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Bicara Supply Chain is a platform where you will be able to get insights from experts and leaders in the field of supply chain.

Proudly presenting in association with the VCARE Academy , we focus on presenting guidance for solving complex supply chain challenges which help you transform your cost chain into the profitable value chain.

At Bicara Supply Chain, we driving global perspectives to embrace technological adaptation in improving process efficiencies.

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Guest Name: Ramit Maharjan, Head of Customer Service Experience IMEA at Henkel, Language: English, Publication date: March, 11. 2023 Ramit has over two decades of experience in various facets of Supply Chain leadership. He has led SCM operations in country clusters within IMEA/ APAC regions and has also worked in Europe managing global Business Transformation projects.  He received Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification while working with GE and A3 certification at Henkel. He has exposure to multiple business cycles – growth, maturity and restructuring. Ramit is a published author and sought after speaker at various international forums. He is passionate about the topics of Leadership and Supply Chain. A highlights questions: From the supply chain’s perspective, what is the meaning of customer service? And how do you see the evolution of customer service? How can we manage the CSE (Customer service expectation)? What are some key factors to be considered? How to use CS (Customer service) to enhance the performance of supply chain management? Talking a bit on tools & technology, what would you think about the role of technology in the customer service?  Connect with Ramit on Linkedin here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Francisco Cervantes, Recruitment Manager - Supply Chain & Procurement at Volt - International, Language: English, Publication date: Feb, 18. 2022 Francisco is currently a Recruitment Manager - Supply Chain & Procurement at Volt - International, and based in Singapore. His mission is to add-value to both candidates and clients in the Supply Chain & Procurement practices. Before moving into Recruitment, Francisco worked as a Sourcing Buyer for the world's largest EMS organisation. At this position, he liaised with electronic components’ manufacturers, distributors, prospective and active clients, in competitive bids to serve a variety of prospective clients within the medical device, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics markets. Volt (an Innova Solutions Company) is a multi award-winning, global workforce solution provider. Volt propels businesses and careers forward with expert momentum. Volt’s 35,000 employees work across 85 offices worldwide to provide workforce management and talent acquisition solutions to businesses and job placement services. Visit the website : A highlights questions: Generally, in SEA regions (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & others….), how do you see current trends & markets for supply chain & procurement roles?  Which industry do you believe will continue to perform well in terms of job demand? This is a bit technical, but I wanted to know your advice about skills & competencies; What are the most important skills for supply chain professionals? For the C-level & executive positions, have you observed any significant changes in the company's or organization's supply chain and procurement roles? What advice would you give to supply chain professionals looking to advance their careers? Probably you have some "MAGIC WORDS" here? Connect with Francisco on Linkedin here --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Stephane Morel, The Global Process Owner Strategic Procurement at NOVARTI, Language: English, Publication date: Feb, 04. 2022 Stephane Morel, Procurement & Business Leader. He is currently the GPO - Global process owner strategic procurement, reporting to the Global Procurement Business Lead and part of the Novartis Lean Digital Core (LDC) program. Prior to this role, he spent more than 15+ years in various role at Novartis, such as: Global procurement strategy & transformation manager, Head of procurement capability & change management, Procurement transformation lead (Europe) and Head of procurement - CPO (Spain). In addition, he is also passionate about personal development, having spent over a decade as a trainer, mentor, blogger, book author, and speaker. One of his missions is to assist procurement & salespeople in developing their skills. Since 2009, Stephane is a regular trainer at IQS, EADA, STARTIFY, CEU, Adolfo Ibañez University (Chile) on Procurement & Business Partnering for Procurement & Sales professionals. In 2014, He published the book "la transformación de compras: una aventura retadora" (spanish language) explaining the 6 workstreams to manage in order to upgrade the Procurement function. A highlights questions: How would you describe the current procurement situation in 2023 ? You were just explaining to an evolution, VUCA as well as increased collaboration when we see tougher competition everywhere, can you explain a bit more on that point ? How do see the collaboration between procurement and supply chain? As a concept, it looks great. But how do see that ? Coud also mentioned about a 3D performance management framework at the beginning, could you explain us a bit more there ? Connect with Stephane on Linkedin here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Justin Kyngdon, General Manager, Supply Chain Solutions at Expeditors, Language: English, Publication date: Dec, 01. 2022 Justin Kyngdon is the General Manager of Supply Chain Solutions for Expeditors, where he leads the practice in South Asia and is based in Sydney, Australia. Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  Before joining Expeditors, Justin has worked  in several roles for LEP Logistics and Agility Logistics. He earned an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales (AGSM).  A highlights questions: How digital twin technology is transforming supply chain?  What distinguishes a digital twin from regular supply chain model? What are the key elements to form a digital twin? Could you please share some success stories about how this model was used in your company to solve a client's supply chain problem? Connect with Justin on Linkedin here. And to learn more about Expeditors, visit their website: --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Kimberly Daniels, CEO of Mercantile Logistics & International Trade, Inc, Language: English, Publication date: Nov, 12. 2022 Kimberly Daniels has more than fifteen years of professional experience in international logistics. As CEO of Mercantile Logistics & International Trade, Inc. she assists business owners with the importation and exportation of their goods to various distribution locations, including fulfillment warehouses and foreign trade zones. As a small business owner, she is keenly aware of the needs of other small businesses to operate efficiently and effectively, creating her own program, CargoClear®, which smooths costs for clients in providing required customs services. Kim holds a Master's of Business Administration, a Master's of Science in Law, a Customs Broker License, and a Certificate in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) from APICS. Kim has provided International Trade webinars through a variety of channels as a subject matter expert. Mercantile Logistics is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) since 2018.  Highlights: Could you share some key issues in international trade that could have a significant impact on the global supply chain? People may be thinking about Ukraine's war, but what else? From the standpoint of supply chain resilience, what should be our top priorities (let's say our top three priorities) in anticipating the changes and challenges of international trade? Let's focus on cross-border trade, which has faced numerous challenges and undergone significant changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns were everywhere at that time and causing supply disruptions and other problems. What do you think will happen in 2023? What are some of the most important skills to be an expert in international trade, for being a specialist of trade? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Pedro Caceres, Leading expert in supply chain, Language: English, Publication date: Nov, 01. 2022 Pedro J. Caceres is an American business executive that has held executive positions in several global corporations, such as Hasbro (Senior VP Operations - Hasbro Games), Newell Rubbermaid (Global VP Operations & Supply Chain - Lenox Division), and Petmate (Chief Operating Officer).As a published author, he released “The Thundering Voice" (2009) a book that introduces a moral approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, and “Operational Success” (2012) to introduce practical operational models to drive Lean Transformation. He is also the creator of "MyInventory.AI” a System of Intelligence to optimize global supply chains. Pedro is also involved in community activities and has been Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Division of Business Excellence (Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield in Massachusetts), member of the Advisory Board for the National Ergonomic Conference and Exposition (NECE), and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts.  Visit his website Some of the questions we asked Pedro during our conversation: What is the primary distinction between the Homeostatic value chain and other approaches? How can we use these value chain models to respond to recent supply chain challenges where there has been a lot of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in various aspects of SCM? How do you see technological advancements like the Internet of Things, Smart factories, Intregated cloud-systems, and others playing a role in improving supply chains? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Albèrt Jourdan, GRC & CSR Adept, Language: English, Publication date: Oct, 19. 2022 Albèrt is a supply chain security and sustainability expert with over 30 years of experience in various logistics corporations including UPS, DHL, DPD and K+N. His specialties include Governance, Risk & Compliance, Business Process Management, QHSE, Sustainable Transport, and Corporate Sustainability. He's the author of a CSR book for SMEs in which he promotes his own 'get started' model for sustainable business and tries to be entertaining about serious topics. Connect with him on Linkedin here. Some of the questions we asked Albèrt during our conversation: What are your thoughts on the future development of last-mile delivery in the next 5 to 10 years? What actionable steps would you recommend to a business leader to improve sustainability? Albèrt, maybe you could share some stories about how local players particularly what you’ve seen in The Netherlands, How does their sustainable approach works? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Charlie Saffro, Founder & President, CS Recruiting, Language: English, Publication date: Oct, 12. 2022 Charlie has over 14 years of direct recruiting experience within the Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain space and started CS Recruiting from the ground up over a decade ago. Today, she leads a team of over 40 and manages a multi-million dollar organization. As the President and Founder of CS Recruiting, she focuses on making meaningful connections to empower others to discover their full potential.  