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Author: Adam Higgins

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Every week Adam Higgins shares personal stories and rants, talks Dad life, and just generally empties his brain out for your listening pleasure, and wraps it up with a podcast recommendation for you to check out because "sharing is caring."
Odd Dad Out: "Normal Is Not My Specialty"
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Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)I'm back from our annual road trip to visit our Texas family, and here's how things went.Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Me A Coffee Along on Social at
Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)It's been a few weeks, but I'm back. What have I been doing this whole time? Working mostly. Lots of looooonnnnng nights at work. And I got some new toys to "play" with including a steam cleaner, a wood chipper, and a pressure washer. But even with that stuff, it's still really just one form of work or another.Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Me A Coffee Along on Social at
Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)I don't even know what happened this week.I started out talking about my boys being in Summer school and playing games. I sidetracked into playing sports in school when I was a kid. Veered into teaching my boys taekwondo. I also taught them about how mosquitos spread malaria via a very odd ice cream metaphor. I realized that beyond potty training, nobody teaches you squat about parenting. And I think I landed on an existential crisis. I'm sorry if I broke your brain too trying to follow this.Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Me A Coffee Along on Social at
Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)A week full of silliness. We've got weaponized pizza, counterfeit vaseline, and llama shaped marshmallows. Also, big surprise, Nestle food isn't very healthy.-Counterfeit Vaseline In Dubai Man Assaults Daughter With Pizza Memo Says Most Nestle Food Isn't Healthy the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out Me A Coffee Along on Social at
*This episode is brought to you by "Coffee." When you just need to stay up for 2 more hours. "Coffee" Go to to buy me a coffee and keep me awake, because sleep is overrated anyway.This week I have a, longer than planned, garden update, a mini rant about "autism" and "ADHD being umbrella terms, and a landscaping whoopsie that is a result of my own ADHD tendencies. Plus, I pontificate on the lurking thoughts about quitting this show in order to start any number of other podcast ideas. And in an impromptu podcast recommendation, And I briefly discuss "Succotash: The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast." Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
I'm a little lower energy this week. Just a bit tired so I keep things short for once. But "holy mashed potatoes Batman!" I actually have a general theme this week. It's all about the little things that have dominated my life this week. Starting with flowers on my pumpkins and watermelons going into my very first successfully grown potatoes, and ending with our new kitten. A little show full of little thingsLeave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
It's another one of those, train of thought falling off the tracks, kind of weeks.What I can tell you is that my brain goes all over the place with topics and thoughts. What I can't tell you is how exactly I got from where I started to where I ended up. I know I talked about fixing up my office and my wife's job. Somehow I got into the various responsibilities of my pets. I think I touch on my content production schedule, my existence as a walking series of contradictions, and something about my "regular" job. I know there's more in there, and I know there is some sort of logical thread that strings point A to point Q somehow, but I can't tell you what that is in a logical fashion. It's just another silly night for my brain. But I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the tagline for this podcast is "Normal is not my specialty." Just saying...Also, I was featured on episode 250 of the "Succotash" podcast."Celebrating 10 years this year, Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, was launched with the idea of promoting comedy soundcasts in what was then a marketplace still trying to find its way. By featuring short clips of shows being produced by funny folks both known and unknown, we like to feel that we maybe had a little tiny, eeny weeny, itsy bitsy bit to do with helping to ignite the torch of soundcasts across the globe! (But then we've always had a rather high opinion of ourselves...)" Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
It's another silly brain week. But this week I came to the realization that I may have reached peak adulting. Honestly I may be a little too excited about my new rake and my wife's new office chair. We also spent most of the week binging and introducing our boys to the Nickelodeon shows of our childhood via the new Paramount+ streaming service. I've gotta admit that I get a bit defensive of my TV nostalgia after a bit. But I stand by all of it.If you want to know more about the 5th Annual Livestream For The Cure, go to Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
