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Author: Kate Olson

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Soul Fire Wisdom is a weekly live podcast focused on change and transformation and the journey we all take as humans in finding our path and purpose by following our soul passions. Kate interviews guests who have followed their unique path and can share the wisdom gained through their journey and personal experiences. Kate is a Holistic Integrative Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who blends knowledge from a range of alternative modalities to help clients find their path, purpose and peace, She is committed to empowering the creative expression and voice of her clients. Kate calls herself a “Change Adventure Navigator” and loves to guide clients on their journey to joyful living and alignment with their authentic, unique self. She is Owner of Soul Fire Wisdom Life Coaching, Embrace Change Hypnosis & NLP, Total Wellness Products & Circle of Love Retreats. She previously hosted “Embrace Change with Kate” for almost two years on Contact Talk Radio. Episodes can be found at . Soul Fire Wisdom can be found on Soul Fire Radio website, , as well as, Spreaker and other hosting platforms. Kate is a Speaker and Author in addition to a radio/podcast host. The show airs weekly on Tuesday at 3:00 PM Pacific time. Listen Live or on your own time to podcasts. Videos available on YouTube. Please tune in, like, follow and download episodes.
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Kate interviews Laura Morrisson, Health advocate and representative for Young Living Essential Oils and plant based products. Young Living has been in business for 26 years and Laura has been sharing the products with friends and family for 9 years. She found essential oils through her own health journey and quest for better solutions. We will hear about Laura's journey and why she believes so strongly in essential oils and loves what she does. Tune in for an interesting and informative show.
A Driving Passion

A Driving Passion


Kate interviews Mi Ae Lipe, Editor, Graphic Designer, Author, Artist and Mi Ae tweets out daily news and driving and writes a couple of driving columns. She is strongly involving in driver training and the future of autonomous vehicles. We will talk with her to find out how this usual passion began, what she does and why it is so important to her. Tune in for an interesting and informative show.
Follow Your Dreams Update

Follow Your Dreams Update


Kate interviews Dari Ray Arrington, Coach, Founder of Life & basketball, Arrington Elites Basketball Academy and aspiring NBA player or player development coach. I interviewed Dari first on Embrace Change with Kate and then he was my first pre-launch guest on Soul Fire Wisdom and we did a Soul Talk on Race In America. So with all the chaos, adversity and obstacles of 2020, I will be catching up with Dari on his dreams and goals and how he has fared through it all this year. tune in for his perspective and a little inspiration.
Kate interviews Molly Klipp, Owner Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup, Permanent Makeup Artist & Instructor, Author, Speaker & Business Leader. After more than 30 years in the cosmetics and beauty industry, Molly followed her heart to open her own small business doing permanent makeup. We swill find out what led Molly to this new path, what she does and why she loves it. Tune in for a fun and informative show!
Kate interviews Ted Winslow, Producer, Musician, Sound Engineer and creator of sound frequency healing music with SOUNDSYNCTECH. With over 25 years in the entertainment and music industry, Ted has used his experience to produce a wide range of music and is critically acclaimed for his work. He is most well-known for his research and development of a trademarked and customized technology that resonates with brainwaves and has positive and healing affects on the human energy field. We will talk with him about this healing sound frequency music, his journey, his work, as well as, it's impact on the bigger picture in the music and healing industries. Tune in for an informative and thought-provoking show.
Kate interviews Frank King, also known as, The Mental Health Comedian. Frank is a Suicide Prevention Awareness Speaker and Trainer, a TEDx Coach and a stage comedian. After 20 years as a writer for the Tonight Show, Frank transitioned to the comedy stage himself, doing live performances acoss the country. Later we tried his hand at speaking with a TEDx talk and having a personal history of depression and suicidal thoughts, he used his background to become an advocate for suicide prevention and help others through both his speaking and comedy. We will find out more about his journey and mission, as well as, some great tips and advice for understanding and preventing suicide.
From Fear to Joy

