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Greetings from Lumberjack Country! We're giving you an inside look into campus life from the eyes of those who know it best-- our students, staff and professors. Hit subscribe and follow along as we take you through everything NAU has to offer. Have a story to share? 📩
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Hey Lumberjacks, welcome back to another episode of LumberChats: Inside NAU, where we give you an inside look into Lumberjack life. I'm Karringtan Bell and this episode we're celebrating Black History Month. I'm really excited to have my sister and my friend here with me today for a real talk conversation. We'll be sharing Black History Month through our eyes-- discussing the highs and the lows we've encountered and everything in between. 
Thank You, Next

Thank You, Next


Goodbye 2020 and all the baggage you came with. Hello 2021.Listen on as our Lumberjacks share their goals for the year and what one thing they're committed to doing daily. If you're looking for a boost of encouragement and positivity, you've come to the right place. 
Welcome to another episode of LumberChats: Inside NAU where we give you an inside look into life as a Lumberjack.For some, the college years are a time of exploration and finding out your true passions. Others, however, seem to come to college with a leg up knowing what they want to do and having built up a side hustle that they can continue while in school.This episode we're talking all about the side hustle and learning how these three Lumberjacks handle the work/life/side hustle balance.Let's meet Maria (sports photographer), Becca (videographer) and Carla (lifestyle/portrait photographer).Follow on social:@maria_saldivar@beccasullivan_@carlabetancourtphoto
A special holiday reading of Clement Clark Moore's "Visit from St. Nicholas"brought to you by the Voice of the Lumberjacks, Mitch Strohman. Happy Christmas to all, and to all, a good night! 
Two Lumberjacks, two different COVID-19 experiences. On this episode of LumberChats: Inside NAU, Karringtan and Jacob bravely share what life was like for them--- what it felt like when they got the news, their symptoms, what helped them through quarantine and what they want other students to know.NAU COVID resourcesTesting and contact tracing: guide to socializing safer: Covid Watch app and get notified when you've been exposed:
You think you have it all figured out and you're months away from graduation. Then, you find yourself in the middle of a global pandemic and navigating the uncertain job market with virtual interviews and meetings. On this episode, we catch up with Halie Rocco (Class of 2019), Karringtan Bell (Class of 2020) and Tatiana Maya Olea (Class of 2020) to see what they're up to now, how their lives have changed because of COVID and what being in the real world has taught them.Listen on as our Lumberjacks share their most difficult decisions, lessons learned and the importance of never giving up.
The transition from high school to being in college and on your own can be really tough. On this episode, we sit down with a sophomore, junior and senior to find out how their transition to college went and the tips they would share their freshman self. Podcast topics:Roommate 101: Living with your roommate and tips for successful communicationStaying on top of your classes & assignments What to do when you've slept through your alarmTrying new thingsExploring FlagstaffChanging your major & pursuing your passionConnecting with your professors
Leaving for college is hard for us, but it might be even harder for our parents. On this episode, our Jacks sit down with their family members to talk about the college transition, their hopes for their Lumberjack and what advice they would give to future Lumberjack parents. Listen on as we talk a walk down memory lane and hear from Jacob, Karringtan and Becca. 
We've heard the phrase "the new normal" used quite a bit. What does this mean for our Lumberjacks and how have their lives changed since COVID? We sat down with Jacob, Carla, Zack and Brad to talk through what their "new normal" looks like, what's been the biggest change for them, the new hobbies they picked up, and what helps them make life more "normal."  
From on campus spots to star gazing to walking through the aspens-- there's always something to do in Lumberjack Country. Jacob Kippen (Class of 2020), Carla Betancourt (Class of 2022) and Becca Sullivan (Class of 2023) join us to share a few of their favorite Flagstaff things. The best place to build a snowmanFavorite spots downtownBest spot to picnicFavorite hiking trailsBest place to stargaze  Favorite running routeFavorite spot to hammockFavorite place to studyFavorite meal to order from the robotsListen on and start taking advantage of all that Flagstaff has to offer. Now that you call Flagstaff home-- go outside, mask up and get to know your new home. 
Getting lost, finding my voice and myself. Karringtan Bell (Class of 2020) takes us through each year and shares what she learned along the way. Freshman yearFreshman year definitely wasn’t perfect. It was difficult living in a new environment. I remember all the slips on the ice once the snow came along and having to live in such a small space at times. I did get lost, I did lock myself out of my dorm room multiple times, some of my classes were very hard, but I got through all of. No matter how difficult things got with classes or my personal life, reminding myself that I could get through this was what got me through that year. Along with the positivity and support from my family too!The Middle Years: Even though I was still trying to figure out college life I felt more in control and not all over the place I was getting lost less, and only locked myself out of my apartment once that year. My sophomore and junior year were my blossoming years. I started making more friends and going to more eventsI also started to become more confident and social. I felt like I was actually beginning to enjoy my college experience to the fullest. I joined a few clubs, started an internship with NAU Social. I started to find out where I belonged and it was a great feeling. Senior YearLike many seniors I was really looking forward to walking across the stage in the dome to get my diploma, but due to COVID-19 I won’t be able to do that. Not walking across a stage doesn’t take away from the fact that I will have a degree. It doesn’t take away from all the hard work put in. It doesn’t take away how proud I am of myself. I will always have the memories from the past 4 years that will warm my heart forever. This isn’t the end, but the beginning of a new chapter for me and the rest of the Class of 2020. .
