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The War Room is a fast paced, hard hitting news transmission for the afternoon drive. Featuring roundtable discussions with guests from around the world. Hosted by Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer. Watch LIVE M-F 3pm-6pm CT:

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Owen Shroyer returns to the War Room desk as the news of Bill Gates divorce goes public. This raises many questions for the fake doctor who had been parading around television with Melinda promoting forced vaccines and covid shutdowns. Many reasons are being discussed by the media but seemingly ignoring the relationship Gates had with Jeffrey Epstein. The nursing home slayer known as Andrew Cuomo is suggesting high school students get bussed to mass vaccination sites. The FBI has been illegally spying on U.S. citizens for years and the Republicans have officially asked for an explanation. Tom Pappert joins to discuss the new Donald Trump social media.GUEST:TOM PAPPERT
Tom Pappert fills in on The War Room and details how the establishment in both parties plot to take your money while selling you out to the globalist oligarchs of the world. U.S. House candidate Jarome Bell joins to discuss the dire situation at the southern border, where he discovered used condom wrappers on the trails traveled by illegal immigrants and their human traffickers. Then, Alex Jones responds to the breaking news that Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their 27-year marriage, and gives his thoughts as to why the couple is calling it quits. Finally, Lauren Witzke joins the broadcast to reveal how weak Republican politicians and media outlets are throwing their voters under the bus in a desperate bid to avoid the ire of the Biden regime.GUEST(S):CHIEF JEROME BELL / ALEX JONES / LAUREN WITZKE
It’s the Veterans call in show and we hear from the great Vets on a variety of topics from the Biden State of the Union to the vaccine side effects. Alex Jones begins the show with the globalists plans to short the food supply and collapse the markets in the aftermath. Veteran guests include Greg Reese in studio and nurse Erin Olszewski as well. Chicom agents are on CNN telling Americans they cannot be free until they take the vaccine. Infowarriors don’t take kindly to that.GUEST:ALEX JONES / ERIN OLSZEWSKI / GREG REESE
Today’s War Room transmission is loaded with great guests. Joe Hoft joins to discuss the latest news in the vote audit happening in Arizona. Joe Kent joins to discuss why he’s running for congress after his campaign video went viral. Tom Pappert breaks an exclusive on why the state of Texas won’t ban genital mutilation on children. Norm Pattis joins to discuss the breakdown in due process and justice since covid hit and the complications of such revolving around January 6th.GUESTS:JOE HOFT / JOE KENT / TOM PAPPERT / NORM PATTIS
Deep State Intimidating Trump With Raid Of Giuliani And Threats Of Using His Speech Against His SupportersOwen Shroyer hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT.
The Biden Administration is making moves to expand the Supreme Court. Biden has appointed a crew of Democrats to discuss the issue and ultimately decide whether or not the Supreme Court should be expanded, of course, which Biden will likely adhere to whatever they decide, if it hasn’t been decided already. It’s Biden’s 100th day in office, we look at the accomplishments and the follies of the stolen white house. Kamala Harris’ role in the Southern Border crisis seems to be ever changing as now she’s looking into the cause of the crisis and sending hundreds of millions of dollars. Democrats are in a cult, Rose McGowan explains it and Jen Psaki personifies it.GUEST(S):TOM PAPPERT
Major developments on multiple news fronts on this Monday transmission. The wide open border crisis has a new ripple of corruption as Kamala Harris books are in the welcome kits for children arriving in the illegal immigration pipeline. Also, The War Room has obtained new footage of illegals being loaded on to jumbo jets. The vote audit in Arizona continues, but guest Daniel McCarthy explains how this is a distraction from a bigger story in Arizona. More of the breakdown of civilization covered up and lied about by the American media.GUEST(S):Daniel McCarthy
Watch War Room with Owen Shroyer weekdays from 3-6 pm CST.
