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With a brand new year only weeks away I want to give you a headstart on your 2022 dreams, goals and desires! I mean why wait for a new year to manifest your heart's desires? In today's episode I am guiding you through a powerful meditation and manifestation process to activate your new energies and upgraded identity for 2022.  Get ready to greet the brand new year as a brand new you!  Enjoy!  As mentioned in the podcast I have opened up 2 additional places in my 2022 Manifestation Plan coaching program, please feel welcome to email me for further information.  Wishing you an amazing December of preparing to receive all that you know is meant for you in 2022! 
You know that what you focus on expands and that feeling the financial (relationship, body, health, world events) stress is creating more of it… But just like your latest Netflix series, you can’t quite drag yourself away!  Set the stress aside and tune into today’s episode as today is the day you set it aside for good! Not just by throwing a few mantras around but through profound and permanent awareness and upgrades.  And if for no other reason, listen to hear all about the magic that transpired after my I f*****g quit journal entry!  Ready to take your next step toward the financial freedom you are meant for and leave that financial stress in the past? I invite you to download your info pack and lets make money magic together today!
 Have you ever wondered why you never stay satisfied for long after achieving a goal? Ever been told or feared that ‘you’re never happy or settled, nothing is enough for you’  Been distracted by bright shiny object syndrome? If so, today’s podcast is a must listen!  Get ready to understand your reason for seeking more money through psychology, physiology and biology. (I promise it’s more entertaining than it sounds!)  Once you have this understanding you will also be much more in control of curating and enjoying  joy, fulfilment and success throughout your financial freedom journey also.  To continue the conversation and enjoy further trainings on this topic and all things financial freedom I invite you to join my free FB community, Femme Financial Freedom.
The silly season is upon us with Christmas just over a month away! Is this a time of year that you love, revel in and celebrate? Or does the mere mention of Christmas fill you with financial anxiety, stress, worry and fear? What if you could feel abundant joy, peace, relaxation and excitement to kiss your beloved under the mistletoe without a care in the world for the online orders arriving on your doorstep and how your bank account may be feeling?  Today I am partnering with you to create a new Christmas experience and story.  You know how each year you promise yourself ‘next year will be different’? Well this year is that year!  Let’s go Mrs Claus!  With a new year inching closer by the day you just KNOW now is the time to release and embody that wealthy woman within!  If this podcast episode has ignited something within you and you’d like my personal support to put yourself back in control financially, or perhaps for the first time ever to feel like a grown up woman in control of her bank account….. I invite you to click the link below and download an info pack to explore how I can help you to live that financially free vision you have within.
We’ve all heard that your network determines your net worth… It is also true that mindsets are catchy like a cold and if you’re not aware and intentional the money mindsets of those around you will start to impact your mood and your bank account! In today’s episode I am guiding you to take an inventory of the mindsets that surround you and if they are contributing to your wealth, wellbeing and fulfilment.  I’m not saying to cut anyone out who has a different mindset from you, however I do want to support you to ensure you are keeping your eyes, focus and mindset up and forward on who you are becoming and what you are creating.  My philosophy is - don’t be alarmed, but do be alert and prepared.  Get ready to set yourself free from the mindsets that are no longer serving you, your own and others!  The book I refer to in the episode is Friends by Robin Dunbar. I have rolled out the pink carpet and invite you to join me in the Femme Financial Freedom FB group:
The only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting what you want and not being able to hold onto it! Within 5 years over 90% of lottery winners end up in the same or worse financial position than before their windfall.  What does this tell us? This tells us that surprise surprise it’s actually not about the money!  In today's episode we are working together to create the vision for your next level of wealth in all areas of your life.  Today we are delving into a powerful visualisation and meditation session and intentional planning that will set you up to RACE toward your financial and lifestyle goals.  Do you choose to be a magnet for the money and wealth you desire?  Are you ready to do this properly and not just fantasise about the mythical magical wand that dissolves calories from chocolate and deposits endless streams of money into your bank account? Good, now it’s time for the grown up magic, let’s go!  Be sure to come and join the Femme Financial Freedom FB group to access further training on the concept and application of preparing for what you are praying for:
My beautiful podcast listeners, do I have a treat for you today?! Today on the podcast I am joined by Ninki Content Marketing founder and entertainer extraordinaire Chanelle Le Roux!  Chanelle breaks the more important than ever area of content marketing down into relatable, implementable and dare I say FUN steps that you can take to be more visible and easy to buy from TODAY! In this episode Chanelle is helping us to see our businesses through a wider lens, understand your buyers triggers for enquiry and meet the fears, frustrations and desires that your audience have. (She even shows us how to meet needs they don’t even know they have!) Grab your notebook, get comfy and get ready to transform the way you have thought about content until today! Learn a little more about Chanelle below: Chanelle is the owner at NINKI, a content marketing agency in Adelaide that helps businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers using content. Chanelle's career in marketing commenced in 2009. Since then, she's worked for large agencies all over the world, travelled to 49 countries, completed a degree in Communication Science and has performed in lead roles in the Adelaide theatre circuit.  With a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and a diverse repertoire of personal and professional talents, Chanelle was an absolute pleasure to interview.  Sign up for a complimentary, pre-recorded digital marketing session with Chanelle: HERE I invite you to connect with Chanelle further through these channels:
I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you probably don’t wake up in the morning excited to open your banking app or look at your financial position? Let’s fix that for you pronto!  In today’s episode we are looking at what financial self care is (yes the money equivalent of massages and long baths!)  I'm also sharing with you a simple and powerful framework to make looking at your finances fun and freeing!  Be sure to join my free FB group to access the full training session on financial self care, including your money date framework.  There are so many powerful takeaways!
