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Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

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Get your kids in the habit of taking the precepts every day, chanting suttas, practicing meditation, and listening to Dhamma teachings especially for them so they have a strong Buddhist faith to protect them in life.
Children are naturally curious about the world and how it works. And even at a young age they can start to see beneficial and beneficial. The monks of Colombo Dhamma Friends of Mahamevnawa will help your children apply the Buddhas teachings to their own lives.
Listen together as a family so you can talk with your kids about the topics discussed and show them that learning the Buddha's teachings is personally important to you.
141 Episodes
Learn about the for things that monks and nuns need to survive.
In this special episode, some of your friends from Dhamma School are going to talk with one of the Bhantes about the teachings of the Buddha that you can think about and put into practice in your daily lives.
Learn what happens in the second part of the Daddallavimānavatthu Sutta.
Today we are going to talk about intention. An intention is like a wish that our mind is thinking about when we do some action. For example, when we give someone some medicine, we have the intention to help that person. That’s a good action that we do with a good intention. Sometimes it’s not […]
Sometimes people wonder about who we should give gifts to. Once King Pasenadi asked the Supreme Buddha who he should give gifts to. The Buddha told him to give wherever made him happy. Then King Pasenadi asked him where gifts should be given so they produce the greatest results. In the sermon today, we are […]
Today we are going to listen in on a discussion that some of our good Dhamma friends had with one of the venerable monks about their time in lockdown. Now some of you may be listening to this episode long after the corona virus happened and you may not remember what it was like. So […]
Today we will listen to the last part of the story of Kālī Yakshini. Although lots of terrible things happen in this story, something very wonderful happens, doesn’t it. The mother and the yakkha, who had been terrible enimies for a long time in saṁsara had the chance to give up this hatred that caused […]
Find out what happens in the second part of the Kali Yakshini story.
Have you ever had something strange happen to you that you couldn’t explain? We’ll start to learn the story of a family that had something really strange, and really scary, happen to them. They couldn’t understand why it was happening. In the end, and in a panic, the went to the wisest person in the […]
Dhamma discussion on a novice ordination ceremony
Metta in everyday life.
Dhammapada Verse 70
The four vipallāsa, perversions of perception.
Sermon on Khp 8 Nidhikaṇḍa Sutta: The Discourse on Savings
Sermon on The Benefits of Giving: Dānānisaṃsa Sutta AN 5.35
A Dhamma discussion between a monk and two kids about the way they offer dana and help at the monastery.
Puññābhisandha Sutta Part 3
Part 2 of the Puññābhisanda Sutta Sutta AN 4.52
199 A River of Merit

199 A River of Merit


Puññābhisanda Sutta Sutta AN 4.52 part 1
One of the things that’s so great about being a follower of the Supreme Buddha is that if we follow his advice, it brings us happiness right now as we practice his teachings, and it’s also guarenteed to bring us happiness in the future, either in a good rebirth or in attaining Nibbana. In some […]
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