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In today’s show, Pancham interviews Cody Laughlin - head of deal acquisitions, co-founder, and managing partner for Blue Oak Capital. Pursuing a career as a healthcare professional, he didn’t expect that he’ll become a landlord when they’re renting their former house back in 2008. Now, with over 10 years of investing experience, he is on the road to fully transitioning out of his W2 job and being able to continuously expand his real estate business! In this episode, get inspired by his entrepreneurial journey as he shares the expensive lessons that helped shape who he is today, why he continues to engage in real estate investments, and the investment strategy that best fits his skill sets! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “What I was taught growing up about what is financial independence and financial security was just completely misled and so, that kind of led me to pursue real estate entrepreneurship.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:40 - Pancham introduces Cody to the show 1:19 - On being accidental landlords and learning about financial literacy 6:28 - Discovering your own investing niche that fits your skill set 12:41 - The perfect time to free yourself from the golden handcuffs 17:24 - How co-sponsoring helps in jumpstarting your investing journey 23:46 - Taking the Leap Round 23:46 - His 2008 property as his first investment outside of Wall Street 24:15 - How he overcame his hesitations when he first started 25:08 - Why his fitness franchise didn’t end up having its launch 26:36 - Why you should add real assets to your investment portfolio 27:36 - How you can connect with Cody 3 Key Points: Explore different real estate investments and find that one strategy that best fits your skill set as it can help you identify where you should focus in order to succeed. When setting up your own business, build its infrastructure and define who you are as a brand, as a company, and what you’ll need to grow your business. Commercial real estate is a good addition to your investment portfolio as it can help you provide a bit more predictable return patterns, unlike stocks and cryptocurrency. Get in Touch: Blue Oak Capital Website - Cody Laughlin LinkedIn - Cody Laughlin Facebook - Cody Laughlin Email - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By Robert T. Kiyosaki -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Brian O'Neill - real estate investor, author, coach, and podcast host of The W2 Prison Break Show. Feeling stuck in your life and seeing that there’s no way out? That’s what Brian also felt while being in his W2 job for 25 years. After escaping from his W2 prison, he is now taking charge of his own life as he controls his own time and manages his own finances through real estate investing! Get a headstart on breaking free from your W2 prison as he reveals how he altered his mindset, the importance of mentors on your entrepreneurial journey, and how gratitude and journaling goes the long way. Get the clarity you need as he discusses why you tend to feel stuck and what you can do about it! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I was stuck in Wall Street investments for so long. I remember the day I took every penny I had out of Wall Street and it was one of the most liberating moments of my life.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:39 - Pancham introduces Brian to the show 2:21 - How he escaped the W2 prison after being trapped for 25 years 6:09 - Importance of mentors and how they help in shifting your mindset 11:19 - Game-changer practices that help in providing clarity on your goals 16:56 - How he helps you with an escape plan for your W2 prison break 21:41 - Seller financing and other strategies for no-money-down deals 28:39 - Taking the Leap Round 28:39 - His 1st property investment outside of Wall Street 29:05 - How business transactions in a parking lot helped overcome his fears 29:55 - Why his 2nd property investment didn’t work out as expected 31:13 - Why you should get educated and start listening to yourself 32:39 - How you can connect with Brian 3 Key Points: We create our own personal prisons as we’ve felt stuck and have felt like we aren’t where we’re supposed to be. You’re not stuck but rather need clarity of what your goals are. We tend to think that we got it all figured out, but having a coach to mentor you will actually help you get the support and push you never thought you needed. Instead of borrowing money from a bank to buy properties, you can use seller financing since. In addition to keeping your money, you can obtain additional benefits. Get in Touch: W2 Prison Break Website - Get your FREE copy of the “5 Step Guide To Jumpstart Your W2 Prison Break” at The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Books: The Miracle Morning Series by Hal Elrod - Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Jason Cozens - a qualified architect with 20 years of experience and the founder of Glint. Who would’ve imagined that paying with gold instead of cash is possible? Jason has established the 1st digital gold currency, through Glint, by incorporating gold purchases with electronic payments in one platform! With over 120,000 registered users, he continues to pursue his vision of providing everyone equal opportunities to prosper by making gold more accessible! Intrigued by the idea of using gold as your everyday money? Check out this episode as he shares the process of how their platform works, why gold works against inflation, and how they made it possible! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and learn how you can bring gold closer to you! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “Gold is valued globally, by everybody nearly all over the world. There is nothing else like it. And with Glint’s technology, you can now use it as everyday money.