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Here's a great interview with Angie McQuillin - a Confidence and Leadership Coach for Executives and Small Business Owners.Angie gives a ton of advice and stories on being more confident in your daily life and how that affects your job, family, and company.► Do you have responsibilities in your job that regularly include public speaking? People think you’re excellent at this but secretly this gives you anxiety?► Do you find yourself hesitating more than you’d like speaking first in a meeting or publicly voicing a controversial opinion?► Are you a high achiever and always willing to stand up for others but standing up for yourself at work doesn’t come as easily?► Do other people think you’re really self-assured and confident and would be surprised if they knew that you didn’t feel deserving of the success, status or money you’ve achieved?If you say YES to any of these listen to this podcast NOW.The contact Angie for her guidance and programs at www.AngieMcquillin.comRock Your Business -->> www.RYBinc.comSteven PlaceyAngie McQuillin
A great podcast today with Kevin Hipes.We dive into how he is in charge of revitalizing the Oviedo Mall and bringing people back to shop, live and work!Great insight into why malls have been declining, and what they are doing to bring merchants and visitors back into these huge spaces!Kevin is an ultra-positive, high-energy guy with a lot of insight and knowledge in retail, B2B and even owns a Burger restaurant.Tons of value bombs in this episode!
Great interview here today with Mike Oliva, founder of the Dolphins Talk Weekly Podcast and Website Network. He shares the fundamentals behind why his podcast audience has jumped to where he was listed as one of the top 200 podcasts at one point. That's HUGE!He has also garnered national sponsors and more. YES, we do talk some Miami Dolphins football too, but listen to the value bombs on WHY he has grown so quickly and you can too!
Super pumped about this episode where I interview the awesome Aaron (Big A) Walker. He's a very successful businessman that sold his first company at 27 and retired.A major life event changed his perspective in 2001 and he was reborn again with a new focus to leave a great legacy by helping others.Years later and 2-3 more successful companies, he is sharing how he got where he got and the principles you can follow to do what he did.  Unbelievable value bombs in this podcast!
A fantastic episode with my good friend Steve Gunter, Owner of The Tap Room at Dubsdread Golf Course in College Park, Florida. Steve was partners in two Sam Snead's restaurants and Highland Manor in Apopka, Florida.Steve shares his top techniques he uses to keep his employees engaged, happy and highly productive. Steve was able able to keep all his employees through the COVID pandemic and even added to his;'s a great story how he did it.If you have employees, this is a MUST LISTEN!
Great episode here with my new friend Regine Bonneau, CEO of RB Advisory, a Company specializing in Risk Management, Compliance & Cybersecurity, eDiscovery, Forensic Audits, & Privacy for Companies and Mumciplaties.Regine's story is amazing, from growing up in Haiti, coming to America, defining her dream, taking the leap, and growing a thriving company with 15+ employees and growing!Great lessons in:- Overcoming adversity- Idea to reality- Startups- Finding good employees and keeping them- Mindset and much more!You'll love her energy and laugh!
Great interview this week with Dr. Marcelo Melivilu, DVM.   He shares his story of coming to America and following his heart working in the Veterinary field.  He shares how he went from working for another Vet practice to owning his own thriving practice in just a few short years.   A ton of fantastic insight from a really awesome person! 
Great interview this week with Becki Pickett, M.C.P. on how to deal with stress.  She has a workable blueprint to identify, clarify, and manage problems and the stress they cause. You've got a problem and it's causing you stress. You need a workable solution. Now. The good news is there are specific successful strategies to position yourself not only to survive the problem and manage the stress, but to triumph and elevate your life to a place that you define as happiness and contentment.Not all problems are solvable but all are manageable.This is the core belief of Coping Smart.Once you discover the power of Coping Smart, you will have an invaluable tool to use again and again to identify the problems that present in your life, clarify your options, manage the stress with effective coping skills, and build the resilience you need.Be sure to visit her website at 
Great podcast here with Jay Byers, who owns a service I had NEVER heard of before I met him and his awesome wife Carmelia.In fact, I didn't even know WHY I would ever need his service before he explained to me how it benefits me, my family, restaurants, condos, hotels and more.What is it? Well, listen in. It's a great story of a family business growing even though people didn't even know they needed this type of service. Awesome!