Links and Full Show Notes at-'m feeling a little silly this week. I don't know why, but I was just in a giggly mood through this whole episode. Maybe it was the long night. Maybe it was the instant coffee at 3 am. I was just in a goofy mood. So try as I might to talk about the boys going back to on-campus school, I just tangented all over the place. Badass grilled cheese, sibling rivalry, Queen Elizabeth, and other random brain farts. As well as a return of "BS From the News" with a pirate Airbnb, a divorce over penis size, and another catastrophic gender reveal. Enjoy!Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
ODO 200: Weird Ass Q&A

ODO 200: Weird Ass Q&A


It's Episode 200!!! I can't believe I actually made it this far. I want to thank each and every one of you who has listened over the last 5+ years that got me to this point. And a very special thank you to those of you who sent in questions for my 200th episode Q&A: Kate- from Ignorance Was Bliss, Heather- from Just Heather's and Not Just Heather's and Sunshine and Powercuts, Coach Raevyn- from Strength Love Metal, Listener Allie - from the Oddballs facebook group, and Superfan Tori- the only person to actually use the ODO text line. You all are wonderful.You can check out my youtube channel at to see my gardening video. And please hit me up with your suggestions on what kinds of videos you'd like to see me do.Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
This week, the show has been taken over by the podcast “Worst Foot Forward” as part of Operation Switcheroo. Find them at and on Twitter at @WorstFoot or email"An encyclopaedia of heroic failure Join Ben Van der Velde, Barry McStay and their guests as they brandish their wooden spoons of destiny and celebrate the losers, heroic failures and spectacular mis-steps that pockmark human endeavour. If you ever want to feel better about your progress in life, take a listen and enjoy a lovely schadenfreude bubble bath."Worst Foot Forward Ep 201: Carl Donnelly – World’s Worst CoffeeThis week’s episode is going to gently percolate into your ears over several hours, but only after passing through the digestive system of both Ben and Barry. Joined by one of the finest stand-ups on the British circuit and self-confessed coffee snob Carl Donnelly (as well as fastidious father and son Patreon judging team David and Tyler), we enjoy tales of furious Ottoman emperors, how the CIA enjoy their coffee and the hollow depths of Melbourne hipster coffee culture
For the sake of trying my best to focus on something, This week is all about our latest experience in mini-vacationing. We took a little spring break trip to a cabin at the Patagonia Lake State Park. Long story short, it was a gorgeous view of a beautiful lake in southern Arizona with hiking trails, lots of birdwatching, and lots of campfire cooking. It was also freezing balls, windy as hell, and I was constantly being dragged around by an annoyingly curious husky. Oh yeah, and there were wild cows.Plus an update on some format changes I'm considering, and a reminder to get me your questions for my attempted episode 200 Q&A. If you don't give me your Q's, I can't give you any A's!!SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS FOR EPISODE 200Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
Full show notes at a bit of a giggle fit and some philosophizing over the relationship dynamic between children- their teachers- and their parents, I get into our latest endeavor with Charlie, martial arts. Then, an update on the garden as we try to figure out how we're going to plant our spring vegetables when half of our winter crops still aren't ready to harvest. And I reach out for your questions for a potential episode 200 Livestream Q&A.SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS FOR EPISODE 200Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
Full show notes at a few abandoned attempts at this episode, I give a much shorter rundown of my experience getting Covid. I throw in an impromptu "What Adam's Listening To" about "Less Is Morgue." I plead for your podcast suggestions. And I finally give you my formal review of "The Unwritable Rant."Less Is Morgue"The Unwritable Rant" “Unwritable Rant” is a monologue style, semi-autobiographical, storytelling show, hosted by author, Juliette Miranda. Every Sunday, Juliette cracks open a bottle of her favorite liquor and shares the many many many… tales of often alcohol infused crazy that just seem to encompass her entire existence. Whether it’s the trail of questionable musicians she’s dated, her mom the witch and dad the physicist (explain that one to me,) or her zany cast of friends, Juliette’s pool of WTF stories runeth over.Earlier episodes also began with a sampling and review of different whiskies. Although I am not much of a drinker, I will say her descriptions of the flavor notes of bourbons made me really consider trying them. If only to understand what the hell she was talking about.It’s just good dirty drunken funLook, if you can’t handle dirty words or mature content, this podcast is not for you. And obviously it is NOT family friendly. But if you don’t mind some foul-mouthed tales of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, I guarantee you will enjoy this show. Between the crazy characters, the ridiculous situations, the emotional swings, and the overall good vibes in the stories, there’s no reason not to listen to this show, unless of course you’re a prude. As much as I like the whiskey reviews and interview content as content, I just don’t feel like they necessarily belonged in this podcast with it’s regular stories. Either way, it’s a must listen from me every week. Four stars.