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Author: Matt Stauffer

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The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion.
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In this episode we talk with Ignace Nyamagana Butera, a Software Developer, about the PHP League packages that he's created: League CSV, League URI and League Period, which, in order: makes CSV data manipulation much easier in PHP, provides a modern API to process URIs in PHP, and covers all basic manipulations related to time range. Additionally, we address Ignace's positive attitude towards his job and how it helps to have open mindsets like his in the OS maintenance space. Ignace's Website - Ignace's GitHub - Ignace's Twitter - Bakame GitHub - Sponsor Ignace - League CSV GitHub - League CSV - League URI GitHub - League URI - League Period GitHub - League Period - Domain Parser GitHub - The PHP League - Frank de Jonge - Storage, with Frank de Jonge - Jonathan Reinink - Eloquent and the Query Builder, with Jonathan Reinink - Barry vd. Heuvel - Laravel Debugbar, with Barry vd. Heuvel - PHP Manual for fgetcsv - Composer - PSR-4: Autoloader - The SplObjectStorage class - Streams - Symfony - PHP Releases - Doctrine - Doctrine Collections - Lazy Collections - Helpers & Collections, with Jacob Baker-Kretzmar - Sushi - Eloquent - PSR-7: HTTP message interfaces - WhatWG - parse_url - Carbon GitHub - Chronos GitHub - Jeremy Kendall - PHP Domain Parser - Caneco - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
Pest, with Nuno Maduro

