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The Ministry® Magazine podcast provides practical, theologically deep, and inspirational content to support your ministry.
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Each year, about two million US churchgoers travel abroad to build schools and churches, provide medical care, teach in orphanages, and spread the message of the gospel. Most local people welcome ministers of the faith. Yet, some among the multitudes view these sojourners, instead, as particularly vulnerable victims. Good stewardship calls for church and mission trip organizers to ensure their team safely returns home to share stories of caring rather than crime, and of praying for othersrather than being preyed upon.Frank Figliuzzi, JD, is the chief operating officer of ETS Risk Management, Inc., and consults with global clients on travelsecurity. Frank is also a national security contributor for NBC News, Bethesda, Maryland, United States.
Prayer is one religious discipline that has received much attention through the ages. Christians have placed a great deal of emphasis on the necessity of prayer for maintaining a close relationship with God. But another function of prayer that needs more attention is the primacy of prayer to the task of mission.
Porn is a global, estimated $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S.” The consumption of pornography (porn) in the United States has climbed sharply with the proliferation of the internet and smartphones. More than 77 percent of Americans view pornography at least once a month. At least 30 percent of all internet traffic is to pornographic websites. What about in the church?
Restoration of the family lies at the heart of our end-time message.
How are you safeguarding your pastoral marriage?
Team ministry, in all its varieties, can still halve the burden and double the blessing.
There are times when pastors should prioritize their own spiritual and emotional health.
When surrounded by the new and unfamiliar, know that God is still sufficient.
We proffer that if the Adventist Church is to remain the relevant revelation to the world . . . then fostering healthier marriages and families will be the deliberate and sustained strategic focus of our existence.
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