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UM is your essential weekly podcast - all the best new underground deep house from the worlds best labels, Djs and producers. The website is home to indepth interviews, features, profiles, How to Guides and of course all the track listings from the podcasts - subscribe to enjoy the fortnight UM Mixes, Exclusive Guest Mixes and the new music show UM's High 5ives.
539 Episodes
Oh! Records Stockholm, Soledrifter, Peppermint Jam, Moiss Music, DJ Joma, Colour and Pitch, Mauro B, Be Adult Music, Soul Beach Records, Kornum and Karma, Soul Beach Records, Heist Recordings, Hive Label and more. Tracklisting:
The first show of 2021 - deep house releases from Dj Element, Mellow Men, Deephope, Domscott, BiG AL, Vasily Umanets, UM Records, Col Lawton, Mr. Bootsauce, Salted Music, Moiss Music, Ready Mix Records, Batavia Records, Discosteps and more. Track listing:
New releases from Verdagris on Just Move Records, Groovechild on UM Records, Mr. Bootsauce on Viva! Recordings, Rûh on Ready Mix Records and Fer Ferrari on DeepClass Records.
The latest new deeper house releases from Christian B, Moiss Music, Erik Ellmann, Sundries Digital, Col Lawton, Levo, UM Records, Be Adult Music, Lucky Sun, Alvaro Hylander, Kinky Movement, Gustavo Fk, Salted Music and more. Track listing:
New releases from Jimmen, UM Records, Gadi Mitrani, Megan Morrison, Urmet K, Be Adult Music, Tidy Daps, Deep Clicks, Mr. Bootsauce, Salted Music, Vertigini, Soul Beach, Col Lawton, Batavia Records, Haute Musique, Colour and Pitch and more.
New releases from Man Go Funk on Soul Beach Records, Kinky Movement on Moiss Music, Therd Suspect on DeepClass Records, Joselacruz on Moiss Music and Andy Bach on Salted Music. For more:
Templar (Born in France, raised in Switzerland0 and now based in the UK has a rich background of global festivals, vinyl loving, music producing and is a new father again during these crazy times. Not to mention the host and DJ of his own regular show on Mixcloud titled ‘Ritual Beats’. His style is varied, but definitely club orientated as showcased here in his exclusive guest mix for UM. Tracklisting:
Brand new deepness from Pierre Johnson, Buddynice, Chronical Deep, DeepWit Recordings, Oscar Barila, Be Adult Music, Haute Musique, Ready Mix Records, Deephope, Batavia Records, Evren Furtuna, Domscott, Kiano and Below Bangkok, Salted Music and much more. Track listing:
The latest deeper house releases from Vasily Umanets, Soul Beach Records, Moe Turk, Ready Mix Records, Col Lawton, Hive Label, The Travelling Bear Records, Adam Nyguist, Salted Music, Koala, Batavia Records, I Gemin, Vesha, Kinky Movement, Kid Fonque, Stay True Sounds, T.Markakis, Moiss Music, Marcus Zuercher, WillowMan and more. Track listing:
Redemial Sounds is a South African label focused on new talent. They believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where artists can thrive and explore their creativity. The label is run by Buddyniceand Tebu.Sonic. Tracklisting:
New releases from Arel and Schaefer on Moiss Music, DJ Joma feat. Moon Aton on Colour and Pitch, Soledrifter on Peppermint Jam, Tom Brownlow on Soul Beach Records and Din Jay on Hive Label. More info:
Brand new deep house releases from Large Music, Salted Music, Hive Label, Bonetti, Soul Beach, Vertigini, Kinky Movement, Be Adult Music, Deep Clicks, T. Ruggieri, Oh! Records Stockholm and more.
The latest deep house releases from Tibor Dragan on Colour and Pitch, Andrew Macari, Viva, Studioheist, Large Music, Buddynice, Oh! Records Stockholm, Salted Music, Col Lawton, Atjazz Record Company, Jullian Gomes, Moiss Music, Soul Beach Records, Harlem Knights, Matt Prehn, Haute Musique and more. Tracklisting:
Another dig into the 2020 unplayed tracks and a mellower, low tempo mix. Featuring the likes of Matt Prehn, Tidy Daps, Bonetti, Jude Brown, Buddynice, Khaaron, Sugarman, Verdagris, Kaygo Soul, Finest Wear, Thorne Miller and Nacho Riveros and labels including Oh! Records Stockholm, Be Adult Music, Just Move Records, UM Records, Deep Clicks, Rogue Decibels, Colour and Pitch and The Travelling Bear Records. Tracklisting:
The latest new deep house from Delaines on Salted Music, Lucky Sun feat. Alison David remixed by Alvaro Hylander on Lucky Sun Recordings, Dj Element, Mellow Men remixed by Deephope on DeepC Clicks, Familiar Oddity remixed by Alvaro Hylander on DeepWit Recordings and Domscott on UM Records. Track listing:
The deepest new tracks from Col Lawton, Domscott, Soul Beach, Haute Musique, Moiss Music, Magnus Asberg, Oh So Coy, Kinky Movement, Salted Music, The Travelling Bear, Ralph C, DeepWit, Moti Brothers, Ready Mix, Studioheist, Large Music, Ralf GUM, GOGO Music and more. Track listing:
The finest deep underground house from Buslife Records, Col Lawton, Moiss Black Label, UM Records, Scott Andrews, Muzik and Freindz, Salted Music, Batavia Records, Ready Mix Records, Andy Compton, Peng, Greg Gauthier, BandS Concept,Soul Beach Records, Deep Clicks and more. Track listing:
Part Two warms up the mood to see out 2020 with a stella line up of names likes Jarred Gallo, ColorJaxx, Oscar Barila, Teddy Black, Matt Prehn, Col Lawton, Le Babar, Simon Adams, Soledrifter, Vertigini, Pat Lezizmo, Miguel Migs and a who’s who of deeper house labels with the likes of Be Adult Music, Salted, Large, UM Records, Soul Beach, Gartenhaus, Hive Label, Muzik and Friendz and more. Tracklisting:
The latest new deep house releases from Mr. Bootsauce remixed by Jarred Gallo on Salted, Christian B on Moiss Music, Col Lawton on UM Records and Hive Label and Nitescape, Augusto Gagliardi also on Moiss Music. Track listing:
Every year I end up with a crate full of tracks I just didn’t manage to play in the weekly mixes - this year I thought I’d drop a few over a series of mixes so I don’t miss out on sharing some real gems!
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Valeriy Mikhaylyuk

very nice mix ! 😀

Sep 4th
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