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Author: Stephanie Biegel and Lauren Abney Eisenstein

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Stephanie Biegel and Lauren Abney Eisenstein, self declared boss babes and wellness junkies, are committed to living their very best lives. This podcast delivers wellness remixed; featuring a mix of guests that will excite and inspire you step up your wellness game. Their mantra: “You Do You!”
34 Episodes
Confused on the difference between Vegan vs. Plant Based vs. Vegetarian? Think you can’t get enough protein through a plant forward plate? Envision vegan meals are just salads and juices? Jeremy Jones clears all our misconceptions and takes us on the journey of the power of plants. Fuel up on nature’s superfoods while healing your body from the inside out.Jeremy Jones is plant-based royalty as his mother Carole has been a staple in the community for decades. Our obsession with uncooked is real, don’t miss those Cacio e Pepe Kelp High On:The Queens GambitLauren's Homemade Cashew Milk1 cup raw organic cashews (soaked overnight)3.cups filtered waterTsp cinnamonTsp maple syrup
Joy Corrigan is essentially the quadruple threat as an international model, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Joy's path to success from small town girl to runways in Milan was not as easy as you hear in movies. We get a taste of living model life from travel tips, how to center at home through meditation and sleep hygiene. Most importantly we talk snacks - high fat, low carb. We’re aligned. Links:@joycorrigan Alo Moves appBuckwheat pillowBrands: Innisfree, Keto Crisp, Seaweed
Nadine Artemis, the CEO and Founder of Living Libations, a luxury line of organic wild-crafted non-GMO serums, elixirs, and essential oils...joins us to talk clean beauty and share some dirty truths. Her creations & concept of Renegade Beauty, encourages people to rethink conventional notions of beauty and wellness. She reminds us that nature offers all the botanical gifts you can dream use them!Links:Living LibationsRenegade Beauty
Death is scary. We get that. But Dr. Amy Robbins is here to help us awaken to how understanding death can empower us to live a more full and connected life. A clinical psychologist and host of Life, Death, and the Space Between Podcast, Amy shares stories as a means to open people’s minds and hopefully their souls to living in their essence while on this earth.Links:Life, Death, and The Space Between Podcast Good starting episode: Dr. Robert Schwartz Your Souls PlanMany Lives, Many Masters - Brian WeissMichael Newton
Our ultimate inspo, Kat Hantas was prescribed tequila by her doctor (over wine, but we still say hell yes to this doc). Kat followed her orders and in route, created 21 Seeds infused tequila in partnership with her sister and best friend as a better for you cocktail.  The female founded company chose a distillery owned and staffed by women, together they produce clean, delicious tequila that is as easy to sip on as a glass of wine.Links:
Brittney Smiejek, VIP Matchmaker at Three Day Rule, helps us face the D word...head on. Dating in the world of COVID, dating in the world of apps (#catfishing), dating in general = has never been trickier. We talk first date etiquette, better to do drinks or dinner, when its ok to have s.e.x. + much more. We even learn new terms like “Swompdonking” will have to listen to get clued in. One thing we know for sure, this episode will make you laugh and potentially remind you to step up your dating game and put yourself out there. *PSA: Steph is still single and looking, so slide into W/B’s DM with candidates :) 
Danielle Nadick Levy reminds us there is a way to age gracefully; and shares how her skincare destination Facile was built on the idea of maintaining the natural beauty you were born with. We talk all things medical aesthetics, and how the key = do whatever makes you feel good when you look in the mirror! She shares some of the hottest skin services (#liquidgold) and introduces a new destination, THE SKIN that opens up the beauty conversation by covering all topics, taboo or not. If that isn’t enough, she has a special discount code for our W/B friends, so tune in.Links:The SKINFacileFacile Hyaluronic Acid Product
CEO of Lifeway Kefir, author, activist, and humanitarian Julie Smolyansky. Julie’s family brought ancient superfood kefir to the states decades ago and has been providing drinker Koop s a tool for increasing immunity and gut health ever since. Beyond the benefits of the tasty probiotic, we learn about how Julie has used her influence to become an advocate for sexual assault victims. She is an impressive woman inspiring us all to take action!Links:Lifeway Kefir InstagramJulie Smolyansky InstagramTest 400KOn the RecordRAINN Hotline - 800 656.HOPE (4673) 
Michael is quite literally the modern-day Renaissance man. The founder of Seamore’s, co-founder of The Meatball Shop, and co-founder of wellness company WellWell.  Most recently Michael takes on the age old question of are you born with makes you special or made along the way. In this episode we investigate how to find your superpower and lean into it versus forcing what others deem as success. We talk about failing hard and failing fast. It’s clearly not all rainbows, especially as an entrepreneur, but the missteps are often the most important lessons. And we learn how to make an incredible ice cream esk smoothie.Links:@michaelchernowBorn or Made Podcast@meatballers@seamores@wellwellLadder Sport Protein