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:42 - Pancham introduces Jason to the show 3:05 - On building Glint and realizing gold as the ultimate store of value 9:26 - Why gold is considered a good hedge against inflation 15:33 - Integrating physical gold and electronic payments through the Glint app 21:24 - On their revenue streams and having a cost-effective system 23:29 - Enhancing user experience through their value-added services 28:31 - Why you should make the switch to gold currency 32:56 - Taking the Leap Round 32:56 - On starting investing in himself and setting up his business 33:33 - Fears he overcame when he started his entrepreneurship journey 34:43 - Why constant failures should always be expected 37:03 - Why investors should believe in themselves and in their skills 38:41 - How you can connect with Jason 3 Key Points: Using gold as everyday money has been made possible by Glint by creating a platform wherein you can make buy physical gold and make transactions with it. Gold is a good way to protect yourself against inflation as it is constant, unlike dollars or pounds which generally fluctuate in value. What makes Glint different is that it lets you buy a piece of a physical gold bar that will be allocated solely to you and will not be put at risk. Get in Touch: Glint Website - Glint LinkedIn - Glint Youtube Channel - Glint Instagram - Glint Twitter - Jason Cozens Instagram - Jason Cozens Twitter - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Drew White - upside down wealth consultant for business owners & executives. Former pediatric oncology nurse with a $150,000 student loan debt, Drew realized that nursing is not a long-term gig for him. He came across infinite banking while learning about money and distinguishing between bad and good debt. With his “aha!” moment, he is now on a path to entrepreneurship real estate investing, infinite banking, and teaching others how to do the same! Be the banker yourself as he teaches the concept of infinite banking and how you can get the same rewards that the bank does. Learn from his journey as he shares his principles, why you should utilize the whole life insurance policy, and other added benefits that you can get! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I started reading what other people did and that's when I realized, ‘Oh okay, a lot of people are doing real estate. A lot of smart wealthy people have been doing real estate for a long time.’ ” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:36 - Pancham introduces Drew to the show 2:21 - From $150,000 student loan debt to using debt to build wealth 9:50 - Infinite banking and enjoying the rewards the bank receives 12:16 - How a whole life insurance policy helps in obtaining the bank’s benefits 19:22 - Creditor protection and using other perks for real estate investing 22:12 - On attaining the policy and transferring its ownership to his children 27:21 - Things to consider when setting up with a mutual insurance company 30:23 - Taking the Leap Round 30:23 - His 1st mobile home investment outside of Wall Street 31:10 - Overcoming his fear of imperfection when he first started 33:15 - How lack of due diligence led to an unsatisfactory investment 34:31 - Pieces of advice to rookie investors to get their journey started 35:51 - How you can connect with Drew 3 Key Points: The idea of infinite banking is to keep money in your own system rather than in a bank. In this way, you would get the benefits that the bank originally receives. Although a whole life insurance policy may appear to be a poor investment, it is beneficial when it is viewed as your own bank account. Work with someone who has experience and is willing to coach you. Working with mentors will be highly advantageous as you scale up your business. Get in Touch: Drew White Website - CreateTailwind Website - Drew White LinkedIn - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Book: Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Saket Jain - real estate investor, syndicator, business operations leader at Airbnb Headquarters, and founder and CEO of Impact Wealth Builders. Saket has been succeeding with his single source of income and never imagined that he would be laid off from work. But when reality hits, he explores and discovers that there’s actually so much more out there and he is simply in the wrong crowd! With owning over 2000 units, he is now committed to aspire others to be the next generation of wealth builders! Listen to this episode as he shares his victim-to-victor mindset, explores other potential jobs, and how Airbnb found him. He’ll also guide us and offer his advice to rookie and aspiring investors as he enlightens us with his journey to achieve financial freedom and the lessons he learned from his prior deals! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “My interior monologue went from ‘Why me?’ to ‘Why not me?’ and ‘Why not now?’ So I flipped my switch from being a victim to victor.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:37 - Pancham introduces Saket to the show 2:24 - How getting laid-off from work empowered his victor mindset 6:25 - Exploring available opportunities and changing his own system 10:32 - From investing in cash-flowing assets to using it as a tax-saving tool 15:11 - On changing your perspective and leveraging your resources 18:43 - Developing a relationship mindset on his multi-family deals 23:17 - On doing long-term investment amidst the current market position 30:48 - Taking the Leap Round 30:48 - His first accidental investment outside of Wall Street 31:20 - How he overcome trepidation and limiting beliefs 33:09 - Why his first passive investment didn’t reach his expectations 34:24 - Why investors should understand and learn about their fear 37:27 - How you can connect with Saket 3 Key Points: You may not be able to avoid being laid off from your job, but you can be prepared for it by dedicating a little bit of your time to learning about other available opportunities. Don’t hesitate to invest in your education - whether through mentors, seminars, workshops, podcasts, and books - as it could help you build a strong foundation. When you’re starting out, it’s best to work with a syndicator and an operator who have a teacher mindset as they’ll help you build your knowledge, network, and your experience. Get in Touch: Impact Wealth Builders Website - Saket Jain LinkedIn - Saket Jain Email - Listen to TGCI Episode #4 at The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Alex Jarbo - short-term rental developer and manager, host of the YouTube Channel Alex Builds, and founder and CEO of Sargon Investments. Starting from building his first short-term rental property, he has scaled up his investment firm by continuously developing and investing in unique properties! With a unique business model, the perfect team, and being able to bring the experience to the property itself, he is closer to achieving his goal of developing 650 cabins and syndicating a 50-cabin community! Excited to jump into short-term rentals? Learn from this episode as he expresses what makes short-term rental properties intriguing, the importance of having a mentor, receiving infinite returns on his properties, and automating his business system! