expect but you won't have heard most of these before so get stuck in!
This Sunday, I had the pleasure and the privilege to play as part of the Sunday Lunch Sessions organised by House FM's DJ Lindsey Ward alongside some great DJs. This mix is the first hour of my 2 hour set; I will post the second hour next week. Enjoy!
Whoops! Meant to publish this at the weekend but I had a bit of a heavy sesh instead. Silly me! Well, it's here now and it's an hour of up-front House music bangers so turn it up and enjoy!
This week's mix is a selection of my favourite tracks released in the last week. None fresher, get involved!
This Halloween, I had the honour of guest DJing at an online party hosted by DJ Francisco who I used to travel across the country to see back in the day. This mix is part of my set for that party. I wanted it to capture the sort of music you'd hear on my mixes and livestreams so it's a real snapshot of what I do. Some of the tunes here have appeared in this mixtape series before, some make their debut here but every one of them is a banger!
This week's mix is a selection of the best House and Tech House tracks released so far in October 2020 and there are some real corkers in here! Turn it up loud and have dance!
The mid-noughties gave us great Funky House tracks like Finally and Lola's Theme. It also gave us a tonne of absolutely filthy Electro House bangers. This little mix is a selection of some of the filthiest, dirtiest belters from that time.
An hour of up-front House tracks mixed live. Enjoy!
Some absolute belters in my crate this week so I mixed 'em up live on Twitch and also kept this recording for you guys!
This week I opened the Thursday Grind, a monthly international DJ event on Twitch. Traditional wisdom is that warm up sets are relatively slow and building but screw that, I went in hard!
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