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Author: RI Free Radio

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Ponytale Talk - Global Advice from a Female CEO Pioneer

Produced by Raskin Resources Productions, Inc. -
3 Episodes
Ponytale Talk #3

Ponytale Talk #3


Stone Throwers and Curveballs:You will encounter many stone throwers and curveballs during your career journey. In this segment, we talk about how to dodge those curve balls and what to do when you encounter a stone thrower.
Ponytale Talk #2

Ponytale Talk #2


Preventing ShattersStuff happens. It happens all the time and will happen during your career journey, but how you manage it will make the difference. This podcast talks about ways to prevent shatters while trying to break the glass ceiling or while improving your career.
Ponytale Talk #1

Ponytale Talk #1


Breaking the Glass Ceiling If you want to break the glass ceiling or just move a couple rungs up the career ladder, you will need to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This podcast gives you some sound advice from a CEO who has been there.
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