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The Ministry® Magazine podcast provides practical, theologically deep, and inspirational content to support your ministry.
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As Christians, what do our lives portray?
In the midst of suffering and fear, people are longing for truth. We are in a unique position to share the very truths that people are thirsting for.
In a time of social distancing, how can we reach people with the good news of Christ? Turns out that all you need is a cell phone.
Social Distancing may be a new phrase that we're using — but is it something we've inadvertently been practicing for a long time? Is this old kind of social distancing actually Christ-like?
With the world becoming worse and it taking a toll on all of us, what should be our focus? How should we spend our time?
As a minister of God, especially in these trying times, ministry has a way of becoming overwhelming. Listen to how one minister has learned to cope with the stressors of life.
We may think that retirement brings the end to ministry — but God has wonderful blessings in store for us at every stage of life. Fruitful and meaningful ministry is even possible in retirement.
How can a congregating exist outside of a church or school? Better yet, how can such a congregating minister to one another amidst these hard times?
In this new kind of community that we find ourselves, how can we adapt with technology to ensure a close community?
Sometimes we overuse the word "amazing"; but Mark, in his epistle, used this word intentionally to describe many facets of Christ's character and actions. How can be continuously be amazed by Him?
Effective ministry takes time. How can we learn from those who have gone before us and continue to minister beside us?
How can we learn to trust God in the good times as well as the hard times? How do we lay down roots that can weather the storms of life?
How many does God need to to pray in order to answer them?
How can we view God during this time of uncertainty? Let's take lessons from the life of Paul as we see God as the God of opportunity.
In these uncertain times, our definition of normal is changing. How are we to adapt? What should we strive to maintain even in this new normal?
Jesus performed many miracles when He was on earth. Does that mean that miracles are always from God? How can we tell? How can we be prepared to have spiritual discernment?
What does the Bible say about demon possession? How does it happen? What are precautions we can take?
What happens when we try to compromise Christian beliefs for the sake of of blending with other religions? Is any amount of compromise okay? How can we know if we're compromising or not?
We can often throw around terms like "demonic possession" without really knowing what they mean practically or biblically. What are the correct definitions? More importantly, what do the Biblical definitions of these concepts teach us about receiving freedom in Christ?
An experience of an ordinary Christian being led by the extraordinary Savior.
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