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NBC Sports Northwest NFL Insider, Joe Fann (@Joe_Fann), taps his Seattle roots and decade covering the NFL to deliver conversations and interviews the 12th Man craves. Listen every week for the latest Seattle Seahawks news, game breakdowns and analysis.  New episodes drop weekly. Subscribe and download today.

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In the bitter sweet finale of the Talkin Seahawks podcast Joe Fann gets you primed and ready for the 2021 Seahawks season with the top Seahawks training camp storylines. Also, Joe wraps up with some of his favorite memories covering the Seahawks the last two years with NBC Sports Northwest.2:20 Jamal Adams, Seahawks contract and the importance of Adams 6:16 Shane Waldron, New look of the offense for the Seahawks 2021 season 7:20 The running back depth chart and Rashad Penny9:40 Unknown factors of Darrell Taylor and importance of a healthy season12:00 Ahkello Witherspoon and D.J. Reed Jr. 13:20 Seahawks goals for preseason and what it will take for a successful August15:00 Joe on getting started in covering football and almost covering the Bills20:00 Joe on Seattle and the Seahawks and working in a new market24:00 Joe on his unforgettable trip to Green Bay28:30 Joe on covering his second year and Mr.JoeSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This week Joe analyzes the roster competitions and position battles heading into training camp for the Seattle Seahawks. Also, he discusses the developing story with Richard Sherman and his arrest for burglary domestic violence.1:30 The latest on Richard Sherman and his arrest4:30 The differences between good teams and bad teams during preseason5:40 The cornerback position battle8:00 The nose tackle position battle9:05 The questions at defensive line11:30 The center position battle12:20 The questions for wide receiver position 14:15 The running back position battle 15:50 The linebacker position battleSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
It is the summer break for the NFL season but it's time to start churning through some topics that will drive the training camp conversations leading into the 2021 season that will be so pivotal for the Seattle Seahawks. This week Joe has assembled a list of 5 good Seahawks players who need to be great in 2021 to take the Seattle Seahawks to the next level.3:55 Honorable mentions of Seahawks players who could make an impact this season4:00 Honorable mention #1 - Cornerback, Ahkello Witherspoon6:15 Honorable mention #2 - Defensive End, L. J. Collier7:05 Honorable mention #3 - Defensive End, Darrell Taylor8:20 Honorable mention #4 - Offensive Guard, Damien Lewis9:15 #5 - Tight Ends, Will Dissly and Gerald Everett11:10 #4 - Offensive Guard, Gabe Jackson13:30 #3 - Cornerback, D. J. Reed15:45 #2 - Defensive Tackle, Poona Ford18:40 #1 - Linebacker, Jordyn Brooks See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Gregg Bell, from the Tacoma News Tribune, joins Joe Fann to recap the Seahawks offseason and also what's ahead for the Seahawks pivotal 2021 regular season. The two play, Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All diving into the top storylines coming out of the Seahawks mandatory minicamp.4:30 Debating whether the Seahawks are a better team after this offseason8:00 Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All: Seahawks fall out with Jerran Reed10:00 Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All: Jamal Adams still has no contract15:00 Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All: Seahawks players showing up for OTAs16:50 Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All: The Shane Waldron initial love21:00 Big Deal, Small Deal, or No Deal at All: Healthy Derrell Taylor24:00 Seattle's draft picks need to make a difference this yearSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Patrick Daugherty joins to discuss his recently released article ranking all the head coaches in the NFL. Three of the head coaches in the NFC west are in his top ten including Pete Carroll at number eight. The two dive into the entire division as a whole, where the power structure lies, and who's gonna ultimately win the NFC west in 2021.2:30 NFC's coaching strength making it one of the toughest divisions4:30 Ranking the NFC teams9:00 Pete Carroll's impact on the Seahawks 13:00 Shane Waldron taking over the offense for the Seahawks16:00 Is Kliff Kingsbury the real deal?20:00 Will Matthew Stafford be enough for The Rams?23:30 Breaking down the quarterback situation for the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan25:00 Pat chooses the Seahawks to win the NFC west in 2021See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Joe Fann is joined by Jordan Kent to discuss the top headline in the NFL. The two dive into Seahawks OTAs and the importance of Seahawks vetrans showing up to practice. Also, they look around the league to compare Aaron Rodgers current situation to Russell Wilson, and discuss the importance of Julio Jones heading to Tennessee.2:15 Julio Jones heads to Tennessee4:45 Veterans showing solidarity at OTAs8:10 Difficulty of learning Waldron's new offense10:30 Value of being around the team in the locker room during OTAs14:00 Aaron Rodgers not at OTAs and the Packers are at fault18:30 Will Jamal Adams be a Seahawk?