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Author: Kyle Brothersen

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Hey, I'm Kyle. You might have seen us on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Dirt bikes are a passion of mine. I focus mainly on the off road and enduro segments of our sport because that is the riding me and my friends focus on. Think of this as an extension of the more than 700 videos found on YouTube. Here we talk all things related to off road and enduro style dirt bike riding. With topics ranging from full dirt bike reviews, gear reviews, riding tips, and other general non-sense, we have the off road rider covered.
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Arlington Texas was the 2nd of three Triple Crown races for the 2020 season.  Karen and Kyle go over the racing and share their views of the events in both classes. Support the show (
Here on today's Tuesday Evening Mechanic (sorry about being late), Karen and I give a rundown of the Tampa Florida weekend of Racing in Monster Energy Supercross.  It's the beginning of the 250 east championship, so we have a number of new names to go over in that division.  We will also go over the points lead for the 450 class and give our favorites to carry it though and get the title.Support the show (
Since it is something that keeps coming up over, and over, and over, and over, I figured it's time to talk about it on the podcast.  I'll give you three reasons, with context for each one, that has kept me from doing any official racing.  Also know that I love to watch racing.  We are huge supercross fans as a family.  I love to watch people push themselves to the extreme.  It’s inspiring much of the time.  Also know that I don’t want to say ANYTHING bad about racers of any type.  Most racers are great people and many of them are out to have a good time and would gladly help you out.  Desert racing in the area where I live is a family friendly sport from what I’ve heard, so if it's your thing, keep doing it.  Support the show (
Karen and Kyle recap the racing from Petco Park in San Diego on February 8th in Monster Energy Supercross.  It was military appreciation night and we had a great night of racing.  We will go into both the 250 class and the 450 calls and share our insights as casual fans watching from the comfort of our family room.Support the show (
Ever wonder what it's like for an extreme off road dirt bike rider to switch brands from Husqvarna to Sherco?  Rich Larsen comes back in studio to give us the whole story and explain his new relationship with Sherco, what it's like going back to a carbureted 2 stroke, and much more.  We also get a detailed ride report of the recent Red Bull Override event in Texas where Rich overcame adversity for a top 14 finish while giving up at least an hour in navigation problems and a fluke mechanical issue.  Follow Rich Larsen on IG and take one of his 1 on 1 personal training courses.  You'll be glad you did.@richlarsen511Support the show (
Karen and Kyle break down the racing from the Coliseum in Oakland on February 1st 2020.  We will cover both the 250cc highlights and the anecdotes from the 450cc class.  Good times!Support the show (
Today we have Mike Spurgin on the podcast.  Some of you may know him from his Baja Taco Tours.  Others may know Mike from his FB Group EXC/FE Performance and Tech Talk, or  Company Taco Moto Co.  Mike is passionate and relentless about helping dirt bikers. Mike and I solve the world's problems as they related to dirt bikes.  By the time you implement the plan outlined in this podcast, you will have solved world hunger and will be ready for the next challenge in life.  Support the show (
Karen, Kyle, and Kase break down the racing from Glendale Arizona.  It was the first of three "Triple Crown" races for the 2020 season.  Ken Roczen takes the overall win with 3 main event wins on the night.  Eli Tomac rounds out second with a strong overall performance as well. Support the show (
Here are my top 10 riding tips in no particular order:Stand up on the pegs - be in attack position - when it’s gnarly, stand up! Look ahead! At least 1 bike length for each gear you are in.  Maybe 1.5 bike lengths per gear.Carry more momentum than you think you need.  It will help! Bike Setup - bars, controls, and sag.Cover the clutch and brake - only one or two fingers.Don’t Skid the rear wheel when braking if possible - and don’t always clutch when braking. Point toes in - and position the pegs on the balls of your feet.Don’t clutch when shifting down. Much faster this way.Weight the outside peg in turns.Sit on the tank in turns. Shift that weight forward!Support the show (
My amazing wife Karen and me took a quick roadie/date to watch the racing in person at Anaheim 2 this year.  Neither one of us had been to this particular race, so it was fun to get down there.  We talk about walking the pits, doing track walk, and break down the crazy night.  Hope you enjoy!Support the show (
This is my 4th Beta now.  I thought the first (2017 300RR) bike I rode was just ok. Nothing really wrong with it, but it didn't "wow" me either. The next two Betas I had were really, really good.  I named the 2019 390RR Race Edition as my favorite all time 4 stroke. That bike is awesome! The 2020 200RR was incredibly good.  It does some things better than any other bike I've tested.  So I went out and purchased my first Beta, the 2020 300RR Race Edition. You get the straight talk here.  No agenda, and no BS.  If it's good and I like it, you are going to hear about it.  Same thing will happen when I don't like it.  Looks like I've got some work to do after my first 3.2 hours on the 2020 Beta 300RR Race Edition to get it where I want it to be. Support the show (
