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A series of conversations at the intersection of Commerce, Culture and Creativity with a focus on youth and marketing.

Each week, our host James Erskine (CEO of Rocket, Podcaster and Entrepreneur) will be joined by guests such as Rory Sutherland (Behavioural Economist), Paul Samuels (Vice President of AEG) and Emma Sayle (CEO of Killing Kittens).

He'll be finding out a bit about them, what their role encompasses and about the businesses they work for. Asking them what really motivates, mobilises and fuels young people to take action.

This is Rocket Fuel.

21 Episodes
Futurist Mark Stevenson advises corporations on how they can get the most out of the future.Using his eclectic background in theatre, stand-up comedy and information technology, Mark instigates positive change for social justice issues and the climate. He realises that, whilst we are all individuals, we are also nodes in a network, which is why we have more power than we often realise - not just as consumers, but as citizens.In this episode, we discuss: social justice and climate, making ideas as funny as possible, speaking truth to power, extinction rebellion, and culture, This is Mark Stevenson’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Mark Stevenson @Optimistontour ( him on LinkedIn (
Ally Owen is the founder of Brixton Finishing School, an organisation dedicated to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds into the creative industries.From its inception in 2017, Brixton Finishing School set out to be a disruptor to the creative industries; challenging issues of diversity by being more inclusive to those of BAME heritage and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. BFS provide successful applicants with a free 12-week course, which includes masterclasses from business professionals and avenues into entry-level jobs.Coming from a lower-class background herself, Ally knows what it’s like to play an unfair game. This is why she’s made it her mission to “solve the world’s problems,” by helping to those that need it most. Prior to founding Brixton Finishing School, she found success at enterprises such as The Guardian, John Brown and Yahoo! Now, she spends her time tackling unethical hiring practices; ushering in a more equal opportunity society.This is Ally Owen’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Ally Owen @ally_n1 ( her on LinkedIn ( Brixton Finishing School:
Ben Ebbrell is the founder of SORTED, an award-winning YouTube channel dedicated to food.Co-founded by school friends Ben Ebbrell, Mike Huttlestone, Jamie Stafford and Barry Taylor ten years ago, the collective destabilised what it meant to a player in the food industry, and continue to be pioneers in the digital space to this day. The now sixteen person team creates highly produced videos for their 2M+ YouTube community, develops apps, and publishes cook books to a global audience.Ben Ebbrell is one of the fundamental ingredients to team SORTED. Having followed a ten-year recipe comprised of culinary arts management, a passion for education, and love for his friends, Ben dishes his revelations on:entertaining an audience that ages with you, balancing structure and creativity, growing a team, revenue streams, brand purpose, and the youth’s distrust.This is Ben Ebbrell’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Ben Ebbrell @Bebbrell ( Ben on LinkedIn ( food:
Nick Telson is the co-founder of DesignMyNight.Amassing eight million unique users a month, DesignMyNight is one of the UK’s most popular nightlife discovery platforms. As a B2C, DMN connects consumers and suppliers alike - providing a menu of nightlife experience for punters, and a robust booking system for venues. Having aspired to build a business together since their time at university, Nick Telson and partner Andrew Webster began the blueprint for DMN in 2019, after being blown away by a concierge's knowledge of New York nightlife. Nick quit his job as a marketing director at L’Oreal, and two years later, DesignMyNight was born. Nick tells us how DMN avoided bust during its infancy, and why appealing to everyone, and not just the “cool,” made his business flourish.Other topics include: how Nick learned to market, why he hires the passionate and not just the “qualified”, what Nick looks for in his team, the pioneering of DMN, and what young people want from brands.This is Nick Telson’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( DesignMyNight @DesignMyNight ( Nick Telson on LinkedIn (
Adnan Ebrahim is the founder and CEO of Car Throttle, a motoring brand that distributes content online.Dubbed “Top Gear for the Facebook generation,” Adnan founded Car Throttle a decade ago, when he was still a student living with his parents. Since then, the brand has gone on to work with the likes of McLaren, Nisan, Mercedes and Red Bull, and has recently been acquired by Dennis Publishing.Having built websites and online communities from just 15-years-old - selling his first website before his 18th birthday - we explore how Adnan’s ingenuity and precocity paved the way for Car Throttle’s success. Throughout this episode, we discuss: brand focus, “switching off,” demographics and competitors, and why you should be like Nike and Just Do It.This is Adnan Ebrahim’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Adnan Ebrahim @adnanebrahim ( Adnan on LinkedIn ( Adnan on Instagram @adnanr35 (
James O’Malley is a technology and politics freelance journalist.“The problem with being a technology journalist is, these days, you’re basically an everything journalist.”Technology has become so ubiquitous throughout modern society that it now pervades every nook and cranny of our lives. Of course it has afforded us amazing benefits, but luxuries are not without their costs; we use technology, but it, in turn, uses us. As such, James O’Malley has made it his mission to report and document on how technology catalyses change in the world.Having been the editor for Gizmodo UK for two years, as well as having written for publications such as WIRED and The Spectator, James has become an expert at discussing technology and culture. He has reported on how TfL breaches privacy, the horrors of China’s social credit system, and even coded a free-to-use Trump notification bot.Our discussion includes: how technology and politics affect our society, the importance of data, healthy skepticism, and TikTok confusion.This is James O’Malley’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( James O'Malley @psythor ( James on LinkedIn (
Brandon Relph is a youth specialist, speaker and consultant.At just 13-years-old, Brandon founded a company that used the video-game Minecraft to generate content for marketing and educational purposes. And though “the computer had to be off by nine,” he expanded his enterprise to a team consisting of forty employees spanning multiple countries.Now, six years later, Brandon routinely provides data-driven consultancy for advertising agencies, as well as companies working in technology, fashion, and culture.Throughout this episode, we discuss: the necessity for innovation, presenting a TED Talk, generational differences, and how brands talk to audiences,This is Brandon Relph's Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James @JamesErskine ( Brandon Relph @brandonrelph ( Brandon on LinkedIn (
Matt Deegan is the creative director of Folder Media and the station manager at Fun Kids Radio.Since starting in student radio at the Royal Holloway, University of London, Matt’s expertise have grown exponentially; now living a double life managing presenters and staff at Fun Kids Radio, whilst pioneering content for Folder Media.Fun Kids is the UK’s biggest children’s radio station, and Folder Media is an audio and radio content creation agency. Most notably, Folder pioneered the Love Island podcast for ITV, but have also worked with the BBC, DTS and Bauer Media.Topics include: Matt’s beginnings, what he looks for in a team, product development, and young people’s media landscape.This is Matt Deegan’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James @JamesErskine ( Matt Deegan @matt ( Matt on LinkedIn (
Alison Jackson - Artist

