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Author: Pancham Gupta

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If you want to learn how to diversify outside of the wall-street, this show is for you. If you are a high paid professional (ex: doctor, lawyer, engineer, programmer, banker, accountant, etc) and making six figures i.e 100k or more in your job or business, this show is for you. This show will help you make YOUR money work for you. It will open up your mind to main-street investing and help you build multiple income streams. We will talk about personal finance, common fears, stigmas around main-street investing. Our goal is to make you financially free and make sound decisions with your money. It will help you gain confidence and stability when it comes to investing life. Click play if you are committed to becoming The Gold Collar Investor.
8 Episodes
In this episode, Pancham interviews John and Geetika of Casmon Capital Group. John and Geetika reveal how they built up their real estate business by doing a house hack as their first active real estate investment and why it's the best first investment for someone who is starting out. This show starts off with John and Casmon sharing their background information. John, previously employed with GM motors and Geetika, a consultant with a large accounting firm have successfully managed to make the transition to real estate investing. How did John and Geetika manage their transition? You will learn why a house hack is possibly the best option for first time investors. The Casmons share their experience and reveal why a house hack makes sense – both financially and lifestyle-wise. You will also learn some little-known nuances of FHA financing that you might not be aware of. Can you really finance a property worth thousands of dollars by putting in a miniscule amount of money as down payment? Tune in to find out!
In this episode, Pancham interviews Julie and Annie of Goodegg Investments. Julie and Annie share the pros & cons of passive investments, and reveal how you can overcome various objections to invest in your first passive deal. This show starts off with our guests, Julie and Annie sharing their background stories. You will learn how our guests made some wise investment decisions early on in their careers to acquire their first investment properties.  Next, we segue in passive investing and real estate syndications. Why did our guests transition to real estate syndication? Can you earn more returns in a syndicated deal? Here, we discuss the importance of vetting a real estate sponsor. We also caution listeners about rushing into their first deal, and highlight the importance of proper education. This interesting show wraps up with our “Taking the Leap” round. This is a show that you do not want to miss. Tune in for some excellent insights!
In this episode, Pancham interviews Matt Faircloth, Owner of DeRosa Group. Matt reveals the major differences between active investing and passive investing. By the end of the episode, you shall be able to determine which investment route is best suited for you. This show starts off with Matt sharing how the transitioned to real estate investing. Listeners will learn about house hacks, and why it is a great option for those are making their first real estate investment.  Next, we compare active investing to passive investing. Which option is the right fit for you? While, active investing might yield you higher returns, do you have the time, energy and knowledge to take this route? For all this and much more, tune in to our latest show now!
In this episode, Pancham interviews Christian and Rod who share how you can leverage Gold Collar Investor Banking. This show starts off with Christian and Rod making an interesting comparison between life insurance policies and banks. You will learn why Gold Collar Investor Banking is a safer and more lucrative investment compared to keeping your money in banks. In this show, we reveal some little known facts which are sure to interest you. Is a life insurance policy completely liquid? How can you ensure that you get the full benefit of compounding? Is it a good idea to finance another investment of business using your life insurance policy? We also discuss costs and net returns. Tune in for some excellent insights!
In this episode, Pancham interviews Brandon Hall, CEO & Founder, The Real Estate CPA. Brandon shares some effective and little-known ways to control your BIGGEST expense, taxes. This show kicks off with Brandon sharing how high net-worth individuals can lower their effective tax rate through real estate investing. You will also learn some nuanced information about the new bonus depreciation that was recently introduced in the 2018 tax law. In the next segment of this show, we discuss land conservation easements. You will learn about this little-known investment strategy which can potentially save you thousands in tax dollars. How do you passively invest in a real estate syndication? What are some effective ways of vetting a real estate sponsor? Finally, we discuss whether the newly introduced “Opportunity Zones” are a worthwhile investment. We wrap up this show with our “Taking the Leap” segment where Brendon reveals how he overcame challenges to successfully transition to Main Street Investing.  Tune in for some excellent insights!
In this episode, real estate investors and friends, Pancham and Rajan reveal why Main Street Investing, and not Wall Street Investing is a more lucrative strategy for long term wealth creation.  We kick off this show by sharing some little known facts about different Wall Street instruments. From stocks to bonds to mutual funds, you will learn the Pros & Cons of each financial instrument. Next, we segue into the virtues of Main Street investing. Why do some of the wealthiest people prefer Main Street investing? Will you end up earning higher returns due to lower taxes and depreciation? What are some of the drawbacks of real estate investing?  This show will be particularly interesting to folks who are actively looking for an alternative to Wall Street investing. Tune in for some excellent nuggets!
In our second show, our host, Pancham Gupta shares his inspiring journey transcending the past decade and a half. Pancham reveals his strong "Why" - a burning desire to help the high paid professional build up passive income streams and enjoy a good work-life balance. Pancham, a first-generation Indian immigrant, first set foot in the US in 2003. Pancham's life in India was starkly different from what, we in the US are accustomed to. Growing up, Pancham had little say in his career choices and had to stick to the tried-and-tested options. Fortunately, a naturally gifted Math and Science student, Pancham successfully chartered his own course as a student at Carnegie Mellon and then as a programmer with a prominent FinTech company in NYC. Pancham admits that he was at the right place at the right time as demand for good programmers simply exploded due to rapid technological advancements. How did Pancham transition to real estate investing? How did he end up building an $8 million portfolio is just 8 months? And, why did Pancham quit his high-paying job to don the hat of a full-time real estate investor? Pancham shares his successes, and more importantly his failures in this short but inspiring show. Towards the end, he leaves us with a powerful lesson that is sure to get you all fired up. Tune in now!
In this introductory show of "The Gold Collar Investor", host, Pancham Gupta shares his big "Why" behind starting this show. When you invest your life savings in the stock market, you are at the mercy of various externalities that you have little control over. In this show, we will REVEAL little-known alternative sources of investment that can help you attain financial freedom. Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, we have some nuanced information guaranteed to maximize returns and build wealth. Tune in for some excellent insights!
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