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Join Tom Bewick, Chief Executive of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) as he meets with the senior figures, leaders and decision makers that can rock your SkillsWorld.

Some great interviews in the podcast can from the likes of Sir Gerry B (ifA), Eileen Milner (ESFA) David Hughes (AOC) and Phil Beach (Ofqual)… between 5 and 10 minutes long they include some exclusive insights into global developments in Skills and FE.
18 Episodes
In the latest episode of #SkillsWorld, Tom Bewick, visits Northern Ireland. He interviews Martin Flynn, chef executive officer, OCN Northern Ireland; and Chair of FAB's Forum in Northern Ireland. “What we’re finding is that a lot of awarding bodies are withdrawing their presence and qualifications from the market in Northern Ireland.”“We need to ensure that there is no market failure in technical, vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland.”Martin Flynn pointed out that reforms and potential changes to technical education in England are having an adverse impact on the availability of professional qualifications in Northern Ireland. He cited the hospitality apprenticeship as one example of where a number of awarding organisations had initially been interested in developing the qualification for accreditation by the qualifications regulator, CCEA, but had subsequently pulled out. Listen to this podcast to learn about what practical steps the awarding bodies, CCEA and government departments are taking to ensure a healthy marketplace for qualifications in Northern Ireland. Tom also discussed with Martin what a Northern Ireland skills strategy might look like.
6 years on since the publication of the Richard Review, which ushered in a new approach to developing and delivering apprenticeships, Tom interviews Chinara Rustamova, Senior Policy Advisor Education and Skills, Federation of Small Businesses; and Charlotte Bosworth, Managing Director, Innovate Awarding / Chair, End-Point Assessment Operational Group, Federation of Awarding Bodies. Apprenticeship starts have plummeted by around 20 per cent since the introduction of the Levy and new Standards. Non-Levy small businesses are struggling to access funding for the apprenticeship slots that they are prepared to offer. “Providing 20 per cent off the job training is a real challenge for small businesses… We need to sort the looming challenge of the funding issue”, according to Chinara Rustamova, who authored the FSB’s report, ‘Fit for the Future: Making the Apprenticeship System Work for Small Businesses’. On the challenges faced by end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs), Charlotte Bosworth said: “We need to come together, employers, providers, EPAOs — to come up with a better, more collaborative approach, to delivering high-quality apprenticeships."Topics covered include: ~The barriers faced by small firms taking on apprentices ~The collapse of 16-24 year old apprentices and what can be done about it~Controversy about Level 2 business administration apprenticeships no longer being available ~Whether it is immoral to allow senior managers to access the Apprenticeship Levy to pay for Management degrees ~The future of the Levy~What is required to make a success of the end-point assessment model ~Views from small businesses about the government’s new T-Level programme and awareness levels
In this episode of #SkillsWorld, Tom Bewick caught up with Sir John Dunford, former Chair of the Independent Commission on Examination Malpractice. Candidate malpractice affects around 0.02% of UK-based examinations each year, representing a tiny proportion of certificates awarded. However, the impact of malpractice is "disproportionately damaging” on the reputation of awarding bodies and exam boards; as well as undermining public confidence in the system as a whole. Sir John said that tabloid headlines about banning smart watches from examination halls had glossed over some of the other significant recommendations of his report. These included the need for all awarding bodies, large and small, to adopt measures to tackle malpractice at source. “Prevention is better than cure”, he said. Vocational and technical awarding bodies, including centres, are just as subject to the recommendations of the Commission as the academic boards.Download the report here:
Former education secretary says current reforms in technical education ‘living miles in the past'
Joining Tom this week is Professor Barbara Stalder, who is the Head of Teacher Education. She actually has a number of responsibilities at the Bern University of Teacher Education. She's going to talk about the Swiss apprenticeship model.Subscribe to the #SkillsWorld podcast series or visit the #SkillsWorld Newsroom on FE News to keep up to date with Tom's latest quest into the Skills World.
March of the Robots, Dual Apprenticeship System & Flexibility: Prof. Felix Rauner and Richard Marsh talk to Tom for #SkillsWorld Germany
This week Tom talks to Claire Fox, Director of Academy of Ideas, and regular commentator on our airwaves around a whole host of moral and political issue. Claire originally worked as a mental health social worker, she also worked as an English lecturer in two further education colleges in the late 1980s and 90s. Looking back to her time as a lecturer, Claire recalls the vibrancy and wide range of provision that was available, and discusses FE funding, social mobility, the over emphasis on grades and qualifications in technical education, and Brexit...
Tom spoke to Rob Halfon MP for this episode of #SkillsWorld. Listen here to find out what Rob said about Ofqual, the Institute, and apprenticeship quality assurance:
This week for Skills World, Tom reports from the frontline of skills delivery, where he talks to award winning independent apprenticeship training provider, LDN Apprenticeships:
Kirstie Donnelly and Tom Bewick discuss what a more flexible Levy could, and should be spent on for this episode of #SkillsWorld:
Tom talks to Paul Champion, President, Tranzed Apprenticeship Services, Maryland. Learn how British expat, Paul Champion, took his years of experience running apprenticeship providers in the UK, and has set up a successful independent training provider in Maryland, operating across several states.
Tom talks to Mardy Leathers, Director of Workforce Development, State of Missouri; and Susannah Lawson, Director and Co-founder of OneFile Ltd. Find out how the state of Missouri is openly encouraging the adoption of the British apprenticeship model in its expansion effort.
Tom talks to Dr. Robert Lerman, apprenticeship expert at the D.C. based think tank, the Urban Institute. Find out about the policy context shaping work based learning in the United States.
This week for Skills World, Tom Bewick is joined by David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges (AoC) to discuss College Consensus, Effective Lobbying and T Levels.
Skills Priorities and Challenges in Scotland: Tom Talks To Aileen Ponton for Skills World by FE News Podcast
This week for Skills World, Tom Bewick is joined by Phil Beach CBE, Executive Director for Vocational and Technical Qualifications, Ofqual and Paul Eeles, Chief Executive, Skills & Education Group, to discuss, Qualifications, EQA and T-Levels.
This week for Skills World, Tom Bewick is joined by Eileen Milner, Chief Executive of the Education Skills Funding Agency, to discuss Funding, Apprenticeship Reforms, and the changing role of ESFA.
Tom talks exclusively to Sir Gerry Berragan, CEO Institute for Apprenticeships, and Graham Hasting-Evans, Group MD, NOCN about end-point assessment and why robust independence is key to the success of England’s apprenticeship reforms. Essential listening, especially if you are an end-point assessment organisation.
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