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “What caught me was like the creativity of it and also just the cash flow. I mean the cash flows even back then were crazy. Even today, they're getting better.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:37 - Pancham introduces Alex to the show 2:08 - Getting into the short-term rental business by building his first property 10:09 - His current business model that gains a high percentage of returns  16:49 - Management team and utilizing automation systems 20:35 - Websites that are an absolute game-changer in the real estate industry 26:42 - Prioritizing the guest’s experience aside from the property itself 30:44 - On practicing multiple morning routines to be more productive 35:11 - Taking the Leap Round 35:11 - His first short term rental investment outside of Wall Street 35:40 - Overcoming his fears through experience, analysis, and mentors 36:47 -  Why being emotionally attached to a deal could lead to failures 40:07 - Why rookie investors should vet their partners properly. 41:14 - How you can connect with Alex 3 Key Points: Having the right mentor could help you get a gist of the industry and be able to succeed. Even if it is costly, the money you've invested would be returned 3-4 times over. Aside from having a well-built structure, the property has to be an experience in itself for the guests to fully enjoy their stay. The real estate industry might be delayed in terms of digital trends (which is not always a bad thing), but there are many digital marketing principles that may be applied to it. Get in Touch: Sargon Investments Website - Alex Jarbo LinkedIn - Alex Builds Youtube Channel - Modsy Website - Get A Site Plan Website - Wayfair Professional Website - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Books: The Secrets Trilogy Box Set by Russell Brunson - The Miracle Morning Series by Hal Elrod -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Eric Neely - a trucker, real estate professional, and executive partner at Febros Capital. While pursuing his W2 job as a trucker, he has been listening to real estate audiobooks and podcasts to get educated in the investing world. Now working on his retirement portfolio, he has invested in multifamily real estate as a limited partner and a general partner, formed joint venture partnerships, and is constantly increasing his investments! Learn from his experiences in this episode as he highlights the power of education and research, why he chose to focus on passive and multifamily investments, and how he’s on the road to financial freedom! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I knew that if I was going to make a career change and a big transition that it wasn't going to be through building single families, it was going to be in the multifamily realm.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:42 - Pancham introduces Eric to the show 2:12 - How the idea of retirement income got him into investing 8:31 - Starting as a limited partner to get in the investing game 10:04 - On scaling up and focusing on passive investments 17:02 - His first syndication that paved the way for his later success 19:48 - On achieving his uncomfortable goals and making them happen 22:06 - Taking the Leap Round 22:06 - His accidental flip as his first investment outside of Wall Street 22:53 - On having no fears and simply diving into investing 23:40 - Why his first syndication did not go as expected 24:04 - Why rookie investors should prioritize research and education 25:21 - How you can connect with Eric 3 Key Points: Real estate investing must not be rushed. Prioritize educating yourself and learning the best investing strategy for you before venturing and taking the leap. Research the kind of market that you’re going to invest in. As you’re going to put your money at risk, you should know what's being done with it. If you're looking for a way to create passive income in retirement, passive real estate investing could be a viable option. Get in Touch: Febros Capital Website - Eric Neely LinkedIn - Eric Neely Contact Details - (316) 640-8163 The Wealthy Trucker Podcast - Download the FREE e-book “Top 6 Reasons To Invest Outside of Wall Street” at The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Ryan Webster - NHBA award-winning home builder, experienced real estate professional, entrepreneur, and managing partner and founder of Equity Yield LLC. Realizing his aspirations of earning passive income and spending more time with his family, he transitioned from new constructions and single-family homes to multi-family investments. Today, he is making progress toward his goals by continuing to invest and help others in achieving capital gains and having financial freedom! Learn more about investing in multi-family assets in this episode as he discusses his shift to acquiring multi-family assets, the hurdles that come with it, and getting to win deals! He'll also discuss how he manages his assets and how he maintains his competitive edge in the industry. Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “Our focus is acquiring institutional quality multifamily assets across strong growth markets in the Southeast.