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Christina Rivera, founder and host of Savvy Broadcasting has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field corporate finance.

Savvy was founded in 2012 to supports business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips and stories with the world.

Savvy is host to over 3.5 million listeners per month and growing.

Besides my radio show, my family (husband, and our lovely dog Henry Hobbs) I love flying, airplanes, dogs and mega walks.

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Vamsi Pannala is a renowned business coach, strategist and podcaster. He is the founder of Impact Marketing Summit and the host of the Authority Entrepreneurs Podcast, where he helps entrepreneurs rise out of obscurity and stand out in a crowded world. After spending over 13 years as a sales and marketing expert in the corporate world, he had a disconnect with a new role that he accepted and called it quits. After that short stint, instead of looking for another role, Vamsi took the plunge and become an entrepreneur. But the journey was a roller coaster ride. After 5 failed attempts at building a profitable business, Vamsi discovered virtual summits. He went on to launch the Impact Marketing Summit with 35 of the most impactful entrepreneurs in the world and it was a blockbuster success. Now, he partners with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and helps them transition from an expert to authority and dominate their niche in 60 days.
Global entrepreneur Ruble Chandy is the author of the international bestselling book on conscious business strategies, 90 Days to Life: A Journey from Turmoil to Triumph, and the creator of Online Business Accelerator™ workshops. Marrying eastern wisdom with western know-how, Chandy built three tremendously successful, seven-figure businesses before retiring at the age of 38 to pursue his passion for helping businesses accelerate growth using the same principles and strategies that propelled his own success. Fluent in three languages, Chandy has consulted with entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. Currently, he and his team at Accelerator™ are helping businesses in 14 countries, including the US, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai), and the UK to double their revenue, profit, and income and scale up to seven, eight, and nine figures.Chandy is known for his practical wisdom, impactful strategies, innate sense of humor, and ability to simplify complex ideas into fun and simple, step by step strategies that anyone can implement to accelerate their business. His vast array of clients includes startups, Silicon Valley CEOS, Emmy Award-winning performers, and billionaires.
Dr. Michael F. Myers, MD, author of Becoming a Doctors' Doctor, is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and recent past Vice-Chair of Education and Director of Training in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at SUNY-Downstate Health Sciences University in Brooklyn, NY. He is the author or co-author of eight other books, including Why Physicians Die By Suicide, The Handbook of Physician Health and Doctors’ Marriages. His publications also include more than 150 articles covering such topics as marital therapy, men and reproductive technology, divorce, sexual assault of women and men, AIDS, the stigma of psychiatric illness, gender issues in training and medical practice, the treatment of medical students and physicians, boundary crossing in the doctor-patient relationship, and ethics in medical education and suicide. He has received multiple awards for excellence in teaching, and has served on the editorial boards of several medical journals. Along with his continuing clinical research, teaching and outreach in the field of suicide, Dr. Myers is a recent past President of the New York City Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Dr. Myers lectures widely throughout North America and beyond on these subjects.
Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the creator of BrainTap®, Dr. Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps use creative visualization and relaxation, biohacking techniques that have made tremendous advances in helping mental, physical, and emotional health issues. BrainTap has been praised for helping people relieve symptoms associated with stress, insomnia, pain, and much more.
Joey Klein is the founder and CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, a personal mastery training system for high achievers. He is the author of "The Inner Matrix: Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results." He has been interviewed by Self Magazine,, Yahoo Finance and NBC. Klein has coached leaders from some of the world’s top companies, including IBM, Coca-Cola, and the World Health Organization. Learn more at and
Francie Jain founded Terawatt to create an easy & affordable solution for professional change based on her belief that helping people be great and achieve their potential has a dramatic ripple effect. By using the marketplace business model, Francie found that her company was able to solve that three problems at once: affordable coaching (for professionals), outsourced skills development (for corporations), and client lead generation (for coaches).In her professional life, Francie has switched careers three times, and she loves the challenge of change. A two time entrepreneur, Terawatt is Francie’s second for-profit endeavor. Her previous role was the founder of a third party marketing consultancy, West River Partners, that raised capital for Emerging Markets-based equity hedge funds. Prior to business school, Francie worked in the fashion industry. Francie graduated from Princeton University with an AB degree in Politics and from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an MBA.Terawatt’s online career development and personal growth platform provides an easy and cost-effective solution to receive the training needed to help you develop professionally.
