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The Ministry® Magazine podcast provides practical, theologically deep, and inspirational content to support your ministry.
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What is the difference between the “work of the Lord” and the “works of the Law”?  
What is the meaning of community? What do we learn about community from the early church? Seven strategies to improve church community. 
The importance of asking for the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. 
Why is it so hard to stand alone, even as a pastor?  What does conformity have to do with Christianity? What is 'constructive conformity'?
Should we be cautious about AI? How are we already using AI and what are some AI solutions to look for?
How should the church respond to the advancement of technology in today's world? 
 What causes barriers to church growth? What can we do to overcome these barriers? 
 Reviewing the book "Lead Like It Matters: 7 Leadership Principles for a Church That Lasts" by Craig Groeschel
Who were the disciples? How were they different from each other?   How did this diverse group of people come to work together and love each other?  
What is happiness? How does one become happy? What does happiness produce? 
Too often, we become caught up in our own emotions and interests and forget what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.  We must strive to let go of selfishness and have real communion with God. 
Looking at recent research on pastoral stress and pastors' childhood trauma in the United States. What can we learn from the startling insights from this research? 
Pick up some good ideas on how to strengthen your church(es).
Valuable lessons for pastors from the fall of Jericho in Joshua 5.
As Adventist educators and pastors, how can we educate across the many divides we find in our schools and congregations? Looking at Jeremiah as an example of how to serve across the divide. 
What are the key components of the narrative of scripture? What has Jesus accomplished for humanity? 
A testimony of how God answered hard prayers which lead to growth and revival. A call to pray challenging prayers! 
Only by copying the method of Jesus can we find true success in disciple-making. Three essential steps that Jesus used to make disciples. 
Am I saved by faith alone or by faith plus works of faith? 
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