I guarantee this is the funniest episode we have ever done here on the RYB podcast!There's a TON of great lessons in here as well on LIVING LUCKY, enjoying your life, overcoming tragedy and more!!!Jana (Banana) Shelfer was a fixture on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando for years. Her energy is infectious. Add in her husband Jason and you have a powerhouse Team of laughs, positivity, ingenuity and love!Another episode to listen to 2 or 3 times because there are a lot of lessons and laughs packed in here!Be sure to catch Jana and Jason's show every morning, their podcast and more: 
There are so many great value bombs dropped by Mike Handy in this episode that's you may want to listen to it 2 or 3 times!Mike Handy tells his story of starting, growing and selling various companies throughout his career.  His many successes and failures (including a $6Million bad decision) are things you can learn from!Great for Solopreneurs to Franchise owners.
If your mindset is off you will not be productive. It IS just that simple!Today's podcast is an interview with Shannon Inez, a Mindset Coach, who shares her secrets on getting your mind in line with your objectives and moving forward much faster!Shannon is also launching her own group coaching program you can find here: Also be sure to join my Business RockStars FB Group here:
In this episode, I interview Ralph Golson, a 20 plus year veteran in the Merchant Processing industry. He gives us some insight into new laws, and programs that can help you to stop paying those deaded credit card processing fees and keep that money for yourself!Why keep giving your money to the banks and keep more of your money that you can use for your business or personal uses. He has some companies saving hundred to thousands EVERY MONTH. What could that do for you?Great insight and ideas from my friend Ralph.
You may have thought about starting your own podcast, but you were not able to figure out what it should be about or what equipment you would need or what you would talk about or how to use it to get new customers. I hear you; I had those same questions and doubts before I started my podcast.The Rock Your Business Podcast has been one of the best lead generators I’ve ever done for my business. I know I was skeptical at first but then things just started happening...More interviews, more leads, great responses and the best way to open doors to hard-to-reach people, I've ever seen!Here are three ways it's gotten me new customers and how maybe starting your own podcast can do the same for you.
Learning best practices from your peers is a phenomenal way to help you get from point A to point B much faster. It will cut down on the time, cost, and frustration for you to reach your goals. The value in hearing other people’s failures also tells you what NOT to do.People love roundtables. Your ideal customers may already be plugging into peer roundtables based on their industry or personal goal. This is a huge opportunity for you to:•Provide a forum for your ideal customers to gather •Showcase your knowledge and support•Gain trust in their industry as a thought leader•Get more of your ideal customersI love brainstorming and helping Entrepreneurs. I have run roundtables and mastermind groups for over a decade. It’s incredibly enjoyable, fulfilling and VERY profitable. I have gained many longtime customers, incredible friends and experts that I can call when I have questions. Absolutely amazing.You can create a free roundtable open to everyone once a month or a fee-based group that is limited to members and approved guests. I prefer the fee-based group for sometimes FREE can equal “no value” in the minds of some people.Whichever you are comfortable with, just get started. It’s extremely rewarding in many ways.
Out of the vast companies we have worked with over 20 years, I would estimate that only about 10% or less of them were adequately marketing to and creating more referrals and sales from their existing customer list.The easiest sales (and referrals) you will ever get are from the people that already trust and love you. People get fixated on only creating new customers. Yes, you need to have a pipeline full of new prospects, but we have helped many people multiply their sales with strategies to pull more sales and referrals out of their current lists.Tapping into the goldmine that is the people that already know and trust you can create HUGE revenue spikes without a mountain of expense, resources, or time
In part 1 of this 4 part series, we discuss Linkedin. If you’re like many people, LinkedIn is a vast unknown place that you know you should be visiting more often, but you don’t really know how, when or where. You have a profile set up, maybe even a company page, but you’re not tapping into the goldmine that is LinkedIn.LinkedIn has 670 million users, 63 million of which are decision-makers you’d LOVE to talk to (and sell to). It’s all levels of Entrepreneurs and business professionals from every industry on the planet all congregated into one platform…that’s a huge opportunity to tap, if done correctly.
I had a great interview with Darrin Farber, owner of Father and Sons Landscaping. He tells his story of how they got started to now doing $1.5 million a year and growing. TONS of value bombs here you can learn a lot from. I know I did!
Great interview today with the awesome Lou Banks.She drops several value bombs on how to keep great people inside your company. Whether you have 1 employee or 100, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.Great tips on creating culture and more!
Great interview today with Doug Collins, author and coach helping home-based Entrepreneurs save thousands on their taxes.  If you work out of your home office, then this podcast is must!
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