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Guest Name: Fithra Faisal, Executive Director at Next Policy, Language: English, Publication date: May, 21. 2022 Recognized as one of the most prominent economists in Indonesia, Fithra was appointed as the official spokesperson of the MoT (Ministry of trade) of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020. He is widely featured in the regional and global news media coverage as a talented economic pundit. He's also appointed as the commissioner of Infra Digital Nusantara and the Executive director at Next Policy who is actively giving advice on the nation's economic issues. Fithra holds a Ph.D in International economics from Waseda University, Japan. You can connect with Fithra over on Linkedin here and on his website. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What's your view on Indonesia’s GDP in the first quarter of 2022? In relation to the global supply chains, What could be impacting to Indonesia’s economy? Jokowi, President of Republic of Indonesia, met Elon Musk on Saturday last week in Texas US to discuss potential investments and technology. What would you see after that meeting? Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Sandeep Sreekumar, Founder and COO at IndustryApps, Language: English, Publication date: May, 16. 2022 Sandeep Sreekumar, Founder and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at IndustryApps, the World's first Appstore for Industry 4.0. Prior to this role, he has spent more than 17 years of experience in industrial digitalization driving large-scale Industrial programs across the globe. Former Global Digital Operations head for German DAX company.  Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What makes digital transformation particularly relevant in a VUCA world? What do you think is the biggest challenge when driving & acceralating a digital transformation? What approach would you suggest for companies looking to accelarate their digital transformation? What’s the future of digital transformation? You can connect with Sandeep over on Linkedin.  Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Ragnar Lorentzen, Chief Commercial Officer at HICX Language: English, Publication date: April, 29. 2022 Ragnar Lorentzen is Chief Commercial Officer of HICX. Ragnar joined in October 2018 and leads the sales, pre-sales, business development and alliances teams and overseas commercial strategy, process and performance. Ragnar chairs the newly formed Supplier Experience Community. This is a forum in which procurement technology leaders can share ideas, interact and learn how to become supplier centric, to aid digital transformation. Prior to HICX Ragnar was part of the founding management team of Procurement Leaders’ research and advisory business and led the business unit growth to over 500 clients. He holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Norwegian Business School and an MBA from Durham University and is a regular contributor at Procurement and Supply Chain events. Ragnar lives in London his with wife and 3 young children and loves spending time outdoors, exercising or reading.   Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: It’s no secret that supplier data is an ongoing challenge for large multi-national manufacturers. Could you expand on this data challenge? What does bad data look like, and how does it impact organizations and their suppliers? HICX is pioneering the Supplier Experience Management movement. Could you please explain what this entails? How does Supplier Experience Management (SEM) differ from Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) ? Connect with himr on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten, Global Changemaker at Environmental sustainability, Language: English, Publication date: April, 23. 2022 Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten is Global Changemaker in the field of sustainable living. She is part of the UN ECE Task Force on Digitalization in Energy, part of the advisory committee for the UN Environmental Program West Asia Frontiers Report, and member of the advisory board of the International Sustainability Forum. In her project “Fascinating facts about nature and sustainability” (, she makes scientific work available in easy to understand articles. This makes it easier for us to put scientific insights into practice and use them to make a positive difference for our planet. On Twitter, she shares how living more environmentally friendly makes us happier, healthier and wealthier. In her 365 Sustainable Decisions Challenge, she shares simple ideas on how she makes her daily life more environmentally friendly ( Her mottos: “A better world starts with yourself” and “together we can achieve more”. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What is your view on the current trend of sustainability? What is the relation between AI development and sustainability goal?  How can AI enable a sustainable future? What support do we need in order to utilize the implementation of AI in the sustainabillity project? Connect with her on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Max Kent, VP of Global Procurement at Compleat Software, Language: English, Publication date: March, 12. 2022 Max is Vice President of Compleat Software and is responsible for the Compleat Procure (Digital Procurement) division. He oversees the Strategic, Divisional and Global relationships with clients, partners, the senior leadership team and the wider business. Compleat offers Invoice Automation, Data Capture and Spend Analytics tools. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What does sustainability mean in procurement? How digital procurement can help to build sustainability ? What advice can you offer to the business leader on how to integrate their digital transformation into sustainability goals? How do you see the trends of procurement sustainability in recent days? Is there any major developments in term of technology, market, policy, challenges & opportunity? Connect with Max on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Aleksandr Sidorec, Advisory Partner @ Cognizant, Industry 4.0 & Digital TwinsLanguage: English, Publication date: March, 01. 