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Matt Johnson is a marketing agency founder, podcaster, and musician. Matt runs a podcast launch & production agency based in San Diego, an international team that helps business coaches,  consultants and thought leaders use done-for-you podcasting to attract an audience, build influence & become MicroFamous.Matt is the author of MicroFamous and currently hosts the MicroFamous podcast. He is a frequent podcast guest and event speaker to audiences around the US, Canada, and Australia.
Hilary Johnson is a Business Growth Coach and the Founder & CEO of Hatch Tribe. Born from her own experience navigating the complexities of business ownership, Hatch Tribe helps women entrepreneurs build powerful, purposeful, and profitable businesses. Through training & community support, Hatch Tribe empowers entrepreneurs to grow their income and impact by becoming true leaders & CEOs. Hilary spent the first 10 years of her professional career climbing the corporate ladder working in Sales & Marketing for some of the world's most iconic brands, including Miller Lite & Coors Light. She managed and activated multi-million dollar marketing, advertising, and sponsorships, which gave her real-life training on how to build big, world class brands.But working for someone else forever wasn’t in the cards. For the last 11 years, she has launched, grown, and sold several multiple different businesses. From producing large-scale festivals & events, to running a mobile yoga business, to launching an e-commerce brand, to building a global community for entrepreneurs with Hatch Tribe. Hilary believes in the power of entrepreneurship as a force for good - creating positive change in local communities and economies, while also shaping women's rights from the ground up.Hilary is a keynote speaker and author of "A Girls Guide to Surviving the Startup with Your Mind, Body, and Soul Intact", an encouraging read that imparts road-tested wisdom for tackling the inner and outer work of being the boss. When she’s not working you’ll find her traveling the world with a single carry-on bag and hunting down the best bakery in town. She lives by the mantra “Live Loud. Eat Well. Travel Often”
Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and organizational consultant specializing in behavior and performance. Jay works with people and organizations to empower teams, grow profits, and transform leaders through behavioral intelligence. He is a TEDx speaker, Forbes Business Council Member, and has given keynotes and workshops in 27 countries across 4
“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you” (Zig Ziglar). I excel at finding problems with a process or system and designing, planning and implementing solutions to those problems. Most people dislike change, but I love it! If you are looking for someone to be another cog in the wheel, I'm not going to be the right fit for you.However, given a set of expectations and the freedom to learn, solve, innovate, and build, I will likely exceed the outcome you expected with positive results.At BYU, they asked me to keep the building clean, take out the trash and change light bulbs. So I designed a plan that would allow the building to maintain a leaner cleaning staff who could perform regular cleaning more efficiently so that deep cleaning could happen more often.At Insight Pest Solutions, they asked me to do some stuff with training employees and watch over the vehicles. I created what came to be known as IPSU (Insight Pest Solutions University) -- which was praised by state officials in multiple states as the best in-house technician training program they had ever seen.I also took the “watch over the vehicles” assignment seriously and designed and implemented safety training, vehicle inspections, regular MVR checks, vehicle tracking checks and balances, staggered vehicle leases, etc. Ultimately, these measures saved Insight over $70,000/month last year during April, May, June, July, and August -- being their busy season months, as well as reduced vehicle accident percentages by 15% in 2017 and almost 40% in 2018 -- and that’s including a 45% growth in number of vehicles owned by the company. Helen Keller once said: “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
Lynn Whitbeck is the Queen of Sales. Business Owners hire Lynn to ignite winning sales teams, because most are chasing down clients, stuck in a chaotic sales cycle, and lacking client retention, conversions, and profits. So, she helps transform thinking to the client’s perspective, end sales chaos with a robust strategic plan to harvest the hidden profits. Bottomline, Lynn will ignite your sales and unleash lasting profits. Lynn's core value is to be of service. It's what drives her. Every morning she wakes up and says, "there are so many things I get to do today." Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Petite2Queen, and you may have seen Lynn in USA Today, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, and more! When she is not working with clients, Lynn loves visiting National Parks, cooking, and playing Pokémon Go.Website https://petite2queen.comFacebook Tube - Lynn Whitbeck: Masterclass:
Simone Milasas is a self-made millionaire, renowned speaker, and the founder of Joy of Business. She is a bestselling author and has written Joy of Business and Getting Out of Deb Joyfully, translated into multiple languages. Simone constantly sees the joy of possibility and future and recognizes the prospect of possibility in every choice. You can find Simone every week on her podcast, The Choice Change and Action Podcast. To learn more about Simone visit,
Monica Snyder, the founder of, is on a mission to help entrepreneurs systemize customer experiences that build relationships and generate revenue. As an entrepreneur, Monica has a proven track record of growing businesses from 6-figure revenues to 7-figures using her unique combination of marketing strategy and systems design. She developed these skills through building software for Fortune 500 companies and then leaving corporate America to tackle the world of online entrepreneurship.Once she’s escaped her computer, Monica loves spending time with her data geek husband and energetic children, baking, playing Zelda, and hiking. She also has an impeccable ability to choose fabulous restaurants, which has made her the go-to decision-maker when anyone is hungry.
