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Did Jesus really break the Sabbath? Exploring Jesus' actions on the Sabbath, and what we learn from this.
Exploring how scripture describes the Spirit of God as wind. How the Holy Spirit works with and in us.
What is God's name? What does it really mean to take the Lord's name in vain?
Exploring the different covenants of Bible scripture. A close look at the new covenant in the Sinai setting.
Are all Christians God's ministers? How does the Ministerial Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Church support pastors of all denominations?
A lesson for a pastor: God can use literally anyone who is willing to work with Him in saving precious souls.
What the Chesapeake Conference learned through doing online evangelistic meetings. Tips for how to make online evangelistic meetings successful.
Is there a place for 'forceful invaders' in the Kingdom? What does it look like to be a forceful invader of God's kingdom? What biblical examples are there of people forcefully invading the kingdom of God?
What is Biblical Leadership? What are the different types of biases associated with leadership? How can the church cultivate healthy leadership?
Does evangelism work in today’s postmodern society? Seven ways to make evangelism effective in 2022.
Personal stories of struggles with selfishness and pride, and testimonies of how God came through to reveal the power and joys of unselfish ministry.
The incredible story of a disciple and elder in the church of Smyrna who happily lay his life down for Christ during the first century AD.
What are the characteristics of the diaconal ministry? How does understanding and integrating diaconal ministry in churches increase their impact on the wider community during a crisis?
Overcoming the challenges of end of life care. How can the church support families suffering the loss of loved ones? Why is spiritual support at the end of life important for patients and families?
Learning Paul's practical approach to offer guidance and leadership through difficult circumstances.
A testimony of God's provision in the midst of financial adversity.
What is God's incredible grace? How do we show grace? Where does grace start?
The preaching power of the early church. Seven transformational lessons that we can learn from the early church's preaching, lessons that could revitalize our preaching and, ideally, our churches as well.
A story of a miracle. The importance of experiencing God for yourself before witnessing to others.
The authority of the Bible in the Adventist Church from early Adventism to current times.
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