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Author: Candee Chambers

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For DirectEmployers, it’s all about valuable connections and meaningful conversations. The DE Talk Podcast features an honest and open dialogue between powerhouse industry experts. Tune in to hear a variety of conversations on HR topics ranging from OFCCP compliance advice to emerging recruitment marketing trends, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and insightful solutions that help infuse new life into your HR strategies.
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When hitting a roadblock, Janet Fiore’s motto is always, “We can figure this out,” and that’s precisely what she did in the realm of disability education. Having a fear of getting it wrong or trying to figure out where to start was a challenge, and the results often lead to overcompensating or overreaching. Janet has cultivated a safe space for learners in The Sierra Group’s DisabilityEtiquette© course and DisabilityRecruiter© Certification. During this podcast, Janet discusses her initial draw to assistive technology, the work of The Sierra Group and its foundation and role in the disability space, and how employers can remove the obstacles to have a fully inclusive workforce.
Talent acquisition is rapidly changing at an unprecedented rate. The use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the industry standard. But how do we keep humans in the loop to ensure that the human factor remains in human resources, while also embracing AI? Tune in to see what Peter Weddle, CEO at TAtech, predicts for the future of talent acquisition, how you can address change now by embracing technology and automation, and what, in his opinion, is the greatest danger that exists for the field. (Hint, it’s not what you think it is!)
While no one looks forward to a reduction in force (RIF), it is a fact of life for many organizations today in order to meet strategic goals and business needs. Taking time to carefully plan and prepare can make the difference between a successful transition and a disaster. Tune in to this conversation as HR experts, Candee Chambers and Dana Deason of ArcBest discuss the nuts and bolts to help ensure your organization implements an RIF successfully and in a manner that is compliant and respectful of the individuals involved. 
As many of you know, the work of Recruit Roosters by DirectEmployers would not be possible without stellar technology and development taking place behind the scenes, and in April, they announced the acquisition of RocketBuild. Today, Recruit Rooster COO, Heather Hoffman, is sitting down with Jason Ward of RocketBuild to discuss their work and position as Indy’s premier software and application development house–and most importantly, what this means for DirectEmployers and Recruit Rooster’s future tech and development.
Women represent nearly 50% of the US workforce, yet only occupy 10% of the top management positions in S&P 500 companies. To discuss how female executives can empower one another in the workplace, Candee Chambers sat down with guests Elizabeth Jennings, Acting Executive Director of the National Disability Institute, and Heather Hoffman, COO of Recruit Rooster, to talk about closing the gender gap that exists in leadership and how mentorship shaped their careers. Tune in to learn just how these leaders differentiated themselves and shattered the “glass ceiling.”
Diversity and inclusion is not just a function of talent acquisition, it’s a company-wide effort that needs to take place in all areas of business to be successful. Leading diversity strategist Torin Ellis sat down with Shannon Offord, VP of Strategic Partnerships at DirectEmployers Association, to discuss the importance of D&I and the foundational steps companies need to take to show real commitment to diversity. With no true “finish line” for diversity efforts, Torin shares how employers can chase down measurable progress.
For government contractors, the regulatory landscape is always changing, and navigating these changes takes a careful understanding of the current requirements and a forward-looking view of what’s ahead. To understand what’s expected in 2020, Candee Chambers sat down with employment law expert John C. Fox of Fox, Wang, & Morgan, to identify what you should be doing to prepare yourself for the OFCCP’s new game plan for 2020. From John’s encyclopedic knowledge of everything OFCCP to Candee, you will come away with a deeper understanding of how to position your company for successful compliance in 2020!
Career site compliance and accessibility are hot topics for employers right now. We can see a lot of organizations are working hard to create an inviting culture for individuals with disabilities; however,  many of these organizations are failing at the most basic level - the job application. We sat down two of our in-house experts on OFCCP Compliance and Website Accessibility to talk through this topic more. Listen as Jen and Ruth share tips and actionable takeaways for creating a career site that is not only OFCCP compliant but also accessible and appealing.
The veteran unemployment rate is now at an all-time low, but studies reveal that nearly ⅓ of veterans are underemployed. To better understand how employers can connect with veteran job seekers, our team sat down with David Muir from Easter Seals Veteran Staffing Network to discuss all-things veteran hiring.
Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities


With October being National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), we really wanted to hit home with invisible disabilities in the workplace. Host Candee Chambers sat down with Haley Moss to start a conversation about workplace obstacles, triumphs, and the neurodiverse community.
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