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Parenting Beyond the Headlines

Author: Amy Alamar and Sarah Cody

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Educator and author, Amy Alamar. EdD and award-winning journalist, Sarah Cody combine their expertise in education and news reporting to bring you a show that helps you understand what’s going on in the news and how it affects your family. Terrorist attacks, sex scandals, and stories of children separated from parents are enough to make you want to turn off the news and shelter your family. But, talking about these current topics helps you to share your own perspective and support your children in developing theirs. They’re bound to hear something through the grapevine (or their preferred social media), so why not help them navigate. With the addition of special guests, we can dig deep into current events and help you unpack it.
65 Episodes
Special Guest: Kalyn Belsha, National Education Reporter, Chalkbeat
Special Guest: Lindsay Gibbs, Founder of Power Plays and Co-Host of Burn it All Down
Special Guest: Oleg Lougheed, Founder of Overcoming Odds
Special Guest: Dr. John Schreiber, Chief of Infectious Disease, Connecticut Children's Hospital and Visiting Professor of Pediatrics, University of Connecticut
Special Guest: Donovan Taylor Hall, Youth Advocate and Educator
Special Guest: Nick Wagner Sr., Author of Ten Secrets to Success After Graduation
Special Guest: Amy Killy, High School Counselor, Psychotherapist and School Consultant
Special Guest: Sara Bliss, Author of Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life
Special Guests: Ruth Freeman, Psychotherapist and Founder of Peace at Home Parenting and Joe Freeman, Psychotherapist
Special Guest: Stephanie Rondeau, Athletic Trainer and Wellness Coach
Special Guest: Alicia Farrell, Cognitive Psychologist and National Keynote Speaker
Special Guest: Benny Nachman, Founder and CEO, Jassby
Special Guest: Kalyn Belsha, National Education Reporter, Chalkbeat
Special Guest: Laura Saunders, Psychologist, Institute of Living
Caryn Sullivan, Founder of Pretty Wellness
Talking About Politics

Talking About Politics


Special Guest: Orly Friedman, Founding Head of School, Red Bridge
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