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Tradie HQ - Tips and interviews

Author: Dan Bailey

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A podcast for Tradies, by Tradies. In this podcast Dan interviews a range of Tradies and other professionals to gain insights that may help you move through a sticking point in your business or give you ideas for the future.
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This Tradie HQ episode is the premiere of the 'Meet the Members' podcast series. In today's episode, my guest speakers are Aldo Sal Margio, Dylan Splatt and Kyle Bailey from Cyclus. Leading Cyclus’ operations and loyal site crew are directors Aldo Margio, Dylan Splatt and Kyle Bailey.Their interest in events began in their late teens when they were DJs and club promoters. This interest developed into a passion and this passion quickly led them to start their own promotion company and volunteer at various touring festivals to gain more knowledge and experience.During this time they were approached by the City of Joondalup to help them build their events. They had noticed their strong work ethic, their enthusiasm and success – and they’re pleased to be able to call them their client ever since. They continued to progress within the nightclub scene but focused their attention on the bigger picture; executing large scale outdoor events.Now six years later in 2020, their client base has grown to a national base and they have supported 100's of successful concerts, festivals and sporting events. Listen as they explain their story, how they dealt with Covid and what the future holds!Links:Cyclus Website:
In this episode Dan talks with Mo and Dylan about Dylans recent accolades at The Mates In Construction awards, the genesis of the 100 days for mates and the importance of a "top down" healthy and supportive culture in the construction industry.DylanMoMates in Construction
Dan was invited by Kevin Miller from the 89.7 Northern Suburbs Radio stations' small business show to discuss what Tradie HQ is and how co-working and business incubation can help trade based businesses.Dan and Kevin both share a common passion/goal of helping small to medium, trade based businesses learn from each other and associated professionals to achieve the best outcome.
We are all in this TogetherIn today's podcast Dan & Lejo from Kennerlys discuss how to navigate your business during challenging times. From shortening your business cashflow cycle to the most important relationships you are going to need to get through the tough times ahead, Lejo & Dan also discuss the upcoming JobKEEPER 3.0 changes and extension of other government stimulus programs as well as a brief overview of the obligations around sub-contracting.Lejo is CEO of Kennerlys, a full service accounting and wealth management practice in West Perth who are always seeking the opportunity to assist, challenge and inspire their clients on their financial journey. Kennerlys services assist from setting up a business, bookkeeping and support through to tax and business services, finance, superannuation, investments and wealth management. links:Lejo's linkedin: website: jobkeeper 3.0: tenancy act extension:
In this episode, Martin discusses building a unique framework for living a successful, fulfilling, and happy life with a healthy body and a performance mindset. His vision of helping clients prioritize health, success, and performance, Martin talks about how you find your purpose as a high performer with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. If you are keen to know the importance of health in your everyday tasks, listen to this podcast and there are a lot of important topics discussed.About Martin McPhillimey:Martin McPhilimey is an accredited and experienced Respiratory and Sleep Scientist, as well as an Exercise Physiologist and Behavioural Science Practitioner. With his qualifications, passion, and 15 years of experience in research, fitness, and training, Martin's mission is to create a world of high performing individuals with healthy minds and bodies.Mentioned Links and References:LinkedIn:
Matt King and Ethan Maddocks share about their school-based learnings into their real-life job apprenticeships. Applying what they learned, they have been successfully making a buzz in their careers.Learn their passion, hard work and determination through listening to this podcast!
The lease has been signed and Tradie HQ has a home!307 Selby Street - Osborne ParkTo mark this huge milestone Nick Caldwell from The Mill Gym interviews Dan to get his background, how Tradie HQ was conceived and what can be expected from the facility.
Dan speaks with two of the founders from The Mill Gym about risk, risk management, strategic planning and leadership in business and life. Some great takeaways for everyone from two guys that make risk mitigation and management their lives.Find Dan on LInkedIn here: here: Mill Gym here:
The second part to our tradie panel podcast.