In todays episode we are taking a deep dive look at why you are addicted to your financial struggle, and it will surprise you!  The truth is if you find yourself staying in or snapping back to a particular situation or level of financial stress time and time again, there is a reason for that!  You will also keep coming back here until you get the lesson. So let’s get the lesson and set you free! Understand and heal the triggers and the stories that are stopping you from living and loving the ultimate level of financial freedom that you desire and are destined for.  Supporting women to transcend their ancestral financial trauma is my super power and ultimate passion.  Please feel welcome to email me to discuss further: You can also download your info pack at the link below to explore who we can work closely together as you achieve and exceed all of your financial goals. 
I’m stuck financially because of the pandemic, the economy and increasing living expenses. That is what your fear and ego mind wants you to believe.  Sure, if you want to continue to stay stuck, keep on believing that. I am here to tell you though that the truth runs MUCH deeper than that and is actually connected to areas that you have full control over.  Your beliefs, expectations, vibration and rules just to name a few. My love, you are the problem but also the solution. In today’s episode we are doing a deep dive into unveiling the truth of what money is responding to in your life, and also creating a personalised and tangible upgrade plan for you to experience the ease and freedom around money that you crave. Regardless of what is happening in this crazy world!  Are you ready to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your financial situation, and actually feel that the GPS is navigating you to where you want to go?!  Let’s go!  Your financial freedom goals won’t wait, they want to be born now.  Ready to be in a totally different financial position in 3 months time? Download your info pack and fast track your path to financial freedom through a proven financial freedom framework.
Today I am beyond excited to introduce you to my personal energy healer, Rebecca Calabro.  Rebecca is an integral part of my support team, and today you will see why.  Rebecca is so generously sharing many things with us today, including: How to protect your energy and a practice for connecting back to self Uncovering the deeper issues that are manifesting in your physical life and how to navigate them powerfully  Support to step into a new perspective and make new choices  How to be on top of your thoughts and shape them to support you  Get comfy, we are going deep and you are going to love it!  Learn a little more about Rebecca below: Rebecca is a heart-centred vibrational healer who brings lightness and joy to all she offers.  She provides a safe space for you to explore your inner world, guiding you back to yourself and your innate wisdom. By offering a multi-modality approach that supports the multi-dimensional being you are, Rebecca has a vast capacity to assist you on your journey of awakening and embodying your highest potential. Her private consultations and workshops unite her expansive energy, intuitive insights and developed skill set in areas spanning emotional health, mindset, spiritual connection and vibrational alignment. She also creates soul resonant activation art, encoded with sacred frequencies. With 14 years of professional service and a deep commitment to grounding in a new way of being, you are in safe and loving hands. Please feel welcome to connect further with Rebecca through these platforms: For booking enquiries phone 0421 378 587
Clear the fears to connect with your calling.  Fear is a daily and debilitating condition for women in business.  Am I good enough Do I have what it takes to achieve my goals Who am I to have that income / team / days off / drive that car / live in that house Today I am excited to share with you my #1 practice so show fears the door and allow in divine intuition and guidance.  Are you ready to show your fears to the door and accelerate your faith? Get comfy and get your notebook!  Ready to continue the conversation? Come and join my free FB group, Femme Financial Freedom.  I’ve rolled out the pink carpet for you!
The greatest system, structure or strategy in the world can’t work for you if you are lacking belief in any area!  The system or structure is only as powerful as the belief you have in it.  Today’s episode is inspired by a conversation I had with a divine client of mine who was telling me how bombarded she has felt in her business when considering SEO, marketing, websites, content etc and where to place her focus and investments.  Belief and mindset always come first.  In today’s episode I am showing you a powerful daily process to ensure that your vision, plan and chosen strategy can be as successful and effective as possible!  Get ready to build your belief muscle!  Ready to borrow my belief in you that YES you are capable and meant for the financial transformation you crave? Download your info pack and let’s get started on fast tracking your path to financial freedom today! 