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Jordan Kent joins Joe Fann this week to make some comparisons between two of the clutchest athletes in the Northwest and dive into the latest Julio Jones news. Should the Seahawks trade for Julio Jones?2:30 Jordan on Lillard's game 5 performance 6:35 People won't forget this game in the future8:30 Comparing Russell Wilson to Damian Lillard13:00 NFL super teams vs NBA super teams18:30 Should the Seahawks chase after Julio JonesSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Dave Wyman, former NFL linebacker, and current color commentator for the Seahawks joins Joe Fann to go on a deep dive into his career as a Seahawk telling stories from his wild rookie season, the best players he has ever played against and why he is the kryptonite to one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. 2:20 The importance Shane Waldron for Russell Wilson9:00 The wild importance of where you get drafted and the impact it can have on your life11:30 Getting the call from Seahawks during the draft14:00 Dave Wyman almost traded the the 49ers20:00 Greatest players Wyman played against22:00 The running back that couldn't figure out Dave Wyman25:00 NFL players that are able to take it to the next level27:00 The story of the worst run back in NFL history30:00 At what point Wyman knew he was going to be a broadcaster38:00 Wyman's favorite call as the color commentator for the SeahawksSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times  joins Joe Fann to discuss the rookie minicamp that happened last weekend diving into some of the top performers and names that that really stole the headlines of the weekend.2:55 Condotta on Seahawks 2021 NFL Draft picks 5:40 Condotta on D'Wayne Eskridge 7:50 Takeaways from Darrell Taylor at minicamp11:20 Importance of Darrell Taylor in the 2021 season17:15 Using preseason to look at the wide receiver position19:00 Undrafted Free Agencies impact on the Seahawks roster23:20 Will the Seahawks be able to work out a deal with Jamal Adams?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Tim Lester explains why Seahawks fans should be hyped about WR D'Wayne Eskridge, John Hevesy shares his expectations for Stone Forsythe in the NFL and Jordan Kent breaks down the Seahawks 2021 regular season schedule.2:45 Jordan's takeaways from Seahawks draft3:30 Joe and Jordan discuss the Seahawks 2021 regular season schedule14:40 Western Mich. HC Tim Lester joins to discuss WR D'Wayne Eskridge34:35 Florida OL coach John Hevesy joins to discuss OL Stone Forsythe44:10 Joe and Jordan give their record predictions for the Seahawks 2021 seasonSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Trevor Sikkema from The Draft Network joins to discuss his overall draft thoughts, and what he thought of the Seahawks three picks. Also, Jim Nagy, the executive director of the Reese's Senior Bowl , gives insight on D'Wayne Eskridge, Tre Brown, and touches on some of the undrafted prospects.8:25 Overall thoughts on the NFL Draft12:10 D'Wayne Eskridge and Seahawks changing the way they think16:00 Did Seahawks miss out on Creed Humphrey?19:00 Will Tre Brown fit in with the Seahawks?24:00 Stone Forsythe's potential for the Seahawks31:00 Behind the scenes of the Reese's Senior Bowl34:00 D'Wayne Eskridge domination36:40 NFL's role with the Senior Bowl38:40 Concerns with D'Wayne Eskridge41:00 Takeaways of Tre Brown45:00 Stone Forsythe's role for Seahawks48:00 Year one impact for Seahawks draft class49:00 Undrafted prospectsSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Benjamin Solak, from The Draft Network, joins Joe Fann to get everyone ready for the upcoming NFL Draft with a Seahawks-centric mock draft and dive into the important story lines leading into draft night.1:30 Joe and Jordan react to the new number rule in the NFL8:00 Joe and Jordan discuss the 49ers third pick17:00 Benjamin Solak join to discuss the draft22:00 Overview of the 2021 Draft Class27:00 49ers 3rd pick30:00 Seattle's 3 pick problem32:00 Benjamin Solak's Round 2 pick for the Seahawks35:00 Benjamin Solak's Round 4 pick for the Seahawks38:00 Benjamin Solak's Round 7 pick for the Seahawks41:00 Joe and Jordan's takes of the weekSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Chris Simms joins Joe Fann to discuss the Seahawks offseason, and look at where the Seahawks sit in the draft with just three picks. Also, Chris Simms gives his prediction for what the 49ers will do with their pick at number 3 in the NFL draft.2:25 Joe and Jordan discuss Aldon Smith's arrest10:40 Joe and Jordan discuss QB Pro Days and 49ers 3rd pick18:00 Chris Simms joins the podcast18:30 Simms on Seahawks offseason22:00 Waldron's impact on the Seahawks25:00 K. J. Wright and Richard Sherman predictions29:00 Seahawks draft predictions32:00 Do the Seahawks need to pay Jamal Adams?34:20 What will the 49ers di with their 3rd pick?38:00 Joe and Jordan's takes of the weekSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Jeff Simmons from The Real Hawk Talk joins Joe Fann and Jordan Kent to evaluate the Seahawks offseason, and discuss where the Seahawks made their best moves. Also, Joe and Jeff look ahead to the upcoming NFL draft to breakdown a wish list for John Schneider.2:00 Joe and Jordan discuss the Seahawks player's decision to not participate in voluntary workouts 8:30 Joe and Jordan discuss Jadeveon Clowney signing with the Browns15:00 Jeff Simmons joins to discuss the offseason and the NFL Draft18:00 Breaking down the moves during the offseason25:00 Comparing Seattle to the rest of the NFC West28:00 Seahawks have put themselves in a position for rebuild if necessary 31:00 What will the Seahawks do with their 3 draft picks?35:00 Joe and Jordan's Take of the WeekSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
