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Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

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Get your kids in the habit of taking the precepts every day, chanting suttas, practicing meditation, and listening to Dhamma teachings especially for them so they have a strong Buddhist faith to protect them in life.
Children are naturally curious about the world and how it works. And even at a young age they can start to see beneficial and beneficial. The monks of Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa will help your children apply the Buddhas teachings to their own lives.
Listen together as a family so you can talk with your kids about the topics discussed and show them that learning the Buddha's teachings is personally important to you.
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Have you heard about the night of the Supreme Buddha’s enlightenment? You probably remember that it happened on a Vesak full moon. And that he sat next to the river Neranjara. You may even remember that Māra tried to stop him from attaining enlightenment. But can you remember the three special things that he gained […]
Today we will learn more about the Arahaṁ quality of the Supreme Buddha. Do you remember the story we learned about the monks being happy with the food given to horses? Well, there’s more to the story and we will learn that today. If you haven’t listened to that episode, you may want to go […]
189 Beauty Disappears

189 Beauty Disappears


Today we will learn another example of why our Supreme Buddha was the best teacher in the world. You know that sometimes the Supreme Buddha would even use his psychic powers to teach if he thought they were necessary to tame someone’s mind. Well, that’s exactly what he did in the example we’ll learn about […]
In the sermon today we are going to learn a wonderful verse taught by the Supreme Buddha. One day he was walking on alms round, collecting his meal for the day, and he saw some boys catching fish. Because he had compassion for these boys, he went up and asked them if they disliked liked […]
Today we’ll learn more about the arahaṁ quality of the Supreme Buddha. I should also mention that usually when we see the word arahaṁ written, it will end with the letter “m” with a dot over it. You may have also seen it in the phrase “Buddhaṁ saranaṁ gacchāmi. In languages like Pāli, this was […]
Today one of the monks is going to teach us a beautiful passage spoken by the Supreme Buddha. It’s a great reminder of how short our human life is, and how important it is that we work hard to practice the Buddha’s teachings. We may think that we are going to live a long time, […]
Today we are going to learn about the meaning of the word arahaṁ. I know you’ve said this word maybe even 100 times before. It’s one of the qualities of the Supreme Buddha we recite in the Itipiso gatha. And to understand the meaning of arahaṁ, we are going to learn how the Supreme Buddha […]
Have you ever made plans to do something and your plans didn’t work out like you hoped? Maybe we planned on taking a trip and then the trip had to get canceled. Or maybe we planned to call one of our friends and talk, but we couldn’t get a hold of them? Or how about […]
Today we are going to learn an important Pāli word. The word is pāpa. In English, this word mean evil. Now, when the Supreme Buddha uses this word, he means all the different kinds of bad things we can do, not just the really really bad actions like killing someone. He taught us that giving […]
Do any of you remember the simile the Supreme Buddha gave for doing very small good things? He said that just like a water pot will eventually get filled even if only a few drops of water fall into the pot at a time. He said we should remember that even when we do a […]
So, tell me. Should we care what other people think of us? Should we care about being blamed by other people? This isn’t a simple question, is it? But the Buddha knew how to answer it. He said that we should care about what wise people think about us. We should care if wise people […]
Today we are going to learn one of the factors of the Noble Eightfold path that’s all about practicing the teachings. It’s called Sammā Vāyāmo. In English we can say Right Effort. We’ve all heard about making effort to do things, but Right Effort is something very special and very specific. You’re going to have […]
Have you ever helped your family before? I’m sure you have. Maybe you’ve given them gifts, or you took care of them when they were sick. Or maybe you have helped them with things around the house. All of these are great ways to help our relatives. But do these things help them in their […]
Have you ever known someone who was a really good person, but then slowly they started doing bad things? This can happen to any of us. Even though now we may be trying to follow the Supreme Buddha’s teachings very carefully, it could happen that our good behaviour starts to decrease. Our teacher, the Supreme […]
Recently we learned about sharing merits with ghosts. But I think you know that we often also share merit with gods as well. Today we’ll hear a story about two brothers, one good and one bad. The good brother practice dana and then dedicated the merit to gods. When the bad brother tried to cheat […]
Today we are going to learn about a very important word. In Pali, the word is dhammacariyā. Can you recognize any part of that word? Dhamma-cariyā You probably know the first part: Dhamma. The second part means action or conduct. So dhammacariyā means action that matches the Dhamma. In English we can say “righteous conduct.” […]
I think many of you may be hearing about this virus that is spreading around the world. Today, the Bhante is going to help us think about this in a wise way according to the Supreme Buddha’s teachings. That way instead of feeling worried or scared, we can know how to protect not just our […]
Have you ever offered dāna to monks and shared merits with your departed relatives? Have you ever wondered about how that works? Well today we’re going to hear about an incident that happened in the time of our Supreme Buddha where a ghost came back and asked his former brother for help. I know that […]
When the Supreme Buddha was still alive, people would go and ask him all kinds of questions. Some people asked questions to try and trick the Buddha, but some wise people asked very important questions, and so they got very important answers. We’ll meet one of these wise people today. His name is Bhadraka. Actually […]
How have you been doing with your job of being an investigator? Remember I asked you to start looking around you to see if you could find anything that lasted forever, using your powers of investigation. Well, today we’ll learn about a man who was shocked when he realized that things were impermanent. If we […]
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