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Bicara Supply Chain is a platform where you will be able to get insights from experts and leaders in the field of supply chain.

Proudly presenting in association with the VCARE Academy , we focus on presenting guidance for solving complex supply chain challenges which help you transform your cost chain into the profitable value chain.

At Bicara Supply Chain, we driving global perspectives to embrace technological adaptation in improving process efficiencies.

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Guest Name: Ednilson Bernardes,  Professor, Supply Chain Management at West Virginia University;  Language: English, Publication date:  Nov, 27. 2020 Dr. Bernardes is a supply chain Professor at West Virginia University (WVU). His primary research focuses on competitive dynamics and innovative practices in supply network operations and integration and innovation in buyer-supplier relationships. He started the Global Supply Chain Management Program at WVU and has been its Program Coordinator. He has served as a guest speaker and delivered talks and seminars to various organizations and countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has co-authored multiple books, including Digital Supply Network: Transform Your Supply Chain and Gain Competitive Advantage with Disruptive Technology and Reimagined Processes. Connect him on Linkedin - Learn more his book on Amazon. In this episode, we ask the following questions: How do you see the trends of digitization in supply chain & what potentially challenges in the next years from now? Help me to understand more about these digitization in the context of supply chain. How does it help to gain a supply chain visibility ?  What advice can you offer to the business on how to implement the supply chain digital tech. in an affective ways? What additional guidance do you think importance in this space ? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Kate Vitasek,  Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education University of Tennessee  Language: English, Publication date:  Nov, 20. 2020 In this episode, the discussion focuses on why organizations need to make the shift to relational contracting and [what] & how to begin to develop a relational contract. Kate Vitasek is an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested ® business model for highly collaborative relationships. Vitasek, a Faculty member at the University of Tennessee, has been lauded by World Trade Magazine as one of the “Fabulous 50+1” most influential people impacting global commerce. Her work has led to 6 books, including: Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing, Vested: How P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft Are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships and Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships. Vitasek is known for her practical and research-based advice for driving transformation and innovation through highly-collaborative and strategic partnerships. She has been appeared on CNN International, Bloomberg, NPR, and on Fox Business News. Her work has been featured in over 300 articles in publications like HBR, Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, CIO Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Journal of Commerce, World Trade Magazine and Outsource Magazine. Connect her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Bernard Gracia,  Dean and Director of European Institute of Purchasing Management.  Language: English, Publication date:  Nov, 11. 2020 Bernard is currently Dean and Director at European institute of purchasing management (EIPM). It is a pioneer in purchasing training in Europe and today stands as the leading Global Centre in Executive Procurement and Supply Management Education. With branches in Geneva and Shanghai and partnerships in Brazil, Dubai, India, Mexico, North America, Poland and South Africa, the Institute has developed a complete range of solutions to meet the training needs of its large base of international clients in all sectors of industry and service. EIPM promotes Procurement and Supply Management as strategic functions with a key role to play in economic transformation. Learn more about EIPM here: In this episode, we ask the following key questions: How do you see the role of purchasing in the recent date where almost every organization faces challenges in their businesses? What are some key skills in purchasing that will be valuable in the coming years?  What advice can you offer to the leader on how to improve their purchasing organization skills? How can the professional body such as EIPM (and others which have a similar program) play a significant role in this space? Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Ishan Galapathy,  Productivity expert. Language: English, Publication date:  Oct, 30. 2020 Ishan is an accomplished facilitator, mentor, speaker, and author in productivity improvement, he works with leaders and teams primarily in the manufacturing sector, to help get more from their businesses and teams than thought possible.  