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For this bonus, closing episode we decided to flip the tables and asked Magnus Aston, our first Under the Dome guest, to interview our usual host instead! Valerie calls in to talk about travel adventures, the concept of YOLO, Hogwarts houses, and an intense day of competition that took place aboard a ship.
For this episode we checked in with Tom-Christian Armes, a psychology student on exchange from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Tom joins us from his home in  Norway to talk about — among other things — his recent tattoo, his mother, and his I-House love story.  
Diler Cavdar, a master’s student at UC Berkeley School of Law, calls in from her room at I-House — a top-secret room that Diler is very protective of as she has resided there for three years! Diler joins us to reminisce about a special family tradition, childhood days spent eating lots of ice cream with her siblings in their neighborhood park, and her favorite I-House memories. 
Maria Zielinska, an art history student on exchange from University College London, calls in from her home in the north of Poland. Maria joins us to talk about her current favorite hobbies, a beautiful day spent in a coastal English village, and a memorable rendition of “Hey Jude.”
In this episode we chatted with Abhinav Deshmukh, a MBA student at the Haas School of Business. What do I-House, the movie Argo, a landmark legal case, and an Olympian athlete have in common? Tune in to hear these and other stories from Abhinav!
Paulina Tarr, a junior at Cal, calls in from her room at I-House. Paulina joins us to share stories about her treasured family album, the meaningful experiences she has gained this year all over the Bay, and adventures with friends in her dearly departed car, Junie.  
In this episode we chatted with Kieran Janin, a master’s student in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Kieran joins us from his family home just outside of Paris, France, to share stories of his French and American familial roots, of cherished meal-times at I-House, and of a musical upbringing that includes a family bluegrass band!
For this episode we checked in with Madeleine Phillips, a sophomore at Cal. Maddy joins us on her birthday to talk about fruit-tart traditions, her older sister, and memories of the I-House Global Homecoming Fashion Show. Happy twentieth birthday, Maddy!
Mikey Mohan, a Ph.D student in Earth System Science, calls in from his room at I-House. Mikey joins us to share stories of treasured possessions and his “nomadic” life-path. 
In this episode we chatted with Saman Karimi, a junior at Cal. Saman joins us from her home in Los Angeles — where her dogs Sugar and Pixie are keeping her company — to share tales of her Persian family traditions, childhood shenanigans, and a beloved I-House tradition. 
For this episode we checked in with Alina Bieschke, a senior at Cal and the I-House Resident Council Chair. Alina joins us from her I-House room to share her deep love for I-House — and to reminisce about an otherworldly musical performance and a memorable spring break. 
In this episode we chatted with Edem Yevoo, a first-year master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Edem joins us to reminisce about Sunday Supper, to share his family’s journey from Ghana, and to thank his father for being his biggest fan. 
Robyn McAlpine, a geography student on exchange from the London School of Economics, calls in from her home in the United Kingdom. Robyn joins us to talk British royalty, sisterhood, and sunny Californian road trips!
For this episode we checked in with Sunny Mitra, a Ph.D student in Agriculture and Resource Economics. Sunny joined us from a hotel room in Kolkata — where he’s on the last day of a self-imposed quarantine — and brightened our day with stories of a fateful email.
For this episode we checked in with Chan'Cellore Makanjuola, a first-year master’s student at the Graduate School of Journalism and the I-House Social Media Ambassador. Chan’Cellore  joins us to share the story behind her name and to celebrate her Nigerian roots — especially her penchant for Nollywood! 
Magnus Aston joins us to kick off our first episode of Under the Dome! A sophomore at Cal, a Program Assistant at I-House, and an all-around joy to be around, Magnus joins us to share tales of his precocious childhood and of an I-House meeting that took place halfway around the world. 
In these times of social distancing a sense of connection is more important than ever, so we created Under the Dome to help us feel the community of being under the I-House Dome — even if we're now in different places across the globe. Under the Dome will bring the I-House experience to life by spotlight residents as they share stories such as favorite I-House memories, embarrassing childhood moments, and more!
This episode features International House resident Jiger Kairatuly. Jiger invites us into his homeland, Kazakhstan, which remains today a place of intrigue to many. Join us as we learn more about a land synonymous with the Silk Road, nomadic lifestyles, and the Soviet Union. 
In this episode we chat with Claudio Berther, an International House resident from Switzerland. Claudio shares how he navigates his world with resilience by defying stigmas about disabled people and by chasing down opportunities with inimitable zest and joy.
This episode features a rare conversation between two International House residents from Hong Kong and Mainland China. Ella and Alex use this time to better understand each other and the places where they were born and raised. 
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