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Comedy. News Commentary. Technology. Join our Patreon Community to chat w/us or leave a 3 min. or less voicemail msg w/your thoughts @ (541) 314-4271. Thanks for listening! 😎
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My thoughts about RBG's passing, and the President and First Lady being diagnosed with COVID-19.Then M3 and Stacy join me for nonsense, including chat about how some sports memorabilia from my childhood reappeared after about 30 years last week; autographs, baseball, basketball and football cards from the 70's & '80's.  A few links related to this episode:RBG Official Movie Trailer via YouTubeRBG on WikipediaNow Twitter 'won't tolerate' tweets hoping someone dies (Engadget)Elvis Presley's famous 'Sun Sessions' guitar sells for $1.2M at auction to mystery buyer (USA Today)Rick Moranis got sucker-punched in New York, and the internet is furious (CNET)The First Hershey's Beer Is Finally Getting Released in Bottles ( Bradshaw Bunch on E!Inside Lehman Brothers documentary (on Amazon Prime)Thank you so much to our Patrons for their generosity, as to-date they've covered all of our related service expenses for the year...and thank you for listening!Please get out to vote!Support the show (
In this episode I spend a few minutes chatting about Labor Day itself, as well as my own personal, online social distancing practices as of late.  Strange times indeed, but this too will pass.  A few links from this episode:Labor Day on WikipediaTristan Harris' Senate Subcommittee testimony on Persuasive Technolgies via CSPANHappy Labor Day my friends, I truly hope you get to spend some time relaxing today surrounded by love.Keep being great, and doing great things!Support the show (
I do enjoy hearing her laugh, my mom.  Makes me feel good.  You don't get to hear it much here, because it's a crappy cellphone connection, but it sure was great to hear.Here's some advice from us on what not to say during a job interview.  Sometimes brutal honesty isn't appreciated.  Just sayin'Hope you had a great weekend my friends!Support the show (
 Sorry, but M3 cracks me the hell up. Chatting on our cellphones last night, with terrible reception.This may not be funny to you, as the whole Red Forman for President thing has been played out, but remember...I don't give a shit what you think. 😆Just kidding, of course. See how this works?The call made me laugh. Writing this post made me laugh. Thinking of you shaking your head at us & rolling your eyes like Stacy sort of did when I played this for her, makes me smile. It's a win, win, win.Unfortunately, as Red Forman himself has said, "Nobody likes a smart ass."We'll see about that. 😉Regardless of M3 & Red's advice, sending love my friends. Always. 😎 Support the show (
For real?  Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. will be putting on an exhibition bout on September 12th.  An 8- round exhibition, but of course they're talking lotsa' smack about knocking each other out.  Pay Per View for charity, as I understand it, but still...I won't watch it.It is, however, just the type of nonsense I need to chat about today.  It's been a strange summer for everyone, with so much change and so much to think about.  I just haven't been feeling the creative vibes the last several weeks when it comes to my relatively new hobby of podcasting, so today I refunded the donations that we received from our handful of patrons on August 1st.  Just made me feel better to do so.We're not going anywhere and greatly appreciate those who've donated to-date. There's always plenty to talk about, and those that know me know I'm always willing to listen, especially if there's any way I can help.Feel free to join the conversation via our Patreon Community or by dropping a 3 minute or less voicemail message at (541) 314-4271Until next time, keep being great & doing great things my friends!Support the show (
Independence Day recap with Music Man Mark, as well as our thoughts on other news recently, including all the chatter about facial recognition.If you missed it, here's a link to our short Independence Day release We're All In This Together featuring a few minutes of JFK's Inaugural Address.   For the complete speech & video please visit the JFK LibraryLinks discussed about Facial Recognition:Facial recognition leads to first wrongful U.S. arrest, activists say (NBC NEWS)The two-year fight to stop Amazon from selling face recognition to the police (MIT Technology Review)Victoria Police emails reveal Clearview AI's dodgy direct marketing (ZDNet)Links discussed from Other News:Trump defends monuments in fiery Mount Rushmore speech (CBS This Morning)Florida residents reject face masks: 'They want to throw God's wonderful breathing system out' (The Telegraph)What's Your Opinion?Drop us a 3 minute or less voicemail message with your comments or feedback by calling (541) 314-4271Thanks for listening.  Make it a great July, my friends!Support the show (