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:38 - Pancham introduces Ryan to the show 1:18 - On assessing his life goals and shifting to multifamily assets 6:03 -  Barriers to acquiring investments when you’re a new investor 11:31 - Raising capital, building relationships, and securing debt 14:06 - Asset management and tracking controllable expenses 15:46 - On continuing to buy assets amidst today’s current market 22:44 - Taking the Leap Round 22:44 - Fix-and-flip as his 1st investment outside of Wall Street 24:18 - Overcoming his worries by taking the leap and invest 24:45 - His investments that didn’t work out as expected 25:29 - Why you should simply invest and get into real estate 26:18 - How you can connect with Ryan 3 Key Points: Identify your long-term goals so that it could help you decide on what investing strategy best fits you. Aside from knowing your life goals, you should also assess the risks that come with them so you can be prepared for what’s about to possibly come. Take the leap and start building broker relationships, and let yourself known to other investors in order to have a presence in the industry. Get in Touch: Equity Yield Group Website - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Sam Hales - CEO and founder of Saratoga Group. With over 15 years of real estate and management experience, Sam has been investing in mobile home parks and offering greater but affordable homes to community members as he is passionate about improving local communities! Curious on how mobile home parks work? Listen to this episode to find out! Learn the fundamentals of investing in mobile home parks as Sam will share everything you need to know - what they are, how you can start investing in them, and the risks you need to be aware of. He’ll also cover why now is a good time to invest in them and how you can use it to help develop stronger communities! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “What is something that will do well in a downturn, can provide good cash flow, and then I can build a business around? That led me to mobile home communities.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:40 - Pancham introduces Sam to the show 3:23 - Turning his real estate bug into an investing career 7:20 - Mobile home parks and being more than just “buying communities” 9:37 - Why it’s now a good time to invest in mobile home parks 15:54 - Classifying mobile home parks through a star system 17:56 - The difficulties in constructing mobile home parks 23:14 - Things to look out for when investing in mobile home parks 30:07 - Taking the Leap Round 30:07 - His 1st property investment outside of Wall Street 30:45 - Overcoming the fear of losing profits in investments 32:11 - His land investments that didn’t work out as expected 34:37 - Why investors should start by investing in themselves 37:07 - How you can connect with Sam 3 Key Points: As an owner-operator, you’re owning the land, and the real estate, and then you’re leasing it out to homeowners. This is a great way to provide housing in an era when it's hard to come by. Although utility costs and payrolls kept going up, we have the pricing power as an owner-operator of mobile home parks. Understanding the community's infrastructure and utility arrangement is one of the key things to note. For passive investors, your operator is your number one risk. Get in Touch: SG Communities Website - Sam Hales LinkedIn - Sam Hales Email - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Marco Santarelli - investor, author, host of Passive Real Estate Investing, and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments. Marco shows that he’s the epitome of hard work and commitment as he proves that it’s never too early to start your career. From starting his first investment at 18 years old to having the largest nationwide provider of turnkey cash-flow investment property, he is getting closer to his goal to help 1 million people gain financial freedom through real estate! In this episode, get inspired as he shares his story of getting started with real estate, buying 84 units within 9 months, surviving through the 2008 financial crisis, and achieving financial independence! He’ll also share the lessons he learned that he has implemented in his business so don’t miss it! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “What was interesting is that around the age of 15-16, I was buying books and programs and courses to teach myself about business and investing - specifically real estate investing.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:36 - Pancham introduces Marco to the show 1:57 - His journey on scaling his real estate business and helping others invest 11:24 - Creating vs. adopting a system that works for you 16:39 - On implementing his 10 rules for successful real estate investing 22:32 - Why real estate is still the best investment regardless of time 30:25 - On selectively diversifying his asset classes to scale his portfolio 34:21 - Taking the Leap Round 34:21 - His first rental property investment at 18 years old 34:46 - Overcoming the mental hurdles when he first started 35:31 - Why his out-of-state investment didn’t work out 37:26 - Why you should learn and understand what you’re investing in 39:24 - Where you can get your free guide to passive real estate investing 3 Key Points: Never sell your real estate properties. You can replace it with other properties to scale your portfolio, but don't sell it unless absolutely needed as it has the potential to cash flow. Always educate yourself and learn new things as what you don’t know would cost you money, time, and wasted opportunities. It’s always a good time to invest in real estate. It’s only a question of where would you invest as there are a lot of deals and asset classes that you can start with. Get in Touch: Get your FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing at Norada Real Estate Investments Website - 10 Rules of Successful Real Estate Investing - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Billy Keels - long-distance real estate investor, host of The Going Long Podcast, and founder of KeePon Cashflow. Who would’ve thought that you can invest in the U.S. while being able to live your life in Europe? Billy has proven that it is indeed possible! Now, he is on a mission to help others establish new options for their lives so that they can live comfortably without worrying about unexpected work schedules and be able to spend more time doing things that they love most! In this episode, learn new things about long-distance real estate investing as he shares how he got started investing outside of the country and what you’ll need to get started! Get inspired as he discusses the mindset that led to his transition from a successful corporate employee to investing passively in different asset classes! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I decided I needed to do something else and I started to take my own life into my hands by investing in a number of different real assets, real estate being one of them.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:42 - Pancham introduces Billy to the show 4:09 - From working in the corporate world to thriving in real estate investing 8:35 - Leading factors that motivate him to get started in investing 13:41 - On finally being able to control his own time and finances 21:59 - How he was able to successfully invest passively outside of the country 27:35 - Surrounding yourself with experts and being able to learn from them 33:35 - His morning routine and how it help in achieving success 35:32 - Taking the Leap Round 35:32 - His 1st duplex investment outside of Wall Street 36:43 - Turning long-distance investing from his weakness to being his strengths 37:39 - Why his stock market investment didn’t work out as expected 40:04 - Simple formula to follow when you first start investing 40:44 - How you can connect with Billy 3 Key Points: Real estate investing could helped in building a lifestyle that would allow you to have freedom and be able to live wherever and however you want to without limits. When doing long-distance investing, it’s better to invest passively as it would require less time from you but would still have big returns. The most critical part to think of as a long-distance investor is having a team that you trust and could align with your goals so that it would be easier to look for investments.  Get in Touch: Billy Keels Website - First Generation Capital Partners Website - Billy Keels LinkedIn - The Gold Collar Investor Banking - Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By Robert T. Kiyosaki - The Miracle Morning Series -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Jason Yarusi - an active real estate syndicator and real estate investor, host of The Multifamily Live Podcast, founder of New Jersey Multifamily Live Club, and founding and managing member of Yarusi Holdings. Through podcasts, conferences, his investment firm, and his investment club, he has been consistently inspiring people to learn more about multifamily investing and its benefits. Today, he manages over 1400 units valued at $160 million in assets under management, has over 2,500 members in his investing club, and is dedicated to helping investors reach their goals! In this episode, learn more about multifamily investing as he shares his journey on how he discovered and learned to love multifamily investing! He’ll also guide us as he shares what you need to look out for whether you’re actively or passively investing, and what their current strategy looks like given the current market state! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “We really want to dial in to control our time and dictate how our life with and get away from letting life run us.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:34 - Pancham introduces Jason to the show 2:52 - On transitioning from lifting houses to investing in multifamily 11:26 - Scaling up the business through hiring the right people 12:36 - Narrowing investing opportunities to align with your goals 16:46 - Why active investors should know and understand their limits 21:48 - His outlook on the current market and how they deal with it 25:25 - How their event would help you get started in multifamily investing 29:21 - Taking the Leap Round 29:21 - House flipping as his 1st investment outside of Wall Street 30:03 - Lessons learned from his 1st house flipping investment 31:56 - The investment that didn’t work out as expected 33:05 - Why investors should take the leap after finding out their goals 34:02 - How you can connect with Jason 3 Key Points: For passive investors, it’s best to invest with someone who always provides constant communication. This would help provide transparency and build trust with others. Instead of investing in all kinds of assets, limit yourselves when investing actively to prevent making bad decisions and simply focus on where you can provide value. Limiting your opportunities will actually expand your opportunities as it could help rookie investors be clear on their goals and align them with their investing strategy. Get in Touch: Yarusi Holdings Website - 7 Figure Multifamily Website - Multifamily Live Event - Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Book: The Miracle Morning Series by Hal Elrod -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Brian Bradley - nationally recognized Asset Protection Attorney and Senior Managing Partner at Bradley Legal Corp. With the goal of giving you the “peace of mind” knowing that your assets are far from harm, Brian Bradley has been defending high-risks professionals, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and other workers from creditors that could target their assets and their wealth through asset protection!   How can you protect your assets? Listen to this episode as he deconstructs this concept and provides insights on how it really works! He’ll also go over the various asset protection trusts available and why you should start protecting your assets protected now! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I like the practice of law. And I realize that people need to start doing things beforehand before they're getting sued.” Timestamped Shownotes: 2:11 - Pancham introduces Brian to the show 4:17 - The struggles he faced to be the leading asset protection lawyer today 8:51 - Asset protection and the ECCC criteria to keep in mind 11:18 - Analyzing what can potentially go wrong with no asset protection 16:38 - Breaking down the different layers of asset protection 27:32 - 2 asset protection trusts and what best fits for you 38:30 - Real-life case laws that apply the asset protection trusts 44:18 - The Bridge Trust and what makes it different from others 52:13 - Taking the Leap Round 52:13 - His favorite asset classes to invest on outside of Wall Street 52:53 - Overcoming his analysis paralysis and simply taking the leap 53:41 - Why fix-and-flip investments didn’t meet his preferences 54:29 - Why investors should always do their research  55:22 - How you can connect with Brian   3 Key Points: People tend to not get plans or protection as they believe that nothing wrong is going to happen. Having asset-protection helps you protect what you have before it gets any worse. The role of asset protection is to help create a legal barrier and out of your personal name so that the people who may be suing you can’t reach those assets. There are a lot of asset protection trusts that are made available to the public. You just need to find the right plan for you depending on your profile and your risks. Get in Touch: Bradley Legal Corp Website - Brian Bradly Email - Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Anthony Zhang - co-founder and CEO of Vinovest. Wine investing is not a common asset class to invest in but it is actually one of the high-performing assets! Realizing the potential of the business and wishing to eliminate barriers to entry so that anybody can invest in wine, Anthony has co-founded Vinovest - a global wine investment firm with over 10,000 clients and nearly $100 million worth of assets! Want to diversify your portfolio? Listen as he shares the know-how of wine investing! How do you exactly invest in wine? What makes wine a good asset class? What drives the pricing in the wine market? What should be my expected cash flow in this industry? What does Vinovest offer to wine investors? Anthony will answer all these burning questions so tune in until the end! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I love being able to play a small part within creating economic opportunities for people.” Timestamped Shownotes: 1:23 - Pancham introduces Anthony to the show 2:25 - How the idea of utilizing wine as an asset class came about 6:37 - What makes wine investment-worthy and what Vinovest offers 12:27 - Breaking down costs and projecting profit returns in wine investing  17:06 - On having worldwide sourcing and storage for efficient operations 19:11 - The criteria for evaluating wine to consider it an investment 23:15 - Risks that you should look out for when investing in wine 26:42 - On improving Vinovest and achieving the company mission 31:48 - Taking the Leap Round 31:48 - Supporting his friend’s startup as his first investment 32:10 - On having no fears when he first started investing 32:31 - Why his angel investments did not work as expected 33:51 - On using failed investments as part of your education 35:50 - How you can connect with Anthony 3 Key Points: What differentiates us from the ultra-wealthy class is the access to quality alternative assets such as wine. Thus, Vinovest is created as a way to make wine investing accessible for all. You’re not investing in wine by buying shares that represent wine but rather actually owning a bottle of it. They would preserve the wine for you and your portfolio is customized to your preferences. If you’re planning to receive the best returns through wine investing, it’s best to consider wine as a mid-to-long-term asset and to expect returns within 5 - 10 years. Get in Touch: Vinovest Website - Anthony Zhang Email - Anthony Zhang Twitter - ​​ Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Kevin Heras - CEO and Co-founder of InvestNext. From a side project to a full-time venture, InvestNext has been modernizing the way real estate syndications and investment firms to raise and manage capital! Kevin is bringing investing to the next level as the software platform is now managing 1600+ syndications and billions of dollars in capital! Discover what the investment portal has to offer in this episode as he shares its features, benefits to passive investors and active syndicators, and how it makes investing easier! He’ll also share how InvestNext brings the entire transaction in one place, and how it helps establishing trust and good relationship with your investors! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “It was really cool to build something from the ground up and kind of see that at the early on-stage. So I knew I wanted to do something longer term around building something that solves a problem.” Timestamped Shownotes: 2:04 - Pancham introduces Kevin to the show 3:35 - His college experience that made an impact on building InvestNext 10:44 - Creating the all-in-one investing experience for passive investors 14:06 - What makes InvestNext different from other investment portals 16:49 - Fully-built dashboard and having full database access to sponsors 19:46 - On integrating your email clients to your profile for easier tracking 22:32 - On building strong customer relationships through InvestNext 28:04 - Taking the Leap Round 28:04 - On investing time and sweat equity in InvestNext 28:38 - Overcoming fears by working with his “what ifs” and doubts 30:41 - His investments that didn’t work out as expected 33:18 - His message to those who hesitate to take a leap 35:21 - How you can connect with Kevin 3 Key Points: InvestNext is an investment portal wherein both passive investors and active sponsors could see their portfolios and track their active deals in one place. In building strong customer relationships with investors, InvestNext also provides a system wherein you can easily track conversations and securely transact payments. Having consistent feedback from possible users could help for potential optimizations which could benefit in developing your product. Get in Touch: InvestNext Website - Kevin Heras Email - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Ivy Zelman - Chief Executive Officer of Zelman & Associates and a sought-after expert on the housing sector. With her 30 years of experience, Ivy is highly respected in the housing industry for her precise assessments which have helped industry leaders avoid costly mistakes and helped them seize opportunities! Through her value-added research, she has received multiple recognitions in the housing industry, including being named as one of Wall Street's most powerful women! Want to invest but don’t know if it’s the right time to start? Or should you wait until the dust finally settles? Well, this episode is perfect for you! Listen as she discusses the dynamics that influence home price inflation and imparts her knowledge by analyzing the housing market. Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I do love meeting new industry people. I always am looking to learn and I just think of myself as a student of the industry.” Timestamped Shownotes: 1:18 - Pancham introduces Ivy to the show 4:28 - Her background on the housing market and doing value-added research 8:08 - The leading factors that contributed to asset price inflation 15:34 - Why remote work trends in 2022  would be influenced by your industry 19:27 - Her prediction on why inflation would not slow down anytime soon 23:54 - The phenomena that drive homeownership and home price inflation 29:31 - Why the multi-family cap rates would continue to compress 38:54 - Taking the Leap Round 38:54 - Her first investment outside of Wall Street 39:24 - On having no fears when she invested in her property 40:02 - Why her start-up investments didn’t work out 42:00 - Why investors should diversify their investments 43:14 - How you can connect with Ivy 3 Key Points: The U.S. currently has a low inventory in terms of its households which mitigates some downturns. Thus, residential real estate is actually a good hedge against this inflation In the current inflationary environment, it’s best to diversify your money by having investments in real estate, hedge funds, and/or having cash itself as your asset. Doing your due diligence can be a step to starting your own firm. Another thing that can help encourage you to take the plunge is the support from the people around you. Get in Touch: Zelman & Associates Website - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Book: Gimme Shelter: Hard Calls + Soft Skills From A Wall Street Trailblazer by Ivy Zelman -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Dustin Heiner - a real estate investing expert and founder of Dustin has become the epitome of success, demonstrating that you can be unemployed and still make income at 37 years old through real estate investing! As part of his mission to help everyone quit their job and earn without ever having to work again, he has been helping his students invest in rental properties, develop successful real estate investing businesses, and teach them how they can invest all over the country! In this episode, learn from the real estate rental property expert himself as he shares his story on becoming a full-time investor and why he created Master Passive Income. He’ll also teach the right way to get started, the perks of earning passive income, and why working in a job is riskier than investing in real estate! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “My value doesn't come from my job. My value comes from my God for myself and from my family. And from that point forward, I started telling literally every single person ‘I am an investor.’ ” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:37 - Pancham introduces Dustin to the show 3:05 - The wake-up call that made him start investing in real estate 10:41 - Beginner investor mistakes and the best way to start investing 16:32 - Why you should take the leap to stop trading hours for money 22:51 - On his passion to help rookie investors through REWBCON 28:16 - Taking the Leap Round 28:16 - His 1st investment outside of Wall Street 29:03 - On overcoming his fear when he first started investing 29:54 - His investments that did not work out as expected 31:44 - Why you should consider and invest in passive income 32:45 - Where you can get your copy of his free real estate investing course 3 Key Points: Instead of making your property your business, you should build your business first by buying properties and looking for people that you would be needing when you get started. Your value is much more than your job could ever pay you. Investing helps in giving you the freedom to do what you want without trading your time for money. Passive income is the only way for someone to get wealthy and be able to pass that down to their children. You can’t keep your job forever but your passive income can be passed down. Get in Touch: Get your FREE copy of the Real Estate Investing Course at or text RENTAL 233777 Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference Website - Master Passive Income Website - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert T. Kiyosaki -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Whitney Elkins-Hutten - founder of ASH Wealth and the Investor Accelerator Program. After buying the house with her ex-partner, she began to rehabilitate and rent the house for a while before finally selling the property and making a profit from it. Unaware that she was investing at first, she is already getting the hang of it and is fully enjoying her experience as she is already a partner in $700 million worth of real estate! In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into various topics as Whitney shares her transition from investing in single-family homes to big passive investments, her investing approach that helps scale up her portfolio, and how her personal goals help build her wealth creation strategies.  Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “I actually made more in that one transaction than I had in my whole income working 80 hours a week that year.