The author of Hidden Growth Opportunities and a regular writer for Inside FMCG where he shares his experiences, insights, and tips into what is required to break through what he calls ‘the daily chaos’. As a speaker, Ishan has appeared over many media platforms and is a regular face at all manufacturing industry events. Ishan’s presentations help his audiences grasp complicated concepts in easy to understand formats. He also shares practical and simplistic tools to implement these concepts effectively. He is regularly booked for his industry keynote on “What to Do Today to Make the Most of Tomorrow’s Industry 4.0 Technology”. Visit his website on In this episode, we'll learn: What is productivity in the context of supply chain? And what would be the best way to increase supply chain productivity ? How does technology help companies to improve their supply chain productivity? Can you elaborate a bit by providing a few examples? How supply chains shall adapt to current trends where Covid-19 has impacted the global supply chain globally? and in terms of supply chain productivity, in which area we have to focus on? Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Jeanette Nyden,  Contracts expert and Author. Language: English, Publication date:  Oct, 20. 2020 Jeanette is a recognized, international expert in the contracting field having authored and/or co-authored a number of white papers, articles, and books.  With more than 20 years of experience drafting and negotiating a variety of agreements, Jeanette guides contract professionals as they negotiate complex performance- and outcome-based agreements. With her assistance, clients enhance their skills at drafting, negotiating and managing complex contracts.  Since 2003, she has been providing tactical, customized mentoring, coaching, consulting and training programs to companies as small as 60 million in revenue, as large as Fortune 500 powerhouses, and state governments. Before that Jeanette was a practicing attorney. For more information visit In this episode, we'll learn: What is meant by the agile process in the context of contract management ? What are some benefits of agile contract management ?  What is the recommendation on how to create an agile contract management (CM) ? How to retain flexibility in the context of contract management (CM) to capture opportunities for learning and change to ensure we actually build the right thing. Connect her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Anthony Clervi,  Managing partner at UNA  Language: English, Publication date:  Oct, 16. 2020 Anthony is an investor, sourcing hero advocate, and managing partner at Una.  As a group purchasing organization, Una partners with the best suppliers to provide businesses access to unbeatable savings on essential products and services. Learn more here: In this episode, you'll learn: What is a GPO (Group purchasing organization) and why should companies care about it? How can they help procurement professionals make procurement cool? How do GPOs work within a procurement strategy? Connect Anthony on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Kwame Christian,  Director at American Negotiation Institute  Language : English, Publication date:  Oct, 07. 2020 Kwame Christian is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute (ANI) where he conducts training that empower professionals to persuade, lead, and resolve conflict more effectively. In addition to his role at ANI, Kwame is a business lawyer at Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP. Kwame represents businesses in a broad scope of legal needs including contract negotiation, business formation, and structuring, finance, transactions (including acquisitions and contract preparation and analysis), employment, and general business and legal counseling. A host of the world's most popular negotiation podcast, Negotiate Anything, Kwame is dedicated to empowering others through the art and science of negotiation and persuasion.  Kwame's TEDx Dayton talk, Finding Confidence in Conflict, was also the most popular TEDx Talk on the topic of conflict in 2017, and has been viewed over 120,000 times. His book, Nobody Will Play With Me: Finding Confidence in Conflict, is an Amazon Best-Seller and has helped countless individuals overcome the fear, anxiety, and emotion often associated with difficult conversations through a branded framework called Compassionate Curiosity. In this episode, you'll learn: The supply chain is a ground for the conflict where each function has its own perspective. Why is a formal process for conflict resolution required in the context of supply chain management? What other things need to be considered when establishing a formal process for conflict resolution? "Win-win" in the context of conflict resolution. Connect Kwame on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Doug Dedman,  President at DBM Systems Inc.  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 30. 2020 Doug is a President at DBM System Inc. He has been working in S&OP in various capacities for over 10 years, but his career working with manufacturers started well before then. He played an instrumental role in developing and growing the S&OP practice that has become the focus of DBM today. Visit the DBM's website: Doug also has taught at Conestoga College in the School of Business, and taught various APICS courses as part of the CPIM program.  He is a frequent speaker at local APICS chapters as well at International Users Conferences. Doug received his Honours BA in Economics from the University of Waterloo, and his MBA from University of Windsor.  He is also certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) with APICS. In this episode, you'll learn: What does an effective S&OP mean? What are the most challenges in S&OP and how to overcome them? What is the role of an executive in S&OP? How to get the support from the CEO ? Connect Doug on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Dr. Tom DePaoli, Author and Leadership trainer, CEO at Apollo solutions  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 23. 