-SUPPORT THE SHOW-MERCH and Art checked, it works)Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at there Oddballs! I'm gonna try my best this week to try and keep things to just a couple topics. Whether that actually happens is anyone's guess. On that note, we recently had a major trip to the dentist for one of our little monsters, and the outcome is going to get expensive. Also, I've got my more in depth review of "The Box Of Oddities." And in my new "What's Adam Listening to/ Watching" segement, my wife and I just finished binging the Netflix series, "Bridgerton."Recommended ListeningThe Box of Oddities Good:Excellent Sound QualityHighly InformativeWell ResearchedWide Variety of TopicsTwice Weekly ReleasesBumpers Don’t Get StaleGreat ChemistryAuthenticity- No PhoniesDamn FunnyNot Above Self-DeprecationThe Bad:Stories Can Get GraphicAd Breaks Can Get Pretty LongCan Veer Into the PoliticalThe Verdict:Four StarsAfter I was introduced to the Box of Oddities, it quickly became one of my regular “must listen” podcasts. It’s been well established on my own podcast that I love weird stuff, and this show scratches that “weird shit” itch very thoroughly.Of course, no show is perfect. And no show is for everyone. But also, the subject matter variety in The Box of Oddities is suited to only a certain niche of people. I happen to be that kind of person, but I can also see where it could be very off-putting for some people. The listener base for this show is a bit more narrow than most, but if you are at all the kind of person that appreciates the strange and unusual, you absolutely need to open the lid and peer inside “The Box of Oddities.”-SUPPORT THE SHOW-MERCH and Art checked, it works)Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at
-SUPPORT THE SHOW-MERCH and Art checked, it works)Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at the last episode I started to talk about all of the things that I've been up to during the hiatus, before getting thumb deep into a bloody mess. This time the plan is to give you the rest of the update that I meant to give last time. And oh boy! Do I have a lot of stuff to share with you! I'm not gonna cover everything right now. We all know that would take hours and I'm completely capable of doing it. Instead, I'll hit some high points, and if you want to hear more about something, you can just let me know. And finally, an update on how the featured podcast segment is changing, and my first rebooted podcast review feature is going to, my very first audio drama love, "Welcome to Night Vale."Recommended ListeningWelcome to Night Vale"WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local "weather," news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events."Pros:In the early seasons, the story arc that flows through between episodes really adds depth to the worldExcellent writing and character development over the years.Cecil's voice and narrative style draws you in and makes you trust him, until you learn that he may have a little bit of bias.The complexity of the story after 8 years of building is amazing. So many things have changed in this world since the first season that it's hardly even the same world anymore. *wink*The little running gags and dark humor will have you questioning what you just heard while also laughing your head off at the absurdity.It's got a taste of Lovecraft inspiration, but not directly .The original musical score by "Disparition" sets the tone perfectly.Cons:You really can't just jump in at any time. You've gotta go all the way back to the start.The "weather" segments are very "hit or miss."There are way too many ads at the start of each episode. (I know it's shitty to complain about this, but after a while it gets really annoying to listen to.)The later seasons start dragging out and become difficult to follow.The main storyline in later seasons is less cohesive. It is obvious in the storytelling when the writers stopped focusing on this show.In short, I really do love "Welcome to Night Vale." The weirdness of it all is right up my alley. The character and lore development over 8 years is phenomenal. The contrast of the macabre with the humor is perfect. But after 8 years, the writing quality is starting to dip and the stories just aren't as engaging as they were in earlier seasons. Is it still a great podcast? Absolutely. But is it still as great as it once was? Not necessarily. 3 1/2 stars.
