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Creative Pois-On podcast believes in the power of generating and sharing ideas to connect the dots and immerse ourselves in the multi-dimensional and digitalized world we live in.
Every month we will discuss a different topic, from a creative, cultural and even business perspective in order to explore how much creativity could be crucial and essential in any fields, from the most corporate to the most artistic and independent ones.

This Podcast is an original idea by Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia, with the collaboration of Costanza Biasibetti. After a brief introduction that we call The Creative Briefing, Daniela will discuss the monthly topic by connecting the dots between the world of business and creativity, exploring its potentials and providing insights and ideas with her “The Creative Bridge” episode. While Tommaso will give voice to a more humanistic talk with interpolations with the world of entertainment, iconography and Pop Culture: “The Creative Being”.
The final episode, The Creative Interview, will be graced by a special guest who embodies and successfully represents the treated topic.

New York will be Creative Pois-On’s solid ground, a kaleidoscopic platform that interconnects the entire world with its variety and complexity in terms of dimensions, groups, ethnicities, businesses and artistic venues.

We imagine you comfortably letting yourself go to the timeless power of your creativity.

Let’s get started… ready, set, imagine!
29 Episodes
This is a very challenging moment for the whole world facing the pandemic emergency so at Creative Pois-On we felt that this is the time for us to go back to basics, to the essential DNA of our mission. We are here for you to provide you with the powers of creativity and imagination through our stories. So, we thought to produce a new series of episodes #CreativityWillSaveUs – that could be inspirational for all of us and give us tools to navigate these hard times.In this episode, American writer, translator, interpreter and Chair of the PEN/Heim Translation Fund, Michael F. Moore, in conversation with our Artistic Director Tommaso Cartia, explores much literature, art, and rereading the classics can help us understand our current state emergency and make the best out of our creative powers.
As you may know, this month of March our main topic was supposed to be “ON STAGE”, with a focus on the storytelling of the theater and the entertainment business. We were proceeding in that direction and I invite you for example to listen to our latest Creative Interview episode with Singer and Actress Kayla Davion, who plays Tina Turner in Tina: The Broadway Musical, this emergency situation we are going through because of the corona virus outbreak, changed a lot our lives in just few weeks, and a lot of the lives of the many performers and creatives out there. The theaters and the entertainment venues are all closed, so we decided to change our plans. You may probably see it as a time of uncertainty and certainly we are going through a lot of stress and anxiety. But, you are not alone. As human beings, we are all experiencing the same feeling. We want to let you know that we are here for you, to provide you the power of creativity and imagination through stories. The show will go on and creativity will save us. So, we thought to create a series of episodes – Creativity will Save Us - that could be inspirational for all of us, and give us tools to navigate these hard times, from a humanistic as well as business point of view.Steven Spielberg said to replace fear with curiosity. And being in quarantine will give us time to learn new skills and prepare ourselves for all the opportunities that will be available after the corona virus disappears from our lives. “Creativity is not just for artists”, dancer Twyla Tharp said, and I couldn’t agree more. She continues stating “It’s for business people looking for a new way to close a sale; it’s for engineers trying to solve a problem; it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.” Isolation and quarantine are great opportunities to prioritize our well-being, but also a time to invest energy to become more productive. Artistic Director Daniela Pavan in conversation with Model and Digital Strategist Mara De Los Santos, who you might remember as the very first host of our first Creative Pois-On Podcast series, will discuss some creative ways to keep your mind active and your business active during this unusual moment!Ready, Set, Imagine!
The Creative Interview Episode special guest of the month is Actress and Singer, Kayla Davion - - who stars in Tina: the Broadway Musical - - as an understudy for the role of Tina Turner - Directors of Creative Pois-On, Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan, interview the performer who brings us on the stage of a Broadway production, and behind the scenes. Kayla Davion mirrors herself in the iconic Tina Turner to reveal all of the strength and the resilience that it takes to be a woman and an African American woman performer in the entertainment business, navigating through the fears and the fragilities she faced growing up, that made her the Queen of the stage she is today.