Alison Jackson - Artist


Alison Jackson is an artist known for her subversive political art.Having shied away from higher education until age 30, Alison began taking night classes for art after realising her life as a receptionist wasn’t fulfilling her.With her passion for art ignited, she later enrolled in BA and MA university programmes, and even produced a BAFTA award-winning television series for the BBC, all whilst being a student. Since then, she has gone on to collaborate with the likes of Channel 4 and Coca-Cola, and continues to host art exhibitions all around the world.Throughout this episode, we discuss: Alison’s journey as an artist, fake news, the spectacle of celebrity, social media, and youth.This is Alison Jackson’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James @JamesErskine ( Jackson @alisonjackson ( Jackson @alisonjacksonartist (
Stephen Green is the EVP for ITV Kids, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Thunderbirds brand.Joining the entertainment industry during the turn of the millennium, Stephen has since experienced an eclectic career in brand management. Beginning with licensing for Hasbro, Stephen has since worked with brands such as Pokémon and Mr. Men, and even became the CEO of a Chinese content creation company. Now, he oversees and maintains the brand of 'Thunderbirds Are Go,' an animated TV series produced by ITV.Throughout this episode, we discuss: how to re-energise a brand, how audiences are segregated, the immediacy of media, and what defines young audiences.This is Stephen Green’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket James @JamesErskine ( Stephen Green:
Sonja Graham is the Managing Partner for the environmental charity Global Action Plan.Once an employee for one of the biggest oil companies in the world, Sonja is now a pioneer for environmental change at GAP. Her trajectory was catalysed during her time at the University of Edinburgh, where she became increasingly aware of how human activity harms the planet.Global Action Plan is a charity dedicated to encouraging people to live sustainably; for the betterment of the planet, humanity, and its generations to come. Though small, they are an effective, data-powered charity that launches educational campaigns, such as Clean Air Day; an annual initiative seeking to raise awareness of air pollution.Topics include: climate change, the environment, parenthood and young people.This is Sonja Graham’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( James @JamesErskine ( Sonja Graham @Sonja_tweets ( @OneYoungWorld (
Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, a columnist for the Spectator Magazine, and author of the Alchemy series.In ’88, Rory was but another graduate looking to work for any ad agency that would have him. Which, unbeknownst to him at the time, was none of them. Except one: Ogilvy & Mather Direct. Fortunately, Rory's circumstance of limitation birthed his best possible outcome as a visionary, even if some of his peers at the time joked that he was ‘the worst graduate they ever hired.’Since then, Rory has made a name for himself by disrupting ideas generated by “normal thinking.” Coming from a behavioural psychology background, Rory deliberately dispenses with the idea that humans are innately rational, but rather that we are subject and vulnerable to our needs and desires as biological creatures.Topics include: technology and the future of flexible work, the limitations of marketing and research, young audiences, and the state of UK politics.This is Rory Sutherland’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow Rocket James @JamesErskine (———————00 01 35 — Rory’s Beginnings00 04 35 — What Rory Looks For in a Team + Applied Behavioural Science00 07 40 — Have More Than One Job00 11 45 — The Future of Flexible Work00 19 10 — Non-Conventional Marketing + Human Psychology00 29 40 — The Limitations of Market Research and Marketing00 50 20 — Young Audiences + Status Goods00 59 35 — Youth and Pro Urban Propaganda01 02 30 — Politics and Brexit
Rocket is hosting a panel on the 28th of November at Soho House, and we would love to see you there!You can register at panel is based around marketing and communicating effectively with young people aged between 13-18.Guests include: the Chief Strategy Officer of a leading student network, a Tik Tok creator, the editor of a leading youth publication and an agency campaign manager spearheading a number of universities social and content strategies.
Ed Couchman, the UK General Manager for Snap Inc, joins us to talk about Snapchat, Spectacles and the future of augmented reality.Having made his first splash in the world of B2B magazines, Ed Couchman now lives in the world of the digital; having worked at Facebook for half a decade, to recently become the “the face of the business” at Snap. He explains that, not only is Snapchat not dying: it is thriving, and in a way that is entirely unique from other platforms.This, as Ed explains, is because Snapchat is not a social network. It forgoes the algorithmic for the hand-crafted; trades tenuous online connections for real ones; and erases your digital footprint leaving you with privacy.Snapchat never died; it transformed.Throughout this episode, Ed also talks about: Snap’s venture into augmented reality through Spectacles, the importance of giving back, and why the future is now.This is Ed Couchman’s Rocket Fuel.--------------------------Follow Rocket @BigShotTweet ( James @JamesErskine (