Steve Brown has a passion for inspiring and empowering the entrepreneurs who power the American economy. He is the founder of ROI Online, a HubSpot platinum agency partner and the first StoryBrand certified agency. Steve and his team at ROI Online have worked with hundreds of clients, from solo entrepreneurs to Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, to grow their business by implementing a holistic business growth system.As an entrepreneur himself, Steve knows what business leaders face today as they fight to grow their businesses, and now, he wants to share what he’s learned to help these hard-working heroes conquer the struggles that are holding them back.Get The Golden Toilet at
Heavenly Puffs founder, Tammy Levent is a Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, Best-Selling Author, & TV Travel Correspondent. She is also the founder of Elite Travel (an award-winning national travel agency); TASK (aka the Travel Agent Success Kit, which trains travel agents to build their business and their brand); and It’s My Bag (a non-profit organization that donates suitcases, to children in foster care.) Today, Tammy shares her journey through crisis and how she thrived in spite of the pandemic. Website: HeavenlyPuffs.comFacebook: @HeavenlyPuffsInstagram:@Heavenly.Puffs
Barry Shore (known in the media as the “Ambassador of JOY”) is a Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur (with 2 multi-million dollar exits and 3 issued patents), Former Quadriplegic, Swimmer, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster. In 2004 Barry became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare disease but his journey to regain mobility pushed him to go "M.A.D" (aka to Make A Difference). To that end, he created the JOY of LIVING Institute™ (a platform that teaches people to live in joy, no matter the situation); and Keep Smiling (a movement that has reached multiple celebrities and distributed millions of "Keep Smiling" cards worldwide. In addition, Shore has built several philanthropic foundations including Changebowl (which was written about in Oprah Magazine.) Shore's nationally syndicated radio show and his podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard globally by hundreds of thousands and has had over TWO MILLION downloads in just 19 months. His forthcoming book "The JOY of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy" will be released in 2021 and it reveals 11 strategies for living in joy, daily.
One man, Curtis J. Morley has a goal to help 1M entrepreneurs. And here’s how he’s doing it. At the core of his new book, The Entrepreneur's Paradox: How to Overcome the 16 Pitfalls Along the Start-up Journey (Mango Publishing, March 2021) is a paradox: what got you into business (your brilliance and expertise) is the very thing that will actively prevent you from succeeding in business. How can you break free? Morley says, “Don’t build the product, build the business.” Curtis is a serial entrepreneur who has created five multi-million dollar companies that have experienced explosive growth in their infancy. Curtis is an Inc. 500/5000 Hall of Fame Recipient who has been recognized as Utah Valley's Entrepreneur of the Year for five consecutive years. After climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2019, he wrote his book because he knew that his climbing experience parallels the hardships many entrepreneurs encounter in their start-up career. Get your copy TODAY of The Entrepreneur's Paradox at
Genah M. Burditt, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara in Aquatic Biology, is a lifelong educator and scientist, turned entrepreneur. In 2013 Burditt joined her father, Gerry Murphy, an aerospace veteran, to take EyasSat Desktop Satellite Simulators to the next level, developing new product lines and a global customer base. These simulators, think drone spacecraft, are one of a kind in the world. They are used for education/professional development commercially, in academia, and for government entities. Burditt and her team assemble these units in EyasSat’s lab on the Metro State University of Denver’s campus In addition to managing assembly, integration, testing, sales and customer training, Burditt also manages and contributes to R & D for new generations, products, and test beds.After spending several years getting to know the local and global aerospace communities, Burditt, like Haffey, began to observe a fissure in the industry between independent, highly skilled and specialized engineers and the customers who need their skill sets. A fissure that no existing organization seemed to be closing.Burditt’s goal for Blue Foot Engineering is to advocate for small aerospace companies and vetted specialists while creating the richest network of talent in the industry and making it visible and accessible to the end customer.
Katherine Hosie, M.Sc. is one of only three coaches in the United States qualified to offer her clients master’s-level evidence-based coaching psychology from the University of Sydney, which leads the world in this arena. She partners with successful leaders in reinjecting meaning, authenticity, and sustainability into how they lead their organizations, including learning complex adaptive leadership approaches required for our changing world. Visit
Adriana Gentile is a certified personal trainer with her diploma in sports nutrition, pre and post natal fitness, TRX suspension, as well as a champion international bikini competitor.Through this journey, she landed on an all natural, wellness network marketing company where she has been able to weave in her online coaching as well as on board new coaches to help expand her influence around the globe. @Adriana GentileAdriana is now consistently number one in Canada on the leaderboard and was awarded number two recruiter in the entire company 2019 - 2020. Visit her website today: www.imadrianag.comAdriana has 32K followers on Instagram.​She also has a YouTube Channel to showcase workouts.