Welcome to the 'Creative Pois-On Podcast' Season 2 dedicated to the art of storytelling. This March we are ‘ON STAGE’ exploring the storytelling of the world of entertainment, and also of all of the passion, the courage and the fearlessness that it takes to go on the stage of our own life, conquering the demons of any stage fright, to live as the protagonists of the most truthful idea that we have of ourselves. Any creative process, whether it is writing a book, painting a picture, bringing to life a character, bringing to life our own identity or presenting business ideas, is followed by a critical moment, before stepping into a stage, that is filled with trepidation, but also with fear and anxiety, and adrenaline, that we can either channel into pure energy that sustains us on stage, or that overwhelms us and make us want to run away and go hide with our insecurities. A second before the debut. Artistic Directors Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan discuss the topics of the month and present the setlist of the special guests that will join the conversation in the upcoming episodes. Like Actress and Singer Kayla Davion from Tina: The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway; International Singer-Songwriter Alessandra Salerno ; Author Erica Jong; Broadway Playwright, Dramaturg and Director Marco Calvani , among others. High-end personalities and professionals from the world of entertainment will discuss their relationship with the stage and the concept of 'stage fright' both on the podcast series and on the Creative Pois-On editorial project 'The Storytelier', that has recently welcomed some new gifted authors – Writer and Playwright David James Parr, Journalist and Writer Sabrina Wirth and Writer and Journalist Pamela Fernandes. Check it out on www.creativepoisn.comReady, set, imagine!
February is gone, but Love has never left the air at Creative Pois-On. Our March series begins with a true act of Love, our Creative Interview to mythical novelist, satirist, poetess and quintessential feminist icon, Erica Jong . Our Artistic Directors, Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia, sit down for an intimate conversation with the revolutionary author, exploring what role Love & Erotism play in her narratives, poetical aesthetic, and emotional and intellectual journey as a woman who so fearlessly broke so many taboos that were imprisoning the liberal body expression of women, from the 70’s to our ‘times up’ times, starting from her masterpiece, Fear of Flying , Jong opens up also about her creative process and the fears that writers face 'on the stage' of their own craft; and about her long-lasting love for Italy and her exceptional encounters with authors like Fernanda Pivano and Umberto Eco . In March, Creative Pois-On is "On Stage", and we kick off our series with an absolute protagonist on and off stage - Mrs. Erica Jong. Ready, set, imagine!
Steve Jobs once said “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” And this is what we will explore today together. We are in the heart of Flatiron, in New York, at Heard City, , a super vibrant audio production and post-production studio that works on exciting commercial as well as entertainment projects...which is also partner of Creative Pois-On! Founded in 2012 by Phil Loeb, Keith Reynaud and Gloria Pitagorsky, Heard City today is one of the top performing audio post production companies in the industry with offices in Manhattan and Dumbo, and offers sound design and mixing for the advertising, television and film industries and works with brands including AT&T, IBM, CNN and Google. Today we have the pleasure to converse with Gloria Pitagorsky, , founder and Managing Director at Heard City. Gloria is also committed to mentoring and supporting women in technology, film and advertising roles, and serves on the mentoring committee for She Runs It and Center for Arts Education . She is a new wave patron of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and sits on the Board Of Directors of Food Bank for New York City , The Tank , NYCA Charter School and AICP . She is a runner and ran the New York City marathon in 2017 supporting several non for profit organizations including Committee to Protect Journalists , NRDC , Center for Reproductive Rights and EveryMotherCounts . And she manages Gipsy Road Teas, a fabulous tea project.Happy listening!
Our Creative Being Episode of February, dedicated to the storytelling of Love & Erotism, features a special guest, who, starting from his last name, perfectly gives voice to the themes of the month -- Fine Art and Portrait Photographer Steven 'Love' Menendez - Our Editor in Chief Tommaso Cartia interviews the NYC based artist, who with his stunningly beautiful nudes explores alchemical territories where bodies, souls and nature melt into one, in sanctimonious unison. The inspiring conversation covers also Menendez's activism and political commitment, specifically within New York's gay community, and how his art wishes to inspire also the young generations to find a center, a wholeness, and a healthier balance between their bodies and their souls. Ready, set, imagine... and fall in love with Steven!
