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2: Season 12: Episode 2

2: Season 12: Episode 2


Victoria Secret joins the boys to chat episode 2 of Drag Race 12, the recent Sherry Pie disqualification & who will prosper now the queens are re-runited. Find us on IG @sissythatpod.
Guess who's back in the house, Cian and James are joined by @chrisisainmdom to dissect that MAMMOTH first episode back from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12.  Find us on facebook and Instagram @sissythatpod.
Drag Race Season 12 is announced & its time for the boys to discuss the queens from the "Meet The Queens" and runway videos. Let us know your thoughts on IG @sissythatpod.
Queues... queues ... queues across the board! It’s been compared to TanaCon and Fyre Festival ... but - how was she though? James and extra special guest Star Jason Kennedy discuss their weekend at the first ever Drag Con UK ... including a run in with deep friend of the pod Serena Cha Cha 😮
Sissy That Pod: Bonus

Sissy That Pod: Bonus


Sissy That Pod: Bonus by Sissy That Pod
We have a winner, baby. Cian & James unpack all of the shenanigans of the final episode of the series with comedian Gearoid Farrelly. A few tangents include Louise's discography and Jackie Stallones rumpology. Stay in touch with the latest from the show by subscribing and following us on Instagram @sissythatpod
The Kiki: The Final 3

The Kiki: The Final 3


Cian and James go through the season and see who has stood out the most overall. @sissythatpod on Instagram
Drag Race UK: Episode 7 by Sissy That Pod
This week's keep has two fab drag entities, @avocareaction & @cocochanel_no5 to chat all about their event the queer cabaret, how that could become a reality competition and whether they have applied for season 2 and LOTS more so click play, click subscribe, click 5 stars leave an auld review, you know what to do. @sissythatpod on IG
Episode 6 is here and we see the queens market their own bottled water and here to review the show is the super Pixie Woo fresh off the heels of hell tour and from applying for Drag Race UK season 2. We chat about both of these things, an inside scoop on Divina's narrative control how Cheryl was destined to be in the bottom and why the lipsyncs have been, well, shit! @sissythatpod @pixiewooo
This week Cian is joined by comedian Alison Spittle and the two discuss the Frock Destroyers at Eurovision, the essence of a good read and which queens are the best on Twitter. Follow the pod @sissthatpod on Instagram and find Alison @alisonspittle. Don't forget to rate and review! 💗
Lydia L'Scabies

Lydia L'Scabies


Another mini episode, this time Cian chats with Lydia L'Scabies (@lydialscabies) who is a Brighton queen who has worked with Cheryl Hole on the gals aloud tour. She chats about Brighton drag, her predictions for the crown and much more. @sissythatpod
Drag Race UK Episode 5

Drag Race UK Episode 5


This week the queens teamed up as girl groups to sing and dance in front of the judges before turning their best day at the races lewks. Cian teams up to form his own girl group with Bríd & Fionnuala from @bandwagonspodcast who were fresh from recording with the one and only Alaska! Hear it all here. Make sure to rate and review and subscribe etc. Let us know your thoughts in the DMs and let us know if you wanna sign up for the AS5 Fantasy League. @sissythatpod
Cian catches up with Belfast queen Trudy Scrumptious about marriage equality in Belfast, Blu Hydrangea and more. Follow us on Instagram: @sissythatpod @trudyscrumptious82 give us an auld review on iTunes s'il vous plait.
The Kiki: Paul Ryder

The Kiki: Paul Ryder


Paul Ryder joins Cian & James to chat about Ireland's Got Talent, meeting Michelle Visage in the flesh and Drag in Ireland. You can follow us on Insta: @sissythatpod And follow Paul Ryder: @rupaulryder
It's snatch game time and Cian and James are joined in the studio by the super talented singer Áine. Together the critique the queen's snatch game performances and scrutinise the runeay lewks. Also Áine tells us about the time she bumped into Emma Bunton at a party. You can find us on Instagram: @sissythatpod and @_ainemusic Also please leave a review and rate on itunes
James Mitchell, admin of the Ireland's Drag Race fan Facebook page, joins us in the studio to discuss the announced Snatch Game performance this week, Cian breaks down some stats on the position on the Snatch Game panel and the queen's success, and Cian jumps on the phone with BGT semi Finalist and Drag extraordinaire Danny Beard. Instagram: @sissythatpod @jamesmitchelltv @thedannybeard
Drag Race UK: Episode 3

Drag Race UK: Episode 3


This week Geoge DJ and 2FM presenter Conor Behan (@platinumjones) sashays into the studio to help dissect the sewing efforts of the remaining 8 queens. Are there Gemma Collins impressions? Yes. Is there a lot of cackling? Of course! Does Serena Cha Cha get a mention? Maybe. So don't just stand there reading this description, PRESS PLAY! Follow us on instagram @sissythatpod for all the latest including our weekly power ratings. Power Ratings you say? You can send us yours on
Ariana Grindr drops in to tells us about the live shows she hosts in Drop Dead Twice, her faves this season and who she tips for big things next week. Also which queen is the perfect age for winning and who is top of our power rankings? Follow us on Instagram @sissythatpod or send us your power rankings
The queens get their Downton Abbey on in the maxi challenge and their Bond girl gunas on the runway. Cian and James dissect with EXtra special guest host, Bunny O'Hare (IG = @missbunnyohare ) . @sissythatpod on instagram Like and subscribe on Apple Podcast. Review s'il vous plait. Also send your power rankings to us on
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