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In this episode of the Texas Green Report, Marshall Hinsley talks to author Doug Tallamy about how the work of maintaining the essential ecosystem services that we all depend on must be taken up by every single person inhabiting the planet.From flood control and keeping pollinators thriving to protecting the plants that produce the oxygen we breath and mitigating the rise in average global temperatures all comes down to every single person on the planet learning to live in a more responsible relationship with the natural systems that sustain us.Doug Tallamy is the T. A. Baker Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, where he has taught for over 40 years while authoring more than 100 research publications. He's written several books, including New York Times bestseller Nature's Best Hope, released by Timber Press in 2020.Support the show
Exploring wild places and wild creatures in the Dallas Fort Worth area with a new book from journalist and naturalist Amy Martin in this episode of the Texas Green Report, a production of Green Source DFW and the Memnosyne Institute.Support the show
Austin-based EarthShare Texas is a 30-year-old nonprofit that supports more than 30 local and state environmental organizations with no-strings-attached funding and partnership building. Marshall Hinsley talks to EarthShare executive director Francoise Van Keuren about how the group formed, how they raise funds and the benefits of donating through their organization. The nonprofit recently kicked off a new campaign to engage individuals and businesses called My Earth, My Texas.Support the show
Outside the doors in a busy medical district near downtown Dallas lies a harsh, unhealthy landscape. Marshall Hinsley talks to the planners who aim to green up the Southwestern Medical District — an area originally developed in the 1940s to move freight. Plans are underway to incorporate biophilic design  to breathe new life into the district, which serves 3 million patients and visitors a year.  Support the show
How you can help restore native Texas habitat with a pocket prairie.Marshall Hinsley talks to entomologist and New York Times best-selling author Doug Tallamy;  Diane Sloan, CEO of K.S.S., a Dallas landscape architectural studio; and experts with the Native  Prairies Association of Texas about what prairies are, why we need them and how you can turn a little spot of your yard back into a verdant part of the state's native ecosystem. A production of the show
Texan by Nature, a nonprofit founded in 2011 by former First Lady Laura Bush, acts as a mediator between companies and environmental groups to advance conservation projects. TGR reporter Marshall Hinsley talks to Texan by Nature CEO Joni Carswell about how the organization operates and highlights some of the group's accomplishments, including expanding the Dark Skies initiative in West Texas oil patches. To learn more about what people in Texas are doing to protect the state's natural resources, visit the show
Mountain lions are key to our Texas identity and should remain part of the landscape, says wildlife filmmaker Ben Masters, director of Deep in the Heart.  He represents Texans for Mountain Lions and shares in this episode the organization's aim to save the dwindling mountain lion population in Texas and enlist residents to contact lawmakers to keep these wildcats from being shot and trapped into nonexistence. Marshall Hinsley reports. For more stories like this, visit Support the show
A golden-cheeked warbler, found only in Texas’ Hill Country, was recently spotted at Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center in Cedar Hill, a community south of Dallas. Wildlife experts explain why the sighting could be a warning sign for the endangered bird.  Story by Marshall Hinsley. For more stories on Texas wildlife and other environmental issues, visit the show
Texas plays a critical role in bird migration as the anchor for the Central Flyway. We talk to Ben Jones, executive director for the Texas Conservation Alliance, who explains how turning off lights from 11 p.m. to 6 p.m. during peak migration months in fall and spring can help save the lives of millions of birds. Marshall Hinsley reports. For more information, see Lights Out Texas and Support the show
Reporter Marshall Hinsley speaks to Dr. George Diggs, a professor of biology at Austin College and research associate at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, about the effect of climate change on Texas native plants. Read more about climate change, native plants and other green topics on Full transcript.Support the show
September is the peak season for hummingbirds migrating south through Texas. Learn what to do - and what not to do to - to help these backyard jewels from hummingbird expert Cliff Shackelford of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Report by Marshall Hinsley. Learn more about helping migrating birds and rewilding your backyard on Full transcript.Support the show
Montopolis is an Austin-based orchestral rock band that creates multi-media performances that showcase the ecological jewels of Texas. Featuring original music by Justin Sherburn, the traveling shows weave history, storytelling and ecology with photography, video and live music to bring attention to regional treasures and the threats they face. Texas Green Report's Amy Martin talks to Sherburn about the inspiration behind the group and their latest show The Living Coast. Read more about Montopolis and other Texas environmental advocates on Full transcript here.Support the show
A 25-year-old clean air advocacy group in North Texas is showing residents how to use portable air monitors. We spoke to Evy Mayo of Downwinders at Risk and Ranjana Bhandari of Liveable Arlington, as well as workshop attendees, about the value of citizens having easy access to air quality data. Report by Julie Thibodeaux. Learn more about Texas green issues at Full transcript here.Support the show
Learn how a DC-based non-profit Solar United Neighbors is creating co-ops in Texas to take some of the homework out of the process of putting solar panels on your roof. Report by Marshall Hinsley. Learn more about sustainable living on Full transcript here.Support the show
Dr. Robert Coulson, a professor of entomology at Texas A&M University, explains how Texas cars are having a significant impact on the monarch population and what can be done to protect the butterflies from fatal collisions. Report by Marshall Hinsley. Full transcript here.Support the show
Texas native plants are being threatened by a convergence of risks - urban sprawl, invasive plants and climate change. Kim Taylor, a conservation research botanist at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in Fort Worth, talks about the seed bank she and other botanists across the state are building to ensure the survival of Texas native plant species facing these pressures. Report by Marshall Hinsley. Full transcript here.Support the show
Ken Rosenberg, a conservation scientist with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is the lead author on a study published in Science that says North America’s bird population has declined by three billion birds since the 1970s. We talk to him about the findings as it relates to Texas, the causes and what we can do about it. Report by Marshall Hinsley. Learn more about environmental issues and sustainable trends in Texas on Full transcript here.Support the show
A North Texas couple Dr. Tony Perri, a Dallas urologist, and Dottie Perri, a nurse, are both members of the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Climate Reality Project. They describe how climate change will impact North Texans from a health perspective. Produced by Green Source DFW reporter Marshall Hinsley. Full transcript here. Read more about the DFW Chapter of the Climate Reality Project. Support the show
Dallas landscape architect, city planner and University of Texas at Arlington professor Kevin Sloan talks about rewilding, a global trend in landscape design that plans for the inclusion of native wildlife as well as native plants. Read more about rewilding here. Podcast by Green Source DFW reporter Marshall Hinsley. Full transcript here.Support the show
North Texas Green Report reporter Andrea Ridout talks with Jeff Raska, horticulturist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office in Dallas, about organic gardening basics. Jeff also shares his favorite plants. For more information about organic gardening, visit Texas A&M AgriLife.See to learn more about environmental issues in North Texas.Support the show
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