DiscoverBrand Ambition Podcast: Online business | Entrepreneurship | Branding and Marketing
Brand Ambition Podcast: Online business | Entrepreneurship | Branding and Marketing
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Brand Ambition Podcast: Online business | Entrepreneurship | Branding and Marketing

Author: Valerie Howard

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A podcast for soul purposed entrepreneurs, creatives and network marketers. From Valerie Howard.
22 Episodes
Part 2 of my 2-Part Series on FB lives. Nikki drops truth bombs like nobody else as she shares how she got into the biz, her obsession with connecting with her audience, and how YOU can start doing FB lives to grow your brand. 
Stacey Sargison is a 7-figure coach who has built her practice using FB Lives. Here she shares her incredible personal journey, her wisdom about getting started, and why YOU should probably be doing lives starting this week. 
In this episode, we're talking with brand coach Shenee Howard about the truth about personal branding. This episode is perfect for anyone who is trying to figure out where to start with their brand, or maybe feel stuck in a brand that no longer feels like them. 
On this episode we're revisiting the issue of MONEY with business strategist and coach Carla Holden.   Now that we've removed our mental/emotional money blocks thanks to Denise Duffield-Thomas (episode #15) Carla's now going to help us figure out what we need to charge to make our business work!   If you've ever wondered things like "should I give my services away to build a reputation?" or "If I'm brand new, can I still charge premium prices?" This episode is for you!   
If you've ever even considered booking a brand photoshoot for yourself, you are going to love this episode. Photographer Alecia Lindsay joins me to chat about pricing, how to find the best photog for you, what to expect from your photog, the best ways to prepare, select locations and lots of other gems! PS. stay tuned for the end because Alecia throws in some bonus tips to help us all improve our Instagram game :) 
On today's show I'm speaking with Amber Lilyestrom, a transformational branding and business coach who specializes in helping women show up authentically in their business and work. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling with doubt or insecurity when it comes to getting more visible online, and showing up authentically in their brand. 
Are your money blocks crippling your business? On this episode, Denise Duffield Thomas from shares the most common mental money blocks entrepreneurs have, and how to break through them! This episode is perfect for anyone looking for practical steps to follow, to make sure they're manifestation and money-mindset game is on point! 
Today we take a look inside the brand FabFitFun - the world's most popular lifestyle subscription box that has a growing list of influencer fans and celebrity brand ambassadors. From staying on top of trends, to creating a global community and delivering an innovative product, they are doing a lot of things right!  This episode is perfect for anyone looking to turn their blog into something more, or who just wants to create a swoon-worthy mega brand of their own. 
Fashion stylist to the stars Elsa Isaac joins us today to share her insider secrets to creating a brand full of personal style. Even if you hate shopping or feel like you have no style of your own, you will love this episode. 
In this interview, Law of Attraction expert Lana Schlafer shares how we can all add a little more ease, grace and pleasure into our business and our life. 
In this mini-show, I'll share the surprisingly delightful (and kinda hilarious) email I received from the Huffington Post. I gotta say, it was a little gem of marketing genius. Hear all about it and how you can send a similarly awesome email to your "missing" subscribers to hook them back in! 
Were the holidays good for your business or just "meh"? In this mini-show, I share my secret email marketing strategies for using the next holiday to boost your sales (because seriously, holidays are great business opportunities!) 
A few years back, I remember being hit by a huge "ah-ha" moment while watching one of Lady Gaga's interviews. In this mini-show, I share exactly what that was, and how you can use it the next time you're feeling creatively uninspired by your content.
Former Forbes Bureau Chief Stefane Fitch offers insider tips on how to attract the attention of an editor, pitch when you know no one, or get featured as a guest writer in Forbes, Huffington Post and other major blogs.
One of my favorite content trends right now. It's never been easier to give your audience a peek into your biz. Listen to learn how. 
Does writing for your business leave you feeling overwhelmed? Check out this interview with professional copywriter and writing coach, Sarah Grear. Bonus: Stick around until the end for a special free offer that will help you raise your writing game ;) 
It's Take Action Tuesday! This week, I'm giving you one of my fave insider secrets for keeping your creative juices flowing and your content fresh, even when you feel uninspired. 
Is your perfectionism holding up your business? You're not alone - here's my favorite way to deal with it. 
Your brand is about being memorable, and consistent. One of the simplest ways to achieve this in your email marketing? With a fun "signature sign-off" here are a couple of my fave examples. 
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