Thought I'd share a little more insight from JFK on our official Independence Day here is the U.S., this time from his 1961 Inaugural Address.  For the complete speech & video please visit the JFK LibraryWe're All In This TogetherBe a part of the solution, not the problem.  Never try to fight hate & division with more hate & division, it'll never work.We are the government. Yes, you.  We are the law enforcement.  Again, yes, you.  We are the teachers.  We are the students.  We are, we...not I.  Not me.And now that I've begun rhyming, time to wrap it up.  Special thanks to Joe Daniels for permission to use the song Bound for the Floor, by Local H as our show's theme song.I almost forgot, here's a link to Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth.  Give it a listen while firing up the grill today.Happy 4th of July everyone!  Make it a great day!Support the show (
If a social media platform needs to travel 3.7 miles and is traveling at 78 MPH, how long before someone complains about how they're doing it?  Right.The Social Media Conundrum: What's Your Opinion?Drop your thoughts in 3 minutes or less by calling (541) 314-4271A few of the articles discussed in this episode:More than half of Twitter's ‘Reopen America’ calls from bots, study finds (ZDNet)DoJ's Section 230 proposal seeks more (and less) moderation online (Engadget)Americans don't trust content decisions made by social media giants, study says (CNET)White House Propaganda Video Falsely Claims 'Domestic Terrorists' Planted Bricks for Protesters (Gizmodo)Facebook starts labeling ‘state-controlled media’ pages (the Verge)FCC Republican has “deep reservations” about Trump’s social media crackdown (arstechnica)Podcast News & UpdatesIf you haven't heard, we've published all of our episodes to our YouTube Channel, and I've started uploading & organizing other nonsense there.I also published the first of "Larry's Brainstorms" to our patrons and streamlined a few more workflows for things like that, making it easier for me to keep it fresh going forward, if you will. Don't Believe the HatePlease, whatever you do, whatever you believe, whoever you are, please do not believe the hate...and ignore the hype.  We're all in this together.We are the government.  We are the police.  We are the politicians.  Stop disassociating, and become part of the solution, if you're that passionate.  Get involved, peacefully.Or not.  Whatever.  I'll be wishing you all the best either way.  Make it a great day my friends!Support the show (
VR.  AR.  Magic Leap.  Faro.  Leica. Oculus.  Apple.  It's all the rage these days.  I check in with a few friends to see how they're using 3D Laser Scanning & Immersive Video Technologies today, and share some of my thoughts on consumer & professional applications.Guests in this episode include:George Reis, President & Owner of Imaging Forensics Det. Michael Brown, Master's Degree in Criminal Justice/LE Admin w/30yrs LE experienceNicole, Crime Scene Technician w/13yrs experienceThe complete discussions with these guests will be released to patrons-only later this week/month.What's Your Opinion?  Drop your comments in 3 minutes or less at (541) 314-4271A few related links:A Landscape Study of 3D Crime Scene Scanning Devices (NIJ & Forensic Technology Center of Excellence report - 2018 update)Snapshot: New 3D Crime Scene Mapping Tool Turns Incident Scenes into Virtual 3D Models (U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security)What Is LiDAR and Why Would You Want It on Your Phone? (Gizmodo)Related Consumer Product ReviewsExpect me to be posting a lot about VR, AR & various related video technologies to our Patreon Community.  I plan to share my thoughts on Oculus' devices and platform, as well as my latest gadget the Insta360 Twin Edition 360/4K camera.More Nonsense w/Music Man Mark (a.k.a. M3)My partner in nonsense since 1988.  M3 & I chat about:"The Last Dance" from ESPN & Michael Jordan's GreatnessCoronavirus contact-tracing: World split between two types of app (BBC News)and of course, Warren Buffett - Warren Buffett has two ideas for ending inequality (Yahoo Finance)Thanks for listening my friends.  Be Great.  Do Great Things!Support the show (
Man did I get peeved at Jared Kushner's comments about who the Federal Stockpile is for.  I'm over it.  "Just Jared being Jared", a friend of mine said.  Very true.Music Man Mark uploaded a couple of riffs recently, which made me smile.  Like this one he called "Dusty Hot West Texas Day".Had a friend share some art via video, another shared some magic.  I see love everywhere I go lately too, like Spring has really sprung, despite the global pandemic...and it makes me smile.  Anyway, Mom & I catch up about what we're watching these days too.  SPOILER ALERT - More documentaries.  😎 Unlike Fox News and Infowars, we're going to stick with spreading joy.  Smiles.  Fact-based optimism.  No shortcuts.  Less social media BS.It's how we roll.We'll have more "What's Your Opinion?" topics for discussion & guests to comment on them too, as things start to settle.  It's been a really crazy couple of months.  Thanks for understanding.Keep being great, and doing great things my friends!Support the show (