Pest, with Nuno Maduro


In this episode we talk with Nuno Maduro about the PHP testing framework Pest, a PHP testing framework that focuses on bringing you a more simplified, fluent, and powerful way of writing automated tests. Nuno Maduro's Twitter - Sponsor Nuno Maduro - Pest - Pest Discord Server - Perl - Parallel Plugin - PHPUnit - Jest - Livewire - Watch Plugin - Retry Plugin - Datasets - Oliver Nybroe's Twitter - Oliver Nybroe's GitHub - Owen Voke's Twitter - Owen Voke's GitHub - Luke Downing's Twitter - Luke Downing's GitHub - Freek Van der Herten's Twitter - Freek Van der Herten's Blog - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode we talk with Freek Van der Herten about Spatie's Laravel package Laravel-Backup, which can make a backup of your application to any external storage destination of your choice. You can choose what should be backed up: files from the file system and/or your database, and how often. It also offers helpful features such as monitoring your backups and sending you notifications. Freek Van der Herten's Twitter - Freek Van der Herten's Blog - Spatie - Spatie Twitter - Oh Dear - Laravel-Backup GitHub - Laravel-Backup Introduction - Vapor - AWS S3 - Forge - Zend Framework - DigitalOcean - Composer- Grandfather-father-son scheme -,a%20FIFO%20system%20as%20above. DB-Dumper GitHub - DB-Snapshots GitHub - Laravel Backup Server - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode we talk with Taylor Otwell about the first-party Laravel packages Socialite, Scout, and Sail. Socialite is a tool for authenticating users with other login providers, and makes it easy to add a login with GitHub authentication flow to your application. Scout provides a simple, driver based solution for adding full-text search to your Eloquent models. Finally, Sail is a light-weight command-line interface for interacting with Laravel's default Docker development environment. Taylor Otwell's Twitter - Laravel Twitter - Laravel Website - Laravel Socialite - Socialite Providers - Atymic - Laravel Scout - OAuth 2.0 - Elasticsearch - Algolia - Meilisearch - - Laravel Sail - VirtualBox - Mindhive - Docker - Docker Compose - Homebrew - MySQL - Redis - Takeout GitHub - Tony Messias' Twitter - Tony Messias' Blog - Laravel Breeze GitHub - Laravel Jetstream - Laravel Sanctum - Laravel Fortify - Laravel Cashier (Stripe) - Laravel Passport - Laravel Horizon - Laravel Telescope - Laravel Dusk - Forge - Laravel 9 - Laravel Homestead - Laravel Valet - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode we talk with Joseph Silber about the third-party Laravel package Bouncer, an authorization package which allows the user to quickly create and manage roles and abilities. As an additional note, the lovely outro music--like last time Joseph was on the podcast--was a recording he made himself! Joseph Silber's Website - Joseph Silber's Twitter - Joseph Silber's GitHub - Page Cache - Bouncer Article on Laravel - Bouncer GitHub - Laravel Eloquent ORM - Authorization & Authentication, With Joseph Silber (Laravel Podcast Season 4, Ep. 12) - Taylor Otwell's GitHub -  Laravel Passport - Laravel LiveWire - Inertia.js - React - Vue.js - Svelte - Laravel Cashier (Stripe) - Stripe Checkout - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode we talk with Dries Vints about the first-party Laravel package Cashier, which provides an easy, fluent interface to Stripe's subscription billing services. We discuss the two different versions of this package and how to determine which one is best for your needs. Dries Vints' Twitter - Dries Vints' Github - Dries Vints' Website - Cashier Course - Cashier Stripe - Cashier Paddle - Laravel Telegram Notification Channels - Stripe Treasury - Shawn McCool's Blog - Shawn McCool's Twitter - Joe Dixon's Blog - Joe Dixon's Twitter - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode, we talk with Taylor Otwell about the first-party Laravel auth packages Passport and Sanctum. We discuss the history of how they came to be, their differences, and which of the two might better serve your needs. Taylor Otwell's Twitter - Laravel, Twitter - Laravel, Website - Laravel Docs: Passport - GitHub: Passport - Laravel Docs: Sanctum - GitHub: Sanctum - The League of Extraordinary Packages - Laravel Docs: Tinker - GitHub: Tinker - OAuth 1 - OAuth 2.0 -  Spark - Forge - Vapor - JWT - GitHub: node-fetch - Axios - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode, we talk with Barry vd. Heuvel, creator of Laravel Debugbar. A package provides an overview that allows you to quickly & easily see what’s going on inside your application. We talk about how he got started & various features. Barry’s Twitter - Fruitcake - GitHub - Laravel Debugbar - Anbu - Dayle Rees, Twitter - Dayle Rees, website - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In this episode, Arne Schoenmakers and Patrick Brouwers talk about Spartner’s popular package, Laravel excel. It is a supercharged, simple way to export and import powerful excel data. Spartner, website - Spartner, Twitter- Arne Schoenmakers, Twitter - Patrick Brouwers, Twitter - Patrick Brouwers, Website - Laravel Excel - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
In the first episode of season 5, Taylor Otwell joins us to talk about the packages Fortify, Breeze, Jetstream, and Spark. We discuss the differences between each one and which package is a great place to start. Taylor Otwell -    Laravel, Twitter - Laravel, Website - Laravel Docs: Fortify - GitHub: Fortify - Laravel Docs: Breeze - GitHub: Breeze - Jetstream - GitHub: Jetstream - Spark - GitHub: Spark - -----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. Season 5 consists of Matt Stauffer interviewing the creators of the most popular packages in the Laravel ecosystem.-----Editing and transcription sponsored by Tighten.
We all use third party packages in our Laravel applications, and even Laravel itself is composed of packages. But how do they work? How do you pick the best packages? What can packages actually do? In this episode Laravel's most prolific package authors join us and answer these questions and many more. Freek Van der Herten, Twitter - Freek’s blog - Spatie - Marcel Pociot, Twitter - Beyond Code - Marcel’s website - Laravel Docs: Packages - Spatie: Ray - Laravel: IDE Helper - Laravel: Debug Bar - Barry Van der Heuvel, GitHub - Fruitcake - Valet - Expose - Laravel: Illuminate - Torch - Proxy Package - Guzzle - Tinker - Tinkerwell - Faker - Ignition - Laravel Docs: Sail - Laravel Docs: Mocking - Collision - PHP Unit - Symfony - Laravel Zero - Blade X - The Laravel Podcast, Intro to Composer - John Brown, Laravel Package - PHP Package Development - Laravel Package Training - Laravel New: Package Development, Deprecated Helpers, and Caching Changes - Freek Van der Herten, Creating Laravel-Signal-Aware-Command - Skeleton Package - Laravel Package Tools - Larabelles: Building a Laravel Package #1 - Larabelles: Building a Laravel Package #2 - Oh Dear App - -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
As much as we all wish our apps would just run forever, in reality, they need some tender love and care in order to keep running smoothly and safely. That means we need to know how to upgrade them!Laravel upgrade master Jason McCreary joins us to talk about the upgrading process and his product, Laravel Shift, which automates away much of the cost of upgrading. Jason McCreary, Twitter - Jason McCreary, Website - Laravel Shift - Confident Laravel - Base Code Field Guide - Base Laravel - Laravel Docs, Upgrade Guide - Laravel Docs, Artisan Console - Laravel Scheduler - Tailwind - Tailwind, Theme Configurations - Laravel Docs, LTS - Jesse Schute - Laravel Linter - -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
One of the most common questions that the Laravel docs just can't answer for you is "How and where do I deploy my Laravel app?" There are a ton of options, but a few recommended options, and Chris Fidao, creator of Servers for Hackers, knows all of them and takes this episode to walk us through the most common setups and important tips to remember and gotchas to avoid. Chris Fidao, Twitter: Servers For Hackers: UserScape: HelpSpot Cloud: Forge: Laravel Docs, Deployment: Webhook: Ubuntu: Shared Hosting: Envoyer: Composer Install Zero Downtime Deployment Bash: Laravel Docs, Envoy: Fabric: Laravel Docs, Blade: Docker: AWS: Serverless: Container: Kubernetes: Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS): Lambda: Laravel Vapor: Laravel Docs, SSH: Understanding Linux File Permissions: Supervisor: Cron: Thermostat: Laravel Discord:  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
Some times events, jobs, and queues can feel a bit overwhelming, and sometimes they can feel so simple it feels like you're doing it wrong.Mohamed Said is not just the expert on how queues work, he's the expert on thinking how best to use them and how best not to use them. In this episode we talk about how to use queues, and how to think in a way that makes sense for queues, and we also take a quick dive into Laravel's event system. Mohamed Said, Twitter - Mohamed Said, YouTube - Mohamed Said, Website - Diving Laravel - Learn Laravel Queues, book by Mohamed Said - Laravel Documents, Queues - Daemons - Maxwell’s Demon Thought Experiment - Laravel Documents, Broadcasted Events - Singleton - Laravel Forge - Laravel Documents, Workers - Laravel Documents, Events - Stripe Connect -  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
It's every application developer's nightmare: your app gets hacked and everyone's private data is out in the open, and it's your fault.Thankfully, Laravel and the tools it brings have the best security practices baked in. But a framework can only save us from so much.In this episode, security advocate and UX Designer (the UX part matters! Listen to find out why) talks about what Laravel gives us by default, how to write code that plays nicely with Laravel's built-in security tooling, and other helpful tools and practices that can keep you, your apps, and your clients secure. Rizqi Djamaluddin Twitter - Laravel Documents: Eloquent - SQL Injection - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - AWS Takeout - Minio - S3 - NGINX - HTML Purifier - Laravel Documents: CSRF Protection - CORS - Rate Limiting - 2 Factor Authentication - OWASP - Laravel Slack -  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
Laravel's Collections were popularized by Adam Wathan's book "Refactoring to Collections", but if you haven't read the book you may be left wondering exactly what they are and how we work with them. And you've likely seem some of the common global helpers—app(), auth()—but there are dozens that even the most experienced Laravel programmers don't always know about! In this episode helper & collection afficionado Jacob Baker-Kretzmar walks us through both sets of tools and some of his favorite ways to work with them. Jacob Baker-Kretzmar Twitter - Jacob’s GitHub Account - Jacob’s Website - Laravel Documentation: Helpers - Laravel Documentation: Collections - Rasmus Lerdorf Twitter - Laravel Documentation: Dataget - Laravel News: Laravel Collection “Tap” Method - Laracasts: Fluent Strings Manipulations - Laravel News: Using the Laravel Optional Helper and the New Optional Closure - Lazy Collections in Laravel - Refactoring to Collections, by Adam Wathan - Laravel: Up & Running, by Matt Stauffer -  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
Laravel has two primary notification systems: Mail and Notifications. What do each do? How do you use them? When should you use one or the other? Active community member and Wilbur group programmer WIlbur Powery joins us to talk about these two key systems Wilbur Powery’s Twitter - Wilbur’s Blog - Wilbur’s GitHub - Laravel Documents: Notifications - Wilbur Group - Jake Bennett - Laravel Documents: Mail - MailGun - MailTrap - Hello Cloud - MailHog - Takeout - Helo Professional - Marcel Pocoit Twitter - Nexmo - Next - Twilio - Laravel Documents: Queues - Laravel Echo - Pusher - Laravel Documents: Broadcast - Laravel: Up & Running - Laracasts -  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
APIs, with Jess Archer