Black Lives Matter mobs continue to occupy the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota as others in Oklahoma storm the Capitol building in protest of anti-rioting bills being passed. More video and audio footage emerge from the police shooting of the knife-wielding girl in Ohio making the police officer appear to be the hero of the day. Ivan Raiklin joins to discuss the audit of the vote in Arizona and what this could mean for other states depending on the results. Attorney Bob Barnes joins to discuss the appeal potential for Chauvin as well as the pending charges against the other three officers involved in the death of George Floyd. Owen Shroyer breaks the latest in the covid nonsense.GUEST(S): IVAN RAIKLIN / ROBERT BARNES
Owen Shroyer is back in the studio explaining how the U.S. government is now admitting they are targeting Trump supporters to be spied on and targeted for persecution. The Chauvin verdict has many implications, but with an appeal imminent, what that could mean if Chauvin walks at a later date. Attorney Norm Pattis joins to discuss. Drew Hernandez was on the ground in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the verdict, he describes the sites and sounds and what Black Lives Matter activists were saying.GUEST(S):DREW HERNANDEZ / NORM PATTIS
Tom Pappert hosts this LIVE edition of War Room!
Owen Shroyer returns to the studio after his trip to cover the Southern Border and he is loaded with news and analysis on all the developing news stories. The Democrats and mainstream media are calling for the destruction of American cities in the wake of the Derrick Chauvin trial and the Judge in the trial has said Maxine Waters may have given Chauvin and out in appeal for threatening jurors. The Covid nonsense never ends as the Democrats and liberal are angry they can’t control your body and force you to take a vaccine that they admit won’t work.
Tom Pappert fills in as Owen Shroyer stakes out a Texas airport where migrants are being loaded into jumbo jets and flown to another point in Texas, where they then are taken to undisclosed locations. A Canadian police officer is suspended after he refuses to shut down a gym or wear a face mask. Finally, Roger Stone is back in the Biden regime's crosshairs, and the Justice Department is claiming he owes millions in back taxes in a new lawsuit.GUEST:OWEN SHROYER
Hosts: Patrick Howley / OWEN SHROYEROwen Shroyer is live from the southern border this afternoon with Patrick Howley of National File. Patrick Howley is joined in the second hour by political analyst Matt Couch, who provides updates on election fraud cases in Georgia. Later Owen interviews an anonymous border whistleblower who gives an account on what illegal activity she has seen. Later, Owen and Patrick discuss the news of the day along with the taxpayer-funded scam that is taking place at the Southern border. GUEST(S):Matt Couch
Harrison Smith sits in for Owen Shroyer as Owen skypes in from the Texas/Mexico border. Mike Carnevale joins the show to discuss the threat of jail for daring to oppose Florida’s mask mandate. Rex Jones joins the show in the third hour for an immigration roundtable, with the backdrop of the multi-million-dollar immigration camp in Brownsville.GUESTS:MIKE CARNEVALE / REX JONES
Owen Shroyer and the Infowars team report live from the collapsing Texas-Mexico border, and so much more!Live Weekdays 3pm - 6pm CST:
Owen Shroyer reports from the US-Mexico border, where the country's national sovereignty is collapsing in real-time.
New illegal immigration numbers represented on a line graph show just how dire the situation is at the Southern Border and that is directly correlated with the Biden White House. Biden has also made shocking statements like there is no Bill of Rights and also suggests he will be packing the court, something he called a power grab years ago. Owen Shroyer explains the foresight and genius of the Founding Fathers and their documents and how important they are to preserving human freedom worldwide. Frank Kavanagh and Michale Graves join for the Head Bangers Hour in which they discuss the death of DMX and rumors that it was caused by the Covid Vaccine.GUESTS:SHEPARD AMBELLAS / MICHALE GRAVES / FRANK CAVANAUGH
Republicans are waking up and fighting back against the Biden crime family and the illegal activity being promoted and facilitated by the Biden White House. Texas Governor Greg Abbot and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have both called out the illegal activity of Biden and are attempting to protect Texas against it. The sex crimes against children because of the Biden open border policy are always being addressed. Black Lives Matter activist storm and takeover the Capitol Building in Iowa, will the media considered this insurrection? Owen does something he has been wanting to do for years, he takes calls on the best examples of Liberalism as a mental disorder.GUEST(S):
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