SPECIAL EDITION.  SPECIAL EPISODE.  WE'RE SPECIAL, DAMN IT!So much to talk about.  I can't tell you how much I wish there was more time to talk to the ones that I love.  The ones I want to listen to, more than anything.  Sometimes, I have to talk about or deal with bad things.  Sometimes, really, really bad things.  Recently, a family friend passed, but it was it a blessing.  It was.  RIP Joe Stansfield.Other stuff in this episode:The HurryCaneTom Hanks, shares some good news.  (CNN Story)Single cannabis joint linked with temporary psychiatric symptons, review finds (CNN Story)Playing with Fire(Movie Review)NAPA NostalgiaWho's Sexy to Me?And more.Spend more time with those you love.  I see greatness all the damn time my friends.I choose to.  How about you?Support the show (
"America must win this war.  Therefore I will work.  I will save.  I will sacrifice .  I will endure.  I will fight cheerfully, and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle, depended on me alone." - Martin A. Treptow  (Link to video on YouTube)You've heard it all before, I know.  I'm going to listen to it again, with or without you.  Just sayin.Also in this episode:Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation, on Work/Life BalanceListener E-Mail: A forensic guru's thought's on balance.More nonsense with Music Man MarkAlways wishing you & yours all the best, my friends.  Always. Sending love.Support the show (
Work/Life Balance, that's the topic of this month's "What's Your Opinion?" segment.  It's not a funny topic to begin with, and one that's been an area of focus for me since moving out west over 10 years ago (one of the key reasons for the move).I have always struggled with Work/Life Balance, because frankly I'm always working.  Anyway, I share a few personal experiences and thoughts on the topic throughout this episode.Drop your thoughts at (541) 314-4271Articles Referenced:FBI Director warns of ongoing Russian 'Information Warfare' - Associate PressTool to Help Journalists Spot Doctored Images Is Unveiled by Jigsaw - New York TimesClearview AI hit with cease-and-desist from Google, Facebook over facial recognition collection - C/NetAutonomous flying taxi Cora set for passenger trials in New Zealand - EnGadgetAn 8-year-old boy paid off the lunch debt for his entire school by selling key chains - CNNBook ReferenceThe ABC's of CBD, by Shira AdlerRIP Weed NerdA close friend of Music Man Mark's passed recently.  Someone he was close to for years.  The legendary cannabis seed producer, Subcool.  Our condolenses to all of his family & friends.Trump & the ImpeachmentI don't like talking politics.  I say that to say this, the left and the right are both necessary in order for a center to exist.  I'm a registered independent, who has despised Donald Trump as a human being since the early '80's.   I'm gonna vent a little these days about him, and this is my place to do it.  Just sayin'. Balance.  It's all about balance, my friends.Support the show (
On the road, so I apologize in advance for some of the quality issues in this episode. In this episode, I chat about our "What's Your Opinion?" topics to-date, share some related news articles that caught my eye, and toss in some nonsense with me & Mark.A few links referenced in the show:Encryption Backdoors, The Illusion of PrivacyWhat I'm reading - The Age of Suveillance Capitalism (Amazon books)DOJ Says FBI Cracked Lev Parnas's iPhone 11 in Two Months Even as It Demands Apple Backdoor - GizmodoUN calls for immediate investigation into Saudi role in Jeff Bezos hack - The VergeMicrosoft and Google just can't agree on proposed ban on facial recognition - ZDNetBipartisan bill would scale back key section of the Patriot Act - EngadgetWork/Life BalanceBurnout: 'Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired' - BBC NewsDelta gave its employees 2 months of extra pay. Here's why that's good business - CNNImpeachmentThe Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play (Official Video)Drop us your thoughts at (541) 314-4271It's the most dedicated voice mailbox in the history of time.  Always on. Always taking messages.  The best messages really.  It's perfect!  Give it a call... Support the show (
A brand new decade, already a ton of news from all fronts; political, international, technology, environment, and privacy.I hereby declare January "Consumer Privacy Awareness Month".I'll be chatting about the CCPA, Cambridge Analytica, and personal privacy & security practices in our "What's Your Opinion?" segment this month.Share your thoughts, drop a voicemail message for us at (541) 314-4271Support the show (