-SUPPORT THE SHOW-MERCH and Art checked, it works)Leave Me a Voicemail ‪(516) 636-7631‬ (ODO-POD1)Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Out on Patreon Along on Social at know I promised new music and all the segments and stuff, but ya know what, stuff happened and I didn't get that done. So in the mean time, in honor of the start of the new year, I'm gonna start to tell you about what I was up to last year and then get hung up on a couple of those things, including a return to home schooling, an update on my autumn garden, and, oh yeah, how I sliced off a chunk of my thumb.*I actually put a trigger warning in this one for one particularly gross detail in the story. Everyone I've mentioned it to has visibly cringed, so I decided to be nice and warn you... Then again, I bet you don't even read the show notes. I bet that I could put anything in here and you wouldn't even know. So how about this. The first person to send me a screenshot of this portion of the show notes, to prove that you read them, will get a special prize from the ODO Shop. There may be other prizes as well. May the odds be ever in your favor... is the long version of the blog post linked above and written below.)Time away to thinkBeing away from the podcast for these last few months has given me some time to think about what I want to do with things. Honestly, the way the world is right now made me seriously reconsider whether or not I should come back to the podcast at all. In the last year I have struggled a lot with, besides just getting content out, coming up with topics to cover on the show. I haven’t listened to a great number of new podcasts lately to offer many new recommendations. Much like Bandrew Scott from Podcastage, I’ve noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to avoid political topics when covering any type of news. And when I do find news to cover, I get accused of racism because of the ethnicity of the people in some of the stories.Just as a tangent: I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, green, orange, purple, red, yellow, blue, or polka dot. (But for some of those you really may want to seek medical attention.) If you do something seriously humorously dumb, I’m gonna make fun of you. It’s not about YOU it’s about the stupid thing that you did. Next time, don’t inject fruit smoothies into your veins and I won’t make fun of your dumb ass, ok? I’m not going to avoid making fun of someone over their race, the same as in not going to choose to make fun of someone because of their race. And if you think I’m being biased or discriminatory based on the news I cover, that’s your opinion, and you’re free to have it. (Unless you live in one of those places where having the wrong opinion can cost you your job or your life.)But it’s fun and funny to me pointing out some of the completely idiotic things that people do sometimes, and it’s something I intend to continue doing for as long as I can still find news stories of people being jackasses.Things were getting staleHonestly, I feel like, in 2020 the show got stale. I covered less news. I featured fewer podcasts. There were next to no guests all year. And, I really didn’t have much to talk about besides home schooling through Covid and gardening.I don’t really feel like most of the episodes of this year were very good. To tell you the truth, one of my favorite episodes this year was my mini bonus episode for International Podcast Day. Hearing all the podcasting stories from people was just fun. But for most of the year, I was just too tired and stressed to give the show the attention it needed to be entertaining. I neglected the news and the recommended listening segments in favor of just long ramble sessions, and I made no effort to secure my previously regular guest conversations.Starting fresh while keeping things the sameI don’t have a date yet for when the podcast will be back. But I can say that while some things will be changing, the core of the show will stay the same.I’ve been working on creating a new original theme for the show. If you’re a long time listener, you’ll have figured out that I like to tinker with different creative outlets. Recently I’ve been trying my hand at making music. I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years, but have never really tried writing my own music, so this is both exciting and super scary.Along with the new theme, I’m intending to create new bumpers for the different segments of the show.At the same time, I’m planning on keeping the same core segments of the show. I’ll be working harder to ensure that every episode has a podcast review/recommendation and at least one news story to make fun of. Although I’m probably going to drop the jackass of the week title. And of course I will still have my personal catch up stories and adventures. But I may also start digging into some parenting articles