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Author: I. Que Grande

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Everyone in the connected world knows what porn is and has seen it. Join I. Que Grande, a 13 year veteran of the Gay Adult Entertainment Industry as he humanizes porn stars, deconstructs sex work, illicitly recounts stories from on and off the set and explores sexuality. If you watch gay porn and want to hear a different side of your favorite stars, or if you are just a little curious, this podcast is definitely for you.
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What a year it has BEEN! And I can't think of a better way to wrap this season of amazing guests and experiences than to sit down with designer,  adult performer and activist Boomer Banks. The self described queer Mexican carbon has and continues to seemingly does it all but I expect nothing less from a Gemini. We have some great fun during the interview but also get incredibly candid and real as Boomer describes in detail living through tough life experiences from early on to how he has gotten where he is today, spiritually, mentally and physically. 
I have been a fan of the Beefcake Hunter website for awhile now, so in my quest to bring you awesome interviewees, I thought it was time to reach out to Vic. Vic is the star and producer of the website and he was gracious enough to let us into his studio and open up about what it took to start his site, how he finds these beefcakes and what he has in store for the site's future. Enjoy!
I had been talking to international porn star Romeo Davis almost a year before we finally got to meet and sit down to do this podcast. As soon as we do, we get right into his life pre and during pandemic, growing up in  Montreal bottoming and what kind of problems arise from having a big dick.  Then later on in the episode we move on to kinks, fetishes and his interesting collection of Elvira memorabilia. Enjoy!
International porn star Marco Napoli is in NYC for the week and I was able to plan a trip in to meet him at his hotel room, set up some lights and cameras to sit down and talk to one of gay porn's sweetest and hottest guys out there.  We had a lot to talk about from dual-citizenship in Italy, love in the industry, body hair, feet, what constitutes a "daddy."  Enjoy!
After a break last week DGP is back and so is  adult entertainer and content creator Seth Knight.  Seth sits down and discusses what it's like to quarantines with not one but TWO husbands. And just because I am always interested Seth shares a little more about his recent work with Fraternity X and his plans for the near future.   It's a fun one, don't miss it!
The last time I spoke to Drew Dixon was in Las Vegas, January 2020; a different world by today's perspective. While very popular at that time, Drew has since gone on to meteoric heights in the industry working with just about everyone. While on a bit of a world tour and in NYC, I got to sit down with him again and talk about life since that last time I saw him, what it takes to be a full on content creator and performer. Enjoy!
Adult entertainer August Alexander is a new comer to the industry but you wouldn't know it if you look at his  impressive list of studio work; not to mention his skills in front of the camera. During a recent trip to NYC, I had the chance to shoot a couple of scenes with August and sit down to discuss how he became an adult entertainer and dig a littler deeper into what makes him who he is.  Enjoy! 
Joel Someone is fucking everywhere....and everyone! He took a break to sit down with me while he was in NYC and talk to me about his life during the pandemic, moving to L.A., venturing into bisexual porn and the lot of younger gay people today.  Always a great conversation! 
Porn Star Levy Foxx is a bottom extraordinaire! This past week I got the chance to work with him for the first time ever and he delivered. I had seen Levy on my twitter feed and was interested in working with him at some point.  When I saw he was making his way to NYC we communicated and here we are.  Before our first shoot I got to sit down with the Filipino-born porn star and discuss how he got into porn, how he got to Wisconsin and how to bottom like a pro. Enjoy!
I came across @Ballbasher710 on twitter one day and what I saw was not for the faint of heart. But I was intrigued! This week's open lines deals with Cock and Ball torture; more specifically a practice called ball busting. If you wish to go there, well here we are.  Enjoy!
S2E21: Meet Butta Nutt

S2E21: Meet Butta Nutt


If you guys don't know or haven't heard of a model named Butta Nutt, go look him up.  He is one of the best performers out there right now and I am very happy that I've been able to work with him on several occasions. Butta sits down with me to talk about his fan site career that turned into a turn at full on porn. and upcoming projects. Enjoy!
Porn star and content creator Avatar Akyia has been on my list of interviewees since the last season. We finally get to sit down after a scene and discuss his porn career, growing in London and New Orleans, politics of sexuality and race and he shares a couple fun anecdotes from throughout the years. Enjoy!
Dayton O' Connor has worked with so many of the studios that have come to define gay porn in the early part of the 21st century.  He is a truly versatile performer, all around nice guy, a friend and totally one of my first porn crushes!  We sit and talk about his career, antics, unforgettable scenes and his humanitarian work.
When I met Alessio Vega, I thought, gosh this guy is beautiful.  Then I saw him perform and I was like holy crap! After years of working together, I finally got to sit down and talk about so many things I've been wanting to ask him and as usual he does not disappoint. 
I spoke with Danny Blue for the first season of DGP and since then a lot of changes have happened in his life.  From quarantine life in Vegas to moving to Iowa, Danny spills the details on a less than stellar recent track record of sex as well as possible new relationship!  
If you don't know who Sebastian Velmont is, where the hell have you been.  He is a gay porn model known for his HUGE uh, member.  Give him a search...yeah, exactly. I met Sebastian in 2018. He was new to the industry and a bit on the shy side.  Cut to 2021, Sebastian is a content creator phenom. I sat down to speak with this soft-spoken young man about growing up in England, coming to the states where he does really well escorting and shooting porn as well some major big-dick problems. Enjoy! 
Adam Russo is genuinely on another level. Aside from being a beloved daddy porn star, content creator and writer, he reads the tarot, meditates and can get deep quick.  Adam sat down with me via zoom and we discuss how the events of the past year have affected him as well as politics, spirituality, sexuality and so much more. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it!
Journeying deeper into fetish and pushing even more boundaries, this week we are talking to a Crush Freak.  What is a Crush Freak? Having a crush fetish can vary but this one in particular is about getting sexual gratification from watching a sexy man in high-top sneakers degrade and sexually destroy bugs. Do I have your attention?  Good. Listen with an open mind and try to put yourself in the shoes of "L," a crush freak!*No bugs were harmed during this episode of Demystifying Gay Porn*The clip featured on the Youtube version of this interview does not show bugs being harmed.
Alex Tikas starts of DGP in 2021 talking about the ins and outs of "sheltering in place" in Washington D.C. with his boyfriend Julian Torres. From  growing up in Queens and life before making porn we discuss people, our favorite studio AND find that one true someone! You don't want to miss this episode!
Muscle Growth and/or Muscle Growth Worship is a fetish in which men and women are sexually aroused by the demonstration of strength an muscles but also the sometimes impossibly bulking of a human body.  This week I am speaking to D, who goes by Musclegrowworship (@musclegroworsh) on twitter and forums. He is a content creator and very much into the idea of muscle growth.  Don't know what that means?  Listen in, it's much more mainstream than you may think. 
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