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Podcasts with popular persons in the SEO Industry. Useful and valuable knowledge, best practices and tips and tricks.
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David Amerland helps multi-national clients and start-ups to organize their SEO and Social Media strategies. He is a business journalist, author and international speaker. He blogs about social media and search engine optimization, writes for a number of prominent websites including Forbes, and advises a handful of corporations on their social media crisis management techniques.His books on SEO, Social Media and web trends demystify the complexity of the subjects they cover for readers around the world. Each book provides an accessible blueprint to better understand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the connected economy.
Strategic planning at the outset of your content marketing strategy sets you up to get the most out of the content created. During this presentation, you will learn how to help your marketing team to focus on amplification, not content creation and adapt the content that can be used to guide visitors into every stage of your buying funnel.
Currently a Monetized Education Specialist, Aurora helps publishers to properly and efficiently monetize their content on AdSense and AdMob. As an ex-Trust & Safety Sr. Outreach Strategist at Google, Aurora supported site owners and content creators on improving content accessibility through search.Before joining Google in her previous role as a Brand Specialist, Aurora spent time at Twitter and Youtube, and also has a background in journalism.
Vlad has 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry. He wants to make the Internet a safer place for everyone by allowing every online business to have their own fully managed VPS with a control panel and daily backups at the same price as shared hosting. Vlad is a performance driven individual who is passionate about technology, innovations and leadership. He believes that every website should be hosted on its own server as that is the only way to achieve maximum security, speed and reliability. Vlad is currently a co-founder and CEO of Scala Hosting LLC and SPanel LLC.
His cutting-edge research changed how we understand Google’s relationship with eCommerce in 2019, where even the biggest eCommerce website with the best marketing could still be losing millions of dollars every month without even realizing it. Using examples from major brands like H&M, Walmart, Topshop, and more, Bartosz has put together a crash course that addresses all the NEW challenges eCommerce will face in 2020.
Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. RustyBrick sells custom web software including advanced e-commerce, custom content management systems, social networking sites, CRM applications, custom web-based business software, iPhone applications and much more.Barry Schwartz is the founder of the Search Engine Roundtable and has covered search for over 16 years. Barry is also the News Editor at Search Engine Land. Barry hosts the Search Marketing Expo in Israel and is a speaker, moderator and coordinator at many search marketing conferences, including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies, La Red Innova Madrid, Spain, PubCon and many other marketing and technology events. Barry is always at the forefront of the latest news and trends in search. He was also the former News Editor at Search Engine Watch and is a moderator at several search marketing forums. Barry has and currently provided an advisory role for Google, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft's Bing, and several other Internet companies and many startups. In 2019, Barry was awarded the Outstanding Community Services Award from Search Engine Land and in 2018 he was awarded the US Search Awards the "US Search Personality Of The Year”.Barry is often quoted and interviewed in publications such as Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, USA Today BuinessWeek,, Publish and many more.
Kate Toon is a writing entrepreneur, as well as a popular coach, speaker, author and podcaster. She’s also a mad good hula hooper. Her digital education businesses The Recipe for SEO Success and The Clever Copywriting School have helped more than 8000 small business owners grapple the Google beast and write better content. Kate runs Australia’s only dedicated annual copywriting conference COPYCON.
She presents at events around the world and runs several hugely successful Facebook groups. Author of the popular business self-help book Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur: How to succeed in business despite yourself, Kate lives on the Central Coast of Sydney, where she loves wandering on the beach with her son and her CFO (Chief Furry Office-dog) Pomplemousse.
What happened in the Google world in 2019 and what to expect in the new 2020?John is a Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst & Developer Advocate at Google. Well-known person and one of the most important people in the SEO community, who always patiently and willingly answers the most important and complex questions related to how Google algorithms work. In this webinar, we will talk about the details of Google's great achievements in 2019 and what Google's plans for 2020 are.#SEOBestPracticesin2020 #WebmasterRecap2019
In this webinar, we'll go through the main causes of SEO processes failure and provide actionable tips to overcome the most common challenges to achieve SEO success. We will also discuss the current trends in International SEO and the best practices in 2019
Learn about the current state and hottest topics in Local SEO with the top local Canada expert Dana DiTomaso. From how to use GMB posts to the latest tactics for better reviews on Google.Dana is President & Partner at Kick Point, where she helps people and teams do better marketing. Alongside the team at Kick Point, Dana pushes people and teams to set goals and track data so that they understand what strategies and tactics bring value and what is just a waste of money. Dana speaks at conferences around the world about reporting and analytics, SEO, and brand building. In her spare time, Dana is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM. She also enjoys drinking fancy beer and yelling at football players.
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