This panel was between:Dan - sparkie (host)Darryl - sparkie (CDI electrics, CDI energy, Royalty Plumbing and Electrical)Christian Meredith (Techbuilt)Bruce Donegan (Donegan Decks)CJ (CJ carpentry)We cover a heap of stuff from site disputes, quoting jobs, standard disparity and lots more.This is an 2 parts as it goes for over 2 hours :-)
Toni runs a company called The Business Planner, and her specialty is outsourcing and the use of virtual assistants or VAs as a means of economic support to handle the tasks that you are able to systemise within your business.Follow Toni here:Facebook: @thebplannerInstagram: @theb.plannerLinkedIn: Email:
Dan chats with Instagram, maritime treasure hunter - Anthony Mearns AKA @the_westoz_prospector.Owner of a Perth based roof plumbing business during the day, Anthony hits the Perth waterways whenever he can to uncover relics and valuables left behind or lost. His adventures have turned up everything from century old Masonic jewellery to anti tank mines!!Follow his adventures here:IG
In this episode Dan interviews the CEO of the Stirling Business Association - Yvonne Atkinson.They cover a range of topics applicable to small businesses from interpersonal relationships, dealing with hardship, moving and adapting with the times and the intricacies of navigating a Zoom conference/event.For more information on what the Stirling Business Association do and offer go to their website and follow them on Facebook here
A follow up from episode 21, in this episode Dan and Lejo discuss the latest release info around the jobKEEPER program, the addition to the cashflow support stimulus package as well as some state government bonuses for those paying payroll tax, utility bills for small businesses and what the banks have on offer.Links for info are as follows:Get in contact with Lejo hereInfo sheet for the jobkeeper program hereRegister your interest in receiving the jobkeeper payments here
Sponsored by Kennerlys, this interview with the CEO - Lejo, briefly covers the various stimulus packages from the State and Federal Governments before delving into strategies around dealing with clients, staff and cashflow leading up to, during and after the events we are faced with in relation to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.The key take away from this interview is communication, whether thats with your clients, team, creditors or family it is paramount that you as the leader of your business, team and family consider your current position, what the future may look like and what your plans are for the future.There is a lot of noise, and a lot of armchair experts - filter out the irrelevant information and only act on what will directly affect you and your interests, getting involved in actions that will be of zero benefit will be tiresome and frivolous.If you are interested in the spreadsheet that Lejo mentioned then send an email to Kennerlys here and ask. Similarly if you need advice, reach out and ask.
This episode is sponsored by Blue Diamond machinery, suppliers of generators, compressors, toolboxes, fuel tanks and trailers plus heaps more for trade based businesses. Check out the range here and give the team a ring on 1300 936 025.This chat with Mike Kilcullen from Plico Energy goes into the program that they are rolling out that aims to build a network of property based solar/battery systems across WA in order to form a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that will support the grid in times of peak load and also assist in frequency/load rectification.For $37.50/week you can have a solar/battery system installed at your property which will not only save you money - in some cases resulting in a net power bill of $0 for the year - but also provide you with a stand alone power source (batteries) which will keep you powered up during an outage!
Episode 19 is sponsored by Direct Image and is an interview between Dan and Sydney based business coach, bookkeeper and soon-to-be published author - Katie Marshall. Katie, a certified "Profit First" coach was at lunch with the founder of the Profit First system - Mike Michalowicz, and after talking with her he suggested that she take on the challenging task of writing the Australian version in the series of books - Profit First for TRADIES!Listen to hear why Katie like working with Tradies, what we do wrong and how the Profit First system can help manage the cashflow of your trade based business.Big thanks to Will Marvell from Marvell Tile and Stone for the introduction.Links:Direct Image - SponsorsEfficient TradiePre-order a copy of Profit First for TradiesProfit First for Tradies AustraliaFacebook group - Profit First for Tradies
This episode of the Tradie HQ podcast is sponsored by Johns Building Supply and James Hardie.In this interview Dan speaks with Lisa Spark, the Director and co-founder (with her husband Jason) of what is now known as the QPC group. Listen in to get an idea of what drives Lisa, what her and Jason set out to achieve from the start and what tools she uses to ensure that she focuses on the tasks that are worthwhile to her while delegating or outsourcing those that aren't.During the podcast Lisa mentions the following:Otter - for voice memo transcribingRich Dad, Poor Dad a book by Robert KiyosakiThe E-Myth - by Michael E Gerber, which comes in a few different versions nowIn the intro I mention that we are hosting an event at Walk thru Floor plans on the 20 Feb 2020. If you would like to come along RSVP to Andrew from Johns Building Supplies - check out the info here
Hey guys - I have received a few messages asking what podcasts and audio books that I listen to so I thought I would do a quick one just to share what I listen to in the hope you get a few new ones :-)Here's the lists:Podcasts:Joe Rogan - podcast - B Peterson - Better Humans Project - Vee - Sunday School - Robbins - Ferriss - Mentor (Mark Bouris) - Tech - on the line - Wolfs Den - one thing - Gary KellerExtreme Ownership, The dichotomy of leadership, Leadership, strategy and tactics - Jocko WillinkAtomic habits - James Cear12 Rules for life - Jordan B PetersonNever split the difference - Chris VossInfluence - Robert CialdiniCan't hurt me - David GogginsAverage 70kg Dickhead - Dan PronkProfit first for contractors - Shawn Van Dyke
In this episode Dan interviews the dynamic duo from Engine Room - Glenn Taylor and Michelle Chafin.The podcast covers everything from team dynamics right through to personal habits, routine and leadership.Engine Room run a host of different workshops, networking events and coaching - for more info check out the below links:
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