Here is our recap of what we saw this week in racing.  Congrats to Ken Roczen for getting his first win in 3 years!  Karen and I are super excited to be heading down to the next race at A2.  Maybe we'll see some of you there!Support the show (
Today on the podcast we discuss the reasons I feel that dirt bikes are a safer option than some of the four wheeled options we have to recreate on. Obviously there is risk with anything we do, and the more speed involved, the risks can multiply.  Either way, I'm much more comfortable with my kids on dirt bikes than having them on 800lb four wheelers or even 2000lb UTVs. Maybe you will be able to relate. Support the show (
This is a new series we are hoping to do for the 2020 supercross season.  Since me and my family are big supercross fans, we wanted to do a little “Monday Morning Mechanic” action and tell you what we thought about the races that weekend. We have no agenda with this other than to share our passion of the sport as casual fans with everyone. Mostly though, it’s just an opportunity for me to listen to my wife talk into a microphone about cool stuff. I hope you enjoy!Support the show (
This bike does something better than any other dirt bike I have tested.  It can be ridden and enjoyed by the first time rider and the seasoned veteran. Beginning and advanced riders can and will have a ton of fun on this bike in an unprecedented way.  The 200RR does this better than anything else I know of.  We will talk about that and many other things in the full review.  Thank you to Beta USA for providing this dirt bike to me at no cost for the review.  It is not a paid review.  I think this is the last podcast episode for 2019. Thanks for listening.  22 episodes isn't bad when you consider than I only started doing them in September of this year.  Hopefully you find them entertaining, and enlightening.  If you have topic suggestions, send them over to We will keep going and improving in 2020 and would love to bring you along the journey.  Support the show (
Thirty bikes in ten years is a lot.  It's even more when you realize that it's been like 26 or 27 of them in the past five years.  It's been eye opening for sure.  Here is a quick rundown of all of them and a few stories along the way.Today's sponsor was Fastway by Pro Moto Billet.  Check them out at Christmas everyone!Support the show (
Today I catch up Lynn Hodges, the president of Pro Moto Billet. Pro Moto Billet is the parent company to Fastway and Sector Seven.  We chat about how the company started, what product lines they offer, how they do R&D, and what makes their company special. It was a pleasure doing the interview and learning more about his company.  They are known for quality dirt bike and UTV products.  Give them a look next time you need something for your machine. the show (
I talk about what I think will happen very soon with GasGas enduro dirt bikes and the GasGas trials bikes.  This is me watching the industry, looking at what has happened in the past, and putting "2 and 2" together.Support the show (
Today Justin Deschamps and I talk about one of the best companies in the motorsports industry here in the USA.  Justin has worked for RMATV/MC for 20 years next March, and has had his fingers in many parts of the company.  We'll chat about various products lines, research, development, testing, industry trends, and more.   We'll also go into detail on the Tusk Recon Hybrid dirt bike tire since Justin played a significant part in that process.  Hope you enjoy!https://rockymountainatvmc.comSupport the show (
Today's sponsor is Fastway.  So please Visit Fastway.Zone to see the entire product line from footpegs to kickstands and everything in between.Here are five things I wish that I would have known when getting started into dirt bikes.  The hope here is that these concepts and ideas will help shorten your learning curve.1st thing - Dirt bikes aren’t scary and you shouldn’t ride quads or ATVs living in fear of what you could have on a dirt bike!2nd thing - Get the right tool for the job!3rd thing - There is this thing called single track and it’s going to change your life!4th thing - Slow is HARD...  Learn slow… fast5th thing - Let's talk tires for a minute... or 10Support the show (
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Mikael Oja

I have been following you on Youtube for a couple of years, and I really enjoy the stuff you put out. The same goes for this podcast, awesome stuff man! 👍🏻

Feb 3rd

Russ Reames

I laughed out loud at the comment of Beta owners being similar to Subaru owners.😂

Jan 27th

Adj Rasta

Your one of the only few bike youtube channels i like and now glad your doing podcasts as i hve something else to listen to in traffic aside from joe rogan. thanks mate from Australia

Dec 5th

Andrew Schwanekamp

Really appreciated this episode. I've been trying to get my wife into riding, especially since we just had a baby daughter. I plan on trying to get the whole family out on bikes someday so they can share in my passion for bikes!

Nov 7th
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Jonathan Richardson

The KTM Freerides are also a good option for a beginner

Oct 30th

Dirt Bikes & Ice Hockey

Nailed it again, as expected

Oct 21st
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