CEO of Newair which I started with my wife out of my garage in 2001. Our products are featured in the top retailers and I am lucky to have an amazing team that continues to drive the brand forward to our goal as the most trusted brand in compact appliances.Recently joined the board of directors of the International Housewares Association and look forward to meaningfully contributing to this great organization that supports and advocates for the whole housewares industry. Married with 6 kids!
Matt Granados has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he built his first million-dollar business by the age of 24.  To develop his businesses, Matt focused on developing his people. While creating a $40 Million dollar sales organization from individuals hired primarily from craigslist, Matt created a way to combine structure and intention which allow his "under-qualified" team to be the most effective, productive, and self-motivated versions of themselves.  This system was discovered by one of the largest financial institutions in the world who asked Matt to share it with their team as they felt it solved their biggest personal problem.  They were finding it nearly impossible to connect their corporate desired metrics with their individuals' desired goals.  In their eyes, Life Pulse's System does just that.Although Matt has done this in multiple businesses of his own, it wasn't until this meeting that he recognized that the systems developed by Life Pulse could be used by individuals in businesses of all sizes. Since Matt created Life Pulse Inc, the team and systems have worked with individuals and small businesses to the likes of Twitter, Google, and the United States Airforce.  Matt has multiple #1 International Bestseller’s (Motivate the Unmotivated and The Intentional Week) which have launched Matt to be a sought-after expert on the ways of building sustainable motivation in teams and individuals as well as teaching groups on how to experience intentional growth in all areas of business and life. Matt is going to be sharing with us a combination of Life Pulse’s most impactful systems and techniques that has shown to increase performance even in times of uncertainty.  With the new year coming closer and closer the timing could not be more perfect.  There is a lot we need to make up for in 2021 that we lost in 2020.  This combination of intention and structure will be what will help you, your family, and your business is on the right track as the new year starts. When you increase performance while minimizing stress you are able to achieve bigger goals in less time. You will be able to achieve more with what seems like less effort.  It is all connected and leads from one to the other.   You can see some of the top-rated programs that Life Pulse offers to companies all over  the world by going to with speaking and coaching, Matt is also an author, featured columnist, and sought-after expert in the field of motivating others. With all the success Matt has experienced, most importantly, Matt is happily married to his wife and business partner (Maria) with two amazing kids (Natalie & Zach).  The drive behind Matt is his obsession to make sure no person's potential is wasted and that each person he comes in contact with, if they want, is able to experience their maximum level of success. Contact us:     Website:        Follow on Social: @LifePulseInc
Scott’s entry into business started when he was tasked with turning around a 3rd generation family group of construction equipment and industrial engine companies, which he was able to scale and sell at a premium.Following this, Scott built 3 for-profit businesses, including an agency that he ran for over 25 years and later sold to his employees.Scott also combined his business acumen with his experience as a licensed mental health therapist to establish the not-for-profit,, which develops and deploys leading-edge PTSD treatment technology in partnership with Tel Aviv University and the Israeli government.Scott’s experience in business is matched by his premier training in coaching and therapy. He trained at the preeminent Coaches Training Institute and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (IFC).He also graduated summa cum laude with a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska School of Clinical
An Entrepreneur since the age of 21, Marty Park has owned a multitude of companies within the US and Canada. His experiences vary from the software industry, to hospitality, to advertising. Currently his most active and passionate pursuit is the coaching and training of entrepreneurs and business leaders, as owner of Evolve Business Group.Marty has received numerous international, as well as local awards for his coaching and business contributions. He was recognized as a TOP 40 UNDER 40, Business Coach of the Year for North America, and the Canadian Mentor of the Year. He has represented Canada as an entrepreneur 3 times globally.Marty’s main focus is the support, education, and investment of entrepreneurs past start-up who want to scale and dominate.@themartypark on IG and Twitter. Marty Park on FB and book is on Amazon, search for Tiger By the Tail. Subtitle is 99 Secrets to Tame and Master Your Business.
David Henzel is the CEO of upcoach and a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the saas, e-com and bpo space for over 20 years.His passion is to help individuals and their organizations reach their full potential. Aside from upcoach (Coaching Delivery System), he has a small portfolio of companies including LTVplus, (Customer Support BPO), TaskDrive (Sales Development), (backlink building), and his passion project Managing Happiness (personal development clubs)
Multi e-commerce brand owner as well as agency owner. I host the podcast “secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand” and love all thing investments and business!