and giving my snarky assessment of them, just to add a little more “Dad” to the show from time to time.All of those parts are pretty minor, but I’ve saved the most drastic for last.The big changesAround the start of the year, I’m going to be doing a kind of purge of the website. Purge may not be the right word exactly. I’m going to do a sort of reset of podcast features and I may be removing and archiving some of the early episodes from before the format was more established.With the restart I’m going to start my podcast features over from scratch. Over the years, many of the shows I’ve featured have drastically changed, or ended completely, or I simply don’t listen to them anymore. So I want to give a fresh review to many of these shows for those that may not have heard me talk about them before. With that, I’m also planning to start writing out my podcast feature reviews as a separate post on the website for better accessibility. I may also start doing more traditional reviews for shows that I may not be subscribed to personally but were suggested to me. I may even open up things to review submissions from others. There could even be a rating scale… Or not…Schedule changeThe biggest change may or may not be permanent. For the time being, with the relaunch of the show, I am going to be taking the show to a bi-weekly release. This will give me more time to collect news to “discuss” and to write more complete show notes and those new longer podcast reviews. It also will help reduce the stress of having to do all of this while still working and being a father and husband. (That’s gotta come first after all.)It’s all for the bestBeing away this long has been very difficult, both because I miss doing the show but also because it’s made me question whether or not I should bring it back. Ultimately I love this podcast too much to give it up completely, but I had to find a way to continue with it and still maintain my sanity. (Or whatever passes for sanity from me.) I know I need to take it more seriously if I want the show to grow at all. It’s a labor of love, but it’s still a lot of labor. If the show is going to survive, I’ve got to make it work, and right now these changes can make it work better.So, long story short, the show is coming back with changes and a new schedule that will hopefully make it better for everyone.
International Podcast Day is September 30. You can find out more about the full day of livestreams and more at year I reached out to the podcasting community to ask about their favorite thing about podcasting.Included are clips from Derek Graziano of "Lifeworld" and "Rolling Misadventures"Tim from "Radio Clash"Freya from "Your Friend Freya" and "Trashy Romance Pod"Heather from "Sunshine and Powercuts" and the "Sunshine Summit"Thank you as always for listening, and if you get the opportunity, tell a podcaster you listen to that you're a fan. Trust me. They'll appreciate it.
The situation with “distance learning” and the battle over mine and my wife’s schedules has reached a point that we are having to make serious changes. Because of our separate work schedules, it has been very difficult to balance work and our boys’ school lessons. We are now having to look into changing our work schedules to accommodate it all. Ultimately, the issue lies with the need to supervise our younger boys during their school day, my wife working during school hours, and my graveyard work schedule necessitating me sleeping during the day. There’s only so many hours in a week, and I need all of the ones available to get sleep and take care of home business.With that, I’ve decided to put the podcast on an indefinite break until a time that I will be able to continue producing it without having to sacrifice my limited sleeping hours and potentially my health.I know I have said this in the past, even as recently as earlier this year. But under the current circumstances, I simply cannot continue the show. The stress of trying to navigate my children’s education mixed with my already questionable work/life balance just doesn’t leave any room right now for podcasting. I have even had to pass up paid podcast editing opportunities due to the current lack of any time to do so. I have to take some time to try to find a balance, and hopefully, before too long, I’ll be able to come back to the show. Unfortunately, I do not know when/ if that will happen.I would like to say, thank you for listening. Thank you for your support for the last 5 years. I know there are far more entertaining shows to listen to than my ramble fest, and you are an amazing group of people that have continued to motivate me to keep going for all this time. And you are also the reason that I will do whatever I have to do to figure this out and come back with all of the energy I had before the world turned upside down.
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