We shake things up a bit with Sarah Merrill, podcast host superstar and creator of acclaimed account Big Kid Problems, as we uncover the sometimes “dark side” of wellness. From reiki to manifesting, cold showers, natural deodorant and everything in between...we get real about the sometimes underwhelming (and in the case of natural deodorant, smelly) side of wellness. Being an adult is hard, and navigating all of the modalities, services and products out there...can be challenging. One thing is for sure...we guarantee an abundance of giggles in this episode. (#perineumsunning). Links:Big Kid ProblemsPodcast
Giselle Wasfie, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine gives us the 101 foundation of Chinese Medicine. A practice more than 3,000 years old, we learn that the three branches; Eastern Nutritutin, Herbal Medicine, and Acupuncture, all tie together for mind-body-soul balance. Giselle reads our tongues, the map of internal energy channels, and explains how your pulse can be used as a diagnostic tool. We all agree…remixing health and wellness means that every individual person gets a say in their life.Links:@remix_lifestyleRemixlife.styleRemix Apothecary and Beauty Line
Whitney Bischoff Angel, fertility specialist, leaves no stone unturned in this informative and empowering episode. She starts at the beginning, educating women around the science behind reproductive health & understanding your body. She shoots it straight, with facts on ovarian reserve (think quality and quantity of your eggs), the egg freezing & fertility process and reminds us that while science is not black and white, empowering yourself to be informed of your personal reproductive always a benefit. Links:Ova Egg Freezing Practice
Creator of the popular food blog Everything Erica, Erica Eckman teaches us how to make delicious and nutritious dishes made with foods you have on hand. We’re all shopping our pantries these days and Erica inspires us to make healthy takeout, swap out refined sugar, and cook indulgent recipes given a healthy twist. Most importantly we get all the deets on the magic of the Airfryer from the queen herself. Come hungry!Links@EverythingEricaPerfect Pantry Ebook - 50 Pantry RecipesGowise - ‘EverythingErica’ for $25 offMike’s Mighty Good Craft Ramen - “EverythingErica” discount codeNatural Heaven - Heart of palm noodlesRaos Red Sauce - Arrabbiata is fire
Chiropractor & holistic physician Abby Kramer is a beautiful healer.  Balancing the physical, biochemical, and mental/emotional aspects of health, by taking a holistic approach to healing. Lauren and Steph experience Abby’s tools of muscle testing and Neuro Emotional Technique used to get to the root cause of physical pain in the body. What resulted were aligned bodies and enlightened minds.@dr.abbykramer
Kendra Peterson, aka Chef Kendra, is committed to making delicious food options accessible, regardless of allergy or health conditions. She reminds us to anchor our plate in plants, eat the rainbow and most importantly...chew our food! From discussing the top 8 US allergens to a focus on nutrient dense, healing foods, we are reminded that eating foods that are good for our gut = the way to go. If you need us, we will be making Kendra’s avocado crema and kimchi guac on repeat.Avocado Crema RecipeKimchi Guacamole RecipeFermented Hot sauceDrizzlekitchen.comPurely ElizabethEnjoy Life Foods Lentil ChipsSiete Tortillas
Lauren and Steph stay home, together. Two ladies constantly on the go use this time to slow down and dig in (and get in a little extra tequila while they are it). Pro tips range from online workouts to newfound success in the kitchen. Most importantly the gals share tools for maintaining meaningful connections and inspiration for capitalizing on this time for self betterment. Remember, Stay Home, Stay Well, and Stay Somewhat Well/Behaved.The ClassTracy AndersonSculpt SocietyYoga2.0AirfryerMasterclassGabby Bernstein
Kevin Boehm, co-founder of world-renowned Boka Restaurant Group and private wellness club Bian, reminds us to be a good detective about your own life and continuously check-in on what is working for you. As a wellness seeker, he shares his personal journey, tips & tricks (meditation apps  -> virtual therapy +)  talks dudes and wellness and the evolving intersection between the hospitality industry and staying well. He shares exciting insights into the upcoming launch of wellness club Bian, that will allow members to optimize their wellness all in one place! Boka RestaurantsBian WebsiteHeadspaceTalk Space Therapy
Andrea Wise, a fitness and nutrition expert, is nothing short of a wellness power-house. Her personal credo: Eat clean. Train Hard. Love life., goes a long way in teaching people the value of improving their health and achieving their goals in a balanced and efficient manner. This episode is packed with actionable tips on keeping healthy while traveling, sleep hygiene, and our new favorite topic - Mobility! Andrea leaves us with an outline we can all follow: Move more, sit less, follow the 80/20 rule. We got this friends!Links:@Andrea_wise_ SeriesWhoop bands@ingrainedchicago
Mary Tilson, international yoga teacher, retreat leader and travel designer takes us on quite the journey. Her approach = wellness honors the unique individual and our inextricable link to the natural world. She reminds us that travel, at its core, is about connecting with something bigger than yourself. Nature is the medicine we all need and Mary empowers us all to sign up for that retreat, take that trip, re-connect...just go! Walking The Tiger by Peter LevineMary Tilson Yoga
International wellness consultant, business coach, and host of Wise Woman Podcast, Erin Doppelt reveals the wonders of Cycle Syncing. A female super power, women can optimize how they eat, drink, work, and live life based on the four phases of their cycles. Understand when to schedule those big client meetings and when to opt for the restorative yoga class. Life is better in the flow.Links:Erin Rachel DoppeltInstagramWise Woman Podcast
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