2020 Dr. Tom DePaoli is a consultant, trainer and business author. He runs his own consulting Apollo Solutions which does various business project. His interest focus primarily on leadership and process improvement.  Some of his consulting projects included: leadership training, emotional intelligence, information systems projects, re-engineering organizations, transformation, e-procurement, e-commerce, change management, global sourcing and negotiating.  He is also the author of eleven books. They are available on . As a top notch educator and trainer, Dr. Tom as taught at numerous universities and over 200 courses both live and on line. Visit his websites: and In this episode, you'll learn: What is storytelling and why is it essential for business leaders? How to use storytelling as a leadership tool ? How can the art of storytelling guide companies through transformative changes, most recently in the supply chain industry? How to build a leader's capacity for storytelling? Connect Dr. Tom on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : M. Dave Malenfant, Director, Outreach & Partnerships, Center for Supply Chain Innovation at Texas Christian University,  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 15. 2020 M. Dave Malenfant currently serves as Director of Outreach and Partnerships and oversees the Advisory Board for the Center for Supply Chain Innovation at Texas Christian University. Prior to this appointment, Dave served on the Advisory Board for the center from its inception in 2002. With a passion for talent development and career planning, Dave has helped develop the Executive Apprenticeship Program, judged the LINKS simulation game, and assisted students with internships and case competitions. Dave is also Executive Vice President of Industry Liaison and Talent Development for the BSMA (Biotech Supply Management Alliance) responsible for bringing best practices across the Biotech Industry. Dave is recognized for the creative development of standardized systems and business processes, and for developing enabling technology throughout the entire supply chain. During his career, Dave has implemented over 30 different computer systems – WMS, ERP, Finite Scheduling, Product Launch, and Order Entry, among others. Dave serves on the Executive of the DFW CSCMP Roundtable and ISM-Fort Worth. He is past Chairman of the Supply Chain Council and past member of the Executive Committee of NASSTRAC. Given his vast knowledge of the end-to-end, integrated supply chain, Dave is a frequent speaker on Global Supply Chain Trends and Digitalization. He has consistently demonstrated his passion for Supply Chain management, developing talent, and the need to advance Supply Chain theory and innovation throughout a variety of industries In this episode, you'll learn: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be used in the supply chain? What are the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the context of supply chain? What can we expect from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future ? What companies are involved in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ? Connect Dave on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Farzana Shubarna, GLOCAL strategist for supply chain and operations,  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 11. 2020 Farzana is well-known as GLOCAL strategist for supply chain and operations. She has worked across the Americas, Europe and APAC for the FMCG, chemicals (specialty) and also nutrition industries.  Most recently, Farzana is a Global director for collaborative manufacturing at Unilever. Prior to this role, Farzana has spent over two decades in the supply chain & manufacturing leadership for the multinational corporations including DSM, IFF, L'Oreal and Anheuser Busch Inc.  She is a member of the board of advisors at EGN Singapore (The Executive Global Network). Her specialization focus on developing GLOCAL strategy, leading teams towards optimum efficiency and delivering memorable service to the customers. In this episode, you'll learn: What does it mean “GLOCAL Strategy” and why now is it so important ? What are the key prerequisites of successful GLOCAL strategy for supply chain? How the supply chain impact of GLOCAL strategy implementation ? Connect her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Suuchi Ramesh, Founder and CEO at Suuchi Inc.,  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 07. 2020 Suuchi Ramesh is a Founder and CEO at Suuchi Inc.  It is a next-generation supply chain management platform. Suuchi's software, the Suuchi GRID, allows businesses to manage their entire supply chain from product ideation through distribution in a single system while collecting valuable data to make informed business decisions. Prior to Suuchi, Inc., she worked at VC-backed tech unicorns. She believes technology is the answer to reinventing a legacy industry.  Learn more on In this episode, you'll learn: What is the data in supply chain and why is it so important? How can data improve the supply chain operations moving forward? How to organize the data operations in alignment with the supply chain strategy? A few examples of how supply chain platforms help companies to manage their entire end-to-end supply chain by elaborating on the role of data? Connect her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Jill Robbins,  President at Business Fierce  Language : English, Publication date:  Sep, 03 2020 Jill Robbins is a President at Business Fierce; a strategic consulting firm focused on (i) elevating the skills of sales and account management professionals selling to Procurement and Supply Chain, (ii) arming organizations with skills and a culture of how to buy smart and  (iii) maximize the top line and bottom line.  