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Author: Kyle Brothersen

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Hey, I'm Kyle. You might have seen us on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Dirt bikes are a passion of mine. I focus mainly on the off road and enduro segments of our sport because that is the riding me and my friends focus on. Think of this as an extension of the more than 700 videos found on YouTube. Here we talk all things related to off road and enduro style dirt bike riding. With topics ranging from full dirt bike reviews, gear reviews, riding tips, and other general non-sense, we have the off road rider covered.
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Here are some of my thoughts after riding the bike for 10 hours. This is NOT my full review. Needs improvement  -  Air filter is hard to get in there - could easily be installed wrong and suck dirt oil filler is right under the hot exhaust - hard to do without burning battery is down below airbox.  Good luck jumping this bike if needed Have to remove skid plate to change oil, since oil plug are on the bottom The bike makes me sore??? Super easy to bend radiators  Rear brake sticks too far out Didn’t love stock pegs The grips are too hard. Cut them off after the first ride.  Good - Skid plate bolts to frame front and rear Forks are great Motor not too snappy but great for single track. Spark arrested in factory model Radiator fan on factory model Turns really quick Feels really light Noticed-  Fork height  Starts better when you give throttle  Clutch pull heavier Support the show (
On the podcast today we have  Dr. Jacob Kap PT, DPT.  He specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine physical therapy as well as strength/conditioning and human performance.  He is also a dirt bike rider and has some interesting things to talk about to us today. You can reach him here:mountainstrongspine@gmail.comIf there are any law enforcement listeners interested in PT or strength training they can contact him at Extremis Performance at jlabhart@inextremis.usSupport the show (
Still have to pay tax on the bike either way.New bikeYou pay a lot for the bike up front.  - Boo! MUCH easier to find what you want when it’s new.  Dealers have them all over.  Might need to drive a couple of hours though. You know everything that has happened with the bike.  Not inheriting someone else problems.  Some bikes do have a 30 day warrantee.  If something goes wrong, a good dealer will back it up.  If you find a great dealer, they  will back it up even with no warrantee from the manufacturer.  Easier to install protective items when new.  Bent parts are hard to work with sometimes.  They lose the most amount of money in that first year or so.  Just know that going into this. 1-3 year old bikes sell for more money used, Recoup that money and put it toward the next bike. Say you spent 10 Grand on the bike and rode it for 2 years and sold for $7500.  If you had saved $105 each month to your new bike fund, you have the money you need for the next new bike.  A new bike every 2 years is really nice. Used bikeYou pay less for the bike up front - Yah! BUT you enlisted yourself in a part time job to find it.     20-80 hours searching on craigslist or other classified.. days after day… week after week…. Month after month. 3-12 hours driving around looking at bikes In the end, you buy a bike you are not totally sacrificed with only because of the time commitment you already used.  Buyers fatigue sets in! It’s a choice… do you want to pay the money up front, or earn it over a month or 3? Awkward negotiations  The buyer will try to get his money out of all the aftermarket parts he put on the bike.  They don’t matter much in price, so do pay him for them.  (Honda accord example) At after you ride the used bike for 2-3 years, it hasn’t depreciated as much as the new bike, but it’s no spring chicken either.  Sometimes these bikes can sell quickly, but you are dealing with a younger crowd and a lot of tire kickers, that don’t really have the money.  They will want to organize a lot of trades.Support the show (
Technique has gotten better You see things more clearly and know what is going to happen That means you anticipate it and use it to your advantage You shift your weight better  - so much of this is your body position Line choice is better now Your tolerance level is higher Things that you used to think were horrible are now not really even noticeable - you realize the chassis can handle so much more - you've seen it a thousand times You are looser or more free on the bike - free flowing and light Suspension is better now For many of us, we started on MX bikes with MX suspension Manufacturers have started to realize that most of use don’t need suspension for crusty demons of dirt episode 17 - we want the suspension to move out of the way For me, I’m using TUbliss with only 6-8 lbs of pressure now… not 15 lbs - don’t over pressure! Support the show (
Here is what my riding pack has in it today.  I have broken it down to 4 main categories.  Hopefully you find this helpful.SurvivalWater 3 litersFood/snacks Phone Garmin in-reach Fire starter (2) Magnesum stick - lighter Fire starting fuel Life Bivy Life Straw Rain jacket (weather dependent) ToolsSteel Stick Master link Screw Drivers Plug kit for Tubliss Tire iron for tubes Pliers - wire cutter Tire gauge Tire pump Sockets Allen keys (wrenches) End wrenches Wrench for axle Y handle sockets driver Lighter Zip ties Tow strap Bungee tie straps Extra levers Spark plug Medical packIsrael bandage Gauze for bleeding Athlectic tape Regular bandages  Athletic wrap Skin glue Clotting sponge Ibuprofen - medication MISCWipes for my goggles Trail saw Drone Camera Helmet light for emergencies and night rides Extra gloves Wet wipes Battery pack for phone and GPS Support the show (
Wow, the supercross season is over.  That was crazy!  Tomac is finally a 450 SX champ, Sexton defends his 250 east title, and Ferrandis defends the 250 west title.  Karen and Kyle break it all down and solve all of the mysteries of life while doing it. Support the show (
My lovely wife and I break down what our family saw tonight with the racing!  Don't ask questions, just listen.  ONE more race to go!  Have a great week everyone!  Support the show (
Karen and Kyle break down the racing here at SLC #3.  Hats are off to Tomac and Webb.  They were on a different level than EVERYONE ELSE today.Support the show (
Today we bring on Luke Bowman.  He is a pilot in the search and rescue department here in Utah.  Luke rides dirt bikes and has been working for the Department of Public Safety  in Utah for 10 years.  They fly multiple missions per week in the back country and he’s got some interesting things to tell us about how the missions work and things we can do to be better prepared.   Enjoy the show! Support the show (
