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Author: Ford Bandy

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1st Century Press is a conservative political commentary program with a Christian worldview based in Texas, USA. Hosted by Sean 'Ford' Bandy, 1CP presents content relevant to the daily events both nationally and globally. Relatively unfiltered, our podcasts attempt to cover the issues with honest examination.
46 Episodes
1st Century Press - My 2021 update produced during the chaotic events of January 6th, 2021.  In this re-introduction after several months hiatus during 2020, I explain where I personally have been, where we are as a people, and where I see us going in the future.
1CP - Mark 11:11-22 was far more than merely the telling of a cursed fig tree and the turning over of a few tables in the Jerusalem temple. Jesus was overtly declaring the replacement of the fleshly Israel and the old covenant with the spiritual Church and the establishment of a new covenant.
1st Century Press - Is your church producing false teachings? Would you recognize them if it was? Wondering why there is as much lost within the church as in the world? Welcome to the cancer of the emergent church.
1st Century Press - In response to the recent attack on Evangelical Leaders by Qanon-supporting Twitter account Sun Q Tzu, I decided to address the thread posted Monday evening, July 20, 2020. If you are still Christian and pro-Qanon movement, this is a good video to further explain why I left the movement.#qanon #Christianity #OneWorldReligion #OneWorldGovernment #NewWorldOrder #OneWorldSystem #FalseProphet #EndTimes
1st Century Press - As I continue to receive harassing fightback from current Qanons, especially ones claiming a simultaneous Christian walk, I again attempt to clarify my reasons for leaving the movement and address the 2-master issue facing those still caught-up in the movement. I also address the similarity between the Q movement and today's Dominion Theology/New Apostolic Reformation.#1stcenturypress #Qanon #ChristianWalk #DominionTheolgy #NAR #NewApostolicReformation
1st Century Press - In this 2-hour third video in the One World Religion series, I complete my summary of Catholicism. From the sacraments to the symbols, the rituals to the Rosary. #OneWorldReligion #1stCenturyPress #Catholicism #EndTimes #FalseReligions #MysteryReligions
Why I Left Qanon

Why I Left Qanon


1st Century Press - For those long-term followers who are shocked by my abrupt switch from Qanon supporter to condemner, I have produced a 20+ minute testimonial about the process that led to my new stance. 
1st Century Press - In the second installment of my series One World Religion I begin the discussion of the world's largest religious institution: Catholicism. When did it really begin, what does it really represent, and why is it the longest-running Christianity deception?#1stCenturyPress #EndTimes #OneWorldReligion #Catholicism
1st Century Press - Here's the first in my One World Religion series mapping out how ALL the world religions have been manipulated across the centuries to merge into the future global religion. Part 1 summarizes the origins of Judaism. #Judaism #1stCenturyPress #EndTimes #OneWorldReligion
1st Century Press -- I just have to present my personal take on today's Blackout Tuesday and the ignorance of the global meltdown that is the 21st Century. #UnfilteredFaith #1stCenturyPress #ChristOverQ #ButtHurtBishops #NoToHolyYogis #ItsNOTInTheStars
I could not pass up the opportunity to use a Q drop from today as a preview of where the times are going and how my program is about to change moving forward in the coming days.
As the nation, and the world, begins to "reopen" after the COVID-19 event, what is really ahead for us in the future? There is an encouraging word but it is not found in the news, or in any movement. No leader or awakening will produce what is needed going forward.
Q Is Not Your Saviour

Q Is Not Your Saviour


Despite the great Intel and the newfound worldwide enthusiasm to wake up to the Deep State,  the Q movement is only bringing people out of the dark, not into the full light.  Based on my own biblical discernment, I attempt to introduce you to what's missing from Q. 
Patriots Fight Media - Q confirms that the Democrats are so determined to undermine election integrity protections that they are turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a prop toward changing voting methods, potentially permanently.  There is a golden lining, however.... the Last Trusted Prosecutor in Washington: John Durham.#QANON #TheGreatAwakening #COVID-19 #POTUS #TheSilentWarContinues #AreYouAwakeYet #elections #DNCWatch the original video version on our YouTube channel:
Q poses the question: Was the Obama Administration leading an insurgency against the U.S.? And Clinton Foundation whistleblower Nate Cain tells all in a podcast interview.
Part 1 of the expose of the Biden family and their internationally corrupt dealings. Showcased in this episode: Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Bohai Harvest RST -- the joint venture deal between the Biden family and the state of China.
Patriots Fight Media - Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel reports on the recent Soleimani elimination and how it truly affects the Iranian agenda, politically and Biblically. [Note it's Q connections, including his chosen broadcast location. PFM personal note: Compare Drop 1884 in completing the human trafficking "closures" internationally as he covers the current activities around the Middle East.]Video will be made available on as well.
This special Thanksgiving podcast is dedicated to the testimony of Sierra Swift, known on social media as @Suffer_Freely. She shares just a portion of her personal testimony, including her early life in Orange County,CA escorting for professional athletes and corporation execs, drug abuse, and human trafficking. But God had a better future for this soul saver as she recalls her salvation story just seven years ago this month.@Suffer_Freely is now her ministry as the forerunner of the #DiscernmentMafia, exposing the elite pedophiles, especially within the mega church communities. Be sure to follow her IG accounts: @Suffer_Freely, @DiscernmentMafia, and @OperationSoulSaver.   
Politico revealed as early as January 11, 2017 that Ukraine was involved with Alexandra Chalupa to create connections between Trump, Manafort,  and Russia, at the request and finance of the DNC and Clinton Campaign.  
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The truth is the truth you dont walk away from the truth WWG1WGA, KEEP THE FAITH GOD BLESS, we all have moments of doubt

Jul 3rd
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