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New music from SGVO on Stay True Sounds, ZaVen on Batavia Records, Processing Vessel on Batavia Records, Rudi'Kastic on Oh So Coy Recordings, Animist on Salted Music, Strandliebe remixed by VieL on Be Adult Music and Woki Toki remixed by HUGEhands on Deep Clicks. More info:
Kick back to a low-tempo wander through some of the finest new tunes I’ve been playing coming out of South Africa. A host of quality names including LaTique, Hypaphonik, Verdagris, Thorne Miller, KVRVBO, Fka Mash, Matt Prehn, SGVO, beatsbyhand, Kid Fonque, Dwson, Tahir Jones, Chronical Deep, Masšh and more. Tracklisting:
New releases from Thorne Miller feat. Mic i on Stay True Sounds, Pablo Asturizaga on Be Adult Music, Ivan Garci also on Be Adult Music, Miguel Scott on Deep Clicks, riccicomoto remixed by Kiano on Ready Mix Records, Albano Bastonero remixed by Tim Andresen on What Happens, MAQman and Joseph-Junior on GoGo Music and Teddy Black, Austins Groove on Salted Music. More info:
Lincoln Long is fresh new talent to UM, the artist, producer and DJ says “The music runs through me, I merely interpret it”. He has produced for and collaborated with numerous South African artists including Draper, Viwe, John Lundun, Reason, 2Lee Stark and Kevi Kev to date. His mix of chilled Amapiano rolls deep into the scene with classy rhythms and beats. For more:
Brand new releases from SONIDO, Radic The Myth, SpheraQ X Tebza De Soul and Chronical Deep, all from on Stay True Sounds Vol.4, beatsbyhand ft. Kali Mija also on the label, Artone and Boyan remixed by Artone on Salted Music, Kornum on Juiced Music, Evren Furtuna on Be Adult Music, Tony Madrid on Delve Deeper Recordings, Bodaishin and Lupe Republic remixed by BiGZ on Ready Mix Records, Rudi'Kastic on Rogue Decibels, Verdagris remixed by Thorne Miller on Just Move Records, ZeR (NL) remixed by Deephope on Deep Clicks Music and Simon Adams, Stefano Mango on Salted Music. More info:
UM’s Sunday Session continues with another South African inspired journey into deeper shades of house, along with a few UM favourites in the mix. Tracklisting:
South African producer Threap Chills follows up his debut release ‘Pan Lft’ on UM Records with his guest mix for us. A journey into SA deepness, rhythms, beats and bags of attitude. Kick back and enjoy! Tracklisting:
New releases from Hypaphonik ft. Kali Mija and Offkey on Stay True Sounds, Rûh remixed by Evren Furtuna on Ready Mix Records, Deephope on DeepWit Recordings, as well as Ivan Garci and Tim Andresen tracks on there too. Molac on Be Adult Music, Tidy Daps on Haute Musique, Threap Chills on UM Records. More info:
New music from DuBeats and Bondar on Salted Music, Riky Mura on Moiss Music, Max Palmer on Moiss Black Label, Domenico Albanese on Yesenia, Gift of Africa on Deep Clicks, BiG AL and Kiano remixed by Daze Ebrahimi on Oh! Records Stockholm, Dan Laino on Moiss Black Label, UpAllNight remixed by Mert Yucel on Ready Mix Records and Deephope on Deep Clicks. More info:
Brand new releases from Be Adult Music, Sumsuch and Will Brock, Gavin Boyce, Radic The Myth, Stay True Sounds, Delve Deeper Recordings, Hive Label, Joselacruz, Moiss Music, Lucky Sun feat. Frank H Carter III, Peter Mac, Col Lawton and more. Tracklisting:
Then opening show of the year for your audio enjoyment! The finest new tracks from my inbox in the last week or two in the mix. 2022 sees a change to how things will work for UM Members - the weekly mixes will only be available to you from here on with the alternate weeks High 5ives being available on Apple and the site as usual - meaning as members you are the only people able to download these mixes this year! Track list:
New releases from George Munro on UM Records, Kinky Movement feat. Ida Flo on Soul Beach Records, Abyss Deep Sound Lab feat. Isabelle K on Yesenia, Bonna on Moiss Music, Carlos Dominguez on Deep Clicks, Carlos Dominguez on Oh! Records Stockholm, Disk Nation, Filizola on Moiss Music, Peter Mac on Delve Deeper Recordings, Corrado Alunni on Moiss Music Black Label, Joselacruz on Hive Label, Martino Valdez on Moiss Music Black Label and Lucefora remixed by Deep Active Sound on Be Adult Music. More info:
The hottest new deep house releases this week from George Munro on UM Records, Radic The Myth on Stay True Sounds, B and S Concept on Delve Deeper, Wallo remixed by MiNNt on Moiss Music, Al-Fernandez on Hive Label, Sumsuch and Will Brock remixed by Gavin Boyce on Colour and Pitch, a track called Space Time, Gadi Mitrani feat. Alta Oktar on Be Adult Music, T Sounds on Hive Label, Joselacruz on Yesenia Music, Space Motion and Javier Gonzalez remixed by Peter Makto on Ready Mix, Peter Mac remixed by Col Lawton on Moiss Music and Reno on Moiss Music. More info:
Hailing from Sheffield, England and now based in Innsbruck, Austria, George has been producing a diverse range of genres such as Deep House, Disco, Techno and Progressive since 2021 and featured on labels including Sound Vessel Records, Cookbook and Mango. George Munro is a talented up and coming producer / DJ who fits the UM Records vibe perfectly and it’s a pleasure to feature his latest guest mix in support of the release of ‘Starry Skies’ on the label. Track listing
The latest releases from Michelino on Hive Label, Alex V on Be Adult Music, Phoniq on Delve Deeper Recordings, Loxion OsnoTvni on Deep Clicks, M.K Clive on M.K Clive, Rony Breaker feat. Nathan Thomas remixed by Miguel Migs on Salted Music, Riigs and Vegard Solbakken remixed by Steve Kelly on Oh! Records Stockholm, Stewart Birch on Hive Label and Tea White feat. Jenimi on Stay True Sounds. More info:
The bouncier, bolder, bigger tunes for the year gone by...
The latest releases from Sarandub and Lucky Sun, DeepWit Recordings, Paul Losev, Ready Mix Records, Deep Clicks, Batavia Records, Domestic Science, Future Kings Of House SA, Vincenzo, Be Adult Music, DeepClass Records and more. Tracklisting:
New releases from Nakiso on DeepWit Recordings, a couple of tracks from China Charmeleon on Stay True Sounds, Simon Adams, DJ Fopp on Salted Music and Moe Turk remixed by BiG AL on Ready Mix Records. More info:
The finest new releases from China Charmeleon, Stay True Sounds, Batavia Records, Colour and Pitch, Salted Music, Oh! Records Stockholm, Moe Turk, Ready Mix Records, Moiss Black Label, Kolour, Just Move Records, Ametronik and more.
The latest tracks from Reenday on DeepClass Records, Khutso remixed by Thorne Miller on Just Move Records, Paul Losev on Be Adult Music, Ametronik on Moiss Black Label, Peter Mac on Oh! Records Stockholm and Bad-Ri remixed by Ahiram on Ready Mix Records. More info:
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Valeriy Mikhaylyuk

very nice mix ! 😀

Sep 4th
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