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Author: Ken Westgaard

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The OMG I’m Launching Podcast, is quickly becoming a favorite for its valuable insights and fun stories that highlight the dramatic ups, downs, failures, and success that comes from being in launch mode! Ken Westgaard is on a mission to lead a movement of coaches and course creators who are still working a 9-5 to become 6-figure launchers that they’ve always dreamed of. Ken is quick to connect with people across the globe who are interested in learning from him because of his sincere, supportive, and witty personality that is magnetic to his ideal clients who are wanting experienced support when implementing their big ideas. As a multi-passionate Manifesting Generator who loves experimenting with launches, Ken will dive deep in his pursuit of finding the truth about launching. And when he does, he’ll make sure to share that newfound knowledge with you. Ken moves fast, but he always speaks the truth, which is why he’s not shy to share even things that some people might find a bit woo or out there, such as being in alignment when you launch, how your energy can greatly impact your launch, or how human design can help you become the best version of yourself during a launch. Not to worry though, Ken will also make sure you have your strategies in place and building a strong foundation with crystal clear messaging, irresistible offers, and solid planning.
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“For me it’s both ways, it’s deepening (the connections) that you have and then also broadening the horizon but not wasting too much energy in that big field.”Sandra Saller is a Feng Shui and Meditation coach. She was a former teacher and IT-consultant who’s burnout led her to New Zealand 12 years ago. Creating her own path, she decided to try launching an online course. In this episode, she shares everything she learned from her recent and first launch. We get to learn how much it means to be mindful and be authentic in your launch, as well as some insights on how to improve your launchesCurious to know? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Sandra’s Journey Making last minute changes to your launchUtilizing your circles of influence and mailing listAuthenticity during a launchMindfulness and meditationWant to connect with Sandra Saller?WebsiteStart Making Sense with SandraInstagramSupport the show (
“If your sales page all of a sudden sounds completely different from the way you talk there’s going to be a disconnect and people feel that all the time. So paying attention to the voice of the sales page is really important that it sounds like you.”Lauren Tassi is a copywriter,launch strategist, and a marketing mentor. She helps coaches and course creators communicate with intention so they can increase their income and impact. In this episode, she shares her knowledge about sales pages, why they matter, how to create effective sales pages, and why it should sound like you. By learning all of these things you can make sales pages that convert for your business.Curious to know? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What you need to know before working on your sales pageThe process to writing your sales pageSales page must havesBenefits to hiring a professional to write your sales pageYour brand voice and how it connects to your sales pageWant to connect with Lauren Tassi?WebsiteInstagramSupport the show (
“If you were driving a car, you can not direct where the car is going from the passenger’s seat or the backseat, you’ve got to be in the driver’s seat. The only place you can make change in your life is from that driver’s seat.”Rebekah Kiger is a Financial Advisor and Money Mindset Mentor. She helps sales professionals and entrepreneurs access the power of their mind in order to efficiently double their income. She believes that individuals have been conditioned by their environments to think in a way that limits their potential to achieve what they want. Through recognizing these disempowering beliefs, changing their mindset, and accessing their “flow”, they can achieve their financial goals and boost their business.Want to attract abundance in your life? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Rebekah’s storyDisempowering beliefs and how they form and shape your lifeChanging your mindset to manifest successThe A.L.I.G.N. MethodFlow and the abundance mindsetWant to connect with Rebekah Kiger?WebsiteInstagramSupport the show (
“There’s really four pillars that have to align in order to achieve sustained business and success in the long run and this becomes your vehicle effectively for you to put in whatever GPS destination you want to reach that big goal whether in business, or life, or charitable pursuits, or whatever your mission is.”Jem Cooper is a former professional classical ballerina turned endurance athlete, psychology graduate, serial entrepreneur, author and multi-passionate ‘life-go-getter’. She has scaled consultancy businesses from 0 to 6 figures in 4 months.She helps ambitious people step up into a higher level of clarity, personal power, and autonomy with a framework that she learned and understood. It was through trial, tribulation, mentorship, failure, life-changing illness that she learned everything she needs to succeed.Want to know the 4 pillars of success? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What is sustained successThe 4 pillars of successMindset inhibitorsWhat happens if you failTaking control and responsibilityWant to connect with Carrie Jemima Cooper?WebsiteOne on One CoachingGet “Becoming CEO of Your Best-Rich-Life”Email: ceo@carriejemimacooper.comSupport the show (
