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Dr. Chrisha Anderson and Catherine McKenna process feelings surrounding the fandom's emotional rollercoaster of Supernatural coming to an end. Join us for fangirling, fun, and feels as we process and theorize our way through the final season of the longest science fiction/genre show in American television history! Special thanks and credit to our amazing contributors: Logo: Gio_Gui Music: VooDooBlooze Editing: Chris Anderson, Catherine McKenna Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is intended to be for entertainment and educational purposes only. It should never be used in place of advice given by a mental health or medical professional or as a substitute for mental health treatment. If you're struggling with a mental health issue, please seek professional help.
67 Episodes
*S15E20 SPOILERS BELOW*In their overview of Supernatural’s finale, Chrisha and Catherine discuss their personal reactions and the many triggers embedded within the narrative.Note: There are no audio clips in this episode of The Fangirl Business.CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of abuse, childlessness, ableism, misogyny, queer erasure, suicide, & suicidal ideation.IF YOU NEED SUPPORT: (offers online chat)Text SHARE to the Crisis Text Line741741 in the USA686868 in Canada85258 in the UK50808 in IrelandIF YOU WANT TO DONATE:The Castiel Project: Winchester Is Love: Sam Winchester Project: Jack Kline Project: honor of Eileen Leahy: Eileen Leahy Fundraiser: Miracle Project:’s Gift: Charlie Bradbury Project: Links:Here’s a Buzzfeed article about the finale that Chrisha and Catherine both found helpful: “fix-it” fics Chrisha and Catherine found helpful are:“Carry On” by Castielslostwings“Being and Having” by tricia_16 Catherine here. I say at one point that the CW is generally progressive. We recorded this before I realized just how much hurt the CW has inflicted to other audiences this year, including Riverdale and The 100. I have been so saddened and upset to learn all of this. 
*S15E19 SPOILERS BELOW*The time has come, wayward friends... our LAST podcast before we know it all! Join Chrisha and Catherine as they discuss all things Destiel in Inherit The Earth, including Cas' loud absence, Dean's self-actualization, and what they believe we may be exploring the exact nature of in Act 2!CONTENT WARNING: This episode delves into theories for Destiel and Cas' endgame, which are HOPEFUL and STILL STAND! We know how hard hope can be, and we know how hard saying goodbye to our show is. Please listen only if and when you feel up to it. We'll be here when you're ready!Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E19 SPOILERS BELOW*Chrisha and Catherine's initial reaction to "Inherit the Earth" was very much "WTAF?" However, after some discussion, and some delving into the details, their ultimate take is: "GENIUS!" Come along for the ride as they discuss the penultimate episode and all that's going on just underneath its surface.Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E18 SPOILERS BELOW*At last... pie! Come join Chrisha and Catherine in their most joyous podcast episode to date, as they squee and sob their way through Destiel going CANON! Beyond the squee, they process their feelings about the ship and what it means for them and for queer representation. And because they can't help themselves, they delve into possible theories for the last two episodes, including the excitement and fear of having hope.CONTENT WARNING: This episode delves into theories for Destiel and Cas' endgame, which are HOPEFUL and STILL STAND! We know how hard hope can be, and we know how hard saying goodbye to our show is. Please listen only if and when you feel up to it. We'll be here when you're ready!Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E18 SPOILERS BELOW*In this episode of highly delicious and nutritious kale-like content, Chrisha and Catherine start their discussion of Despair, including real world context, guest stars, Dean's dramatic change after the departure of Chuck, Dad!Sam, the parallels between Sam and Jack, Sam's leadership, and Jack's maturity. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E17 SPOILERS BELOW*In this episode (the last one before the subtext became the text!), Chrisha and Catherine discuss the parallels between Adam and Seraphina and Dean and Cas and consider the implications of Chuck's revelations about Amara and Castiel from a shipping perspective.Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E17 SPOILERS BELOW*In another supersized podcast, Chrisha and Catherine begin the work of analyzing "Unity." In an excellently crafted episode that generated a lot  of big feelings, they hone in on Dean's rage, Sam's vulnerability, and Cas' free will.  Additionally, they discuss the nuanced way in which Amara was portrayed in this episode: building toward a redemption arc, which was interrupted by Chuck's abuse and manipulation. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E16 SPOILERS BELOW*In this mini shipping episode about "Drag Me Away (From You)", Chrisha and Catherine delve into music choices, prayer in Supernatural, the mirroring of Dean and Travis, and Dean's continued lack of sexual interest in female characters this season.Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW Music credits: The Ink Spots, "If I Didn't Care"