Welcome to the Creative Pois-On Podcast – Season 2 – dedicated to the art of Storytelling. It’s a cold February in New York City but we promise you to warm up your heart and ignite your senses with the voluptuous journey of the month that every year celebrates love in all of its forms. We are lucky enough to be joined this month by some very powerful voices of today's art and literature scene who have been ventured in the realms of romance, sensuality, sexual emancipation, and women's and gender studies. We start this romantic journey at the Black Book Gallery, in DUMBO, New York, that is showing an enchanting exhibition - the 'INK Series' by Fine Art photographer and Master of visual storytelling, Reka Nyari Our Artistic Directors, Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia sat down with the artist for an intimate conversation, telling Nyari's story through the empowering beauty and the unbreakable spirit of the stories of the women she frames in time with inked remarkable marks. A sensual awakening. Ready, set... and fall in love with Reka!
Anaïs Nin once said “Eroticism is one of the basic means of self-knowledge, as indispensable as poetry.” quintessential poetess of the storytelling of sensuality and romance welcomes the second month of Season 2 of the Creative Pois-On Podcast dedicated to the themes of love sex and erotism. Artistic Directors, Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia, present the sensual journey of the month that will see them joined by some powerful voices of today's art and literature scene that have been ventured in the realms of romance, sensuality, sexual emancipation, and women's and gender studies. Including, groundbreaking writer and feminist icon, Erica Jong ; Fine Arts photographer and visual storyteller Reka Nyari who has been deciphering the poetry of the female body in all of its nuances and Fine Arts photographer & fashion photographer Steven Love Menendez who reflects on the spirituality of the male body in connection with nature. There is going to be room also for a conversation on the business of the pop-porno culture and the phenomenon of the dating apps! So... ready, set, imagine!
Special Creative Interview with Refik Anadol - the world-known Turkish media artist and director living in the U.S. who works in the fields of site-specific public art with a parametric data sculpture approach and live audio/visual performances - spectacular, immersive installations. His works explore the space among digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between architecture and media arts through machine intelligence. Directors of Creative Pois-On, Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia, met the artist at the Dream Downtown Hotel very close to the ARTECHOUSE, that hosted, until this January, Anadol's latest installation in New York, Machine Hallucination, a large-scale hallucination indeed, of what our contemporary, overly digitalized world is today. In this fascination conversation, the artist takes us hand in hand inside of his exceptional world at the intersection of science, media, architecture, art, and spirituality, dipping his brush in our collective consciousness, memory, and dreams.
"We should listen more to the poets, to the artists, to their stories, and to our inner stories, because together with them in our isolated dots we could still create an unbreakable chain of affection and beauty that could save us a little bit from that overwhelming fear of disappearing from this world, and maybe give something really unforgettable and beautiful to our posterity. And, since we live in a world where this 'posting' has been pushed to its paroxysm, and is massive and uncontrollable, like an avalanche stream of unconsciousness, are we just even more fearful today than we were before to lose the sense of who we are? Do we cover with Facebook covers this cry for help? And, Are we crying out, solitude, in the center of Instagram?"Artistic Director and Editor in Chief of Creative Pois-On, Tommaso Cartia, and our host for the month of January, math teacher and actor Jerry Campbell Clark, discuss the evolution of the art of storytelling, from the primitive graffiti to the Instagram stories, and they also introduce the Creative Storytelling workshop, out soon on Creative Pois-On. Stay creatively tuned and... ready, set, imagine!