APIs, with Jess Archer


We all interact with APIs, even if we don't write them, right? The APIs that power our mobile apps, the APIs we use in our code. But Jess Archer wants you to know there's a whole wide world of what API even means, broader than we usually use it... but then we'll also get down to the real details about the best practices for writing web-based RESTish APIs in Laravel. Jess Archer Twitter - Jess Archer Website - Jess Archer Blog - Jess Archer GitHub - Laravel Shift - GiftyDuck - BaseCode Podcast - Laravel Documents: API - Laravel Documents: Laravel Passport - Laravel Documents: Laravel Sanctum - Restful API Nested Resources Transforming API API Resources JSON API - Wikipedia Status Codes - Laracon: “How to JSON: API Quickly and Easily in Laravel,” Matt Stauffer, video - Laracon: “Cruddy by Design” Adam Wathan, video - Laracon: “The Laravel Developer’s Guide to VUE SPAs,” Jess Archer, video -  -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
Laravel offers two systems for accessing the filesystem: the File facade and the Storage facade. The Storage facade wraps a package called "Flysystem", and in this episode Flysystem creator Frank de Jonge talks about how Laravel's storage and file systems work and talks about some best practices for working with them. Frank de Jonge Twitter - Frank on GitHub - Frank’s Blog - Flysystem - Mollie Payments - The PHP League of Extraordinary Packages - Laravel Documents: File Storage - Christoph Rumpel Episode - Streamed Download - Replicate Adapter - Flysystem V2 - Schiphol Airport - Ecologi, Tree Sponsorship -    -----Editing sponsored by Tighten; transcript sponsored by Larajobs.
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it illuminated me, thanks Matt, it is a great opportunity to learn concepts from experts & creators themselves. Thank you sir for this great episode & thank Mohammad said 🙏👏

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