*S15E18 SPOILERS BELOW*Chrisha and Catherine could not contain their excitement about DESTIEL GOING FREAKING CANON in "Despair" and literally started recording this within 15 minutes of the episode ending on the East Coast. Come listen to them screech, sob, and celebrate Castiel telling Dean that HE LOVES HIM, and share their love for the endurance of a ship that refused to quit. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E16 SPOILERS BELOW*It's another supersized podcast from Chrisha and Catherine! In it, they discuss the hits and misses of "Drag Me Away (From You)", including the troubling depiction of therapy, characterization choices, and the way that the episode depicted early childhood trauma and its impact on Dean's current behavior. They also cheer for Sam. Like, a lot. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E15 SPOILERS BELOW*Chrisha and Catherine discuss "Gimme Shelter"'s shipping elements, focusing in on Dean and Cas' parenting, that photo Cas used to summon the crossroads demon, and the problematic nature of Amara and Dean's past "relationship." They go on to muse about the series finale and what the effects may be for viewers past and present should the ship go/not go canon in a big way.Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW Music credits: Taylor Swift, "I Did Something Bad"; "End Game"
*S15E15 SPOILERS BELOW*In this supersized podcast, Chrisha and Catherine discuss "Gimme Shelter," which was split between a lot of cuteness and a lot of heavy content. They squee over Cas' return and all the adorable moments in which Jack emulates his dads, but then turn to more serious topics: the way in which the episode explores the dark side of humanity, the price of "gifts" from deities, and Jack's secret. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*In this episode (recorded just before the end of hiatus), Chrisha and Catherine look back at elements that have been laid down in previous seasons as they theorize about what may come in the final few episodes of Supernatural.  With the relevance of the Garden fresh on their minds from "Destiny's Child," they start their discussion back in Season 9 with Gadreel, the Garden's failed guardian, and examine the mystery of what exactly happened in the world's first Paradise. They end by comparing discussing the parallels between the book of Revelation and Cas' prediction of a new Paradise, brought about by Jack. In between, they discuss heroes and villains, the role of Lucifer, parallels, and an ending tied to healing from trauma. Supernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*S15E14 SPOILERS BELOW*They've survived their very last (and longest!) Hellatus, and Chrisha and Catherine are back with an all new, super-sized podcast about "Last Holiday!"  They have an honest conversation about missing Cas, squee about all the cuteness from this episode, discuss the problematic ways in which torture and its repercussions were addressed and overlooked, and discuss the healing that is underway in the parent-child relationship between Dean and Jack.Special guest appearance: Gabriel the cat, adding purring to the ambienceSupernatural audio clip credits: The CW 
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*Join Chrisha and Catherine for a 2-for-1 shipping special, as they delve into the Destiel subtext of both Galaxy Brain AND Destiny's Child! From porn jokes to clinking glasses to toddler co-parenting to intricate religious symbolism, our show (and this podcast!) has it all! “Galaxy Brain” and “Destiny’s Child” audio clip credits: The CW
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*Well, folks, it finally happened: filming wrapped on the final episode of Supernatural. In this week's "State of the Fandom" (SotF), Chrisha and Catherine walk us through their experience of The Last Day. From the genius and viral "Thank You Supernatural" hashtag from fanfic author tricia_16, to tributes from past and present guests and costars, to messages from the show's leads, it was a day full of emotion: love, sadness, pride, and overwhelming gratitude. The episode closes with some squeeing from Jensen's recent interview with Michael Rosenbaum--and some very exciting and well-timed good news, which gives Chrisha and Catherine some hope for the future.Audio clip credits: "Inside of You Podcast with Michael Rosenbaum"
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*The adjective of the past week for the fandom is probably "intense." In this week's "State of the Fandom" (SotF) Chrisha and Catherine discuss the many difficult moments of the past seven days, touching upon interactions between parts of the fandom, the crew, and the writers. In the process, they discuss the analogy of "family" in the fandom and the anxiety about the upcoming transition from an actively filming show to a concluded series.Audio clip credits: The CW
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*In their latest State of the Fandom (SotF) episode, Chrisha and Catherine tackle the most recent fandom events in the lead up to Supernatural's seven final episodes. This week, they discuss the production board and its quotes- and songs-of-the-day, the new promo for the final episodes, the last first day of filming and actor goodbyes, and the epic new short film by Jake Abel, Bravelecki. Music credit: The Cab, "Angel with a Shotgun"
*SPOILERS THROUGH S15E13 BELOW*Chrisha and Catherine continue their new State of the Fandom (SofF) episodes! This week, they look into fandom speculation as to where Misha is currently located, examine their very different reactions to the news about Jensen's new show, and rave about Jake Abel's recent "quarantine with a twist" series on Instagram. During it all, they get real about their feelings and find laughter and reasons for hope. 
*SPOILERS FROM RECENT CREATION PANELS, LONDON PANEL, and PANEL WITH COREY BOOKER AND MJ HEGAR BELOW*Chrisha and Catherine get real with feels as they discuss the cast's recent return to Vancouver, the unexpected panels from the past 10 days, and the vague-yet-concerning references the actors have made to the show and the end point for Castiel. They break down recent events, fandom and personal feelings, and give logical reasons why we can hold on to hope.Corey Booker & MJ Hegar audio clip credit: Misha Collins' YouTube Channel
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