Great stories move us, great stories connect us. Stories, together with creativity are the lines that connect human beings around planet earth. They have the potential to take our minds from the glow of our screens to any places around the world or in our imagination. But what makes a story great?TV personality Jason Silva in an interview said, “Our humanness is built on the ability to understand ourselves in the context of a story, so we’re basically hardwired for stories.” So a great story builds a connection, an emotional connection with your listeners and allows them to experience your journey, to feel it, to identify with it. Storytelling builds this connection in ways that cold hard facts cannot.Author, psychologist and marketing professor Jennifer Aaker found that 63% remembers stories compared to the 5% who instead remembers statistics.Storytelling (whether it be through books, movies, TV, music) can change the way people look at each other and can change how we look at ourselves. We all have a human-connection that bonds us and storytelling is a tool that can strengthen that bond. Numbers are great storytellers as well. The potential is not on the numbers themselves but more on the insights that can be uncovered and translated into actions or business outcomes. There’s something called “response to intervention” where data is collected after an assessment and a plan is developed to respond appropriately to those results. Let's explore together how numbers can tell stories and how storytelling is changing the world of advertising thanks also to branded podcast series.Ready, Set, Imagine!
“All human happiness or misery takes the form of action; the end for which we live is a certain kind of action.” 'Aristotle, Poetics' Welcome to Season 2 of the Creative Pois-On Podcast! It’s a new year and a new time for stories, to tell them, to live them, to reflect on them. Any type of story, any type of human dynamic and interaction is indeed an action, a certain movement in space and time, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And within the arch of this movement, we condense and consume all of the different emotions, all of the good and all of the bad of our lifetime existential experiences. From the first act of coming to life to the final act, we live a story, and the art of telling that story, it’s a given talent; through our actions, our everyday decisions, occurrences, we are already telling stories, aware or not that we are telling them; to someone, to our own inner circle of friends and family, in our work environment or to ourselves, in the secrecy of our consciousness. Our new host, mathematics professor, and actor Jerry Campbell-Clark, discusses the topics of Season 2, focused on the themes of Storytelling, with Artistic Directors of Creative Pois-On Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia.
We inaugurate our Season 2 of the Creative Pois-On Podcast dedicated to the theme of Storytelling. And we do it with a true master of storytelling and of cinema, DGA, BAFTA award-winning and Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globe Awards Nominee, director Michael Apted. Our Artistic Directors Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia, interview the iconic filmmaker whose eclectic career spanned from TV to the Big Screen, from cult movies like Coal Miner's Daughter starring the Oscar-winning Sissy Spacek, and recipient of seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, to Gorillas in the Mist with Sigourney Weaver, Nell with Jodie Foster, to blockbusters like James Bond - The World is not Enough. The occasion is the release of 63 Up , the ninth installment from the Up Series, Michael Apted's epic documentary saga exploring all of the different layers of the British class system. Since1964, the film director followed 14 British people interviewing them since they were 7 years old and coming back to check in with them every 7 years. A 63 years work of devotion and of unconditional love for his country, an "emotional bed", like Apted likes to address his narratives, to lie and reflect on our own existential paths.
A special gift for the Holidays! Our DANCEmber month's Creative Interview sparks with elegance and grace featuring the Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, Herman Cornejo. Our Artistic Directors Daniela Pavan and Tommaso Cartia interview the extraordinary dancer who American Journalist from The New Yorker Joan Acocella addressed as; "the most technically accomplished male ballet dancer in the United States;" and critic Claudia La Rocco as "not a fairy-tale prince," but "something more interesting, and more useful, really, for ballet: a believable, 21st-century hero." The Argentine-born ballet sensation is the pure incarnation of the essence of movement and of the courage, perseverance, and discipline, required to be breakthrough in the ballet world. He is someone who also faced and fought, with proud and resilience, some of the canons of the world of ballet that were against him. A citizen of the world, Herman shared with us also his thoughts about being an artist and an immigrant in the U.S., in an open-hearted conversation that showed all of his honesty and humanity, those qualities that make him not a far-away prince put on a pedestal for his audience, but someone who the younger generation can perceive as a positive role-model.
