DiscoverBe a Better Ally: critical conversations for K12 educators
Be a Better Ally: critical conversations for K12 educators

Be a Better Ally: critical conversations for K12 educators

Author: Tricia Friedman

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Reimagining K12 education to foster allyship and belonging one conversation at a time. Learn more at
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Dr. Mark Anthony Gooden is on the podcast this week to talk about the book "Five Practices For Equity-Focused School Leadership" He addresses the ethos and anecdotes behind the book as well as why the lessons within are so relevant for leaders in education. Learn more about our guest: Follow him on social media: Connect with Tricia at next week's free webinar:
Don P. Hooper is a writer and filmmaker of Jamaican heritage (and a programmer in a former life). His short story Got Me a Jet Pack is part of the New York Times bestselling anthology Black Boy Joy. His directing work has been featured in the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival, the New York City Horror Film Festival, the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival (award winner), and more. He does voice-over in video games and documentaries. True True is his debut novel. In this episode, Don helps us learn more about his debut novel and asks us to think further about how this book can expand the conversation on what it means to see and value one another's humanity. Order the book: Connect with the author: Learn more about Tricia's three part online series as mentioned at the top of the show:
This week we speak with artist and illustrator Angel Chang. Angel discusses her work and process as well as ways educators can support aspiring illustrators. Angel's most recent project is the #Kidlit book "Too Much!: An Overwhelming Day" Learn more about her work: As discussed you can check out the 'Leading in the Era of AI' course free:
If your team wants better collaboration but you haven't talked about what it means to have generative conflict you are missing a key ingredient. In this episode Tricia talks about the Compassionate Conflict Toolkit, which you can access free: Want to talk more about generative conflict or what an authentic apology means to you? Drop me an email! tricia (at) shiftingschools (dot com). Learn more about learning with Tricia
As we begin a new academic year, this is an important time to think about how you might prioritize your own wellbeing. I've been absolutely inspired by the new book from Swapna Krishna, and I wanted to bring you a small part of an interview I conducted with her for my other podcast, the Shifting Schools podcast. Learn more about her book: Follow the Shifting Schools Podcast: Email me to talk more about taking on Swapna's advice! Tricia (at) shiftingschools (dot com)
How can we honor different interests in different texts types and still have an entry point into powerful conversations? Tricia walks us through a resource in a new free guide. The 'common bookmark' aims to provide scaffolding for student and teacher groups. Ready to download the free guide and explore the bookmark? Ready to learn more about Pride and Less Prejudice and to explore their brand new lineup of books? Purchase books from the PLP affiliate link: Join Tricia this November:
In this episode we discuss a free guide that sets your GSA/SOGI group up to explore and consider the role of AI Literacy. This episode starts off with a definition of a crucial concept: "technochauvanism" as defined by Meredith Broussard. If you want to engage your students with AI Literacy, give this episode a listen and explore the resources discussed. 📁Download your free guide:📁 🔥Use promo code "AIPRE175" to join the 3-Month Generative AI Cohort at 50% off🔥 📘Additional Resources discussed in this episode📘
On this episode, Jolene Gutiérrez tells us all about her brand new book Too Much! Ready to learn more about this book? "Sometimes everything is too much! Too loud, too bright, and all too overwhelming. Writing from her own experience with sensory processing disorder, award-winning teacher-librarian Jolene Gutiérrez’s compassionate picture book explores the struggles of a sensorily sensitive child and how they settle themselves. Joined by Angel Chang’s beautiful color illustrations, young readers will learn that it’s OK if some days are too much." Get your copy today: Enter to win a free copy of this book (US residents only with a street mailing address please) reach out to Tricia (at) shiftingschools (dot com) by August 14th Ready to connect with our guest? Website: Facebook: Twitter: Learn all about the book launch in Denver on Aug 5th Check out the teacher/caregiver book guide: Interested in joining Tricia for the 3-Month Generative AI Cohort that kicks off this September? Click the link and enter promo code AIPRE175 which gives you 50% off