Tim Fitzpatrick is an entrepreneur/business owner with expertise in marketing and business growth. He has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience with a passion for developing and growing businesses. That passion served him well in operating and managing a wholesale distribution company he co-owned for nine years. The company grew an average of 60% a year before being acquired in 2005.Since then, he’s had failures and successes that have been valuable learning experiences. He started Rialto Marketing in 2013 and has been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs eliminate the confusion of marketing using an amazingly simple plan so they can grow. Most people over-complicate marketing. It doesn't have to be that way. For tons of FREE valuable, additional resources VISIT: to Tim’s awesome podcast
Ron Alford is a senior partner, vice president of recruiting, and an executive-level sales and leadership coach for Southwestern Consulting, Alford is an expert in recruiting, sales training, and coaching. He has co-authored REDEFINING POSSIBLE: Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal In this episode we delve more deeply into his new book, and how our Savvy audience can begin the journey to reaching their full potential.
Aman Y. Agarwal has had an unconventional career — formerly an engineer building self-driving trucks in Silicon Valley and a B2B sales executive, he is now founder of ANPRAM Transnational — the world's first executive training program for becoming "technically fluent".. Today Aman shares his wisdom on “Mistakes to avoid while hiring your first engineers”.
Jen-Lee_headshot.JPGJen Grondahl Lee ( is a debt and credit strategy attorney. She helps her clients examine their financial situations and provide long-term solutions for reducing debt and stress in their lives. Sometimes, the solution is bankruptcy, but oftentimes, there are other solutions we can work through to get back on track. She has been featured in articles in Consumer Affairs, US News & World Report, and various websites relating to credit, debt, and bankruptcy. She has 2 girls and they are involved in several dog rescue organizations. Today we discuss: “The Elephant in the Room: How Financial Stress is Destroying Productivity, Relationships”, and Health with Jen Lee
Vince Howie, Vice President, CEO of ATS World Wide, ATS’s innovative solution, an electric-powered pull car/tow dolly system to move airliners on and around airports. The technology is safety-enhancing (will help reduce aircraft crashes) and environmentally friendly (it will help airliners save on fuel and significantly reducing carbon emissions generated at airports).Also the fact that ATS World Wide chose to develop and launch in the State of Oklahoma is an interesting story in itself. This oil and gas state has taken numerous steps to diversify its economy over the past 20 years and thanks to unique policies and measures, the state has become today a major center of excellence when it comes to general aviation, MRO and unmanned aerial systems. Prior to Vince becoming President of ATS World Wide, Vince was formerly the Director of Aerospace and Defense at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and prior to that was Brigadier General at Tinker Air Force Base where he led all logistic operations at the USAF’s largest MRO facility in the world.
Captain Mark Brouker, United States Navy (Retired), is a thought leader, keynote speaker, professor, coach, consultant, facilitator, pharmacist, and proven leader who is passionate about helping others on their leadership journey. He has more than twenty-five years of leadership experience, fifteen of which were in C-suite-level positions. The recipient of numerous military and civilian leadership awards, he held a wide array of leadership positions both during and after his naval career. He served as commanding officer at one of the largest naval hospitals worldwide and as chief of staff for Navy Medicine West, responsible for ten hospitals spanning the West Coast to the Indian Ocean and health care for eight hundred thousand patients. After transitioning from the military, Captain Brouker founded Brouker Leadership Solutions, a company dedicated to helping leaders succeed on their leadership journeys. He has presented to thousands of professionals in twenty-one countries, and his clients include Fortune 500 companies, professional and military organizations, and top universities. Brouker volunteers as an executive coach at The Honor Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps U.S. Navy SEALs and other Special Operations Forces transition from the military environment to the corporate environment.
In 1999, at the age of thirty-four, Richard Dixon died. Yes – died. But he’s still here today to tell the story. In his new memoir, ‘Dying for Success’, Dixon unravels all. But more than a memoir about his life, the book is an uplifting and empowering beacon of hope for others who find themselves struggling in the wake of massive life change. Dixon has since thrived in business, and his message proves anyone can follow suit – whatever they have faced.‘Dying for Success’ Get your copy today:
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