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:37 - Pancham introduces Whitney to the show 2:37 - How she unintentionally got started in real estate investing 10:03 - Aligning your investing strategy to your financial goals 15:27 - On building relationships to be able to scale your portfolio 21:14 - Her ultimate checklist that helps in vetting a potential investment 24:13 - Lessons she learned and the things she would have done differently  29:01 - Taking the Leap Round 29:01 - Her first unexpected investment outside of Wall Street 30:03 - Overcoming her fear of having failed investments 31:58 - One investment that didn’t go as expected 34:58 - On investors grasping the idea of controlling their own destiny 35:49 - Where you can connect with Whitney 3 Key Points: Understanding what you want to achieve, and your personal financial goals can help with implementing your own investing strategy. Investing in a team that best fits your investing strategy is also crucial aside from the investment deal itself.  Focus and don’t lose sight of your goals. Money is a tool to help you reach your goals and is not the goal itself. Get in Touch: Whitney Elkins-Hutten Website - Ash Wealth Website - The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email - Books: Home Improvement 1-2-3: Expert Advice from The Home Depot by The Home Depot - Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert T. Kiyosaki -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Bethany LaFlam - managing partner of Premier Law Group PLLC and co-creator of Asherah's Box. Her role in providing legal counseling and strategic matters to clients has helped protect syndicators and passive investors to stay out of legal troubles, a modern-day hero indeed! Following her entrepreneurial desires, she has now launched her own subscription box business and has been managing them since! In this episode, she will showcase her expertise as she shares legal advice and the green and red flags to look out for when investing in a syndication deal! She'll also share her knowledge on the basics of public and private offerings, and what you should know about the Private Placement Memorandum. Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “When I started doing PPM for these syndication deals, I’m like “What do you mean there's cash flow?” I am just enamored by this world now and having the law background has provided sort of different color for that.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:38 - Pancham introduces Bethany to the show 2:47 - Her law career and how she learned about real estate investing  4:33 - Major differences between private and public offerings 10:14 - The 3 main factors to look out for in a syndicated deal 13:52 - Circumstances that limited partners need to be responsible for 16:47 - Rule 506(c) vs. Rule 506(b) offering from an operator’s viewpoint 20:09 - Taking the Leap Round 20:09 - Launching her business as her investment outside of Wall Street 24:05 - Her fears when she started her subscription box business 25:10 - Raising funds as her investment that didn’t work out 26:00 - Why rookie investors should go and invest right now 26:56 - Platforms where you can contact and connect with Bethany 3 Key Points: Don’t invest with an operator who guarantees you positive returns as it’s not allowed. As a limited partner, you’re protected from those and the liability would go to the operator. It’s important to tell potential investors about the potential risks in a deal upfront instead of telling them after they’ve made their investment. You can’t solicit or advertise your deals publicly if you’re conducting an offering under Rule 506(b) thus, seeing those offerings in social media is a red flag to look out for. Get in Touch: Bethany LaFlam Email for Legal Advices - Asherah’s Box Website - Bethany LaFlam Email for Asherah’s Box - Get your free copy of the “Top 6 Reasons To Invest Outside of Wall Street” at The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
In today’s show, Pancham interviews Rajan Gupta - co-founder and principal of Mesos Capital. What is real estate syndication? How does it function? How are these properties being valued? What does our business plan look like? What kind of returns are you to the investors and what should they expect? We tend to get asked a lot about these questions so, in this episode, we’ll tackle it all for you! Rajan has been a guest of The Gold Collar Investor Podcast multiple times yet he has never failed to provide his knowledge and comprehension on various topics. In this episode, he would share his insights about property syndication as he discusses how it works, where they focus their properties and how it is valued, and different offerings the Mesos Capital has in store for you! Listen and enjoy the show!   Quote: “Think about syndication as a partnership. It's like a bunch of investors or private individuals coming together to lend their resources and time to do a project.” Timestamped Shownotes: 0:37 - Pancham welcomes back Rajan to the show 2:20 - Overview of syndication and how it works 3:34 - Single-family home valuation vs. commercial property valuation 7:09 - Their business plan and the 2 key things for choosing an investment property 9:38 - Major differences between Class A and Class B shares 13:39 - How a preferred return operates 16:11 - Identifying what Mesos Capital offerings is perfect for you 21:51 - The benefits and risks of cash-out refinance 3 Key Points: A single-family home is valued based on the surrounding properties which are beyond one’s control while commercial properties are being valued by its income metrics.  Focusing their investment strategy on picking the location with high-growth markets and choosing Class B properties helps them increase the property’s value. Evaluating the kind of shares that would best fit you would be based on your liquidity situation, your tax situation, and the risks you’re willing to take. Get in Touch: Mesos Capital Website - Listen to TGCI Episode #4 at Listen to TGCI Episode #94 at The Gold Collar Investor Club - Pancham Gupta Email -
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