Charlie is a dedicated yogi and encourages her clients and team to practice mindfulness in the workplace and beyond. She is also the mother of three boys and active in her community, volunteering with organizations to help women in the workforce. Connect with her on Linkedin here. Some of the questions we asked Charlie during our conversation: How do you see the current supply chain challenges? and will there be any significant differences in the coming years? What’s the best way to manage the team in an uncertain situation? [Working from home or remotely is now a common phenomenon with Covid. However, we have seen that it is a difficult situation]. Is there going to be any new ways of working or collaboration tools? What are your top three supply chain leadership qualities? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Jens Hentschel, Founder & CEO, FIVIS, Language: English, Publication date: Oct, 07. 2022 Jens is the Founder and CEO of FIVIS, a consulting and training company, which is based in London. He is the inventor of the FIVIS™ model, a customer centricity mindset approach that facilitates sustainable B2B relationship development.  Prior to this role, Jens has worked as Director, Senior Manager, Advisor and Consultant for some of the best organizations in that space.  As a supply chain and procurement professional, he is passionate about customer centricity and considers it as the key enabler to sustainable business growth. Connect with him on Linkedin here. Some of the questions we asked Jens during our conversation: What are the possible gaps that frequently happen in the industry between sales and procurement? How can we [as a salesperson], win with this more empowered, organized, and well-trained customer? Could you please share some FIVIS success stories about how you helped the client win the procurement relationship? What are the essential qualities of a good salesperson? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Richard Martin, Founder & CEO, Thinking Machine, Language: English, Publication date: Oct, 01. 2022 Richard is the founder and CEO at Thinking Machine, it's a new breed of expense management focused on savings and consolidated billing where he created a special system with machine learning and AI technology dedicated to making complex contracts and billing reporting simple and accurate. With close to US$1M in funding by 2021, and experience working with invoices and contracts from 26 countries in 18 languages, Thinking Machine is rapidly becoming a must have solution for telecom companies and enterprises with large annual spend on Telco and IT services. Prior to this role, Richard was a Business Intelligence Lead at Tesla for over a decade.  Some of the questions we asked Richard during our conversation. What are the most common leaks that procurement overlooks when looking for cost savings? How can a better CM (Contract management) improve savings? If I were a founder of a new SME (Small business-entreprise), Will you still recommend using "the technology" to manage CM (Contract management) What is the ideal CM (Contract management) in one sentence? Connect with Richard on Linkedin by clicking here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Juli Lassow, Owner & Principal, JHL Solutions, Language: English, Publication date: Sep, 24. 2022 Retailers and brands should look to the circular economy to advance their business goals while simultaneously creating products and supply chains that are more economical, sustainable and adaptable for a changing world and a warming planet. Listen to this Podcast to hear Juli, Owner and Principal at JHL Solutions, share her thoughts on this fascinating topic where we asked her a few questions during our conversation. When and how should retailers and brands begin the initiative to contribute to the circular economy? Despite recent developments in circular economy, it seems that implementation of  circular economy still keep very challenging. What exactly is the problem? In a one-sentence; Why should everyone look into CE? Juli Lassow, owner & principal @ JHL Solutions – committed to elevating private label retail partnerships, working as a consultant, speaker, and aspiring planet-saver. Connect with Juli on Linkedin HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Vasudha Jaiswal, Supply Chain Director, PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, Language: English, Publication date: Aug, 31. 2022 Women are uniquely positioned to create tomorrow's supply chain organizations. Female supply chain executives at the helm of large organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson's supply chain organization, have fostered a more balanced perspective by leading with empathy, cooperation, and collaboration. Questions: How are women "making an impact" in supply chain roles, and how can "business leaders help women" succeed in these roles? Listen to this Podcast to hear Vasudha Jaiswal, Supply chain director at Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, share her thoughts on this fascinating topic. Vasudha Jaiswal is an End to End Supply Chain Professional with 15+ years across roles of Demand Planning, Regional Supply Planning, Integration, Inventory Optimization, Customer Service, Warehouse and Distribution, and Digital Tools. She is currently the Supply Chain Director at PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia. Connect with Vasudha on Linkedin HERE. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: John D. Reiser, EVP, Global Supply Chain, The Cannon Group Inc, Language: English, Publication date: Aug, 20. 