Muse. Magician. Mentor. Marketer. Creative.These are the most common words that precede an introduction to Tamika Auwai.  Tamika is the CEO of Orisha Creative, an inventive nurture marketing agency that serves leaders in the online coaching industry. She is also the creator of The Nurture Matrix™, a unique evergreen nurture marketing framework that’s revolutionizing the way Master Coaches approach social media and email marketing, generating millions in premium coaching program sales along the way.Tamika resides on territory originally stewarded by the Mississaugas of the ​Credit First Nations—presently known as Ontario, Canada—with her husband and children. She can often be found swooning over her Spotify Daily Mix in a hot bubble bath or trying to perfect her oyster shucking game. AGENCY LINKS LINKS GIFT LINKSDownload our free Nurture Opportunity Scorecard to identify the gaps and opportunities in your current nurture marketing efforts at 
Sean Boyle is a serial entrepreneur, commanding a 7-figure digital marketing agency called Momentum. He also Founded “The Sean Boyle Podcast”, a weekly podcast on entrepreneurship, investing and lifestyle. In his free time, you can find him working hard at the gym, training jiu-jitsu, reading self-improvement books and dining at some of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. He grew up just outside of Philadelphia in a town called Whitemarsh. Growing up, Sean played many different sports, traded baseball cards and founded lemonade stands. Entrepreneurship has always been in his blood. He graduated from Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, The oldest catholid high school in America. He also graduated from Penn State in 2020 with a BA in Advertising and an unofficial minor in Spanish. Sean Boyle is the Founder and Host of “The Sean Boyle Podcast”, featuring key entrepreneurial, investors and coaches in the United States.
Toronto native, Jas Takhar, has been in the sales and service industry for over 27 years. Soon after deciding to try his hand in real estate, he founded REC Canada under Royal LePage, and for over 5 years has successfully kept his team in the top 3 in the country. With 54 realtors and 11 support staff, the team advises and assists over 625 buyers, sellers and investors, yearly, across the Greater Toronto Area, resulting in a total of over $2.1B in transactions. This year alone Jas’ core sales team has done over $300 million in sales. Jas’ area of expertise is in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios. Wanting to share his knowledge and experience with the masses, he wrote a book titled, Real Estate Intelligence, which teaches anyone how to buy or sell real estate on their own.Furthering his pursuit to educate and motivate, he developed a love for content creation, and now not only hosts one of the top business podcasts in North America – The Jas Takhar Podcast – but also founded his own media company, From The Ground Up Media where he helps other real estate agents produce quality content. His hope is to provide inspiring education through his guides, seminars, and content to aid others in removing the friction from their own life in order to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be.
Ryan is an American Buddhist entrepreneur. As the founder of Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency, he facilitates thousands of extraordinary conversations. Ryan would like to talk about the role podcasts play in healing our ailing culture and the responsibility of creating kind business practices.  Kitcaster serves 150+ agency clients and is gearing up for their first software product in 2022. Ryan is an expert in leveraging podcasts for meaning and profitability.Ryan’s audience on social media is greater than 10,000 and he is happy to share your episode with his fans!
Dr. Travis Fox has been Architecting lives, cultures and stages for 30 years, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Reaching beyond the common uses of conscious and subconscious models. Dr.Fox has perfected a step-by-step app designed for those who are ready to transform their businesses and wake-up from the hypnosis of day-to-day boredom. Dr. Travis Fox has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top 20 entrepreneur for 2020 and even more recently Top 20 Instagram Influencers by BuzzFeed. Dr. Travis Fox has been on radio shows, podcasts and television programs across the country. He also has most recently appeared in such documentary films “Beyond The Secret-The Awakening,” (March 2020) the long awaited sequel to “The Secret,” as well as “How Thoughts Become Things” (April 2020). Additionally, one of the Founders of The Ultimate Business 
Brendon Watt is a man who has lived small and large and now he wants to change the world to be better.Brendon grew up in a middle-class family trying to have middle-class values, until he discovered these values were not really his. After decades of conformity, broke and unhappy, living as a single dad in a tiny room in his mother’s home, along with his four-year-old child, he asked for change. Soon after, he discovered the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness and made the choice to change his life.Today, Brendon is a worldwide speaker, and lead facilitator for Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company in 176 countries. Many have found Brendon’s teachings to be a gift to them for greater possibility. His classes and workshops empower others to know they are not wrong, that anything is possible, and that they are just one choice away from change.One area he specializes in helping others to overcome addition, as he too walks the path of recovery and sobriety. His first book, Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? co-authored with Simone Milasas is an international best-seller, available in seven languages. Find Brendon every week on his podcast "One Choice from Change" on iTunes, on Amazon, and on the Access Consciousness® website. To learn more visit, Follow on Brendon on Instagram and Facebook.  www.brendonwatt.com
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