Louise Kettle is the editor for, ‘the mag that’s got your back,’ Shout Magazine.From an admirer in her youth, to a writer as an adult, Louise Kettle worked her way up the magazine industry in a rather unorthodox fashion. At the end of her teenage years, Louise decided that she wasn’t ready for university, and so entered the world of fashion retail. She later became a sub-editor for DC Thomson’s Evening Telegraph, before landing her dream position at SHOUT.Shout Magazine is unashamedly a “girly girl’s” magazine, with a main focus on fashion, beauty and celebrities, but with the ultimate goal to empower its readers. Louise theorises that the youth of today are fundamentally different post the advent of social media; elaborating that children have a deep concern for the environment, the future, and inclusivity.Together, we discuss: the magazine marketplace, social media and brand values.This is Louise Kettle’s Rocket Fuel.
"You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”Ella Robertson is Managing Director for the youth focused conference One Young World. She is also one of Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35, and co-author of the book 'How to Make a Difference.’Unenthused by the prospect of becoming a lawyer, Ella dropped out of one of the UK’s top 5 law firms so she could make real change. Alongside her mother, she decided that the best way to achieve this was by starting a charity aimed at empowering youth across the globe. Now, almost 10 years later, One Young World has become instrumental in tackling the world’s most urgent issues.Together, we talk about: Ella’s philosophy of business, her relationship with her mother, technology, her political beliefs and the power of youth.This is Ella Robertson’s Rocket Fuel.
Famously known for reinvigorating the O2 Arena; breathing new life into the Millennium Dome, Paul Samuels shares his Rocket Fuel.Paul Samuels is the Executive Vice President at AEG, the company responsible for accommodating sports, music and entertainment events across the globe. This includes the world renowned festival Coachella, as well as the management of 150 venues.Together, we discuss: branding, the “hardware” and “software” of events, and generational changes in youth culture.This is Paul Samuels’ Rocket Fuel.
Veteran of radio, Andy Roberts, is the former group programme director of the UK radio station KISS. We recorded this episode just before Andy left Bauer. Going against the grain from a young age, Andy diverted form the status-quo of attending university and instead took up an offer to work in radio. Now, after enjoying two decades in the Bauer/Kiss Radio space, Andy has resigned from his position, but is here with us to share his expertise and insights.Together, we explore: relationships with talent and audience, finding work-life balance, competition and brand responsibility.This is Andy Roberts’ Rocket Fuel.
Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens, an empowerment brand dedicated to sexually liberating women around the world since 2005. Having spent her early years in the Middle-East, and under the tyranny of her overbearing father, Emma found herself suffocated and stifled. After attending an all girls’ boarding school in the UK, however, this began to change. She was introduced to “novel” ideas of liberation and female independence; that she could ’rule the world and go out and be whatever [she] wanted to be.’ At this time, the media began talking about “the female sexual revolution,” which meant that women were free to express themselves sexually, with no guilt or shame attached. Six seasons of Sex and the City later, and multiple cases of sexual harassment from men in PR, Emma decided enough was enough. She left the male-dominated world of PR behind and founded Killing Kittens. Now, Emma spends her time hosting workshops and invite-only sex parties.Together, we explore the role that sexuality plays in our lives, perceptions young people have of sex and relationships, and Emma’s Rocket Fuel.Follow more Rocket Fuel and updates on up-coming episodes, follow me @jameserskine on Twitter. 
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We're interviewing...


Rocket Fuel is the podcast at the intersection of youth marketing, youth culture, technology and creativity. Each episode sees someone from youth marketing or youth culture asked questions about them, their journey, their role and the brand they work for. We conclude by asking for their 'rocket fuel', things gleaned from their years of experience, actionable insights that our audience can apply to their daily working lives.Rory Sutherland, Emma Sayle, Andy Roberts, Paul Samuels and more!
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