2022 John is an experienced global supply chain executive with a demonstrated history of creating a best-in-class supply chain department. He works in the e-commerce, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries. John has experience at privately owned and private equity backed companies with strong Operations, Sourcing, Negotiation, Import, Logistics, Supplier Development, Supplier Rationalization, Planning, Team Building, M&A, P&L and SIOP skills. In addition, John has lived in Shanghai, established overseas offices and global distribution centers throughout the USA, China and the EU. John is currently EVP, Global Supply Chain at The Cannon Group Inc,. Here are some of the highlighted-questions from the podcast: I’m curious your thoughts on global supply chains. What are the biggest changes in a post pandemic-world? Some expert says that this is a good time to swicth the supply chain sourcing strategy from centralized structure into a decentralized. What is your take on that? Is that a good idea? I wonder what you advice would be on how to deals and responds the supply chain disruption?  Talk a bit about leadership in supply chain crisis - What have you seen the most sucessful supply chain-leader do? What do they have in common in their approach to maximizing their impact? Connect with John on LInkedin HERE --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Bernardo Nugroho Yahya, Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Language: English, Publication date: July, 26. 2022 Bernardo Nugroho Yahya is currently a Full Professor with the Industrial and Management Engineering Department, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea. He has been working on various industry business consulting and engineering projects with Korean companies. His current research includes statistical pattern recognition, machine learning, business process intelligence, and data analytics. He received the B.S. degree in industrial engineering from Petra Christian University, the M.S. degree in information system engineering from Dongseo University, and the Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering from Pusan National University. Connect with Bernard on Linkedin here. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: Could you please explain a bit what is a process mining and what are the biggest advantages using a process mining? In relation to the supply chain, I did a small research on several journals where said that process mining helps to improve visibility and transparancy within a supply chain. How does it work anyway? I wonder if you could talk about your experience has been with the process mining, maybe from your own-study & research where you’ve found that process mining adds value for the organization? Could you please ellaborate that? Do you believe that the technology will play a significant role for the implementation of process mining? How should we think about it? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Joanne Flinn, Business author and Sustainability advisor, Language: English, Publication date: July, 21. 2022 Joanne Flinn is an award-winning business author and advisor. Her most recent book, Greensight ~ The Sustainability Handbook for Company Directors helps executives, Boards and the C-suite address the twin challenges of growth and ESG. She works with Boards and C-suite teams to align strategy and culture for sustainable results.  You can connect with Joanne over on Linkedin here. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What specifically motivated you to focus on sustainability and then just also released a new book - Greensight: the sustainability guide for company directors? I’d love to hear more about sustainability in business. What does it mean? As a leader, how should we think to get everyone on board for the sustainability transition? What are actually the essential things in this space? What advice can you offer to the business leader on how to ensure that we have the right attitudes, culture, and governance in place to thrive, not just survive, in the world of tomorrow? --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Eva Lianne Veldkamp, IMO Policy Coordinator, The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry, Language: English, Publication date: June, 22. 2022 Presently Ms Eva Lianne Veldkamp serves as an IMO Policy Coordinator representing the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry at the International Maritime Organization. Ms Veldkamp believes that mariners and seafarers are the real assets of our industry and will always stand tall in support of the human element. Ms. Veldkamp leads a working group for the Center for Ocean Policy and Economics - COPE° on Psychological Safety and Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Maritime Sector. Translating talk into action addressing the psychological welfare and safety of today’s mariner.  In addition Ms. Veldkamp is connecting maritime professionals globally, in order for them to benefit from the online learning simulators, training, examination and certification platforms NEMO° and HALO° developed by Northeast Maritime Institute. Serving as dual-licensed maritime officer, Eva Lianne Veldkamp started her career by crossing the many oceans of our globe on large container vessels. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: In term of human element aspects of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion; what’s your view on the current situation in maritime sector? What are the most critical issues impacting the seaferers? We learned that IMO (The international maritime organization) is currently working on creating a more safe-working culture by developing a model course which includes the aspect of personal safety and social responsibility. Tell us a bit about the project and how importance is this for supporting the welfare and safety culture in maritime sector? What are the possible actions that businesses / stakeholders can do to empower women in maritime community? Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. You can connect with Eva over on Linkedin. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: José Manuel Velarde, Senior Manager, Procurement at Huntsman Corporation, Language: English, Publication date: June, 08. 2022 Jose Manuel Velarde is an experienced supply chain professional with over twenty years of experience whose passion is to develop the next generation of supply chain leaders.  His professional experience comes from leading and supporting global supply chain projects, CAPEX projects, and organizational supply chain transformations in the US and other twenty-one countries with global companies like Huntsman Corporation, KBR, Centrica, FMC Corporation, and CEMEX. At Huntsman Corporation, Jose is co-leading the procurement transformation for the Americas region, including the implementation of category management across all countries in the region and the development of Huntsman’s Procurement University.  Jose is a very active member in the local supply chain associations in Houston, serving various years in the local board of directors of the Association for Supply Chain Management, and participating with other local professional and non-profit associations. Jose is currently an adjunct professor of supply chain at the University of Houston and at North American University where he teaches courses in global supply chain, operations, distribution channels, procurement, capstone projects, and business. He is a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM), a Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD), a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), and is Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM). Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: Global sourcing is becoming more and more relevant in today's globalization environment. It represents an enormous opportunity but also a situation that may create significant risks. The question now is how to assess the risks and how to mitigate them. What’s your view on this? What are top risk management priorities in global sourcing? Are there any tools dealing with supply chain risks including sourcing risks helping companies with improving their decision-making process based on data analytics? What can be the key measures to keep up with the latest trends in global sourcing? Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. You can connect with Jose over on Linkedin. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Mathan Kumar, Founder and CEO at Sealog, Language: English, Publication date: May, 28. 2022 Mathan is the Founder and CEO at Sealog. It is a last-mile delivery platform that provides delivery services by using bicycle and cargo bikes. The main goal is to be the replacement for fossil fuel-based vehicles in Indonesia. So far they have achieved 130,000KM deliveries and saved 1400 KG CO2. You can connect with Mathan over on Linkedin here and on his website. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: Companies are now taking significant steps to reach a global goal of becoming climate positive by 2030. Particularly in Indonesia & SEA, how do you see the recent days? Have you seen any development by far? We observed that you have an exclusive partnership with Decathlon in delivering their eco-design sports product. Tell us, what’s this project? In our personal life, what are a few things we can do to reduce our contribution to climate change? Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Fithra Faisal, Executive Director at Next Policy, Language: English, Publication date: May, 21. 2022 Recognized as one of the most prominent economists in Indonesia, Fithra was appointed as the official spokesperson of the MoT (Ministry of trade) of the Republic of Indonesia in 2020. He is widely featured in the regional and global news media coverage as a talented economic pundit. He's also appointed as the commissioner of Infra Digital Nusantara and the Executive director at Next Policy who is actively giving advice on the nation's economic issues. Fithra holds a Ph.D in International economics from Waseda University, Japan. You can connect with Fithra over on Linkedin here and on his website. Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What's your view on Indonesia’s GDP in the first quarter of 2022? In relation to the global supply chains, What could be impacting to Indonesia’s economy? Jokowi, President of Republic of Indonesia, met Elon Musk on Saturday last week in Texas US to discuss potential investments and technology. What would you see after that meeting? Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. --- Send in a voice message:
Guest Name: Sandeep Sreekumar, Founder and COO at IndustryApps, Language: English, Publication date: May, 16. 2022 Sandeep Sreekumar, Founder and COO (Chief Operating Officer) at IndustryApps, the World's first Appstore for Industry 4.0. Prior to this role, he has spent more than 17 years of experience in industrial digitalization driving large-scale Industrial programs across the globe. Former Global Digital Operations head for German DAX company.  Here are some of the highlights from the podcast: What makes digital transformation particularly relevant in a VUCA world? What do you think is the biggest challenge when driving & acceralating a digital transformation? What approach would you suggest for companies looking to accelarate their digital transformation? What’s the future of digital transformation? You can connect with Sandeep over on Linkedin.  Check out our other podcasts DIRECTORY here. --- Send in a voice message: