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“So when we’re looking at numbers, you want to look at 3 main areas– your finances, marketing, and operations or team.”Donna is a certified Director of Operations, who focuses on data & measurement. She works with established online entrepreneurs who are ready to make a bigger impact and maximize their profit by leveraging the power of their data without complex spreadsheets or math. Her motto is to make data way less dull and her client’s businesses way more profitable!Numbers, metrics, and analytics– they all sound scary. Well they don’t have to be because Donna is on today’s episode. She shares her experience with metrics and numbers and how you can harness that power to improve your business. Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Why your metrics matterUnderstanding your numbersAdapting to your launch needsUtilizing Google analyticsTips and tricks to enhance your businessResources:Enhance your google analytics with this dashboard: to connect with Donna?Donna’s website: https://www.productivityplusva.caSupport the show
“If you do allow those thoughts to limit what you do then the person you’re really hurting is yourself and the people that you can serve.”Tanya Peterson is a heart led High Performance Coach serving ambitious and driven women ready to transform their lives and reach their highest potential. She's focused on empowering women to become the intentional creators of their own lives and reach the level of happiness and success they've always dreamed about. Impostor syndrome is something that we all go through. In today’s episode, Tanya shares her experience with it and some tools that you can use to handle your biggest critic– you– and emerge on top.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:How impostor syndrome limits your full potentialTools to use to combat impostor syndromeConnection through vulnerabilityEmpowering yourselfHow coaching can help youWant to connect with Tanya?Tanya’s website: www.tanyapeterson.meSupport the show
“A lot of people feel like PR is like you need to be a certain level or you need a publicist. It’s literally as simple as knowing how to do it and who to reach out to.”Lisa Simone Richards is a PR & Visibility Strategist for online coaches who want to get seen everywhere. They go from invisible to in-demand getting interviewed on top podcasts, partnering with big names in their industry and building their authority expert status getting featured on major media like FOX, NBC, Forbes, Inc., and more.In today’s episode, Lisa share’s how to get started on your PR and you can harness its power. Want to learn how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:PR vs VisibilityHealthy media mixABCs of visibilityCombating impostor syndromeLisa’s JourneyRESOURCES:Take the quiz - to connect with Heather?Heather’s website: the show
“Every single time you’re talking to another person, consider it a stage and an opportunity to practice how you communicate so that you can show up more powerful.”Heather Sager helps online entrepreneurs become the go-to authority in their industry by confidently nailing their message on live and virtual stages.As a coach, speaker, trainer, and host of a podcast, she’s spoken on stages around the world and personally trained hundreds of 6 and 7 figure business owners on leadership, sales, and communication. In today’s episode, Heather shares how your voice can be the most powerful marketing asset you have. How you and others perceive your voice can and will affect your business. Want to learn how to harness that power? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Magnetic and Parrot EffectCommunicating your energySelf-doubt and how it affects your voiceHandling imperfectionHow to pitch your call to actionRESOURCES:19 Magnetic Phrases to say on stages, podcasts & live video to send your ideal customer running to your opt-in - to connect with Heather?Heather’s website: the show
“So don’t focus on becoming a YouTube Partner, but focus on creating content. Cater to your target audience and everything else will fall in place eventually.”Nancy Badillo has been in the digital space for 12 years, helping small business owners build and scale their businesses by leveraging the power of online marketing. She is an e-commerce coach, content creator and she launched the Etsy Mastery Course on Teachable.In today’s episode, Nancy is on the show to share her story of how she’s making thousands from her side project… YouTube! Her journey will inspire you to do the same.Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What it means to be a YouTube PartnerHow to monetize on YouTubeConnecting with your audience through videoYour energy in front of the cameraGrowing your channel and businessWant to connect with Nancy?Instagram:'s website: the show
“When I think of growth it’s not this visual of climbing a mountain. It’s more like you expand and then you contract.”Dr Deborah Fryer helps coaches, consultants and creatives break through subconscious mental, emotional and financial blocks so they can create 6- and 7-figure businesses with ease, speed and confidence. She helps her clients evolve their mindset so they can unlock the next level of performance in your business and life.In today’s episode, Deborah is on the show to talk about believing in yourself and how shifting your mindset can give you the results that you want. Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Growth not being linearBe, Do, FEEL, HaveMoney hurdles and getting over themCreating your realityDeborah’s journeyWant to connect with Courtney?Instagram: Mandy's website: Facebook: Support the show (
“What you do within that framework truly is yours to be able to utilize and create this masterpiece which is your podcast.”Courtney Elmer the creator and founder of The EffortLESS Life™, Courtney specializes in helping busy women grow personally and professionally without the overwhelm and overwork. She’s launched a podcast called Systems Made Simple and using her expertise she’s launched a framework that will help you make your podcasts profitable.In today’s episode, Courtney is on the show to share what you need to make your podcast launches profitable and how you don’t have to follow what everyone else is in order to succeed.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Why you should start your podcast nowCreating a community through your podcastYour podcast to enhance your businessThe ingredients to succeed in podcastingCourtney’s journeyWant to connect with Courtney?Instagram: Courtney's website: Podcast: --MAP OUT YOUR LAUNCH is a FREE online course for coaches and course creatorsClick here to get INSTANT ACCESS to the mini online course... ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!Discover how you can map out your next stress-free launch in just a few hours, even if you're still working a 9-5 with these short 12 training videos.Creating the content takes time, but it’ll be more effective if you already have mapped out your entire launch, so that you know exactly what needs to be done, by when, and by who.Support the show (
“I am right where I need to be, everything is feedback and I’m going to keep getting better. I’m only in competition with myself and when I would truly embrace that, then a bunch of abundance would come.”Mandy Morris is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and manifestation expert—is the creator of Authentic Living, an online company designed to help individuals reconnect with their authentic selves to find purpose, peace, and deep healing.In today’s episode, Mandy is on the show to talk about her new book “8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting”. When you’re launching you need to have the right energy and alignment with the universe in order to get that launch that you want. Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What is manifestation Misconceptions about manifestationEnergy and alignmentSelf-care and the power of checking inMandy’s journeyWant to connect with Mandy?Facebook: Instagram: Book website: Mandy's website: Support the show (
“The reality is you will never be nearly as successful as you can be until you know your numbers.”Belinda Rosenblum is a CPA and Money Strategist of Own Your Money. She helps busy female coaches and experts sustainably scale their revenue and profits by upleveling their financial systems and strategies and stepping into the CEO role.In today’s episode, Belinda is on the show to share her stories and experiences over the years. She wants you to take charge of your role as CEO and elevate your business to that next level. Elevating means growth– financially and personally– and Belinda shares her tips on how you can effectively handle that growth.Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Profits vs RevenueKnowing your numbersSetting up your financial systems and teamsOwning your role as CEOBelinda’s journeyWant to connect with Belinda?Website - Best Ways To Create Consistent $10k+ Cash Months - leaving money on the table and start feeling secure paying yourself every month. Using this new guide, when you set a monthly revenue goal, you know how to hit it every month.Cash Flow CEO program (now is directing to the waitlist) - Smart With Your Business Money Workshop - Raise Your Rates Workshop: Worth To Net Worth Book - http://SelfWorthBook.comSupport the show (
"When building a course the question you need to keep asking yourself is ‘What do I want my students to do as a result of this course?’ Cause the results come through action.”Jasmine Jonte helps experts turn their braindumps into world-class programs. Her Done-For-You course creation agency takes care of everything - from the big picture promise down to the last worksheet download. She’s on a mission to make learning simple and fun while saving hours for every course creator they partner with.Jasmine, using her teaching, business, and management skills, she has helped many course creators take their businesses to the next level. In today’s episode, she is on the show to give us a guide on how we can create our own courses, what we need to keep in mind, and how it will make our businesses thrive.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What makes an effective course and its effectsSteps to course creationBenefits to planning and blueprintingCreating a niche communityFeedback and improving your courseWant to connect with Jasmine?Website - https://www.jasminejonte.comInstagram - the show (
