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Bicara Supply Chain is a platform where you will be able to get insights from experts and leaders in the field of supply chain.

Proudly presenting in association with the International Institute of Value Chain Applications Research & Education, Canada , we focus on presenting guidance for solving complex supply chain challenges which help you transform your cost chain into the profitable value chain.

At Bicara Supply Chain, we driving global perspectives to embrace technological adaptation in improving process efficiencies.

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Guest Name : Dustin Cochran,  Managing director at OMNIA Partners  Language : English, Publication date:  July, 04. 2020 Dustin is a Managing director at OMNIA Partners, based in the US, where he helps organizations better leverage their spend along with ~600 other members of OMNIA Partners to deliver better savings, speed and stewardship of 50+ indirect spend categories through Group Purchasing. He has been recognized as a Supply & Demand Chain Executive "Pro to Know" for 2017 & 2019.  He is also the founder of CPONext, is a procurement organization that is focused on Young Professionals & bridging the perceived “skills gap”, enabling the next generation of procurement leaders. In this episode, we discuss: What do you believe to be the key challenges facing your customers and their supply chains in the year ahead? What the advice can you offer to the supply chain & procurement leaders to overcome these challenges ? At the recent situation where uncertainty is becoming a major issues for many business; what are a top priority they (i.e supply chain & procurement leaders) need to focuses on? Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Bob Pojasek,  Managing director at Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability (CPS)  Language : English, Publication date:  July, 02. 2020 Bob Pojasek is a sustainability and sustainable development consultant, doing business as Pojasek & Associates LLC. He teaches an online, action-learning course in organizational sustainability at Harvard University. This  course has been offered to online to students from 50 countries over the past 18 years at Harvard University. He recently became a Member of the Education and Research Executive Board (EREB) , the “leaders onboard with VCARE.” In the past four months, Bob worked with some of his past students to launch The Center for Corporate Performance & Sustainability. CPS offers competency-based courses on the international “high-level structure” for organizational sustainability by leveraging ISO standards and risk management frameworks. This structure is used by a large corporation, its operating facilities and its supply chain to create a program that leverages the new and revised ISO management system standards. Focus areas at the Center include: sustainable development, social responsibility, resource productivity, pollution prevention, and risk management. The Center is looking forward to offering its first four courses in early September.  Visit more on: In this episode, we discuss: What is organizational sustainability What international management systems are use with the “high-level structure” to create a basic organizational sustainability program at the supplier level? What is the six pillars of  an organizational sustainability program that is consistent with the “high-level structure”? How does this structure differ from the current sustainability programs ? Connect Bob on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Lourdes Coss, MPA, CPPO,  Principal Owner at M.L. Coss and Associates, LLC  Language : English, Publication date:  June 26. 2020 Lourdes is an author, executive coach, professional speaker, consultant and trainer who specializes in procurement, personal development, leadership, and transformation. She is the principal owner at M.L. Coss and Associates, LLC.  Before running her own business, she held Chief Procurement Officer  (CPO) and executive level positions in some of the largest government organizations in the US. She dedicated most of her career to successfully leading procurement transformations resulting in multi-million financial and operational efficiencies. Visit her website on: In this episode we discuss: How does procurement reduce cost What are the basic steps in the procurement cost savings How to develop the strategy in procurement to be inline with a cost savings target What’re other considerations for procurement savings ? And any specific areas we should focus on ? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Dyci Manns Sfregola, CSCP,  Supply chain consultant at Akili Inc. Language : English, Publication date:  June 22. 2020 Dyci is a supply chain consultant at Akili Inc. The business management and technology consulting firm founded in 1992 with core purpose is to improve the business performance of the clients through the application of people, process and technology. Dyci's specialization focuses on: Sales & operations planning (S&OP), Supply and inventory management and Supply chain visibility & collaboration. She hold a certification as a Certified Supply Chain Professional from APICS, a certified Anaplan model builder and also a member of CSCMP. Dyci received the BA in Spanish from the University of Georgia where she was named a UGA Amazing Student and recognized by BET’s Black Girls Rock as a M.A.D. Girl (Making A Difference) for her work in global development and education.  