New co-host Jordan Kent, a former wide receiver for the Seahawks, joins Joe Fann to give an inside look at the draft process and what it's like to be a draft prospect coming out of college and potentially heading to the NFL. Also, Jordan shares some of his favorite memories of Coach Mike Holmgren and former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.2:40 Watching Seahawks from a former player perspective5:00 Comparing NFL salary to NBA Salary10:20 Months leading up to the draft as a prospect15:00 The thorough NFL team research on players in the draft18:00 The night the Seahawks drafted Jordan Kent19:00 Favorite Mike Holmgren story21:00 Best player Jordan shared the field with23:00 Impact of being drafted to the SeahawksSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Rob Staton, from BBC Sports and, joins Joe Fann to discuss where the Seahawks made improvements in free agency and Russell Wilson's future with the Seahawks. Also, the two dive into Jamal Adams' role on this team, and Rob Staton shares why he thinks the Seahawks should trade Jamal Adams.2:00 Did the Seahawks free agency pickups make up for their limited draft capital?7:00 Shane Waldron brings optimism for Seahawks fans this upcoming season.10:00 Jamal Adams blockbuster trade deal effect on the Seahawks.13:30 The Seahawks are investing too much money in non-premium positions.18:00 Getting back in the draft and freeing up some cap space for the future is the most important.21:00 Marquise Blair could fill in for Adams in the Seahawks scheme.25:00 Russell Wilson's effect on Jamal Adams.30:00 Russell Wilson's frustrations are real.33:00 Rob Staton on covering the Seahawks and starting Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
A jam packed episode of the podcast with a trio of interviews to recap what the Seahawks have accomplished so far in free agency. Matt Maiocco from NBC Sports Bay Area talks about the Ahkello Witherspoon and Kerry Hyder additions for Seattle. The voice of the Rams, J.B. Long, discusses Gerald Everett and what he expects from Shane Waldron as a first year offensive coordinator. Finally, Geoff Schwartz the former offensive lineman gives the inside scoop on who these new players are how they might contribute in Seattle in 2021.2:10 Matt Maiocco on Kerry Hyder4:00 How did Kerry Hyder end up in Seattle?6:45 Matt Maiocco on Ahkello Witherspoon10:15 Comparing Ahkello Witherspoon to DJ Reed13:00 Evaluating 49er heading into the 2021 season15:00 J.B. Long on Gerald Everett17:00 The potential of Gerald Everett18:30 Shane Waldon's impact on getting Gerald Everett21:00 J.B. Long on Shane Waldron24:20 Evaluating Rams heading into the 2021 season28:30 Geoff Schwartz on the quarterback offensive line relationship30:00 Culture in a locker room31:00 Geoff Schwartz on Gabe Jackson32:00 Kevin Zeitler vs Gabe Jackson34:00 Can one offensive lineman make an impact?36:30 Geoff Schwartz on Seattle Seahawks 2021 potentialSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Joe Fann is joined by Michael Robinson, former Seahawk's fullback, to chat about his comments that went viral regarding Russell Wilson and they dive deeper into the eco-system in the locker room and why there is two sides to the drama in Seattle.2:00 Thoughts on the city of Seattle3:30 Relationships built in the locker room4:45 Thoughts on this Seattle Seahawks team9:15 Initial reaction to Russell Wilson's statements12:15 Where does Russell Wilson go from here?14:30 Dealing with the business side of football15:20 Balancing legacy over money17:30 The Seahawks and Russell Wilson need each other19:00 The Real Rob ReportSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Stacy Rost, from 710 ESPN Seattle, joins Joe to discuss the update of where thing are at with Russell Wilson, and dive into the players the Seahawks have recently drafted who could be make or break for the Seahawks this upcoming season.6:05 Stacy Rost's opinions on the Russell Wilson saga11:45 L. J. Collier ceiling as a defensive end14:25 Marquise Blair is stuck on the bench16:15 Hopes for Jordyn Brooks after his rookie season20:00 Darrell Taylor needs to be a difference maker22:00 Lack of defensive production for the Seahawks remaining on the roster27:00 The steps forward for Alton Robinson29:00 The mystery behind Colby Parkinson30:00 The need to make sure draft picks payoff for your team34:00 The Stacy Rost origin storySee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Brian Nemhauser, from the HawkBlogger, joins Joe Fann to discuss his opinions on the state of the Seahawks and why it is wild to think that the Seahawks are in such a tenuous situation despite winning 12 games, and winning the NFC West. Also, they look at how this team can step forward, and who are the essential pieces that need to be on the roster in order to get that done.2:00 Brian's optimistic view on the Seahawks6:00 Brian's point of view on Russell Wilson vs Pete Carroll8:00 Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll's impact on cap space10:40 Seahawks draft history misses13:00 Blue Chippers and creating dynasties14:40 2017's draft impact on Seahawk's current issues17:00 Who is the most crucial player to get back into the fold for 2021 season19:00 How Hawk Blogger was startedSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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