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The aim is simple, to talk about blues so that we can heal the soul! Club Tropicalma is your bi-weekly podcast for all things mind, body and soul.
11 Episodes
Are you being "too" kind to yourself? Has being Kind to ourselves lost its meaning among the hype and promotion of self-care. It's time for a post lockdown kick up the backside and where better to find it than in a dose of Club Tropicalma. 
Why is it that the things we always want are the ones we can't have? The things that are so good can be so bad? Will we ever satisfy that feeling of wanting more? Ask yourself. Who put the constraints of possibility in place. Why can't you have breakfast at dinner time? Don't let the fear of the unknown make you believe that a negative consequence is the only outcome of losing control. In a world where everything is uncertain, embrace possibility.



From the frontline. A tribute to the community, a tribute to the kindness and a tribute to hope.
Dating do's and don't's ?  SORRY this isn't the episode for you! This one is all about finding the balance between work and play.. and it's not a mini fridge under your desk. See you at the outtake reel. 
Poor life choices, we all make them but we're all human. Here's a quick catch up as to where I'm at on my emotional wellbeing journey...inclusive of Prosecco induced poor life choices. See you at the outtake reel!
The E Word - E2/S2

The E Word - E2/S2


You've got it! Exercise! The magic little lift that produces our happy hormones. Lets see how good it can make you feel!
JanYOUary - E1/S2

JanYOUary - E1/S2


2020 is in full swing and let me ask you, has anything changed? Why not make this year all about YOU. The demands of everyday life sometimes distract us from looking after ourselves, together let's learn to love ourselves and one another. This is a brand new season of Club Tropicalma and if Self-Love is your goal then there's nowhere else you'd rather be. 
Seasonal sadness! What is it and how do we combat it?! Grab yourself a hot choc, have a seat and let us decipher what we can do to keep ourselves fighting fit until we see in the spring!
What is Suicide? What does it look like? Most importantly, how can I help? This years WMHD sees Suicide Prevention as the topic of conversation. Suicide is among the top 20 causes of death worldwide and totally preventable. Let's work together to prevent it.
Bad Habits - 02/01

Bad Habits - 02/01


We can all be a little guilty of engaging in small habits that may not be the best for our emotional wellbeing. What are they? What can I do about them? How do I identify them? Tune in to find out.
Self Care - 01/01

Self Care - 01/01


Who’s going to look after you when you’ve used all of your energy looking after everyone else? Who’s the most important person in your life? Here’s why it should be you. 
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