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Learn more about High Plains Biochar:
Learn more about Beetcoin and buy the book:
Learn more about Fridays for Future: more about Rise Up: 
Learn more about IWCA: https://www.iwcawine.orgRead their annual report HERE 
Thomas Hochman (@thomashochman) is a Fellow at Citizens’ Climate Lobby. His work has been featured in The National Interest, The Washington Examiner, and a number of other outlets.
Here is the new book out of Stanford's D School that Dave mentioned: is Dave's website: 
To learn more, visit Zero FoodprintTo learn more about Restore Colorado, visit: Chef Daniel Asher's video endorsement of Restore Colorado.  
Michael Terrell is Director of Energy at Google and in this interview he shares how Google is using it's unique capabilities and scale to drive the transformation of the global energy system. Google already offsets it's energy use but is now engaging in a moonshot project to draw clean carbon-free energy from the grid 24/7 every day of the year.
Learn More about Renewwest: More about Aclymate:
Learn more about Origin Milk:
Learn more about Flowater: 
Learn more about Desert Mountain: 
What is Regenerative Organic: more about the ROC certification: 
Learn more about ReGenFriends: www.regenfriends.comLearn more about Sustana:
Waves and Beaches has been trusted by generations of oceanographers, scientists, sailors, surfers and anyone with an appreciation for the sea. Now fully revised and updated by McCoy for the climate change era, the new editionis full of science on global warming and rising sea levels, providing clear explanations and detailed resources for the constant battle to preserve the shore.
Learn more about Gradable Carbon:  
Learn more about Citizens' Climate Lobby: 
Learn more about Sodexo's commitment to responsible sourcing :  
Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. His dedication to Kiss the Ground’s mission of “inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil”, has motivated him to develop training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement.
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colin flahive

for anyone looking for a light at the end of this bleak tunnel

Oct 3rd
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