“The individuals who have impostor syndrome have the biggest hearts. They care the most and it’s because they care and they are very introspective and reflective about themselves that they’re hard on themselves.”Karla Hunt is a Mental Wellness Coach and Hypnotist. She helps people release subconscious blocks that normally cause self-sabotage and procrastination so that they can live their best lives creating vibrant health and wealthIn today’s episode, Karla is on the show to discuss one of the results of our subconscious blocks– Impostor syndrome. Karla will help us recognize the indicators of impostor syndrome, how we can combat it using hypnosis, and what it means for us when we fix ourselves.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What is impostor syndrome?The causes for the cycle of impostor syndromeUsing Hypnosis to combat impostor syndromeShifting mindset about hypnosisOur confidence and how it relates to our performanceWant to connect with Karla?Facebook - Instagram - - a Free Discovery Call to reveal your subconscious blocks: Support the show (
“When you’re doing everything, you can’t systemize it, you can’t actually build a business out of it– it’s just you and your brain. So it’s important to think about the business strategically and what would it be like to grow if you weren’t there.”Josh Fonger is a Business Performance Architect and CEO of the WTS Enterprise. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He has helped hundreds of businesses grow simply using the WTS method.His specialty is taking stressed-out entrepreneurs who are working in their business to working on their business. In today’s episode, Josh shares how we can use systems in our business so that profit and freedom can become a consistent mechanical reality.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Working IN your business vs working ON your businessBreaking free from the yo-yo businessAdvantages to building business systemsMaking that transition to the system you’ve builtTips and tricks to better productivityWant to connect with Josh?Website - Support the show (
“That’s a big part of it, adapting that growth mindset and learning from any little failure you may have and seeing new experience as a way to improve your knowledge and skills.”Mikel Segal is a physician and certified health coach. She coaches her clients using a science-backed whole person approach to optimize mind, body, and soul. She aims for people to be aware of their own power, learning skills, and creating new habits to reach their goals and beyond. In today’s episode, Mikel shares with us the stresses that our body goes through during a launch and tools that we can use to help handle the stress. When we learn to build resilience to stress we can improve our physical and mental health and live happier and fulfilled lives.Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Your body’s effect to stressWhy are launches stressfulResilience Tools to deal with launch stressReframing to a growth mindsetListening to your bodyWant to connect with Mikel?Website - https://www.mikelsegalmd.comFacebook - - the show (
“I find that when people get taught by me and they get to experience what I’m really like, it’s much more impactful.”Chelsea Ford is a highly regarded and award winning collaboration and business growth expert, coach, and mentor. Through her powerful and purposeful network– Females in Food– and the group coaching program– Foodpreneurs Formula®, she helps entrepreneurs in the food business realize their dreams.Chelsea has had numerous launches under her belt, ranging from live launches to online launches. In today’s episode, we talk to Chelsea to know everything she knows about launching and some of her key takeaways from her numerous launches. Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Chelsea’s launch beginningsTransitioning from live launches to evergreen launchesWhat needs to change and needs to stay the sameLessons from launchesChelsea’s journeyWant to connect with Chelsea?Website - Females In Food - Instagram - the show (
“It’s about connecting to the transformation that our audience desires and the most effective way to do that is through identifying the emotional context behind what we’re speaking about.”Katherine Beck is a voice coach who works with online entrepreneurs, broadcast journalists, hosts, actors, and voice over artists. She helps professionals emotionally connect to their audience through their voice. Katherine has over 20 years of stage acting under her belt and she’s developed a unique coaching style to taking the words on the page and voicing them in a personal and impactful way. In today’s episode, she’s here on the show to give us knowledge on how we can use the power of our voice to emotionally connect with our audience and help our business thrive.Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Using your voice and how it differs from othersEnhancing the voice that you haveYour accent and it’s importanceWhat affects your voiceThe emotional connection between our voice and our audienceWant to connect with Katherine?Website - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram - Support the show (