For the last 20+ years, Jill has been a successful serial Entrepreneur, while functioning daily as an “intrapreneur” in Corporate America.  She has served in a variety of executive leadership roles, including Global Procurement, Lean Six Sigma, and Business Development; delivering more than $50 million in annual bottom line savings and $28 million top line margin growth, improving ROI through training sales teams how to effectively negotiate with Procurement and cultivating a culture of buying smart. As an entrepreneur, Jill has built and sold businesses, coaches young entrepreneurs and written a children’s book. Her motto "“Sell better. Buy SMART.” Learn her profile on : In this episode, you'll learn: First things to do in the negotiation processes Winning the negotiation; A few tips and trips on how to deal with a difficult & powerful suppliers / customers Improve the value of the outcome of negotiation Connect her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Deborah Dull,  Circular nomad, Principal: Manufacturing product management at GE Digital Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 31 2020 Deborah Dull is a Principal, Manufacturing product management at GE Digital where she leads continuous improvement and optimization of industrial production processes . Prior to this role, she has worked for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as Program Officer, Health supply chains and before that she spent about 6 (six) years at Microsoft as Senior Manager, Retail Channel Operations. She obtained a Master of science in Supply chain and operations management from University of Liverpool with thesis focused on the digital supply chain. She enjoys the travel, solves for circularity and loves supply chain. Visit her website on: In this episode, you'll learn: What is circular in a supply chain ? and what does a supply chain need in a circular economy ? What are steps to build a circular supply chain? How the business leader shall adopt the changes in circular supply chain? Connect Deborah on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Justin Goldston, PhD,  Professor in project and supply chain management at Penn State University Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 25. 2020 Justin Goldston, PhD is a Professor in project and supply chain management at Penn State University.  He obtained the Doctor of Philosophy in Management (Leadership & organizational change) from Walden University.  His specialization focuses on Supply chain management,  Agile project management, ERP and Blockchain implementation.  With his love for technology and his passion to make a positive impact on social change, Dr. Goldston has made it his mission to bring technological knowledge and capabilities to the people. He is also a member of The Blockchain Council, The World Blockchain Association, and The Government Blockchain Association. In today's episode, you'll learn: How does the blockchain disrupt supply chain businesses? What are the technology & capabilities required for taking a benefit from a blockchain? In the recent eras where the supply chain faces complex challenges, what are to be a key priority when implementing a blockchain? A few examples from a real-cases study where a company/organization has successfully led a project in the implementation of blockchain and then gain a competitive benefit). Connect with him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Roddy Martin,  Chief Digital Strategist at Tracelink  Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 21. 2020 Roddy Martin is a Chief digital strategist at Tracelink where he brings more than 36 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, technology  and digital transformation.  Prior to this role, he has worked for several a leading global companies such as :Global SCM Cloud Product Marketing Oracle, SME SCM Transformation Projects ; Zinata Inc., (Retired) Partner / Managing Director Accenture SCM Strategy, SVP AMR Research / Gartner - Global SC Research, Best Practices and Benchmarking, Trusted SC Advisor to Leading Global Chief SC Officers, and others. Roddy is also known as an independent thought leader, coach and mentor. About Tracelink:  is the leading digital platform company for the life science supply chain, bringing hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations together for the greater good of the patient. TraceLink's digital solutions bring the precision, agility and visibility necessary for all members of the pharmaceutical ecosystem to thrive in a world where unplanned events and business disruptions are the "next normal." In today's episode, we cover the topic on "Why supply chain network operating models need new digital technology platforms" where our discussion focuses on: What's driving supply chain transformation, How does the transformation help company to improve their end-to-end supply chain's visibility ?, How platforms transform and what's capability ? Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Amit Sinha,  Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting  Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 17. 2020 Amit Sinha is  currently a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting, and based in the U.S. He is an expert and a published author in the areas of Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Management, and Digital Supply Networks. Amit has got specialization in business process reengineering and supply chain solution modeling in Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Forecasting, Supply Planning, Detail Production Scheduling, Inventory Optimization, and Supply Chain Analytics.   