“I think you also have to know where your strengths are and my strengths are in communicating and interacting with my people so if I can delegate all the things that are apart from that then I can focus on where I shine.”Adrienne Luedeking is the CEO of Fruitfully Alive and the creator of Freedom Through Freelancing program. She wants to help transform the lives of women by helping them work from home. Throughout her career she’s had launches that helped boost her business to the success that it is now.Today, she shares the highs and lows of launching and everything that she’s learned to make her launches achieve a successful business. Want to enhance your business? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Misconceptions about launchesMistakes during a launchPractical changes for your launchWhy launches succeedHow launching can help make your business successfulWant to connect with Adrienne Luedeking?WebsiteEmail: adrienne@fruitfullyalive.comSupport the show (
“We all want to be seen as the go-to so in order to do that, I have to be running ads in between (launches) but here’s the thing you don’t have to be spending a whole lot.”Shelby Fowler is a Facebook Instagram Ad strategist. She is the founder and CEO of ads agency Fempire Media. She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs escape the long hours, get out of the hustle, and start to scale with an automated sales machine.In today’s episode, Shelby shares her experience and her inside knowledge. The Facebook and Instagram ads are going through major changes that could make or break the success of your launches.Want to know how you can stay on top of your game? Listen to this episode.We discuss:The iOS 14 update and what it means for you and advertisersWhy you should still run adsThe changes you need to be doing to make the most of the changesFacebook and Instagram ad strategiesSuccess vs Failure of an AdWant to connect with Shelby Fowler?WebsiteIrresistible Facebook Ads - WorkshopSupport the show (
“It’s just about being a happier, more unconditionally self-accepting and loving person and that’s when your business grows because you’re like, ‘Yeah! I’m gonna do it my way. No apologies.’ It’s just very powerful.”Sean Nicole Murphy is a Human Design Practitioner and a Clairvoyant Healer from Orange County, California. She discovered the power of Human Design in 2017 and 2 years later she completed her training to be a certified chart reader. Since then, she’s been helping individuals make an impact in their lives by helping them understand their uniqueness.She uses the Human Design system to explain each person's gifts and how they can enhance every aspect of their lives empowered and authentic.Do you want to learn how to harness your true potential? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What is Human DesignUnderstanding your Human Design chartHoning the power of your Human DesignHuman Design and your businessWhy you should get your Human Design chartWant to connect with Sean Nicole Murphy?WebsiteSupport the show (
“If you actually solve a problem for someone and you do that relationship building piece, you’re gonna make sales. It’s inevitable .”Morgan Gillis specializes in helping online coaches generate leads and sales using Instagram. Using her experience as a habits coach and a lead generation strategist, she helps them kick ass on Instagram.Today, she shares some of her Instagram secrets to making sure your next launch is a success.Are you ready to learn how you can make quality and qualified leads through Instagram DMs? Listen to this episode.We discuss:The changing Instagram landscapeWhy the Instagram algorithm doesn’t matterThe secret to generating leads through your Instagram DMsTaking advantage of the different Instagram toolsReframing and manifestingWant to connect with Morgan Gillis?InstagramRegister for her free masterclass (July 28th 2021) the show (
“Everybody has a story about money, it's really about uncovering it and deconstructing the thought process.”Niki Ferguson is a Money Life Coach who teaches online entrepreneurs how to make the most of their money and free themselves from their money stress. With the help of financial strategy and massive mindset work, Niki helps new entrepreneurs go all-in on their dream life.She believes that in order for someone to achieve their financial freedom, they must first change how they view and treat money. Once they recognize these, it must be broken down so that it can be rebuilt. In today’s episode, Niki shares how you can achieve freedom through your finances.Want to learn how you can achieve financial freedom? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Niki’s journey to becoming a financial coachWhy you need a financial coachMoney mindset and how it affects youPractical budgeting Why more money isn’t everythingWant to connect with Niki Ferguson?Money Coaching with Niki Ferguson WebsiteInstagramWildly Worthy PodcastSupport the show (
“It’s really important you shine a light on your differences. And I’m not just saying about you personally, I’m talking about the brand- The brand identity that you’re actually selling.”Nicci O’Mara is an award-winning marketing communications strategist. As a Certified Practising Marketer, it is important to her to help small businesses stand out through their messaging, content, and marketing strategies.She’s worked with small and medium business, large corporations, universities and schools, government bodies, and non-profit organizations throughout Australia and abroad. Today, she’s going to share what it takes to get your business and launch to stand out while maintaining that connection you’ve built with your audience.Are you ready to learn how you can set yourself apart from your competition? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Authenticity: Being yourself in order to stand outKnowing what your audience wants to make your life easierFinding your mission. Stand for something you believe inSetting yourself apart from your competitionYour brand messaging and why it mattersWant to connect with Nicci O’Mara?Simply Standout Marketing Website90-Day Marketing Planner Template downloadSimply Standout Marketing PodcastInstagramFacebookSupport the show (
“It’s so crazy. This world of being online is like the wild-wild west. It’s still in the pioneer stages. It’s not a huge space yet.”Rita Black is an author, speaker, and the director of Shift Hypnosis based in Los Angeles. She’s an expert in the psychology of weight management and specializes in hypnosis for changing habits for weight strugglers and smokers. Her practice has even taken her to being the author of the best selling book “From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlocking Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss”.For many years, she’s done her practice privately and in person, but the pandemic forced her to transition online. Now, she runs a successful online course and she’s not planning to stop anytime soon.Learn how she transitioned to a successful online business owner. Listen to this episode.We discuss:Rita Black and her journeyWhat is Hypnosis?Using Hypnosis as a shortcut to building better habitsTransitioning your business onlineSelf-motivation through hypnosisWant to connect with Rita Black?Shift Weight Mastery HypnosisSmoke Free 123Free Curb Sugar Cravings HypnosisFree Webinar: How to Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal, Cravings, or Weight GainSupport the show (
“Simplicity is everything-- I have come to realize that. You don’t need the bells and whistles, you don’t need a whole complicated funnel, you could be as I said, really straightforward, simple, and true to how you want to show up. ”Renée Serrant-Layne is a launch and funnel strategist for coaches, consultants, and course creators. making it easier to set up her client’s online marketing strategy and systems so they don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. She’s proven time and time again, through her clients, that having a profitable online business doesn’t mean that you have to lose your personal touch or spend hours of your life doing mundane activities that frustrate you and steal your joy.Your launches don’t have to be stressful and overwhelming… They can be fun and fulfilling!Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Fun and fulfilling launchesCommon things people experience during a launchThe importance of launch benchmarksSelf-care and self-motivation during a launchThe impact of your messageWant to connect with Renée Serrant Layne?WebsiteSupport the show (
“Whether a subcontractor or employee. If things go south what does separating look like and is that legally defensible to protect my business?”Laura Tolhoek provides HR relief to scaling solopreneurs and established small businesses who are taking the hiring leap. As a Certified Human Resource Leader and the proprietor of Essential HR, Laura knows that when a business faces HR problems, there is only room for positive results. In this episode, Laura shares her 15 years of HR experience to help your business is well looked after as you hire and grow your team. Want to learn the steps you can take to take care of your business and growing team?  Listen to this episode.We discuss:Do small businesses need HR?Employee vs subcontractor: pros and consDocuments you need to safeguard your businessHow to cut down time in your hiring processShould you trust your gut while hiring?Want to connect with Laura Tolhoek?FacebookInstagramLinkedinEssential HR Website Laura’s Hiring Interview GuideSupport the show (
“When you're strategic with everything that you’re doing, there is a sequential order to the product path that you have.”When James Wedmore began his business, he was a broke bartender. Since then, he has helped over THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs become the Digital CEOs of their own successful online businesses. His podcast "The Mind Your Business Podcast" has been downloaded millions of times and with his signature program "Business By Design" he helps other course creators and coaches thrive online.As an 8-figure business owner, James shares some of his most valuable strategies and stories that have helped countless people make their businesses thrive. Learn the strategies to scale your business and listen now!We discuss:Turning a one-time buyer into a loyal lifetime customer.The secret weapon to having a successful businessHow to scale your launches.How to be strategic with your message and offer.Business by DesignWant to learn more from James Wedmore?The Rise of the Digital CEO LIVE (June 10th-24th)The Rise of the Digital free Facebook GroupThe Digital CEO QuizYour First 100 Leads Free Mini-CourseMYBP Episode 477: 3 Things 7-Figure Digital CEOs Do DifferentlyThese links are affiliate links, which means if you do decide to join James, myself, and thousands of other entrepreneurs, I'll receive a small commission.  That being said, I would never recommend or promote something I didn’t believe in. I know this will help you in so many ways and these resources are totally free... It's a win-win!Support the show (
“It all starts in your job posting. The description you have for your services and what you need and the person that you need will determine who will apply and how you’re going to select people.”Ana Oliveira has always been called the Virtual Assistant (VA) matchmaker. Her job is to help international entrepreneurs connect with amazing Brazilian VAs. She launched Speakeasy, a training program for aspiring Brazilian VAs to help them build their portfolio and find the perfect online job. She has helped connect talented VAs with international clients that last for a long-time. Today, through her experience, she shares her 5-step action plan that will help you find and train your perfect VA.Want to learn how to find your perfect VA that will last for a long time? Then this episode is for you.We discuss:VA matchmaker Ana OliveiraThe relationship between you and your VAWhat tasks to give your VAHow to keep for VA for a long timeFive-step action plan to hire your perfect VAWant to connect with Ana Oliveira?Facebook: a 30-minute discovery call with Ana: in touch with Ana: ana@speakeasyanaolive.comSupport the show (