“That’s what we lose when we’re overwhelmed. It’s the conversation to our hearts, to our purpose.”Heidi Marke helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs and pressured professionals reclaim their life from overwhelm so they can find the time and energy for life outside of work. Launching can be overwhelming and these can often lead us to have feelings we don’t know how to handle. On today’s episode, Heidi is on the episode to help us explain the feelings of overwhelm, how it affects us, and how we can manage it. Knowing how to handle these feelings can help you focus on your business and the important things you prioritize in your life.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:The state of overwhelmManaging your feelings of overwhelm“One minute marke”Launching and how it overwhelms youHeidi’s journeyWant to connect with Heidi?Website - One minute marke - The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast - Instagram - Special Turn of the Year Series Podcast - Support the show (
“What is it that your strengths are? What are you good at? Cause that’s where your energy is. That’s where you can add a lot of value to someone else.”Jessica Osborn is a marketing strategist and coach for women in professional or creative services businesses. She wants to help women define their unique value and space in the market so they attract the best fit clients consistently and grow through profitable services.If there is one thing that Jessica is passionate about it’s supporting women and recognizing their talents so that they can build successful businesses that fit their lifestyle. In today’s episode, Jessica is here to help you see your strengths and how you can use those to build a business that you want.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:What business works for youStrategizing efficiently for your businessApproaching and committing to your launchHandling objectionsJessica’s journeyWant to connect with Jessica?Website - https://www.jessicaosborn.comFacebook - - - the show (
“If you are very strong in your purpose and you know what you do, you don't get distracted that fast.”Kerstin Heuer is the co-founder of YOUthentic branding and creator of “Brand to Profit”, the branding program for coaches, consultants, and course creators. Since 2008, she has helped entrepreneurs to connect with their hearts and bigger purpose so they can show up as their most authentic selves and create a business they love.When we get caught up with the flashy marketing trends or the competition, we often forget to connect our authentic selves to our brand. In today’s episode Kerstin is on the show to talk about YOUthentic, what it means, and being effective with your branding strategy without losing yourself.Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Your energy in a launchYour purpose, vision, and missionBeing your brandFiguring out your purpose How to stand outWant to connect with Kerstin?Website - Instagram - Support the show (
“It’s our mind and the thoughts and ideas that we create in our mind that is what holds us back… like 99% of the time.”Kandis James is an author, Applied Mindfulness and NLP Certified Life & Success Coach, podcast host & leader of The YOLO Revolution. Rooted in the knowing that we only live once - Kandis helps others overcome their fears so they can do what it takes to finally live their best life. If there’s one thing that’s keeping you from reaching what you want in life it’s fear. In today’s episode, Kandis is here to talk about her book and share some insights with how to get out of your head, deal with the fears you have, and allow abundance to flow. Want to know how? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Kandis’ book “Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life: A Guide To Thriving In Our Modern World”Different kinds of fearsHow fears hinder us and how to handle themQuieting the mind and taking care of your brainHow our brain takes care of usWant to connect with Kandis?Website - - - the show (
“If we don’t share we have a tendency to believe that we’re the only ones going through what we’re going through.”Pamela Godbois is a therapist turned self-development and business coach, on a mission to help female entrepreneurs shift their mindset and create the life and business they’ve always imagined but never thought possible.She has over 20 years of mental health experience and a decade as a yoga & meditation teacher. In today’s episode, she’s come to share her experience and tell you why the need to be honest with one’s feelings with oneself. There are many lessons you can learn from being vulnerable and recognizing your struggles.Curious? Listen to this episode.We discuss:Vulnerability and what it means to youCommunicating your honest feelings and emotionsLessons you can learn from your strugglesImpact on head on relationshipsPamela’s JourneyWant to connect with Pamela?Website - https://www.pamgodbois.mykajabi.comEmail - pamgodbois@gmail.comSupport the show (
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