Read a full bio of Dyci here: In this episode we discuss: The essential of Sales & operations planning (S&OP); The key principles and paradigm How a better executive S&OP maturity models can help a business to improve their results ? The main challenges in the implementation of S&OP Other key takeaways. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Karthik Rama,  Procurement Doctor Language : English, Publication date:  June 17. 2020 Karthik Rama is a Procurement consultant and known as "Procurement Doctor". His specialize focuses on the procurement transformation and has already 13+ years in helping organizations from varied industries, from all over the world. Connect him on Linkedin: In this episode we discuss: The essential of tender management and why does it matter for the business The benefits of having a tender management for a buyer and seller A features of TMS (Tender management system) Things to keep in mind after implementing the Tender Management system --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Harry Purwoko,  Director at Sembada Pratama, The school of supply chain Language : English, Publication date:  June 13. 2020 Harry purwoko is a Director at Sembada pratama, the school of supply chain based in Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition, he is Director for the company call "Gok Perdana Solusindo" where focuses on providing a business coaching & boosting the profitability. Prior to this role, he has worked for several logistics companies including : Damco and DHL when he was appointed as director of national sales. He also been teaching the subject of logistics and supply chain at Institut Transportasi dan Logistik Trisakti, Indonesia. Connect him on: Highlighted-questions from the Show Include: The customer accommodation and it's position in a supply chain process-flow. A key elements of customer accommodation What advice can you offer to a supply chain leader when they wanted to start & empower this a customer accommodation ?  --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Dr. Martin Kotula,  Global VP & Head of Value Advisory for Spend Management Language : English, Publication date:  May, June 10. 2020 Dr. Martin Kotula is a Global VP and Head of Value advisory for spend management at SAP. In a current role, he is leading a global team and being part of SAP's Center of Excellence for Spend Management. Helping companies and colleagues to drive digital transformation across the source-to-pay processes. Thought Leader, Presenter, Moderator and Evangelist. Prior to this position, Martin was Chief Value Advisor Strategic Customers and previously was Senior Director - Network Value Engineering MEE & EMEA-South at a same company (SAP). Visit more on: Highlighted-questions from the Show Include: Brief on what is intelligent spend management ; what advice can you offer to procurement leaders when they wanted to start this journey ? The benefits of having intelligent spend management and why it matters for the business ? How can this tool tackle current issues on spend & procurement management ?  (i.e Best practices on implementation) Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Daniele Moreschi,  Sales Director at ProcureCon Language : English, Publication date:  May, June 06. 2020 Daniele is a Sales director at ProcureCon where he connects a procurement professionals with other leading minds through exciting conferences, networking events, and exceptional custom content. He runs three leading events for CPOs and senior procurement executives for both direct and indirect spend plus three category specific ones for Marketing, IT and HR spend. Prior to this role, Daniele was a Sales director at Worldwide business research.  The ProcureCon event series brings together a unique blend of Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain experts from across all industries to share their experiences and knowledge with a team of people who truly embrace the strategically important field of Procurement. Visit on: Highlighted-questions from the Show Include: Adapting to the changes in ensuring that the process of learning is kept going well. What advice can you offer to make the path better and more effective in a fun way ? What the learning method looks like after Covid-19 where it is still unpredictable when it'll be ended. Let me know your view on this ? Changing the way of learning path by looking the evolution of seminars, conferences and etc. Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Rebecca Howard,  Director at ADR International. Language : English, Publication date:  May, June 02. 2020 Rebecca is the Director of Learning for ADR International and has over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering local, regional and global procurement training. She works closely with procurement executives and capability managers to design and build their procurement academies to close the capability gap. Typically, academies use a mixture of offline and online content to provide a blended learning experience that delivers a sustainable improvement in purchasing team performance. Prior to this role, she was a senior consultant at KPMG and previously was a senior buyer at the British airways.  Connect her on Linkedin: Highlighted-questions from the Show Include: What actually defines a leader? And how can procurement professionals work towards asserting themselves as leaders in their sector? What are the essential skills and capabilities that differentiate high performance from the average of procurement professionals ? How can I become a good procurement leader ? What leads to being a successful leader ? What is the impact of a good leadership in procurement to the organization and business ? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV, CSP, CIAP,  Innovative sourcing & procurement leader.  Language : English, Publication date:  May, 31. 2020 Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV, CSP, CIAP was inducted into SIG Sourcing Supernova  Hall of Fame in 2018 for pioneering leadership in strategic sourcing,  procurement, supplier innovation, and digital transformation. The  bestselling author of 19 books, he has been interviewed by FOX, The Jim  Bohannon Show, Computerworld, Forbes, Art of Procurement, Police  Magazine, and more. He is also a contributing author to the  Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), Strategic Sourcing  in the New Economy, Unpacking Collaborative Bidding, Ask an Expert,  Fighter’s Fact Book 2, Wicked Wisdom, Campfire Tales from Hell, Beyond  the Picket Fence, and The Problem of Practical Karate. Connect him on Linkedin: Highlights from the Show Include: Lawrence explains the essential of supplier diversity and why does it matter for the organizations and businesses. The value of having a supplier diversity; what and where there are opportunities. A few tips in making a diversity happens in procurement --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Andreas Kemmner,  CEO A&K-Group.  Language : English, Publication date:  May, 29. 2020 Andreas is the CEO for Abels & Kemmner (A&K) Group, specialized in the design, the  implementation and the optimization of market synchronized supply and  production chains and the automation of all related planning processes. He has been working in logistics for over 25 years, managed more than 250 national and international projects, concerning the optimization of supply chains regarding cost, inventory, delivery readiness and lead time. Abels & Kemmner was founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the  Institute for Industrial Management (FIR eV) at the RWTH Aachen  University by the two engineers and economists Dr. Götz-Andreas Kemmner  and Dr. Helmut Abels. Today, Abels & Kemmner focuses on two areas: Supply chain and  logistics optimisation as well as restructuring and productivity  improvement. This linkage of specialist knowledge with general management issues characterises the work of all A&K  consultants. In 2005, A&K opened an office in London to focus specifically on the UK market. Abels & Kemmner is one out of 23 German consultancy which has been awarded TOP Consultant for the German Mittelstand in 2013, 2014/15 and just recently 2016. Visit more on: In this episode, we cover: How to manage and control the cost within a supply chain Finding the cost's opportunity and a few example of the quick-wins of optimizing a supply chain cost. Internal vs. external cost's opportunity and how to overcome them. Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Rodney Apple,  Founder and managing partner at SCM Talent group.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 27. 2020 Rodney Apple serves as the Managing Partner of SCM Talent Group which he  founded back in August of 2004 in Atlanta, GA. He has been completely  specialized in end-to-end supply chain recruitment since 2001 when he  joined The Home Depot (Fortune 13 at the time) to lead the recruitment  for their very first supply chain department. Rodney went on to lead all  professional and executive supply chain recruitment for The Coca-Cola  Company for 6+ years followed by a few other clients that included  Kimberly-Clark, Cummins and PWC. Rodney’s passion for the field of supply chain management is evident  through his involvement within the industry and various supply chain  associations. He has presented at CSCMP and APICS global conferences,  has been serving as the Career Coach for ASCM (formerly APICS) since 2014, and in 2017 became an APICS Magazine Department Author, contributing articles under “Professional Development”. Rodney also authors the Supply Chain Talent Blog where he shares best practices in supply chain recruiting, leadership  development, job search strategy, resume optimization, interviewing  techniques and related topics. Visit more on: In this interview, Rodney explains why mentorship matters in a supply chain career: The benefits of mentorship program Advise to the leader for starting the mentorship program in their organization Do's and Don'ts for a mentors and mentees Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Benard Odote,  Co-founder at TTP Procurement Foundation.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 2. 2020 Benard is a procurement executive. He is a co-founder at TTP procurement foundation, it’s a not-for-profit (NGO) to pioneer 4th industrial revolution technologies providing scalable and sustainable solutions to the benefit of all participants. Additionally, he is Advisory Board at the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance & Birmingham City University (CCEG-BCU) 4IR Research Centre and Director at  FURSA supplier discovery portal. TRANSNATIONAL TRANSPARENT PROCUREMENT (TTP) FOUNDATION; TTP Foundation pledge is to create a better future through resource management using the latest 4th industrial revolution technologies of AI, Blockchain and IoT to equip young professionals for growth and impact the wealth of their organizations, their communities, and ultimately their nations; the resource management of everything that has intrinsic value to society such as natural sustainable riches, intellectual assets and even financial instruments including procurement spend. Visit more on:;; In this episode, we cover: Supply chain's performance and future challenges on demand complexity Improving the bottom-line performance A quick wins Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Stephan de Barse,  Executive vice president at o9 Solutions Inc.