What is design thinking? What does it mean to focus on mindsets rather than models? Guest leader, educator and author Dee Lanier answers those questions and more on this episode as we explore his work 'Demarginalizing Design.' Ready to learn all about Dee Lanier? 🔗 Check out his book: 🔗 Follow his podcast: 🔗 Explore Solve in Time: 🔗 Explore Maker Kitchen: 🔗
How is Minecraft a powerful tool for building community, fostering inclusion, and engaging learners? This week we share an episode of the Shifting Schools podcast featuring the amazing guest Mashfiq Ahmed who has an answer for that question and tons of wisdom to share. ➡️ Mashfiq Ahmed (he/him) is a high school chemistry teacher at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, New York. He has been playing video games ever since he was 4-years-old and they have positively shaped him into the person that he is today. As a teacher, Mashfiq utilizes classroom gamification tools in order to support all of his students and make science more engaging. When the 2020-2021 virtual school year started, Mashfiq created an after school Minecraft Club in order for students to have a place to relax and de-stress through gaming during the pandemic. Since then, the club has grown to become something so much bigger than he could have possibly imagined. For example, Mashfiq’s Minecraft Club participates in esports building competitions with designs that promote equity, accessibility, and sustainability in New York City. Mashfiq strives to create a safe space for all, especially neurodivergent, people of color, and LGBTQ+ students, to express themselves through Minecraft and gaming. His Minecraft Club members are also Minecraft Student Ambassadors who have provided Minecraft training for other teachers and have showcased their work globally, such as at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference. Mashfiq hopes that the future of gaming continues to be more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Additionally, he is also a certified Minecraft educator and a global Minecraft mentor. Due to Mashfiq’s efforts he was recently inducted into The Game Awards Future Class of 2022, which honors inspiring individuals who represent the bright, bold, and inclusive future of video games.  🔦 Ready to connect with Mashfiq? Twitter: YouTube: Minecraft Club Instagram:  Minecraft Club Linktree: 🔗Additional Links discussed and further ways to learn about Masfiq's work: New York City's DIIT presents Minecraft Education - Battle of the Boroughs The Battle of the Boroughs: A Win for Education and Esports BATTLE OF THE BOROUGHS: EMPOWERING YOUTH FOR A SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE NYC 🎮 Connect with the sponsors of the Shifting Schools esports series 🎮   Daigon and X-Sense Unlock the potential of Esports for your school with DAIGON's platform, solutions, and expertise guiding your International School to success in the world of esports. X-Sense is an innovative company providing home safety products, including cutting-edge smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and other smart home security systems designed to keep you and your loved ones safe 24/7. With easy-to-install devices and smart technology,  you’ll have peace of mind knowing that X-Sense is always on guard. Protect what matters most with X-Sense. Check out the great X-Sense deals for Amazon Prime Day. Ready to continue your learning with Shifting Schools? Connect with our pathways and continue your journey of learning. Reach out to us with your questions and comments, we LOVE hearing from listeners: info(at) shiftingschools (dot com)
Summer can be a great time to rethink habits. This summer I'm trying a few mini experiments out to recalibrate my relationship with my use of social media. Wanna join me? Download the free BALANCE one-pager: Let me know what you are doing to reimagine your relationship with social media: tricia (at) shifting schools (dot) (com)
On this episode, we get the JOY of listening to Meredith Klein and Sherri Spelic talk about the art of co-facilitation. Meredith and Sherri reflect on what makes for great teacher collaboration, and what it takes to truly cultivate a space for listening and growth. Ready to connect with our guests? Find Sherri on Twitter: Follow her free newsletter 'Bending the Ark' Find Meredith on LinkedIn: Explore their recommendations: Interested in joining Tricia to learn more about the intersection of equity and AI? Use special code 'BABA25' at checkout: Connect with Tricia: Tricia (at) shiftingschools (dot com)