Flexible learning for a changing worldThis fall all classes will be taught with NAUFlex. NAUFlex allows students in the classroom and at remote locations to participate in class, in real time, together. With NAUFlex, all students are part of the classroom experience, can ask questions, and interact in real time, while maintaining social distancing standards for safety.What will it look like?Students will alternate between attending class in person and joining the class via computer. Instructors will provide students with an attendance schedule. Students not in the classroom will join the class via Zoom or Collaborate Ultra—technology they already have.
We might be tempted during this stay at home period to set lofty goals for ourselves. We have all this time on our ends, we should do something, right?Wrong. While setting goals is always a good practice-- let's be real. We're living through a global pandemic and none of what we're experiencing is "normal." So instead of treating every day like a "normal" day, let's bring it back to reality. Here's four SMALL things to do daily that can help you stay sane and even thrive during this uncertain time.Every day do a small act that falls within these categories:CreativeConnectionProductiveSelf-careNAU Social sat down with a few of our seniors to talk this through and see how everyone's doing. From cooking to brushing hair to taking walks-- find out what these Jacks are doing daily to stay sane when the world seems crazy.Guests: Tatiana Olea, SeniorKarringtan Bell, SeniorAustin Young, NAU Social Maria DeCabooter, NAU Social Manager 
All day we're bombarded with social media, our work, our children, external and internal voices. Today we invite you take some time for yourself. Find a quiet spot and join us for Meditation Monday with Michelle McClatchie of Many Mindful Moments. Today's practice will teach you a way to come back to your breathe, rest and settle your mind. If you're looking to relieve anxiety, stress less and think clearer-- give mindfulness a try and you'll have a better day. Benefits include:Decreased heart rateNormalization of blood pressureDeeper breathingReduced production of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenalineStrengthened immunityMore efficient oxygen use by the bodyDecreased inflammation in the bodyMany Mindful Moments with Michelle McClatchie NAU Health Promotion The Science of Well Being Bounce Back NAU
I'm Tatiana, a first-gen college student and today we're talking about a topic close to my heart--- what it means to be a first-generation college student. In a little bit we'll meet my fellow Lumberjack Chilel who's also a first-gen student. We'll be sharing our journey, how we ended up at NAU, the challenges first gen students may face and most importantly-- the resources that are out there to help us. For me, being a first generation student means I am a person who is willing to go above and beyond. I am a person who is willing to put in the extra effort. To anyone out there who is struggling to decide whether to go to college or continue in college -- I can tell you from being a senior-- it's well worth it. It's well worth your time, well worth your effort. Soon I will be able to say I'm the first in my family to graduate college.Host: Tatiana Maya Olea, NAU Social Media Intern, Senior, #firstgen studentGuest: Chilel Jawara ,Junior, Speech-Language Pathology, #firstgen studentNAU First Generation ProgramsNAU First ScholarsNAU STAR ProgramStudent Support Services 
Today we find ourselves in an uncertain time. Our learning has moved online, we're practicing social distancing and following stay at home orders. One of the things that bring us outside of our bubble is the essential trip to the grocery store. Is it safe to go? What can we do to shop safely and make the food we have go further?  We sat down with NAU Dietician Megan Meyer to find out how to navigate the grocery store and store our foods (hint: where you place your food in the refrigerator does matter). Looking to make your food go further? Megan also shares with us her best tips as well as a few of her favorite things. Megan's Picks NAU Virtual Health and Wellness ProgrammingChildren's Hospital of Philadephia recipes Minimalist Baker Bon Appetite Basically Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics COVID Resources 
Undeniably NAU’s most unusual venue, the Walkup Skydome is the second-largest wood-framed dome in the world, with a roof that spans more than 500 feet and rises 142 feet above the playing surface. The dome provides seating for about 10,000 for football, basketball, and indoor track and field competitions, as well as major concerts, commencements, and other sizable university and community events. It is named for former university president J. Lawrence Walkup.
The engineering building’s visual appeal represents the cutting-edge engineering concepts taking place within. Degrees range from computer and environmental engineering to construction management. To the west, students in the renowned Forestry program enjoy access to nearly 50,000 acres of nearby forest for hands-on research.
The College of Health and Human Services is the headquarters for education in the health professions. Here, students in dental hygiene, nursing, fitness wellness, physical education, public health, and speech-language sciences gain practical and real-world experience in a variety of clinical settings.
20. W.A. Franke College of BusinessThe impressive business building was designed with communication and collaboration in mind. A generous donation from William A. Franke in 2007 sparked the name for NAU’s business college and provides transformational support for student skill development, scholarships, and technology.21. Social and Behavioral SciencesThe Raul H. Castro Social and Behavioral Sciences building is named for the first and only Latino governor of Arizona and an NAU graduate. Here, expert faculty guide interactive classes, discuss solutions to important world challenges, and research ways to effect change.
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