You are the star of the show, but do you feel like it? It is so easy to get caught up in all the other hats and roles you play that you lose your ‘sparkle factor’ or maybe it’s time to reimagine and revision your next level and what is possible for you.  In todays episode I am leading you through a divine meditation to put yourself back on centre stage as the star of the show who is magnetising everything to her! Get comfy and enjoy this experience as you increase your manifesting and magnetising powers!  Are new clients a part of your next level vision for yourself and your business?  My free gift for you today is my famous Client Attraction Meditation that is responsible for tens and tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue for my clients!  Listen today and get ready to welcome new clients into your business this week! 
Self sabotage… the wet blanket on your fire of success!  It is unlikely that you are procrastinating, lazy, unmotivated or unfocused, instead I’ll bet it’s sabotage and your internal thermostat at play! (more on this in the episode)  You’ve put a ceiling on how much love, joy and success you will allow in your life and it’s time to smash that ceiling!  Strap yourself in as you set aside your sabotage for good!  Ready to overcome your sabotage cycle for good?  I invite you to register your interest in my Money Mastery Academy and download your info pack today:
Today I am thrilled to introduce you to my beautiful client -  reiki teacher, energetic healer, bowen therapist and astrologer Genine Hill!  Genine is generously sharing her time, expertise, story and journey of financial transformation with us today. In this interview Genine takes us behind the scenes of what life and money was like for her before she joined the Money Mastery Academy program.  Together with what kept her focused and committed through the journey of moving from surviving to thriving including what her biggest driving force is.  Enjoy this candid, powerful and awakening conversation.  I invite you to connect with Genine here: If this conversation has sparked a desire to accelerate your own financial transformation, I invite you to download your info pack and let’s fast track your path to financial freedom: 
Debt is one of the biggest and most shameful conversations on the planet!  SO much shame, guilt, judgement and resentment can be tied up with a plastic coated card of debt and dread!  It doesn’t have to be this way though and today I am sharing with you how to ditch that debt story for good! Regardless of your credit card balance or how many personal loans you are hiding from, financial redemption is available to you!  Are you ready to set yourself free from the debt dread and ascend into financial relaxation and freedom?  I invite you to download your info pack and explore working closely with me here:
Join myself and special guest Holly MacCue for a special conversation as Holly takes us behind the scenes and shares what you must know about your audience to create effortless sales.  This is an enlightening and powerful conversation full of golden nuggets and priceless insights from Holly who is a renowned sales and messaging coach.  Sharing with us everything from why some brands withstand the test of time (including recessions and pandemics) right through to actionable steps you can take today to be more magnetic in your sales skills and processes.  Holly has a special free gift to share with you today also.  Download your cheat sheet containing 20 Fuss Free Ways To Find Clients Without Advertising Relax, enjoy and take good notes, I am so excited to share this special episode with you! 
Do you feel that you are wondering where your money went instead of telling it where to go?  Often feel as though money is racing out of your bank account faster than it went in?  This is the episode for you!  Today I am sharing with you what money actually wants and needs from you and how to ensure you are meeting money’s needs! (which in turn ensures your wants and needs are taken care of)  Grab your pen and paper ready to note down your simple daily 3 step process for ensuring your money house is in perfect order! Ready to take your money game to a whole other level?  Be sure to join my Facebook group here: If you would like to learn more about how we can work closely together, please download your info pack here:
Today I am absolutely delighted to have my first guest here on the Femme Financial Freedom podcast, Lauren Lappin!  Lauren Lappin started her lash business in the spare room of her home in 2013, because she had a passion for lashes and noticed there were no specialty lash and brow salons in her local area. She opened her commercial salon - Allure Lash and Beauty Bar in 2014, and hired her first employee three months after opening because she was booked out over a month in advance. Three months later, her employee was also booked out over a month in advance. She knew she needed to keep growing, so she moved to a larger location and started hiring more people... By 2018, her lash salon was doing 7 figures in revenue, and employed a team of 8…. and she was only working in the business on clients for two days a week herself! Lauren realised she had a passion for growing businesses as well as doing lashes, and is now helping other lash artists to both gain clients using Instagram (her speciality!), and to grow their teams and take their businesses more seriously. Lauren is the author of “Seven Figure Lash Salon", is a 2020/21 NALA Award Winner, and has featured in various media outlets such as Professional Beauty, and Beauty Biz Magazine. Today Lauren is kindly and generously sharing her amazing business journey and lessons with us!  Tune in and enjoy!  Be sure to connect with Lauren (and her amazing reels!) through Instagram below.  @laurenlappin_ @allure_lashbeautybar @runwaylashco Lauren's website can also be found here:
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