From Fear to Joy


Kate interviews Brett Dupree, Author, Speaker, Life Cooach & Podcast Host. Brett found himself in a place he didn't like. He was stuck and fearfull and suffered from crippling anxiety. He took action and pulled himself out of fear to discover his passion and feeling joyful. We will talk to him about his journey, his mission and his work. Tune in for an inspiring show and some great tips and info.
This one didn't go as planned. I was suppose to interview Frant King, suicide Prevention Speaker & Trainer, as well as, Comedian and Frank did not make it. I hope he is okay and just forgot. We can reschedule, but this topic is too important not to talk about, so I will give it a go! I hope I can convey some info and raise awareness a little, as we need to talk about this more!
Kate interviews Thomas E Ziemann, Reseacher, Author & Speaker. Tom has written 2 prior books using his journey and experience to inspire and motivate the reader. In his latest book Tom again uses his own journey and what he has learned to create create a guide for the reader. We will talk with him about what motivated him to write the book, his journey and what he hopes the reader will gain from the book. Tune in for some great tips and inspiration.
Kate interviews Dr, Anna Margolina, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Scientist, Author & Speaker. Dr Anna is the founder of Agleless with Anna & Outdoor Hypnotherapy and believes that connecting with nature is a big part of our health and wellness. She uses her background in hypnotherapy and tao energy healing to help clients focus inward and connect to their deepest self. Dr. Anna's latest endeavor came about as a result of Covid-19, when she took her office outdoors and began taking her clients on forset walks. We will talk with Dr Anna and learn more about dthis and why nature may be the key to a longer, happier and helathier life. Tune in for a fun and informative show.
Kate's Adventure is two-fold. This was to be her first solo broadcast and live stream as she talks about her big adventure selling her home in Washington and moving to Arizonia totally on her own for the first time in her life ---all during the challenges of the pandemic. Things did not go as planned doing the broadcast, only 11 seconds were recorded, so this is actully her practice show. Luckily, she had a practice recording to post and will be ready for the live with a guest next Tuesday at 3:00 PM PDT. Experience is usually the best teacher. Oh, and she had a lot of that experience during her moving adventure, too!
Kate interviews Debby Handrich, Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host of Story U Talk Radio. Do you believe we all have a story in us. Debby will share with us the importance of telling your story. We will talk about her own journey and her passions, as well as, her hopes. Tune in for some great tips & insights.
Just to Sing Her Songs

Just to Sing Her Songs


Kate interviews Lori Hardman, Singer, Songwriter, Founder of The Lori Hardman band. We will talk about Lori's passion for singing, how it developed, what drew her away from it and the joy and delight she found in rediscovering it later in life. Tune in for a fun and inspiring show.
Kate interviewa Bettina Carey, CMO of Women's EmPowerment Summit & Marketplace, Brand Strategist & Publicist, Speaker and soon to be author of her first book. Bettina advocates for women and specifically, women entrepreneurs in all that she does. She is known as, "the woman behind the women". One aspect of equity for women is financial equality and Bettina has some ideas on how to make that happen while still maintaining the passion and heart-centered nature of the way women work and relate. that is what we are going to talk about today - Linking Your Passions and Your Pocketbook. we will hear about Bettina's own story and why she feels passionate about advocating for and guiding women to achieve success.
A Passion for Writing

A Passion for Writing


Kate interviews Alex Montoya, CEO of A-MOtivational Communications, Author, Motivational Speaker and Writing Coach, Alex has written 8 books, the last two of which were recently presented in a double release. One of them is a children's book,"Alex Masters the Monkey Bars" and the other is a motivational book, "You Got this!" WAlex first love and is still his passion. We will talk about his writing, his books and the journey that brought him to his current path in life. Tune in for an inspirational show!
Kate interviews Davina Lyons, founder of Tribe Authentic Women, Writer, Speaker and Educator. Through her own journey in finding her way to her true and authentic self after a background of adversity, abuse and depression, she discovered her passion for leading other women to find their way and their authentic self and passion to life and to move forward and share their gifts. We will talk with Davina about her journey and her community, Tribe authentic Women. Tune in for some insight and perspective.
Kate interviews Sandra Vesterstein, CEO of Thrive Learning Collective, Speaker, coach and Certification Trainer for NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki & Personal Development courses. Thorugh her own experience and working with clients, as well as, training in NLP processes sandra has gained special expertise in helping people through the grief process. At this time, that is a much needed skill and one that many people are not comfortable with. We will talk about Sandra's own journey and what led her to this work, as well as, the nature of the grief process. Tune in for an informative show.
Kate interviews Brenda Reiss, CEO of Brenda Reiss Coaching, Forgiveness Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker. With her 5-Step Radical Forgiveness Program, Brenda guides women entrepreneurs and business owners to become aware of and eliminate unconscious behaviors & patterns that are sabotaging their business and personal lives and relationships. She helps them to move forward and gain peoace and clarity. We will talk about Brenda's journey, her process and forgiveness itself, to get more insight and some great tips. Tune in for a rewarding show.
The Joy of Being Maria

The Joy of Being Maria


Kate interivews Maria Salamao Schmidt, Life Coach, Energy Healer, Reiker teacher, Author & Motivational Speaker. Maria is the author of Finally Full of Yourself: Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA, a Best-selling book on amazon and one of the top 100 books on happiness. Maria is an incredible tsunumi of love and has made it a mission to live her live joyfully and spread happiness wherever she goes. We'll talk with her about her book, her life and what's next on her journey. Tune in for a fun and inspiring show.
Kate interviews Brad Zude, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Parenting expert. Brad and his wife, Greta, are the parents to 8 children, from a few weeks old to 12 years old. They were interested in parenting even before they they had children, but learned the true lessons that led them to their book and podcast through on the job training and experience. Their book, My Baby Can Sleep, is a Best-Seller on Amazon and they love sharing what they have learned with followers on their podcast, Parenting With the Zudes. Tune in for an inspiring and informative show.
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