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The"It" Cast: Real Talk On Sex
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The"It" Cast: Real Talk On Sex

Author: Nika Cherrelle

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The "It" Cast: Real Talk About All Things Sexual is our community outreach podcast that aims to increase diversity in the conversation on health and healthy sexuality. We are out to create a world free from sexual shame; where people are educated, empowered to live at choice, and consent is the framework for human interaction. Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to enjoy their sexuality and their sex lives. Through our mission we will provide access to the resources our listeners need and care about. New content monthly.
6 Episodes
Steve Yang, polyamory relationship coach, joins Nika Cherrelle in the Ibeji Lounge with Melonie and Melorra Green. In this episode we discuss Polyamory, Polygamy and Religion looking at how our backgrounds affect our dating styles.
Somilia Smith, Creator of the Pedestal Festival Womxn's Music Event joins Nika Cherrelle in the Ibeji Lounge with Melonie & Melorra Green. In this episode we discuss the suppression positive sex culture in popular media.
I Collaboration with The Black Woman Is God Exhibition, The' It' Cast brings you "Ask An Elder: A Conversation To End Sexual Shame". Thia is our first Live panel discussion, an inter-generational dialogue designed to eradicate stigma and shame regarding cultural and gender-based norms. This episode may contain sensitive content.
In this episode Dorothy Santos and Nika Cherrelle discuss The 5 Love Languages: Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Receiving Gifts. Find out more about the % Love Languages and take the Quiz Here: www.5lovelanguages.comWe want to thank all of our guests featured on our first episode. Learn more about Nenna Joiner and her welcoming, intimate adult store, Feelmore510 To learn more about MamaLisa Thomas-Andeyemo and healing shame, please visit generativesomatics.orgWe also brought you instrumental vibes from artists Mariont Beats, DangerBell, Chris Allory, and Ryan Dennison.
It cast Intro with music

It cast Intro with music


Short clip on what The "It" Cast is about and the kind of content you can expect to find here. Some episodes may contain sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.
Valentine's Day Pilot Episode Preview.
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