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 23. 2020 Stephan is a EVP (Executive vice president) at o9 Solutions where he is responsible for driving digital transformation with some of the leading fortune-500 companies. He holds a BSc and MSc in Accountancy and an Executive Master of Finance and Control from Nyenrode Business University (The Netherlands). In addition, Stephan holds an Executive MBA degree at BI Norwegian Business School which comprises of modules at UC Berkeley Haas, California, USA and Nan Yang University of Singapore. As the market leader in decision management software, o9 Solutions helps the world's best companies in Consumer Products & Goods, Retail & Apparel, and Industrial Manufacturing. With solutions that cover integrated business planning, revenue management, and supply chain management, we service our customers on their terms — mobile, laptop, email — by connecting all of the information used in a company, both internal and external.  Visit the website on: In this episode, we cover: The IBP process is a key component for any organization to remain competitive and streamline operations accordingly. Current trends of IBP and a few key challenges on the implementation The next generation of IBP can helps the organization to manage the complexity of demands. Advice to the business leader in improving the maturity levels of IBP. A few case study - best practices Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Ken Titmuss,  CEO at  Ken Outsourcing Services.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 21. 2020 Ken is a Supply Chain, Operations and Manufacturing consultant. He has run his own business, Kent Outsourcing Services, and has worked with well over 200 companies assisting them in all aspects of their manufacturing planning and control systems and providing their employees with education courses to raise their level of understanding of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Ken has been very involved with SAPICS for last 30 years from running the Cape Town Chapter, to being on the Board of Directors and holding the position of President for two terms of 2 years. Ken is an APICS Master Instructor for the CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, Principles Series, Lean Program as well as for the APICS Instructor Development Programs. He is also Member of VCARE’s Education and Research Executive Board (EREB), Canada. In this episode we cover the top ten reasons that contribute to Inaccurate Inventory; starting from education and training, cycle counting, Policies, Procedures and Computer Work Instructions, Housekeeping, Receiving, Warehouse Security, Visible Performance Measures, Shipping, Discipline, Continuous Improvement. Connect him on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Canda Rozier,  President at  Collabra consulting.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 19. 2020 Canda is a former Chief Procurement Officer at multiple global companies, who lead the formation of the global sourcing and procurement organizations, and drove P2P transformation. She currently is  President of Collabra Consulting, which focuses on sourcing and procurement projects.  In 2019 Canda was awarded the SIG Sourcing Star award for thought leadership in strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier management.  She known as a proven leader in designing and executing sustainable process and operational improvements and has an extensive experience in acquisition due diligence and integration, divestiture of operating units, and sourcing synergies. Connect with her on : Highlighted questions: What are negotiation process in procurement; and why does it play a critical role in today’s business? What are key success factors for an effective procurement negotiation? What advice can you offer to the procurement professional to improve their negotiation skills ? Can you please tell us any tips and techniques for winning the negotiation ? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Jarot Anorogo,  Principal consultant at  PQM Consultant.  Language : Indonesian, Publication date:  May, 16. 2020 Jarot is a principal consultant at PQM consultant, based in Indonesia. He has worked for more than 20 years in the field of operations and supply chain. Prior to this role, he was working in various roles at multi national companies such as : Panasonic and ADR Group. His specialization focuses on: Lean implementation, Supply chain management, Agile and design thinking, Total productive management,  TQM and core tools, and also business process improvement.  As principal consultant, he helps company in implementing a Lean and effective supply chain management, this including the industry in sectors of banking & financial, services and healthcare. Visit more on : He hold B.Sc and M.Sc in Industrial Engineering and certified supply chain professional (CSCP) from the APICS, US. Highlighted questions: How do you see a current trends of Supply chain and our people's capabilities to support the growth of supply chain in Indonesia and region? How do you see a profession of supply chain recently ? What are key skills and competencies need for a professional in supply chain? What advice can you offer to the business leader for scale up their supply chain (i.e in term of people, system, business process etc...) Can you please us the success story from your client when their improving the supply chain? Connect him on LInkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Adebayo Adeleke,  President and CEO at  Adebayo Adeleke LLC.  