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Bestselling author Brian Ridolfi is the Director of Biblical Studies for the Rhema Bible School in London, England. He is the author of three books, What Does the Bible Say About…? The Ultimate Bible Answer Book, Useful Maxims in a World of Empty Speak, and Chains of Slavery. His book What Does the Bible Say About…? The Ultimate Bible Answer Book was listed on Christian Marketplace’s Best Sellers List for Biblical studies in 2006.  Before becoming an author, Ridolfi graduated from the University of Nevada in 1997 with a BS degree in Geological Sciences. Soon after graduation, he began his career as a research scientist and scientific analyst. He currently resides in California where he continues to write Christian literature. www.brianridolfi.comSlavery, cautionary tale, political, United States, socialist, dictatorship, perceptions, racism, government, tyranny See for privacy and opt-out information.
Keritan Shelby is the founder and CEO of JMS Consulting Firm, a business credit and credit repair firm. Keritan is spreading the knowledge of financial literacy by helping others fix their credit, build business credit, learn better personal financial habits, and invest. After building his own business through credit, he wanted to share his knowledge and help others do the same. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Lillian Brummet and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from checking off one item or other from their long to-do list. After moving to their dream location (in the Kootenay Region of BC, Canada), they have been methodically converting the abused lot over to the little park it has become – and in doing so have gained certification with bee, pollinator and wildlife organizations. Their home, too, has become energy efficient via the many upgrades they have done. Their business includes Dave’s music studio and percussion accessory products and graphic design work as well as numerous award-winning non-fiction books and popular blogs. Today we help them celebrate their latest book release - From One Small Garden, with over 300 delicious, nutritious recipes!Amazon Author Page: See for privacy and opt-out information.
Richard Hawkes is the Founder & CEO, Growth River and author of “Navigate the Swirl: 7 Crucial Conversations for Business Transformation” (Wiley, 2022).Richard founded Growth River in the US in 2007. Today it is an international consultancy with offices and partners in the US and in Germany. Growth River specializes in leading major transformational change initiatives that impact organizational culture and business models at the same time. This work is unique because of its holistic approach that reduces complexity and creates buy-in for both executives and their teams. He has worked domestically and internationally with global Fortune 100, mid-sized and start-up growth companies including: Allergan, Berkley Insurance, Bonnel Aluminum, Chicos, Corning, Cox Communications, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, GENEWIZ, Gentex, Global Knowledge, Hallmark International, Hope Worldwide, Instinet, Johnson & Johnson, MARS, Merck, Navigant Consulting International, Neostem, New York Genome Center, Novartis, Pearson Education, Pfizer, PFG Group, Pharmanet, Prentice Hall, Sun Microsystems, Wrigley and WLR Foods. Richard is currently engaged in a multi-year engagement with Edward Jones Financial Services. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hilmon Sorey is Co-Founder of CoachCRM sales coaching software for managers; Co-Founder of ClozeLoop, a sales strategy, training, and enablement firm with offices in New York, Houston, Silicon Valley, and Johannesburg; Partner in 2.12 Angels as a seed-stage venture capital firm; and author of 8 top-selling books on sales, sales management, and coaching.He has helped build teams in companies that range from early-stage startups to Salesforce, Box, SurveyMonkey,, and some of the fastest-growing companies in the world totaling over $600B in valuation and market cap.He’s an award-winning trainer who has trained over 15,000 salespeople and over 5,000 executives.  He is a sought-after speaker around the globe.Hilmon is also an 8-time best-selling author, and you can check out all his books here: Amazon Hilmon Sorey booksHilmon also hosts a podcast titled The Winning ZoneFB: & See for privacy and opt-out information.
Hugh McTavish is the founder and Executive Director of COVID Sanity ( He is a Ph.D. biochemist and immunologist and also a patent attorney. He has authored 18 refereed sci-entific journal articles and is the inventor on 21 U.S. patents. He has started two pharmaceutical companies off of his own inventions—IGF Oncology, LLC, for a targeted drug for cancer, and Squarex, LLC, for a treatment that prevents cold sores or oral herpes virus outbreaks. So Hugh has a history of taking personal adversity and turning it into a positive. He did it again with the #COVID lockdowns. When COVID lockdowns started, Hugh says he lost his entire social life because Tim Walz ordered his church and his health club closed. It threw him, like 63 million other Americans, into depression. But it also energized him to fight back—not only for himself but also for everyone else whose lives were deemed unimportant by Tim Walz and Antony Fauci with the lockdowns. He started a nonprofit, He started writing against the lockdowns within days of their being implemented, predicting that the harms of the lockdowns, even in deaths caused (due to increased suicides and drug overdoses and increased cancer deaths) versus those prevented, would be vastly greater than the benefits. He has been proven right. Hugh McTavish is running for #Governor of Minnesota to implement the idea of Jury #Democracy and give power to all of us. Intro/Outro music: High Life Richard Smithso See for privacy and opt-out information.