He is an engineer and an MBA by education with multiple industry certifications (SAP SCM solution consultant, IBP training, Six-sigma, Retail Industry Leaders association and HPQC) related to supply chain management and project management. Amit is an author with McGraw-Hill higher education in Supply chain & operations management stream, with his published book "Supply Chain Management: A Managerial Approach"; and is a recognized subject matter expert and guest lecturer at multiple business management schools in US and Europe. Amit is also the author of the SAP IBP book from SAP Press. His most recent book- 'Digital Supply Network' is among the best sellers in the new released business books list. In today's episode, we cover the topic on "Transforming the supply chain with disruptive technology" and we ask Amit the following questions: How does the transformation in a supply chain affect the businesses ? What are the technologies and capabilities about these? and most importantly, what advice can you offer for the business leader when they wanted to start the transformation ? Do you recommend any playbook or steps to transform the supply chains to DSN (Digital Supply Network)? Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Bob Pojasek,  Managing director at Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability (CPS)  Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 13. 2020 Bob Pojasek is sustainability and sustainable development consultant, doing business as Pojasek & Associates LLC. He teaches an online, action-learning course in organizational sustainability at Harvard University. This course has been offered online to students from 50 countries over the past 18 years at Harvard University. He recently became a Member of the Education and Research Executive Board (EREB), the “leaders onboard with VCARE.” In the past four months, Bob worked with some of his past students to launch The Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability. CPS offers competency-based courses on the international “high-level structure” for organizational sustainability by leveraging ISO standards and risk management frameworks. This structure is used by a large corporation, its operating facilities, and its supply chain to create a program that leverages the new and revised ISO management system standards. Focus areas at the Center include sustainable development, social responsibility, resource productivity, pollution prevention, and risk management. The Center is looking forward to offering its first four courses in early September.  Visit more on In this episode, we ask Bob the following questions: We see many leaders interviewed on the improvement that they have inspired in the organizations that they run. How does innovation happen in a well-run sustainability program? A lot of people understand improvement and innovation. What is this process you are calling learning? How does the organization know that these activities are working to deliver continual improvement and innovation? Connect Bob on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Ed Weenk,  Freelance SCM trainer, teacher, consultant and author, Language: English, Publication date:  Aug, 08. 2020 Ed Weenk is a freelance supply chain trainer, teacher, consultant, and author. His specialization focuses on experiential learning and business gaming.  He obtained an MSc. degree in business administration from Erasmus University / Rotterdam School of Management and a Professional Doctorate in Engineering, PDEng, a degree in Supply Chain Management from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.  Ed published his first book titled "The Perfect Pass. What the manager can learn from the football trainer" and then published the 2nd book in 2019 titled "Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications". In this episode, we ask Ed the following questions: How do you see current trends in supply chain games simulation? What would be the best approach to deliver this message of the importance of having a supply chain games in a company or organization? And then make it an alternative to learning media? What is the best recommendation on how to change people's perception on game simulation as learning media? Connect Ed on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Helen Mackenzie,  Principal Advisor at Procurious  Language : English, Publication date:  Aug, 05. 2020 Helen is a Principal Advisor at Procurious where she is responsible for supporting the development of CPO Roundtables in the UK and Europe, webinar and podcast products, and grow the Procurious community. In addition, she is also supporting the delivery of Procurious 2.0. Prior to this role, she was Head of Procurement and Exchequer Services at Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar, UK. Procurious ( is the world’s first online business community dedicated to procurement and supply chain professionals. With over 40,000 members from around the globe, Procurious aims to empower procurement leaders to connect, collaborate, and take a more innovative professional outlook. To learn more about Procorious, please visit the website: In this episode, we ask Helen the following questions: What are the challenges of leaders in the new supply chain world?  Why is the field of SCM lagging behind in choosing women as leaders? What are the impacts of women leadership in a variety of SC roles? What is the future of women's leadership in SCM? Connect Helen on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
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