Our Editor in Chief Tommaso Cartia, interviews Actress, Musician, Dancer, and Entrepreneur Wendy Makkena, who stars alongside Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Susan Kelechi Watson and Chris Cooper in 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' directed by Marielle Heller – narrating the life of the beloved Television Icon Fred Rogers. Best known for her lovely role Sister Mary Robert in Siter Act 1 & 2 alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Makkena is an eclectic artist performing on very successful Tony Awards Winning shows on Broadway and TV. She is also a classically trained Julliard harpist performing at Carnegie​ Hall, a dancer, six-year with Balanchine’s New York City Ballet, and the founder of a successful start-up. The actress recounts her journey as an artist from her stellar debut in Sister Act to her pitch-perfect interpretation of Dorothy in 'A Beautiful Day'.
What is a movie, if not a continuum of frames, images in movement? Our Artistic Director Tommaso Cartia discusses the Dance & Movement theme in our DANCEmber series, bringing it to the world of movies, with Actress, Writer, Producer and Activist Pooya Mohseni - our host of the month. Among the topics, a case-study of the images of sound and the sounds of images in the film medium, with an analysis of Lars Von Trier's atypical musical, Dancer in the Dark, starring Björk; and a review of one of the movies of this Holidays season - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood directed by Marielle Heller and starring Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Chris Cooper and Wendy Makkena. Stay creatively tune for our exclusive interview with Makkena coming up next this Friday. Ready, set, imagine!
Apparently dancing and business are two very unrelated topics. But, as you know, our goal here at Creative Pois-On is to dismiss the misconception that creativity belongs exclusively to those who work in artistic fields.Let’s take for example the book The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life, by Ballet choreographer Twyla Tharp. In that book she describes creativity as “the product of preparation and effort” and she continues by saying that “it’s within reach of everyone who wants to achieve it.” It seems that people in creative fields work in a sort of continuous cycle of inquiry and action that identifies a goal, to then design and create new ways to reach that goal. A theater director does this for actors, a choreographer with dancers, but if we transfer this mindset in an office this is also what project managers do for example while leading their team to build and market new products.Listen to this episode to explore more this topic :)
December in New York means sumptuous Christmas trees, lights everywhere, holiday markets. It also means ice skating at Rockefeller Center or in Central Park, staring at the glamorous and luxurious windows along Fifth Avenue, keeping a cup filled with hot chocolate to warm you!And of course, see the Nutcracker, which is a classic holiday experience for New Yorkers, and also for those who moved here or are traveling here for the Holidays, and there are countless variations of it playing in the city throughout the season.An enchanting show combining dreaming dancing, sumptuous costumes, and outstanding visual effects – all wrapped in Tchaikovsky’s sensational music, a production performed annually by the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center that is must-see.December is a month full of activities… and since all we will be doing becomes a sort of dance from finding gifts for our loved ones to define the next broadway musical we are going to see, we have decided to explore dance as topic of the month. Dance and movement as keys to re-awake creativity… and stay tuned for the final episode of the month because our interview will be with an amazing artist and dancer… but we can’t tell you more now!This month our host will be actor, writer, filmmaker and activist Pooya Mohseni. So let’s explore with her and our Artistic Directors how we will talk about dance during this month...that we can rename Dancember!
The month of November dedicated to the theme of Light and Enlightenment ends with a sparkling surprise! Introduced by our host of the month, Author David James Parr; our Artistic Director Tommaso Cartia interviews Multimedia Neapolitan Artist Annalaura di Luggo and explores her collaboration with Hollywood Director, Writer and Producer Stanley Isaacs. Di Luggo is an experimental artist fusing different art mediums, materials and suggestions to stimulate the conversation about urgent social issues. She is a pioneer and the inventor of a macro-photographic camera capable of shooting the human iris; Annalaura brought the theme of Light at the center of her aesthetic research by catching our profound identity mirrored in the spark of our eyes. Photographing different types of people and personalities, from celebrities to the people of her own hometown, the artist gives back the light and the vision also to the blind people with her series "Blind Vision," and she is bringing her magical camera into the world of the people with the Down syndrome. She is also producing movies, documenting her work, and with the mystical connection she established with Mr. Stanley Isaacs; she is now bringing her visions to the United States. So enjoy our special Creative Being episode and happy Thanksgiving from the Creative Poison Podcast team! Ready, set, imagine!
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