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Author: Kate Olson

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Soul Fire Wisdom is a weekly live podcast focused on change and transformation and the journey we all take as humans in finding our path and purpose by following our soul passions. Kate interviews guests who have followed their unique path and can share the wisdom gained through their journey and personal experiences. As a Holistic Integrative Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who blends knowledge from a range of alternative modalities to help clients find their path, purpose and peace, Kate is committed to empowering the creative expression and voice of her clients. She calls herself a “Change Adventure Navigator” and loves to guide clients on their journey to joyful living and alignment with their authentic, unique self. She is President of Soul Fire Wisdom Life Coaching, Embrace Change Hypnosis & NLP, Total Wellness Products & Circle of Love Retreats. She previously hosted “Embrace Change with Kate” for almost two years on Contact Talk Radio. Episodes can be found at . Soul Fire Wisdom can be found on Soul Fire Radio website, , as well as, Spreaker and other hosting platforms. Kate is a Speaker and Author in addition to a radio/ podcast host. The show airs weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 PM PST. Listen Live or on your own time to podcasts. Videos available on YouTube. Please tune in, like and download episodes.
Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles


Kate interviewa Christine Schader, Certified Financial Planner, Author, Speaker and Life Coach. Christine is author of the Happiness Connection and has created a 4-part course in creating miracles. We will talk with her about her course and how to bring miracles into to your life. She is a advocate for neuroscience and miracles, big and small. Listen to be inspired and learn her secrets.
Kate interviews Kathleen Cavender, Jazz Singer, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur and all-around creative spirit. We will find out about Kathleen's journey, how she stays motivated and in her best creative mindset. Kathleen shares some tips on how to get in the flow and what might be helpful if you want to make a living from your art or creative endeavors. Kathleen draws on decades of experience and a family history of talent in art and music to share some keys to inspiration and creative self-expression. Tune in for some awesome tips.
12 Days of Goodness

12 Days of Goodness


Kate interviews Suzanne Perkins Newman, CEO and Founder of Answers for Elders and 12 Days of Goodness. After 30 years in the corporate world, Suzanne was challenged with caring for her Mother for the last 6 years of her life. This led her to the realization that the resources for cargivers for finding information that was helpful both in caring for and helping seniors make the best decisions were limited. She started Answers for Elders and she is celebrating 10 years in business. She has radio show aimed at cargivers and has written a book, The Advocate's Heart: Finding Your Real Strength in Caring for Aging Loved Ones - available on Amazon. She started 12 Days of Goodness aimed at giving back and touching the hearts of seniors throughout the greater Puget Sound for 12 days in December by partnering with the Seahawks Legends to bring events of connection and celebration to seniors. Tune in to find out more about the motivation for and details of these inspiring events.
In this episode of Soul Fire Wisdom, Kate interiews Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharmacist, Author, Speaker and Comedian. Dr Leyla's first book, Off Balance: The American Way of Health. A Pharmacists Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work, brought light to some of the problem that cause Americans to be overmedicated and unhealthy. In her new handbook, Dr. Leyla aims to give patients a broader perspective on the options available when they are diagnosed with cancer and to help them make dbetter informed choices. Like many of us, Dr. Ali, has been apalled at dthe surg in cancer diagnosis in this country and knows how traumatic is it for someone to recieve this informationa and feel out of control. She hope to help with that by giving people a more dcomplete view of the options. Tune in for information and tips.
Kate talks with Rosanne Olson. Rosanne is an Author, Photoographer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet and modern folk singer making an impact with her music. We will talk about her journey, the folk genre, her inspiration and influences, as well as, the roll of music in society. Rosanne will tell us how her photography and music have connected and what led her to her current path. Tune in for an inspiring show.
Kate talks with Bill Protzmann, Tech Entrepreneur, Classical Pianist, Author, Coach & Advocate. Bill is the founder of Music Care Inc., a for- purpose corporation that teaches practical ways music can be used for self-care. His aim and mission is toinspire, delight and demonstrate the power of music as a self-care tool. Listen to find out how music does this and get some tips!
Soul Connections

Soul Connections


Kate interviews Dr Katherine T. Kelly, Psychotherapist, Soul Health Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, Author, Speaker and Owner of the Soul Health Center. She has published 2 best selling books on soul health and was dubbed "the pioneer of soul health". Dr. Kelly has trademarked her own Soul Health Model to help people to realign their lives for both radiant living and their soul's evolution. Get Dr Kelly's tips for both better connectin with soul and soul-care (sef-care). Tune in for an inspiring and informative discussion.
Voice of An Angel Audio

Voice of An Angel Audio


Kate interviews Merrilee Rush, Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Award nominee along side Roberta Flack, Barbara Striesand and Dion Warwick. Merrilee has been performing for more than 4 decades and we'll find out what has kept her inspired. She lives on a farm outside Seattle with her husband, Billy Mac, Singer, Songwriter, and Author. Merrilee raises and shows English Sheep Dogs, as well as, taking time for her art and gardening. Tune in for some fun and inspiration as we find out more. Find out who pops in to say 'Hello' and give Merrilee a message!
Kate interviews Dari Arrington about following his dreams and the non-traditional path he is taking. Dari has had the dream of playing for the Golden State Warriors since he was just eleven years old. Growing up in Chicago's inner city, he did not feel that all of the traditional avenues were available to him and learned that achieving his goals meant blazing a new path. We talk about this and what he has been doing last year and this year to move toward his goals and a new secondary goal he is pursuing with the same passion this year! Tune in for an inspiring show.
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