Ready to learn about this week's amazing guest? Born in Venezuela, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez (she/her/hers) is an IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the Latin diaspora. She is a highly skilled and compassionate public educator who utilizes her signature Interlocking Justice methodology to catalyze an embodied response in her clients. Interlocking Justice is a holistic, accessible, and sustainable approach to justice and liberation work that AnaYelsi teaches and speaks about nationwide. She empowers individuals and communities with her diverse skill set, which includes education, coaching, consulting, writing, and art. She founded the Interlocking Justice Institute and offers her services through her business, AVS Consulting, working with various clients, including colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, faith communities, businesses, and individuals seeking to build an accessible and sustainable movement for liberation. AnaYelsi also founded En Conjunto—a collective providing support, community, resources, and collaborative opportunities to People of Color working independently at the intersection of justice and spirituality. ​​AnaYelsi serves on the board of the Festival Center in Washington, DC, and is the Co-Director for The Well DC’s Justice Ministry. Explore her website: Check out the abundance deck: Learn more about The Interlocking Justice Institute: For a transcript of our conversation:
On this episode of the podcast we hear from Shelly Page (with a brief intro from Alex Brown)as she walks us through the process of bringing the soon-to-be-released collection 'Night of the Living Queers' to bookshelves everywhere. Pre-order your copy now Connect with Shelly and Alex: Get $25 off the Media Literacy and Inclusion Course by using promo code "BABA25" on checkout Also mentioned in this episode:
"What can the field(s) of rhetoric do to foster connection and care across difference? And, what stories must we tell to remake worlds conducive to one another’s thriving? " Those are the questions at the core of Dr. Hsu's work. On this episode of the podcast we talk more about their book: Constellating Home: Trans and Queer Asian American Rhetorics This book is available open source for all of June (2023) Learn more about their work: Support the Black Trans Leadership of Austin: Interested in the opportunity from Dr Waid as mentioned at the end of the episode? Email tricia (at) before June 21st for more
On this episode, we have the important opportunity to hear from student leaders. Our guests are members of the High School Spectrum Group at WAB (Western Academy of Beijing). 📲You can follow them on IG: (@spectrumWAB) 📢Also discussed on this episode is the collection of amazing read alouds available courtesy of the non-profit organization Pride and Less Prejudice. 📌Find them:
On this episode we talk with Zackary Grady about their award-nominated production Gay Pride and Prejudice. Learn all about that show: Learn more about Zackary: Check out the books he recommended: Take 25 dollars off the Media Literacy and Inclusion Shifting Schools Course: Use promo code 'BABA25' at checkout:
On the show this week Lindz Amer talks to us all about their brand new book Rainbow Parenting as well as what we as readers and allies can do to expand on the lessons shared in that text. Learn all about the book: Learn more about Lindz Amer: Learn more about the Pride and Less Prejudice Celebrity Fundraiser: Email me to enter to win a free seat! tricia (at) shiftingschools (dot com) Email must be sent by 9pm EST June 1st to qualify
On this episode Professor Marla Hunter tells listeners about the beginnings to Live. Love. Teach LLC and Live. Love. Swim LLC Learn more about Professor Hunter: Follow her online: As mentioned at the top of the episode, download the brand new free guide: AI Literacy and LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Learn more about Pride and Less Prejudice:
Jennifer Jill Fellows is a faculty member in the philosophy department at Douglas College. She is also a 2022 Media Fellow of the Marc Sanders Foundation. She is a co-editor of a collection of essays examining technology through an intersectional feminist lens entitled Gender, Sex and Tech!: An Intersectional Feminist Guide published by Canadian Scholars Women's Press. The book explores everything from menstrual tech to dating apps, from baby bottles to the gendering of virtual assistants. Her particular research interests are in philosophy of science and technology, social epistemology, and practical ethics. Learn more about Dr. Fellows: Explore the book: Follow her podcast: Learn more about the Shifting Schools Generative AI cohort: Use special code 'BABA25' to save $25
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