Karen and Kyle break down the Sunday racing.  It's the first of seven rounds that we'll have in SLC to bring the 2020 Supercross Title to a close.Support the show (
Yes folks, supercross is back and we will have rounds 11-17 right in here beautiful Salt Lake City.  Karen and Kyle break down what excites them about this new, compressed format. It's going to be awesome!Support the show (
Today I talk to a fellow dirt biker, Scott Robeson, about riding with our kids.  Scott and I have never ridden with one another, but he wrote me an email and had some great points that seemed perfect for a podcast episode.  Hopefully this gives you some ideas and views about riding with your kids that may be helpful.  It's a lot of work to ride with your kids, but we are investing in the future.  Above all, just make sure your kids have fun... and see if you can have fun too.Support the show (
How much do you know about the handlebars you have on your dirt bike?  If you are like me, you probably haven't spent a great deal of time pondering them.  All that changed about a week ago when I set out on my own self taught course with 4 new handlebars to compare on my 2020 KTM 250 XC.  Enjoy the show!Order your Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC using this link to support DBC the show (
It all began back in May of 2010.  Karen and Kyle look back to the first dirt bike memories of 10 years ago this month. I never would have believed you if you told me that I'd make a living in dirt bikes at that time.  Might as well have told me that I was going to the moon, because it would have the same level of credibility. Order your Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC using this link to support DBC the show (
Today we welcome Kelly McCaughey back to the podcast to help answer questions that many of her followers have as it relates to women’s challenges in the dirt bike world. Kelly is the founder of Over and Out Moto. They are women’s only riding events/trainings held in the northeast part of the USA.  She’s been riding about about 8 years and is passionate about helping other women get into this sport and get the most out of it.   There is an upcoming event scheduled for later this year. Check it out at the link below! the show (
I want to thank Justin Blackstead for coming on the podcast and sharing his work with us. Justin is a USFS Trail Crew Supervisor in the Ketchum Idaho Ranger District.  He has been doing this work for about 13 or 14 years now and has learned many things.  He's also an avid dirtbiker.  It was such a great conversation to hear the science and the art behind trail building and maintenance. Order your Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC using this link to support DBC the show (
Most well balanced XC-W I’ve ever had.   Stock suspension is great Feels stable at speed and doesn’t feel like it’s a stink bug Gives me confidence sine the front wheel doesn’t get deflected all of the place Great in the really rocky nasty terrain - stays planted as well as any bike I’ve been on Power delivery is great Updated maps make this bike start SO MUCH BETTER than my 2019.  It’s nearly as good as a carb bike.  Just a touch off that when cold. So snappy and so much power - I’m going back to the gray throttle cam on this bike to soften it up Didn’t feel the need to play with the power valve on this one.  She’s a go'er If you have a 2019 TPI, don’t ride one of these unless you are willing to sell your bike.   If you're 2019 runs great (many do) and you are happy with it, don’t worry about this bike.  Turn off the podcast now and go back to your normal life If you are having issues with the 2019, this is for you.  I like my 2020 so much better than my 2019.  Little things all add up on it. Support the show (
Here we give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of my work and our family life.  Luckily, I have the best partner in the world to share the load of building a small business and running a growing family.  Karen is the best is the only reason any of this actually works.  Enjoy the show!Support the show (
I am so excited about this episode!  Dr. Domenick Sportelli (Dr. Dom) is a Medical Doctor, Board Certified Adult and Child Psychiatrist.  You might have seen him as a guest co-host of "The Doctors" on CBS, and as a frequent news media expert guest - DR. Sportelli is one of the nation’s go-to experts for Mental Healthcare.  He's also a dirt bike rider and a member of the Dirt Bike Channel Community.  His insights into mental health, psychiatry, and overall happiness are so valuable in our day.  We'll talk about how dirt bikes play such an important role in our lives and help us develop core principles that lead to happy, fulfilled, balanced lives both from the mental side and the physical side.Support the show (
In this podcast, I’m going to delve into the subtle differences between the venerable 250cc two stroke or the dominant 300cc two stroke motor.  Which is better for you?  I think the answer may surprise you. Order your Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC using this link to support DBC - the show (
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Rebecca Kjar

I live and ride in Utah and was delighted to find your podcast! Especially during the 2020 season. I work by the stadium and live close too. I was able to hear the bikes rev! I own a Honda XR 80 and was wondering if you have any local maintenance and repair shop recommendations. Thanks for your hard work and time. Keep on riding!

Jun 22nd

Mikael Oja

I have been following you on Youtube for a couple of years, and I really enjoy the stuff you put out. The same goes for this podcast, awesome stuff man! 👍🏻

Feb 3rd

Russ Reames

I laughed out loud at the comment of Beta owners being similar to Subaru owners.😂

Jan 27th

Adj Rasta

Your one of the only few bike youtube channels i like and now glad your doing podcasts as i hve something else to listen to in traffic aside from joe rogan. thanks mate from Australia

Dec 5th

Andrew Schwanekamp

Really appreciated this episode. I've been trying to get my wife into riding, especially since we just had a baby daughter. I plan on trying to get the whole family out on bikes someday so they can share in my passion for bikes!

Nov 7th
Reply (1)

Jonathan Richardson

The KTM Freerides are also a good option for a beginner

Oct 30th

Dirt Bikes & Ice Hockey

Nailed it again, as expected

Oct 21st
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