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Chasing Poker Greatness

Author: Brad Wilson: | Poker Pro & Coach

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Pro Poker Player Brad Wilson dives deep with World Class Cash Game Players (No limit hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and Mixed Games), poker tournament Superstars (WSOP bracelet winners, WPT champions, Online Poker Crushers), legendary poker ambassadors (Norman Chad, Matt Savage), and poker mindset coaches (Elliot Roe, Nick Howard, Jared Tendler) in this strategic poker podcast.

There are greatness bombs aplenty whether you’re trying to improve at live or online No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, or rise up the mixed games ranks.

Guests include PokerCoaching’s Jonathan Little, Run It Once’s Phil Galfond, Jason Koon, JNandez, Nick Howard, Marle Cordeiro, Kristen Bicknell, Maria Konnikova, Kevin Rabichow, Smart Poker Study Sky Matsuhashi, Andrew “Luckychew” Lichtenberger, Thinking Poker Andrew Brokos, James “Splitsuit” Sweeney of The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast, Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald, The Poker Guys, Darren Elias, Phil Hellmuth, Fedor Holz, Tommy Angelo, PokerNews Sarah Herring, Twitch Streamers Matt & Jamie Staples, SolveForWhy’s Matt Berkey, JustHands Podcast Jack Laskey, Poker In the Ear's Joe Stapleton, The Chip Race Dara O' Kearney & David Lappin, and AnteUp Poker Podcast’s Scott Long.

Chasing Poker Greatness podcast features multiple new episodes each and every week.

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This week Coach Brad & Coach Jon breakdown maxing value with pocket aces while playing high stakes online poker.Enjoy.
It's always delightful when you put in lots of money preflop with Ace King and smash the flop, but are you consistently winning the max?In today's episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad & Coach Jon go through their thought process in a couple of hands on winning the maximum in this very spot.Enjoy.
Today's episode is a continuation of last week's theme: You three-bet JJ, get called, flop an overpair, and the turn is a dreaded Ace.
In today's episode of Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad & Coach Jon break down one of the trickiest spots you can encounter... you flop a really strong hand but then it gets demoted by a peskyTurn card.Tune in to hear what our coaches prescribe.
Today's episode of Tactical Tuesday comes with a focus on overbetting the River in an effort to maximize your value. Enjoy.
Today's Tactical Tuesday goes in-depth as to when Coach Brad & Coach Jon believe you ought to be using a small bluff size on the river as opposed to a much larger size.Enjoy.
Today's much requestedTactical Tuesday is all about placing River overbet bluffs. If you've found yourself wondering when you should pull the trigger on running a big bluff, today's show is one you're not gonna wanna miss.
In today's episode of Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad & Coach Jon break down hand histories where the Hero flops huge, only to see terrible, awful, no-good Turn & River cards.If this is a problem you've experienced in your poker journey, today's episode is just for you.
Today's world-class hand breakdowns will feature a bunch of suited aces in a bunch of different spots.It shall be a Tactical day indeed.
In a long awaited episode on CPG, today's guest is none other than longtime Tactical Tuesday co-host, cash game professional, & Wolves assoicate coach Jon Chai.Follow along Jon's journey from humble beginnings during Covid to quickly racking up one of the highest winrates Coach Brad has ever seen in online high stakes cash games.Enjoy.
Today's Tactical Tuesday will be all maximizing your edge vs. opponent's who are so angry they have steam coming out of their ears.Enjoy.
Learn how the CPG Wolves navigate postflop after 3betting AK and then completely whiffing the flop. Tune in to hear how Coach Brad and Jon teach their CFP students the best way to play AK in this tricky situation.
Learn how the CPG Wolves win the max after 3betting AK preflop. Tune in to hear how Coach Brad and Jon teach their CFP students the best way to play AK after flopping big!
If you aren't great at thin valuebetting, it will be exceptionally difficult to be a long-term winning poker player.In today's episode, Coach Brad & Coach Jon break down their thought process in some recently played hands where our Heroes went for value is spots nobody would fault you for missing.Enjoy the show.
Both Coach Brad & Jon recently discovered they had both recently played premium hands a little funky preflop... by cold-calling 3b's.Tune in to see if their funkiness paid off or left them needing to reload.
Today Coach Brad & Coach Jon breakdown a bunch of hands where our Hero was bet into after raising preflop.If you regularly struggle with a coherent strategy when facing donk bets, this episode is one you don't wanna miss!
Today on Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad makes a pair of Ace High Hero calls for all the money, as well as hero folding with two pair.
In today's episode of Tactical Tuesday, Coach Brad and Jon breakdown a couple of a hands Jon recently played on at $100 NL and give you a chance to join in the fun and games by attempting to guess what Villain had. The first folks to guess Villain's hole cards in hand 1 and hand 2 will win $50. Good luck!
In today's episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad returns to the online poker streets and finds himself bluffing all of his chips on the river with a busted combo draw while trying to max value after he drills a gutshot on the turn in the 3BP.Tune in to see how it goes.
Learn how Coach Brad adapts his strategy when facing an unpredictable Villain capable of putting all the money in at any time.