Stephen Willeford represents the Gun Owners of America and is known around the country as the “good guy with the gun” for helping stop the largest Texas mass shooting in the history of the state in 2017. He is available to speak about all 2nd Amendment issues, as well as the importance of the Gun Owners of America. Gun Owners of America at Intro music: High Life Richard Smithson See for privacy and opt-out information.
Mamie Kanfer Stewart learned about organizational culture and management from her family business--GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer--before launching Meeteor. Her company builds an organizational culture in which people thrive. She holds degrees from New York University Stern School of Business and Kansas City Art Institute. Check out Mamie’s author Website: and her book and business website at: and get social with Mamie on IG | FaceBook | Twitter | Linkedin and her business on Twitter! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Starting with a couple of doodles Brett Newski posted to social media making light of his struggle with anxiety and depression, they garnered a surprising and overwhelming response and he decided to make his relatable coping mechanism of drawings into a series. Now, Newski presents three years’ worth of drawings in his new book, It's Hard to be a Person, offering mental health boosts through humor and relatable quips about the perils of living in our world with a mental illness. Newski's drawings offer a warmth and innocence that comforts readers and reflects their own experiences to assert that, despite the taboo of mental illness, most of us relate to each other on a deeper level when it comes to mental health.More information can be found at Music at the start and end of our awesome interview was written by Singer/songwriter Brett Newski “Seek Asylum From Myself.” See for privacy and opt-out information.
Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and Founder of StoreConnect, is an experienced technology entrepreneur who wants to infuse small and medium sized businesses with the power to be successful in eCommerce and grow to the Nth degree. Small businesses can’t waste time setting up their business on a platform only to repeat the process by changing platforms when they want to scale, nor do they want to waste time figuring out how to integrate multiple platforms. StoreConnect (built on the World's Number 1 CRM, Salesforce), gives clients a complete, powerful, configurable eCommerce and CRM solution where they can manage their website, online and in-store sales, provide amazing customer service, run all their digital marketing campaigns and have up-to-date detailed metrics, reporting and full understanding of their customer. They were awarded Salesforce’s 2021 International Partner Innovation Award of the year for the Retail sector and are changing the ease with which small businesses are run ─ with a manageable price tag. StoreConnect is Time. Well Spent. Visit See for privacy and opt-out information.
Anastasia Violet Lipske knows what it takes to book speakers. As the founder of Access Speakers, a full-service speaker, and podcast guesting agency, she has booked 1,500+ engagements for her clients.Anastasia speaks the language of speaker chairs, event planners, and podcast hosts who seek great speakers and podcast guests for their meetings and shows. Additionally, her unique skills help business owners brand themselves as speakers, spread their message, and attract clients.As a co-author of the book, Business Success with Ease, Anastasia emphasizes how to use speaker branding to generate influence, awareness, and clients! Her readers learn strategies of public speaking and podcast guesting as effective marketing tools.Anastasia motivates audiences with her energetic personality and passion for the speaking industry. She inspires business owners to use one of the most powerful tools in existence…the voice! See for privacy and opt-out information.
Rob Rawson is a qualified medical doctor who also has significant business experience. He founded and built Time Doctor in 2011.Before Time Doctor, Rob moved from Australia to the Philippines to build a successful digital advertising agency with over 20 employees. Initially, all of his team members were working out of the same office, but he decided to get rid of the office, cut costs, and be able to hire and work remotely from any region rather than just one. Having a fully remote team required him to build software to improve efficiency and transparency. He initially built the software for his own internal use, but then decided to sell it as a SaaS service.Rob is the CEO of Time Doctor which is an 8 figure SaaS business with over 130 full-time team members. Their team is spread out across 31 countries, all working remotely! Rob is also the co-founder of the world’s largest conference about Remote work - Running Remote. Additionally, he has co-authored "Running Remote", a book about remote and asynchronous work that will be released in July 2022. In this revolutionary book, Rob and his co-founder Liam Martin, have unearthed the secrets and lessons discovered by remote work pioneering entrepreneurs and founders who’ve harnessed the async mindset to operate their business remotely in the most seamless hassle-free, and cost-effective manner possible. Rob now lives in Sydney Australia with his wife and two kids. https://runningremote.comTwitter: @RobertRawsonLinkedIn: Robert Rawson See for privacy and opt-out information.