It's a brief holiday episode, one where I intended to seed January discussion & spread holiday cheer...but damn, what a few weeks we've had in the news.Impeachment - A great topic no matter what time of year it is, particularly when you have a narcissistic, authoritarian tyrant at the center of it.  One who is often the first to document his own crimes inadvertently through his “great and unmatched wisdom”.  Carnac the shitty POTUS.I wish I could ignore it, but I can't.The Illusion of Privacy & The Great HackI've been dropping the name for weeks.  Cambridge Analytica.  "That's old news Larry!".  I know, but so many of you were just as oblivious then as you are now...and it's even worse now, despite so many advancements we've made to help you protect yourself.January Topical Links:The Great Hack documentary, NetflixAmazon & Under Attack by privacy activists over recent incidents.Ratio of CCTV cameras to U.S. citizensIdentifying & Tackling Manipulated Media, a primer from Reuters & the Facebook Journalism ProjectFinland is making its online AI crash course free to the worldNY Times Special Feature - Opinion: Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero PrivacyListen, these aren't funny subjects.  In fact, nothing funny at all about them, IMHO, which is why I'm pushing them off until January, 2020.  Do yourself a favor...Disconnect for the HolidaysAt the very least, change your focus.  Drop the tech sh** and national & global issues for a few, and focus on those that matter most to you.  Spend time with those you love.  Hug more.  Ski, hike, jump out of a plane...whatever & whomever you them & it more this holiday season.You'll be glad you did.Be safe out there doing it, my friends.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  😎❤️ Support the show (
Thank you to all of my guests for their patience during my unexpected break.  It was very much necessary, and your understanding is very much appreciated.I start off chatting with my nephew Peter Serefine, Jr., author of the book Progress, Really? and host of the podcast Liberty Lighthouse.  It's been far too long since we've chatted.Aftwards, I get to hear Josh Brunty's opinion regarding The Encryption Backdoor Debate of 2019 in our "What's Your Opinion?" segment.  Josh is a Professor of Digital Forensics at Marshall University's highly regarded Forensic Science Graduate Program.Finally, I close out the episode with Music Man Mark and some nonsense.Drop us your thoughts by calling (541) 314-4271In Episodes 4 & 5 we'll be changing the topic for our "What's Your Opinion?" segment, and we'll be chatting about The Great Hack documentary, on Netflix, Cambridge Analytica.We'd love to include your thoughts, but if you don't have worries.We got this.  😎❤️ Support the show (
Out soon, released early...but incomplete. My apologies to my planned guests for episode 2, I assure you I will include you in Episode 3.Essentially, interrupted by life and idiots, the latter of which I've jetisoned by deleting my Twitter & Facebook accounts.Sorry to those I love, to those who actually care.  If you know me, you know I am all about integrity...and I hate saying I'm going to do something, and not coming through.  Ask anyone.If you've enjoyed the show, keep listening.  We'll be creating.  Moving forward as planned...without social media.If you're a loved one, whether family or friend, I couldn't possibly be easier to reach.  It's been that way since analog pagers, so you're not trying very hard if you can't find me.  I love you all.  I do not give a shit if we're "friends" on social media.  I appreciate my friends in real life.Until next time, maybe.  All the best.Support the show (
 This, my friends, is "Chosen" from The Truth (Extended version, 18+)Music - "PTSD" - composed by DeMarcus Morgan, mixed by Larry C.Support the show (
It's time, and I assure you he's been a licensed medical marijuana patient for 20 years.  Meet Music Man Mark and my mom, a few of the regular players. Check out my discussion with Brett Shavers, of, regarding the Encryption Backdoor Debate of 2019 in our "What's Your Opinion?" segment:Brett Shavers - China Law Blog - China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to HideMatt Blaze - Chip -'ll be discussing the topic in our next episode as well, and I'll be chatting with Josh Brunty, accomplished Author & Professor of Digital Forensics at Marshall University's Forensic Science Graduate program.  We'd like to include your feedback!Give Us a Call & Tell Us Your Opinion!Leave us a voicemail message & let us know your thoughts.  Call us at (541) 314-4271And finally, I wrap up the episode chatting with my mom about a Country Music Hall of Fame star, Kris Kristofferson, in our "Holy Sh*!, Did You Know!?" segment.Be sure to check out the chapter markers when listening via our BuzzSprout site, so you can jump right to interviews and the like.Until next time my friends, Be Great, and Do Great Things!Support the show (
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