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Author: Dr. Jay Feldman

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Entrepreneur blood runs in our veins (and arteries). If you're like me you have a relentless drive to build not only businesses but build the life of your dreams. After leaving clinical medicine to pursue business full time, I am going to share with you the top secrets I've learned in my entrepreneur journey for starting your company with no money, marketing, legal hoops, best software and services, and more! I'll also keep you motivated to wake earlier, work harder, and outperform your competition.
34 Episodes
This one is for all of my medical peeps out there, doctors, PAs, dentists, and more. Do NOT miss this golden nugget of knowledge that I have already applied to my own life and investment plans. There is a secret out there that you need to know.Follow Sal @salgaddamSupport the show (
Do you want to be successful? Duh! Well in order to compete with the high performers out there, you need to master your own health first. In this episode, Curt and I go deep into some strategies to take control of your health and become the show (
If you sell your product or service for less than $1000 LISTEN TO THIS. Mike Koenigs is a renowned speaker, host, and accomplished entrepreneur who helps business owners drastically increase the amount they charge by 10X. You can do it too by making simple changes to your mindset and perceived value.Capability Amplifier Podcast: the show (
Want to learn the secrets behind successful day trading? On this episode, we bring in Thomas Yin to discuss his simple yet effective trading strategy that he teaches his students at the Online Guru Trader school. Want to learn how to make money trading? Don't miss this episode! the show (
Dr. Krishna Bhatta is the chief of urology and originator of the intermittent Silence movement. In this episode, he shares his secrets for increasing your energy levels and living a life with more gratitude, control, and mindfulness. If you are interested in boosting your energy levels, you do not want to miss this. the show (
In this episode, I bring on marketing genius Tim Fitzpatrick to share his secrets to success that can be applied to any business's marketing campaign. This episode will go into details into identifying your target client and then how to get in front of them and convert them. Want to make higher ticket sales? Listen to this!!! the show (
Social media rockstar and best selling author Kaden James joins me for a casual and jam-packed conversation on personal development. This episode covers top mentors, our best and worst rituals, and some fun hacks to turn success habits into your regular routine.Instagram: @KadenTwitter: the show (
Learn how to get a Blue Check for you or your brand. In this episode, I walk you through the strategies used by Otter PR to get our clients Verified on Social Media. Instagram Verification is a HUGE topic and you'll learn a lot that is not found on the internet including Hacks once you are Verified, what Facebook looks for once you apply, and more!Support the show (
Want to quit your 9-5, work for 3 hours a day and buy Lamborghinis like Umar Ashraf? Well, it's not easy, but it's possible for anyone to do. In this episode, we interview the god of trading himself and he shares specific strategies that he uses to consistently win. What a journey it took for him to get here. You do not want to miss the show (
WordPress, Shopify, secret hacks, and more. No matter where you are in your journey, this episode is going to change your life with some pearls that you definitely did not know. If you're just getting started and need to make this choice, or maybe made the wrong choice, check out this episode. the show (
In this episode, we do a deep dive into real investing with one of the greats, Josh Steinberger. Starting from nothing, Josh has built a 9 figure real estate empire without spending a dime of his own money. I had to find out HOW and on this episode, you can learn too! the show (
Like it or not, every great entrepreneur needs a team. You need to develop leadership skills in order to create a successful business. In this episode, esteemed leadership coach Ken Banta shares key insights on leadership and how to get the most of your team in 2020. Support the show (
You've already heard a ton about morning routines and why they are so important. But what about nighttime routines? In this short episode, I explain some of the most powerful habits I've implemented for an ideal successful night.  Support the show (
Starting and scaling a business can be daunting. That is why breaking it down step by step can be so important. Paul is a self-proclaimed marketing junkie and entrepreneurship veteran. He breaks down the legal, marketing, and mindset hurdles you'll encounter in your business.www.thebusinessanswer.comLinkedIn: the show (
On this series on passive income, 19-year-old Caleb Boxx teaches us how he uses YouTube automation to earn a high 6 figure income. He also shares some MASSIVE insights into how to set up your YouTube channel and videos to go viral and grow fast so they can earn you money. Be sure to follow his Instagram: @calebboxxSupport the show (
You've probably heard hundreds of perspectives on the perfect morning routine. Well here's my take on the subject - including some specific hacks that I use to get myself motivated and into peak state every day. This is NOT your typical morning routine podcast - this will change the way you think!Support the show (
If you can master the community, you will be successful no matter what business you start. With over 500,000 parents and pregnant in her community, Lindsay shares some of her secrets to creating, growing, and monetizing a massive valuable community. Do NOT miss this episode!Follow Lindsay on social media:www.bumpclubandbeyond.com the show (
Want to break free from your life of mediocrity but keep making excuses and limiting beliefs? We are joined in this episode by Alan Donegan, founder of the PopUp Business School, to take your excuses and smash them to bits. He teaches exactly what to do to be successful with absolutely no time or money. Check out Alan Donegan on: the show ( the show (
We all dream of Passive Income. Learn how Max earns $500K per month with Air B&B and how you can do it too. Spoiler alert - Max started with NOTHING. He was renting the room in his own apartment. Do NOT miss this episode and be sure to follow Max on social:@airformulaSupport the show ( the show (
Who is in your inner circle? Your answer will directly affect your success. If you want to make it as an entrepreneur, having a network of like-minded, successful friends is crucial. In this episode, I talk with Brian about his Launch Coalition and why I joined. I'll be taking a leadership role with this group and want you all to use us as a resource in your success. Sign up now using my special link: the show (
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