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The War Room Show is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporters Owen Shroyer LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT at
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Trump’s Bronx rally went huge, even bigger than expected, and the Democrats are panicked and scared of what it might represent. We show sights and sounds from the rally as well as some responses from the scene and callers. Dr. Richard Bartlett is fighting for medical freedom, as Ohio is debating on whether or not you can chose what treatments you take when you’re ill. Media Matters has initiated mass layoffs as they complain there’s no more work to do since they already got everyone censored.
Donald Trump goes right into the Democrat stronghold of New York City and has an epic rally. People were out hours early, then went over capacity with an overflow crowd as Trump delivered a great speech. Owen Shroyer explains how the DEI programs are rooted in bigotry and also dangerous for society. Joe Biden struggles through a press conference. Liberal media has to tell the American people the economy is great though everyone knows it’s not.
More Democrat criminal activity that the mainstream media will ignore as RNC headquarters in DC gets evacuated after hazardous materials including vials of blood are mailed to “Donald Trump”. Karinne Jean Pierre dodges questions on how Biden will pay off student loan debts. A Christian street preacher is arrested in DC. Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee explains all the issues and ingredients with the covid shots they hid from the public.
President Trump gives funny remarks in response to Joe Biden’s debate challenge at a recent rally. Meanwhile, Micheal Cohen is forced to admit in court he was stealing from the Trump organization. Biden gets confused at multiple events over the weekend and slurs his way through a graduation speech. Major geopolitical developments as the President of Iran dies in a plane crash and Victoria Nuland calls for strikes in Russia. 
The political persecution the Democrats have launched against Trump in the form of lawfare continues to fall apart. It now looks like Fani Willis is likely to be removed from the case in Fulton County. Laura Loomer brings the receipts on Judge Merchan’s family taking payments from the Democrats. Revenge of the Cis is in studio responding to the cat fights, obese woman on airplanes and gay man buying babies.
Breaking! House Discovers New Biden Bank Accounts that Could Expose Direct Payments to Biden from Foreign Nations Ahead of Election! New dirt on the Biden Crime Family is set to drop at any time as House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer announces they have discovered dozens of new Biden bank accounts that have now been subpoenaed. The Biden administration is desperately trying to blame the bad economy on Donald Trump and covid but it’s not working. Neither is their lawfare against Trump. Dr. Diane Kazer is back for another hour of ask the doctor.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden have finally agreed to have a debate. The problem is the Democrats' rules for the debate are completely rigged against Trump to an unbelievable degree. Documentary filmmaker who was just debanked by Bank of America. She joins the show to discuss why she believes she is going through this and the FBI’s potential role. Clay Clark talks about the insanity he knows from liberals during job interviews.
Joe Biden was barely able to last 10 minutes, slurring through a speech on tariffs on China, which is just him stealing Trump’s policy which he onced attacked Trump on in the past. Trump responds to Biden’s statements outside the court room in New York City. Breanna Morello joins the show with an exclusive on how the Federal Government Agencies are building the facial recognition surveillance grid. Trinnes Evans sues the Judge and District Attorney in New York for what they are doing to Trump.
Trump Has Massive Rally In New Jersey Over Weekend; Larger Attendance In One Rally Then Biden Will Have For All Rallies Combined– TUNE IN!
If you ever wondered what it would take for the Republicans to impeach Joe Biden, you finally have your answer, withholding weapons from Israel. It certainly says alot about what matters to Republicans in Congress. Meanwhile, Trump is still dealing with the New York court case as it gets weirder and weirder with every Democrat witness and commentator.
Mainstream Media Narrative Swap – Same People Who Pushed Vaccines Now Warning They’re Dangerous
New hearings give insight into how the 2020 election results in Georgia were skewed which could ultimately prove it was stolen from Donald Trump. While it’s too late to reverse the results, it does give the Trump campaign the map to stop fraud from happening in 2024. Owen Shroyer explains this and how the new data exposes exactly what we saw on video the night of the election. Biden slurs his way through another campaign speech while college protests continue to be aimed against his foreign policy. 
The same New York Times that promoted the covid vaccines as safe and effective and called for the censorship of news organizations that were critical of the vaccines, now publishes a story about all the victims of vaccine side effects and insinuates nobody's listening. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is in court again today, while Stormy Daniels tells the judge and jurors that she spanked Donald Trump during a rendezvous decades ago. Owen Shroyer covers the latest college protests and has guests on to discuss.
The massive difference between Trump and Biden’s Presidency, and public appearances, has never been more obvious. While Trump is celebrated at F1 Miami, Joe Biden is crapping his britches in front of the media on the White House lawn. Meanwhile, the situation in the Gaza strip worsens as the protests at College Campuses continue to distract the American public. The Judge in Trump's case threatens to put him in jail, and Trump retorts by daring him to do it. 
The Biden embarrassment continues. After a lackluster press conference yesterday, the Biden team is not infuriated because foreign leaders are choosing to meet with Trump instead of Biden. Lifelong Democrats are now turning on Biden as well for his failed leadership. Owen Shroyer covers the latest college protest news. Revenge Of The Cis joins to talk 90s nostalgia and more.
While there is a lot of division in America and at the protests on college campuses, one thing they did agree on, f*ck Joe Biden. Owen Shroyer digs deeper into the anti-semite legislation as well as more crazy videos from the campus protests. Jesse Lee Peterson joins to discuss the protests, what he expects to happen, as well as calling out liberal women in his typical epic fashion. Lexis Anderson from the 1776 Law Center joins to announce Owen’s case being filed with the Supreme Court. 
The college protests have reached a fever pitch, as each state has had a different response mechanism. But as the usual story unfolds, organized and funded agitators running the unrest, the situation in the Middle East continues to get worse. Meanwhile, the anti-semitism bill has been made public, and it’s content are quite shocking. James O’Keefe releases his latest expose on the CIA and Alex Jones responds.
The Democrats and Joe Biden have a major problem as college protests continue to flare up. These are Democrat voters and now they are getting set to protest the Democratic Convention in August. Meanwhile, Lloyd Austin tells Matt Gaetz a shooting war could break out between U.S. troops and Hamas in Gaza soon. Dozens of lawsuits against the Biden Administration in response to the title IX change allowing men to compete in women’s sports.
Trump Calls for Dementia Joe to Debate Him at the NYC Courthouse TONIGHT After Saying He’s “Happy to Debate”
Despite all of America's problems and the disaster that is the current White House Administration, the nation’s focus is on college campuses where Israel versus Palestine protests continue. Meanwhile, Trump continues to drum Biden in the latest polls and Biden looks worse with every public appearance.
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