"When you are truly showing up as your authentic self, that's when you become a magnet. That's when people are drawn to you."Shafonne Myers is a media mogul who created the world's only site for plus-size brides and the CEO of a top wedding blog collective. She is a marketing and sales business coach for business coaches helping and inspiring female entrepreneurs and teaching them how to show up confidently in their business, helping them to be able to sell premium high ticket programs and experiences so that they increase their income, impact, and freedom.In this episode we discuss Interacting with your clients and showing upThe importance of personal branding and being the face in your business in making salesDiscovering your purpose and your zone of geniusBeing comfortable in your own skin and showing your authentic selfBeing upfront on your calls can get you to close more salesWant to connect with Shafonne Myers?Instagram: https://www.shafonnemyers.comSupport the show (
“If you’re thinking of changing a system that you’ve got that’s worked, maybe just rethink of repeating a system before you give it the bin.”Simone Griffiths is the founder of the unique Personal Brand MethodTM, transforming invisible online and small business owners, coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs from the unknown to unleashed with their in-demand brand.Simone first started her business 14+ years ago and has been known as the brand rebel. Aside from the Personal Branding MethodTM, she hosts That Brand Show Podcast, founded the MDB (Million Dollar Brand) MethodTM, a Brand School, and the BRANDED Magazine. Through her different initiatives, she has helped entrepreneurs all around the world. However, not every single of her launches had been a success...Tune in to learn more about Simone.We discuss:Simone’s experience with launchingThe difference between a successful launch and a failed launchHow to pick yourself up after a failed launchWhat is Personal BrandingThe Personal Branding MethodTMWant to connect with Simone Griffiths?Instagram: @simonegriffithsWebsite: BRANDED Magazine: be featured in the magazine application: the show (
“Building a personal brand on social media is the most effective way to stand out from your highly saturated market so you can reach more people, attract more leads and convert more sales.”Steven de Cuba is a wedding and branding photographer based in the Netherlands. With the courage to pursue his hobby as a career, he took the time to learn and gain the knowledge necessary to start building his company.Through his persistence and hard work, Steven eventually started to establish his own brand and started to market his services online, leading to being an entrepreneur. His work has been recognized and he was voted as one of the best photographers in The Hague, his work being published in magazines like TheKnot, ThePerfectWedding, and ZankYou.If you want to learn more about building your personal brand and the value of social media presence, this is the episode for you!We discuss:Building your own personal brandImproving your launch experienceThe importance of launch messagingHelpful social media tipsManaging your mindset and fearHandling other people’s opinion with your launchBeing consistent on social mediaWant to connect with Steven de Cuba?Website: Instagram: Pinterest: Support the show (
"People want connection, people want to know that you are a real person that can help them with their problems."Lisa-May Huby helps overwhelmed and overworked women coaches and service providers create the income, impact, and lifestyle they want with simple yet highly profitable, highly leveraged offers.She has been an online entrepreneur for 14 years (since before Instagram was even a thing), working with clients to help them get results like double-digit conversions, nailing 6-figure launches, and 7-figure recurring revenue funnels.Following the fundamentals in MarketingKnowing how to connect with your audienceBuilding the human connectionLearning the secrets to 6-figure launchesWhat some heart-centered coaches are doing wrongWant to connect with Dijana Llugolli?Facebook Group: Unleashed + UnstoppableWebsite: THE CHALLENGE: the show (
It's been a quiet month and a half, but we're back at it! This is a very personal episode, but I believe that there are some things in here that I'm sure you can resonate with. If you do, please let me know over at IG and slide into my DM.In this episode, I talk about...Why I needed a break from everythingPositive Covid test and being in isolationUnsure of what direction I wanted to takeHow I was focusing on building the wrong bridgeThe Rise of the 6-Figure Launcher and the OMG Launching CrewPlans for a courseBeta launch in JuneCreating a free mini-course on how you can Map Out Your Launch In A DayRise of the 6-Figure Launcher FB Group: OMG Launching Crew FB Group: TO BE GUEST ON THE SHOW?Apply at the bottom of this page: you enjoy this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. Take a screenshot of you listening on your device, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag me @kenwestgaard. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast to receive notifications of new episodes.Haven’t left a review yet? All you have to do is go to iTunes, and thanks for your support of this show.Support the show (
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