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Author: Paul Kaminski & Ryan Brady

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Now this is happening. Paul Kaminski (Yesterday & Today Podcast and The Third Men Podcast) and Ryan Brady (Take It Away Podcast) host your new favorite podcast. What's it all about? Simple and easy. We trade our favorite records and talk about one album per podcast for about an hour. We each picked six albums for season one's twelve episodes. In every episode, imagine one guy is the "expert" and the other guy is the rookie. We swap roles throughout the season. We walk through the history of the albums, run through the track lists, and attempt to turn each other - and YOU, the listener - on to new music. Mostly, we listen and laugh. You may too. Please join us in conversation, discover something new, and now hear this.
3 Episodes
The Fiery Furnaces - EP

The Fiery Furnaces - EP


We’re back with The Fiery Furnaces' 2005 EP, which is neither an EP nor an LP, but dammit we love it. Brian Eno art rock-era inspired band comprising of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, The Fiery Furnaces were indie-darlings on fire from 2003 to 2009 (they broke up in 2011). This collection of singles and b-sides remains a refreshing classic and easy entry point to the groups myriad eccentricities. Paul and Ryan get real emotional in this one bro when talking about their "lost" periods on the east coast. It's too late to turn back now. Now hear this: "Single Again," "Here Comes the Summer," "Tropical-Iceland," and "Smelling Cigarettes."Have something to say? Email us:
Metric - Fantasies

Metric - Fantasies


Our hearts are beating like hammers. Why? Because you're still with us with episode two of Now Hear This. Paul throws Metric's Fantasies into our faces and we lay back and enjoy it because it's a near perfect album. Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead, and Joules Scott-Key turn in possibly their best collection of well produced songs in 2009 and we sink our teeth right in. For some reason, Ryan and Paul spend an awful amount time talking about breakfast cereal. Will we make it to episode three? (Spoiler alert: yes.). Is this new-new wave? Will you hear from Bruce McMouse? Will you get answers to these questions and more? Probably. Now hear this: "Help I'm Alive," "Gold Guns Girls," "Gimmie Sympathy," and "Stadium Love."Have something to say? Email us:
Here we go again, the start of the end, but there's more. Welcome to episode one of Now Hear This. Paul and Ryan dig into Todd Rundgren's 1973 magnum opus A Wizard, a True Star. We weren't sure where to begin, so why not begin with one of rock'n'roll's most enigmatic artist's enigmatic albums? Exactly. You will not want to miss this entertaining take on the Runt as well as the introduction to your two new favorite podcast hosts: Paul and Ryan. International feel! Still there’s more. Now hear this: "International Feel," "Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off," "Is It My Name?" and "Just One Victory."Have something to say? Email us:
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