2022 As Industry+ Partner @ Cognizant, Aleksandr Sidorec is on a mission of boosting industrial and manufacturing revolution by supporting companies on their value chain transformation journey leveraging technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Before shifting to the technology sector, Aleksandr delivered global and regional supply chain turnaround, digitalization, and optimization initiatives for the top Fortune 500 companies: Olam International, Holcim, Johnson & Johnson, Zeppelin / Caterpillar, and Procter & Gamble. Aleksandr is actively involved into startup ecosystems and blends this with his own PhD work related to design of autonomous supply chain systems and leverage of inventive problem solving in domain of supply chain engineering. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: Industry 4.0 has been a major force framing the society, economic and technological environment after 2010. What industry trends do you see developing over the next five to ten years? What are the driving factors of enterprise transformation? What are key challenges & opportunities for the industry transformation? Could you please share a few example of stories when you did sucessfully manage the transformation project with the team? Do you think that tool/technology play an important role for the transformation? How does it work? Connect with Aleksandr at: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Izin Akioya, Editor and managing partner at Supply Chain Africa, Language: English, Publication date: Feb, 12. 2022 Izin Akioya is a Multidisciplinary Consultant & Entrepreneur. She is a fellow of the royal society of arts, manufactures and commerce, non-profit vice president marketing and board executive, co-host of the Africa Futures podcast and editor at Supply Chain Africa. A Nigerian native, maximalist fashion and travel lover, she is obsessed with her life’s mission: change through transformative, empathic and sustainable contributions. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What is your view on Africa's position in the global trade market? Have you seen any major developments in the last few decades? In march 2018, African countries signed a landmark trade agreement, the African continental freetrade agreement (AfCTA); What is the objective of AfCTA ?  How can the African countries take advantage of the benefits for the trade agreement? Are there any opportunities to leverage e-commerce and digital goods for competitiveness? Connect with Izin at : --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Philip Auinger, Supply chain career coach, Language: English, Publication date: Jan,26th. 2022 Philip Auinger is known as the Career Companion, a coach specialized on supply chainers. He worked in various SCM positions for 8 years and now as solo entrepreneur, he offers online coachings and trainings to supply chain professionals. Here, they learn the soft skills and the mindset which enable them to make their next career step with topics like dealing with choleric sales reps, building your own professional brand, or motivating a team to thrive.  Philip also supports young SCM talents to get their first job by offering interview coachings. Feel free to connect on  Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: How did you exactly fall in love with supply chain? What are the key challenges of supply chain management in 2022? What is the role of supply chain manager ? How importance this role in the organization for driving the competitiveness of company? Tell us a bit about the DNA of a great supply chain manager? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Professor in Transport Geography, Language: English, Publication date: Jan, 18th. 2022 Jean-Paul Rodrigue received a Ph.D. in Transport Geography from the Université de Montréal (1994) and has been at  Hofstra University since 1999, initially at the Department of Economics & Geography and then at the Department of Global Studies & Geography. Dr. Rodrigue sits on the international editorial board of the Journal of Transport Geography, the Journal of Shipping and Trade, the Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics,  and the Cahiers Scientifiques du Transport. Dr. Rodrigue was a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Manufacturing (2011-2016). In 2013, the US Secretary of Transportation appointed Dr. Rodrigue to sit on the Advisory Board of the US Merchant Marine Academy, a position he held until 2018.  Dr. Rodrigue has authored 5 books, 32 book chapters, more than 60 peer-reviewed papers, numerous reports, and delivered more than 150 conferences and seminar presentations, mostly at the international level. Another his new book (With Co-authors: Theo Notteboom, Athanasios Pallis) "Port Economics, Management and Policy" just been released this year. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the contemporary port industry, showing how ports are organized to serve the global economy and support regional and local development. Learn more here. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What are the major trends in e-commerce industry for the last five years, particularly in the U.S and worldwide? What exciting development of logistics footprint do you see in the future? The footprint of retail sector is shifting from commercially-accessible locations toward the transportation-accessible location. Tell me a bit about it? What are the key factors that determine the success of Amazon's logistics network? Connect with him on Linkedin - --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Lebogang Letsoalo, Supply chain coach & mentor, Founder at Sincpoint, Language: English, Publication date: Jan, 8th. 2022 Lebogang Letsoalo ("Lebo") is a Supply Chain Coach, thought leader and currently a Chief Executive of Sincpoint, an organisation focusing on sustainable supply chain advisory, logistics and capacity development solutions. She founded the African Women in Supply Chain Association (AWISCA) (the first and only association in Southern Africa focusing on functional mentorship and coaching in supply chain to build skills and capacity in the sector) and has successfully integrated the industry, government institutions and academia to take a unified approach to upskilling. Lebo continues to be selfless & and an avid advocate for transforming Supply Chain in Africa and its global competitivess. She currently serves in 6 Boards and also continues to be a thought leader advocating on all portfolios of supply chain, from Procurement to Logistics ( various modes of transport), influencing positive change in supply chain within organisations. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom about socio-political issues has seen her give key addresses in different forums, on radio and printed media. Amongst other roles held by Lebo, includes coaching and mentorship for Entrepreneurs, Youth and Women. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: How do you see the role of women in a global supply chains? What is the most important thing organization can do to more effectively advance women to  top leadership levels in the supply chain organization? Could you give a word of advice to the young supply chain professional? To learn more about Lebo, connect with her on Linkedin - --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Johannes Kern, General Manager at Xiezhi Supply Chain Consulting, Language: English, Publication date: Dec, 21. 2021 Johannes Kern is an Affiliated Professor of Supply Chain Management at Tongji University and General Manager of Xiezhi Consulting, China. His research focuses on Supply Chain Management and International Management, particularly on Digital Transformation and on the impact of cultural influences on Buyer-Supplier relationships.  He teaches MBA and Master's students from around the world in Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Management, and International Management. His practitioner-oriented research is published with the OECD, Harvard Business School Publishing, and in books from Springer, Elsevier, and Wiley. Johannes supports international companies in China to improve their decision-making and increase their performance along the whole supply chain. Prior to that, he worked in various purchasing and logistics functions at the Bosch Group in Asia-Pacific, where he led teams and managed strategic projects in China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and India. Johannes holds a Ph.D. from Technical University Darmstadt in Germany. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: Why are skills in SCM a vital topic now? What skills in SCM are most important now and how to build up these skills? For a young supply chain professional, what advice you can offer to them to keep staying agile in response to the recent challenges? Connect with Johannes on Linkedin: About Xiezhi Supply Chain Consulting - is a boutique consulting firm that helps German companies in China to optimize the whole Supply Chain, including Sourcing, Transportation, Warehousing, and Production. As a spin-off from TU Darmstadt and Tongji University, a systematic and analytical approach, incorporating state-of-the-art research is used. Xiezhi blends German quality with an understanding of the Chinese market and intercultural competency. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Masoud Talebi Amiri, Co-founder at Ponera Group, Language: English, Publication date: Dec, 03. 2021 Masoud co-founded Ponera Group in 2019. They are provider of a modular and digitally enabled industrial packaging solution to replace single-use pallets and crates. Their vision is to transform such consumable packaging material into intelligent assets, orchestrating an effective sharing economy and providing activity-based digital services to users from diverse industries, increasing the efficiency of processes linked to industrial packaging and shipment. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Throughout his research, he worked on design, modelling and development of sustainable processes to help industries move towards greener operations. Since 2017 that he started his entrepreneurial journey, he co-founded two startups with the focus on decarbonization of logistics sector. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: What is meant by green logistics and how does it work? Why is green logistics matter today? What is the possible action that the company can start the initiative of green logistics?  Probably you can share your experience in the past when successfully delivered this project with Ponera Group? In a bigger portion, sustainable logistics is no longer optional. It's a necessity and becomes the norm. How do you see this statement? Connect with Masoud on Linkedin: About Ponera Group - Ponera Group was incorporated in Switzerland on April 2019 by two colleagues and friends who believe that eco-friendly solutions are necessary to shape the future of the fast-growing world.  Ponera Group has developed a unique logistic solution based on an innovative design of pallets’ system which decreases packing costs by minimizing the transport inefficiencies. The flexibility of this innovation makes it applicable to wide range of industries. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Joost de Kluijver (Founder and CEO, Closing the Loop), Language: English, Publication date: Nov, 18. 2021 Joost started a company that won the Dutch Circular Award in 2018. He works with companies, municipalities, governments and the technology sector in turning circular ambitions into appealing results. His company is known for its work in emerging markets, for its customer centric approach towards circularity and the fact that it got some of the leading telecom brands on board for the path towards a closed loop industry. Joost has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and worked for Accenture and the Global Reporting Initiative in the past. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: What is a closed-loop supply chain? And why is it so important nowadays? What are the major challenges of electronic-waste management & how do you see the future trends? How can businesses handle electronic waste management and turn a challenge into a business advantage? Connect with Joost on Linkedin: About Closing the Loop - Closing the Loop services focus on waste compensation of IT devices organizations use. That means that we collect an equal amount of electronic waste in emerging countries, to compensate for the current use of the devices and turning them waste-free. The one-for-one methodology. Learn more here - --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Vasilis Karamalegos, CEO & Co-Founder at Smarterchains, Language: English, Publication date: Nov, 13. 2021 Vasilis is a serial digital entrepreneur expert on online platforms. His expertise is on online peer-to-peer professional collaboration platforms & online marketplaces in knowledge verticals from supply chain consulting to impact investing & healthcare. Before moving to the digital world, Vasilis worked for 8 years in Procter & Gamble in the supply chain and innovation sector. As a new product innovation program leader, he was leading multi-billion dollar brand's new innovations from a concept to a real product on-shelf. As an P & G intrapreneur he led supply chain digital innovation that revolutionized the way P&G plans the operations of its factories and manufactures its products utilizing cutting edge software and hardware solutions ( IIoT). Vasilis holds a BA in Business Administration from Birmingham University and a MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain from Cranfield University. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: What is Industry 4.0 and why is it an important part of the transformation process in Industry's revolution perspective? How do you see the readiness of industry for the transformation? What are the major obstacles and challenges? Where do we start evolving our business and how can we influence different stakeholders? Connect with Vasilis on Linkedin: About Smarterchains - At SmarterChains, we believe in a better, agile and integrated manufacturing ecosystem. An ecosystem where expertise is democratized and knowledge shared among inter-connected partners. Learn more here: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Eugenia Ceballos Hunziker, Group Head of Sustainable Procurement at Holcim, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 27. 2021 Eugenia coordinates the Group’s efforts to deploy responsible sourcing practices across the supply chain, in the 70 markets where Holcim operates. Her main role is to lead the “Supply chain due diligence“ and “CO2 - Scope 3” programs in the Group. In addition to this role, she manages the Holcim’s Integrated Profit & Loss statement and represents the Group in the newly formed non-for-profit “Value Balancing Alliance”: a cross-sector initiative aiming to standardize and scale-up impact measurement and valuation. Eugenia holds a MBA from ETH Zürich, a master executive in supply chain management from EOI Spain and a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from UTN Argentina. She is also CPSM certified (Certified Professional Supply Management by ISM USA) and she is graduated with an executive diploma in sustainable business from University of St. Gallen and Lausanne Business School. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: What is sustainable procurement and why does it matter? As a procurement professional, what does sustainability really MEAN to you? How can we apply sustainability in the procurement process of the business? Can we take a look a little bit from the experience you might have with Holcim? What are key success factors to drive sustainability in procurement? Connect with Eugenia on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Edmund Zagorin, Founder and CEO of Bid Ops, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 23. 2021 Edmund Zagorin is the founder and CEO of Bid Ops., the first company to use artificial intelligence to fully automate supplier negotiations. As a strategic sourcing consultant, Edmund saw the inefficiency of combing through spreadsheets line item by line item to compare bids based on multiple different criteria, from this experience, Bid Ops was born. Bid Ops was the winner of the Startup Competition at Digital Procurement World and was named "Best Startup" by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON). Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: What is predictive sourcing and how could it be different from the traditional approach? What is the advantage of predictive sourcing? Can it keep us ahead of the market? Can you please share with us some of the success stories around the implementation of predictive sourcing? Some other key takeaways Connect with Edmund on Linkedin: About Bid Ops :  is the only predictive sourcing software built to keep your business ahead of the market. Your procurement team can leverage Bid Ops predictive AI to drive 2-5x more savings by getting better quotes faster. Learn more at --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Erik Valiquette, Co-founder and President of the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association., Language: English, Publication date: Oct 19. 2021 Erik is the co-founder and president of the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association. Through their core services of Advocacy, Collaboration and Education, they bring together like-minded professionals who want to explore Blockchain in their supply chain. The member-driven association's goal is to accelerate the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology through dialog, to help shape policy with governmental agencies for improved services, and to help the community's voice to be heard. Learn more about the association here: With a 30 year career in logistics, he’s passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business needs and is a firm believer that Blockchain has the potential to bring global supply chain management to the next level by reducing waste. Erik is based in Montreal, Canada. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast include: How does blockchain technology improve the way companies do business? For the business leaders, what are the key things they really need to know about blockchain technology? What are opportunities around blockchain technology particularly in supply chain management (SCM)? Some other key takeaways. Connect with Erik on Linkedin:  --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Toni Ann Careccio , Director of Marketing at PortPro, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 15. 2021 Toni Ann Careccio is the Director of Marketing at PortPro - a technology company building a supply chain operating system starting with their first product, a drayage operating system and network - drayOS. Toni is on the Board of Advisors for two investor-backed companies, Torch ( and Aloe Attiva ( She is also a Co-Organizer of the New York Supply Chain meetup group ( Prior to PortPro, Toni was on the investment team at Edison partners, a 34-year-old growth equity firm based out of Princeton, NJ where most of her time was spent developing an investment thesis around Supply Chain and Logistics technology. Toni started her career on Wall Street, working her way up from a Marketing intern to a VP on the electronic trading desk at Convergex - an institutional brokerage owned by the Bank of New York.  After almost 4 years at the firm, Toni resigned and received angel funding from two of her bosses to start and co-found her first trucking tech startup, Axle. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast including: What is drayage and why is it so important in the supply chain? What are the biggest obstacles and challenges facing drayage companies? What are your other struggles when handling the industry challenges? Particularly in the U.S, how do you see the development of drayage carriers in the next five years from now? Could you please share a little bit more about the possible improvement around drayage management? And what’s your thought on the role of technology in improving the process & efficiency of drayage management? Some other key takeaways. Connect with Toni on Linkedin: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Renard Siew , Sustainability & climate change specialist, Board of Advisor to CENT-GPS, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 06. 2021 Dr Renard Siew is Board of Advisor to CENT-GPS where he is responsible for advancing the organization's work in the field of climate change and sustainability. He is the Founder of Accelerating Climate Action and has served as Co-Chair of the Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management Working Committee and UNEP-FI’s Collective Commitment on Climate Action. In 2020, he was appointed an SDG Champion-Climate Action by the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is a member of the WEF Expert Network Group, serves on the WEF Global Future Council, a Community Champion for Southeast Asia and a Global Lead for the Global Shapers Climate & Environment Steering Committee. He was accepted into the Forbes Fellowship Programme and attended the inaugural UN Climate Action Summit in New York in 2019. Renard is part of the facilitation team at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL). He has also lectured and been appointed Advisor for various universities. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast including: What is difference between sustainability vs. CE (circular economy) and why sustainability now is becoming a trend? How to get started with sustainability? How to promote sustainability in the workplace? and can you give a few example of ways to be sustainable in every day life? Some other key takeaways.  Connect with Renard on Linkedin: About CENT-GPS: The Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent- GPS) is a KL based political science and social behavioral research firm. Cent-GPS was set up on the belief that there is an urgent need for an interdisciplinary research center, bridging the fields of economics, political science, sociology, business and law, which focuses on the problems and challenges raised by the current political developments and economic transformations. Learn more here: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Steve Shebuski , Vice President of Digital Strategy at Blue Horseshoe, Language: English, Publication date: Oct 02. 2021 Steve Shebuski is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Blue Horseshoe. Steve has 20+ years of experience as a Program Manager/Design Lead/Project Manager implementing both Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 as well as tier I and tier II warehouse management and transportation software solutions. Steve's deep knowledge within the distribution industry and his innovative approach to solution architecture are the backbone of the solutions being implemented and deployed by Blue Horseshoe. Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast including: What does supply chain visibility mean? What’s the benefit of supply chain visibility and how does it optimize the ROI (Return on investment)? How supply chain visibility works and brings value to the company? Connect with Steve on Linkedin: About Blue Horseshoe: It was founded in 2001 by a team poised to change the way companies leveraged technology to transform their business and disrupt their industries. With a focus on supply chain, Blue Horseshoe helps companies drive value through greater efficiencies and productivity. In September 2021, Blue Horseshoe announced that it has been acquired by Accenture. Learn more here: --- Send in a voice message:
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