Yoichi Utebi is a producer and world lecturer for Happy Science. Born in Japan in 1968, Utebi grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City. Raised in a rare Japanese Christian family, he was deeply touched by Muslim culture and the beauty of Lebanon during his formative years in Beirut. However, the Middle East also exposed Utebi to the horrors of war, as he and his family dodged bullets and bombings before fleeing to London and back to Japan, leaving everything behind in a sudden evacuation. In the 7th grade, Utebi moved to New York for 10 years, where he was exposed to friends from multiple cultures and ethnicities. His rock band produced a popular album and gained quite a following in the city before Utebi decided to forego his musical pursuits and return to Japan.After 12 years of experience in marketing and senior management at various American IT companies in Japan, Utebi joined Happy Science in 2010, where he quickly rose to Director of International Communications. Utebi is currently a minister and world lecturer for Happy Science and a producer on The Cherry Bushido.The Cherry Bushido is a film from Japan about a young Kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) devotee and group of friends who unite to protect Japan from the threat of extinction by its neighboring country. The Cherry Bushido will be released in limited theaters in North America this March. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Mort Fertel is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 18 years old. He has a private equity portfolio that consists of SudShare, 2 other businesses, and real estate holdings. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business, and, during a short time when he thought he might be a corporate guy, worked on Wall Street for Bankers Trust Company. Mort is also an author, creator of the first online relationship renewal system (2004), and the subject of Back from the Brink, a documentary written and directed by Toroes Thomas. Now a grandfather, success for Mort means making a difference. And SudShare makes a difference by allowing customers to enjoy life and Sudsters (washers) to have their own work-from-home business. Mort loves working with his family to revolutionize the laundry business.SudShare's goal is to change how America does laundry (well, doesn't do laundry as they can leave it to the Sudsters), giving people back two to three hours a week away from the washing machines, free to spend time doing things they actually like doing, instead of sorting socks. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Seven Principles CEO Chas Sampson is an Iraq War veteran and the founder of several companies. Monikered after the seven Army values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage), Seven Principles empowers veterans transitioning out of the military by assisting with the VA claims process, appeal cases, entrepreneurship, and more.Before founding Seven Principles, Chas served as a Decision Officer/VA Rater at the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. He then went on to serve at the Pentagon as an Employee and Labor Relations executive at the United States Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. This experience inspired him to advocate for his fellow veterans and prepare them to reenter society with maximized VA benefits and a career plan. As a decision officer, he had denied numerous applications due to minor mistakes that could have been avoided if the applicant had benefited from an expert’s guidance. Chas served in the United States Army from 2006-2011. Following the Army, he received an Associate of Arts in Business/Managerial Economics from Pierce College of Fort Steilacoom, a Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology from Washington State University Pullman, and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources from Argosy University Washington, D.C. After graduating, he worked with members of Congress to promote initiatives for Veterans for Smart Power. Finally, he currently serves as board chairman for the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, a 502(c)(3) nonprofit that works to improve early childhood education, health, and family support. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Chris Tuff was one of the first advertisers to work directly with Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 and filmed one of the first “viral” videos, which landed him on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Tuff’s natural ability to connect with his nearly 80% millennial and Gen Z workforce led him to publish the national bestselling The Millennial Whisperer in 2019. A global movement soon followed as the Atlanta resident shared lessons on empathy and genuine connection at work on some of the largest stages in the world including such Fortune 100 companies as Nike. Check out his website @ and get social with Chris on IG | FaceBook | Twitter | Linkedin!Movie Chris references: Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself, you can catch this movie on Hulu or YouTube for streaming or purchasing. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Kathy Miller and Shannon Karels founded OPSisters, a training, consulting and coaching organization in 2020. They work with companies, teams and individuals interested in improving business performance results through proven lean principles and inclusive cultures. Their new book: STEEL TOES AND STILETTOS: A True Story of Women Manufacturing Leaders and Lean Transformation Success is written from each of their perspectives—from an executive position with P&L responsibility and from the Lean leader responsible for the transformation. Readers of their book will learn techniques for improving results and engagement at any organization. Advocating that lean transformation and an inclusive culture improves key performance metrics, the authors also show how it enables a work environment that is safe and drives value for the customer.Shannon Karels is a Senior Operations Manager who has led multiple lean transformations and run operations for two large publicly traded corporations across various industries and business models. She started her career in supply chain management and progressed through lean and operations leadership roles. Through this journey, Shannon has improved cultures in numerous manufacturing facilities by leading employee empowerment and engagement, and building highly successful teams, with a focus on business results. Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from Western Michigan University.Kathy Miller is a Senior Operations Executive who has held numerous global vice president and director roles both in manufacturing and lean enterprise leadership. Kathy is a Shingo Prize Recipient for Large Businesses as a Plant Manager. She started her career in Operations as a 17-year-old co-op student at a vehicle assembly plant, and progressed through engineering, marketing, lean, and operations leadership roles, working for four large publicly traded corporations in executive roles. Kathy is a transformational leader who consistently delivers impressive business results through team development, process discipline, and continuous improvement. Kathy holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial Systems Engineering from Kettering University, MBA from Ball State University and a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Kathy was inducted into the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2021. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Basel “Vasili” Nassar was one of the original founders of Greek Gods Yogurt, which is now a multi-million-dollar brand sold in grocery stores all over the world. After selling that company in a multi-million dollar deal, Basel decided to start another company, Boss Dog Brand, after he adopted a dog named Kelby who refused to eat. Kelby was a picky eater and had digestive issues, so Basel, understanding the yogurt industry, created a yogurt full of probiotics for dogs. Kelby loved it and soon the company began in late 2018. Fast forward to now, the Seattle based entrepreneur has now launched more than a dozen health products for dogs and cats at record speed across multiple product segments. What’s interesting is that his sales are doing extremely well despite the pandemic. Basel has a “get market share at all costs attitude” and that strategy is working. Boss Dog is now sold all over the United States and Canada. Prior to his founding of Greek God’s, he also was responsible for bringing a Seattle bakery to the attention of Starbucks, which now uses that bakery to provide its baked goods. He also once led record sales numbers in KFC franchises in the Northwest part of the United States. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Cody Lowry’s story is an upbeat and hilarious one. But it wasn’t always that way. His past knew poverty, abandonment, and a family that moved thirty-two times within a seven-year period. Yet today, he’s a Pied Piper of positivity with advice for everyone on how to make each day count.Cody has been a successful marketer for thirty years, building a multi-million dollar ad agency from scratch. How did he overcome his past to achieve such success? He took on life with a unique perspective, executing bold ideas, making others laugh, and being ever mindful of the little guy.His advice will delight and inspire you. You’ll read about his travels, his ups and downs, and even how he auditioned for Saturday Night Live. Cody Lowry is a man who’s lived a lot of life and walked the walk, as they say. Now, he’s here to show you the steps to take towards a better life for yourself. Special Gift, For the First 5 people to email Cody and ask him for a copy of his book, will get a FREE copy of his book: Schmooze. Send your email to: myschmooze@gmail.com See for privacy and opt-out information.
Mark Cushing is the founding partner and CEO of the Animal Policy Group and a Stanford honors graduate. A long-time political strategist, government regulatory advisor, corporate executive and former litigator, he focuses his advocacy practice on providing high-level strategic advice and services to clients with needs at any level of government, and key trade/industry associations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. He acts as Trustees Counsel for Lincoln Memorial University and has served as adjunct faculty and lecturer at Lincoln Memorial University, Lewis & Clark College, and the University of Oregon law school. He has the unique job of advancing causes related to pets. He has been featured on CNBC, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Sirius XM Radio and much more. He is based in Scottsdale, AZ. PET NATION: The Inside Story of How Companion Animals Are Transforming Our Homes, Culture, and Economy (Penguin Random House; September 21, 2021) tells the story of how pets in the last 20 years went from being left out in the cold to being the little spoon in bed with us – and the economic, media, legal, political, and social dramas springing from this cultural transformation and seismic & See for privacy and opt-out information.
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