DiscoverThe life of a Utah Medium
The life of a Utah Medium
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The life of a Utah Medium

Author: Kaden Mattinson

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Come follow the life of a Utah Medium as he logs his adventures during regular life and throughout the spiritual side! Come learn, ask questions and just have a great time!!
8 Episodes
Come listen to all the life updates including personal and spiritual updates and such! This should be a fun one!
Come listen as we update life and answer some much needed questions about readings and other things.
Come listen to the true story (or as much as they know) about the REAL Jason Vorhees.
Join us LIVE as we discuss all things paranormal. Ufo's, Aliens, ghosts, bigfoot, and all. What do you believe??
Come listen to us talk about paranormal shows and chat in with us on your favorites!!
Come listen to a very serious conversation and please tune in and give your thoughts!
In this second episode, I will fill everyone in on the crazy week last week, and then we will discuss what abilities you may have and ways to determine what level of ability you may have. Tune in for the good time we'll have for sure!
Come join me live to discuss all things medium!
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