Language : English, Publication date:  May, 14. 2020 Adebayo Adeleke is President and CEO at Adebayo Adeleke LLC. He is an entrepreneur, retired U.S Army Officer and global thought leader. Adebayo is also a Managing Partner at Pantote Solutions LLC (Dallas, TX), a Principal Partner and Senior Supply Chain Consultant for Epot Consulting Limited and a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Sam Houston State University. He is also a distinguished member of the bipartisan New American Economy, a coalition of business leaders and Mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence policymakers and public opinion towards comprehensive immigration reforms. His profound knowledge and expertise in the fields of Risk Management and Security, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Leadership and Geopolitics, Diversity and Inclusion makes him a positive influencer, thought leader and generator of authentic ideas and novel scenarios that birth winning experiences for individuals, organizations, and governments.  Visit more on :  The following questions were being asked : Leadership is playing a critical role in supply chain management; especially in order to address the demands of a global economy. What is your view on this ? Adopting dynamic leadership behaviors may be what supply chain functions need to close the skills gaps and retain in the strategic-talent.  Can you please tell us a bit about the dynamic leadership ?  and how has the organization put these dynamic leadership into practice This is a question we have been asked numerous times by the CEOs searching for the right person to lead their supply chain strategies: What are the critical skills of supply chain leaders ? Connect him on LInkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Dr. Marcell Vollmer,  Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis.  Language : English, Publication date:  May, 12. 2020 Marcell is Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis where  he focuses on supporting customers and partners to define and execute digital transformation strategies globally.  Prior to this role he was Chief Digital Officer at SAP where he drove strategies to help the world’s leading companies to eliminate procurement and supply chain complexity. Before that he was Chief Procurement Officer at SAP where he led over 200 professionals who managed billions in global spend volume and created a shared services team. Prior to that he held strategic project and finance roles roles at SAP. Before SAP, he worked for DHL Express as a manager of several integration projects in finance, controlling and HR. He earned his degree in Economics from the University of Hamburg in Germany. About Celonis Celonis ( is the New York- and Munich-based leader in Enterprise Performance Acceleration software. Built on the process mining technology it pioneered, its Intelligent Business Cloud helps organizations to rapidly remove operational friction to become a superfluid enterprise. Companies around the world including Siemens, L’Oreal, Uber, Citi, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and extraordinary customer experiences. The following questions were being asked : How do you see the major trends in driving digital transformation disruption in 2020 and beyond ? What advice can you offer to the business leader when they want to start the transformation ? What are key success factors in implementing the digital transformation ? Why talent is the core factor for digital transformation objectives ? What are typically a major challenges and how to deal with uncertainty when companies are doing the transformation. Connect him on LInkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name : Susan Walsh,    Founder at The Classification Guru.  Language : English, Publication date:  May, 10. 2020 Susan is a founder at The classification guru. She has years of experience in classifying data; working with multiple taxonomies. She’s worked at the core of data classification, and has managed, trained and developed large teams of data classifiers. Prior to that, she had the first business, a women's clothing shop, and before that she spent a decade in sales and account management in FMCG organisations, which gives her the unique position of observing the data from both a technical and corporate perspective. The classification guru helps businesses and procurement professionals solve the problem of getting reliable insights from their spend data in order to save money and make better business decisions that they can deliver back to their organisation faster and more cost-effectively than using large consultancies or spend analytics providers. See the details on : The following questions were being asked : How do you see the importance of data strategy in a procurement’s role? What advice can you offer to the procurement leaders on how to build a more “clean” and “structured” data, so that they can be beneficial for supporting the spend-management and other purposes in procurement’s role? What are key success factors in building a data strategy ? Many leaders say that the future of procurement is data driven. What are your thoughts on this ? Do you see any correlation with building a data strategy which we’re talking about ? Connect her on LInkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
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